The Meeting

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I never thought his day would come! I have only been talking to you for a few weeks, but it feels like I have known you my whole life. We are soul mates and fate has brought us together. Every time I see your name appear online, my heart begins to race and my palm get sweaty with excitement and the eagerness to talk to you becomes stronger. I have your pictures you sent me that I look at every day but now for the first time, I get to see you in person. I am very nervous but excited at the same time. As I sit here, by the fountains I look around and finally see you walking toward me as butterflies begin to form in my stomach. You look fabulous in the moonlight wearing your red shirt and gray shorts (the same ones in the picture I have) and my lust for you begin to take hold. With a soft smile upon your face, you approach me and there is an awkward silence. Finally at last, I give in to temptation. I wrap my arms around your muscular hard body, closing my eyes as happy tears begin to form. You embrace me holding me tight as I wrap myself in your warmth and a tear falls upon my cheek. Everything feels so right. Like, we are meant for each other and nothing or no one will ever tear us apart More tears fall upon my cheeks as I pull back and look in to your hazel eyes. Your look sends shivers down my spine, and it warms my body and soul in spite of the cold wind blowing around us. The first words are spoken, your voice soft and sexy.

“Hi,” you say as you reach up and wipe my tears away with a gentle, feathery light touch of your fingers. Just that one simple touch makes my body react leave me yearning for another touch.

I manage to force a shaky “Hello,” continuing to look in to your eyes mesmerized by their genuine, warm, and passionate look. A sudden need to feel your soft lips against mine begins to fill me. You reach down slowly placing your face very close to mine but yet not quite touching. I feel your warm breath on my face as I lift my head up to meet yours, and with a simple move of my head, I brush your lips gently against mine allowing them to touch for the first time. I Bostancı Escort slowly close my eyes savoring the moment in which you pull me tighter to you squeezing me a bit harder. Our tongues meet, and we slowly begin to taste each other. Your taste is very sweet, and you are a very good kisser. You slowly pull back, and I open my eyes feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Without saying a word, we walk over to the fountain and sit down on the edge with your arms still around me.

“How was your drive,” I asked.

“Traffic was horrible, but was well worth going through to see you.” Those words melt my heart, and cause a big smile across my face.

We continue to sit talk endlessly, sporadically engaging in sweet kisses, which every time manages to leave me breathless. With every kiss my body continues to want more, and my lust for you grows stronger than ever, until I cannot stand the feeling anymore. I kiss you once more, being a bit more aggressive and passionate. You pull back and look to me with eyes that are full of a need and amazement, a look that tells me we are thinking the same thoughts.

“Let’s find a more cozy spot,” I suggest getting up and taking your hand in to mine. We walk along the sidewalk, holding hands saying very little to one other, yet knowing what each other is thinking and wanting, which that causes a tension between us. After a few more steps, we see it; a spot that is perfect for the antics we both want to engage in. We look to each other and exchange blank looks. Quickly and quietly we walk over to the dark alleyway, and immediately embrace each other in a passionate kiss that is filled with lust and meaning. We become oblivious to the world around us letting our bodies take control. You press your body against mine allowing me to feel you hard and ready for me. I move down and begin kiss your neck letting my tongue reach out and taste your skin that has now begun to perspire. I can feel your heart beat against my breasts starting to get faster, and your breath now becoming shorter. I place my hands on your waist and lift your shirt Anadolu Yakası Escort up over your head and allow it to fall to the ground. I move my lips to your chest and begin to caress your nipples sucking on them gently as a small moan escapes you.

You reach down with your hands, under my shirt and begin messaging my breasts causing my nipples to harden. I bring my head up and lean back against the wall enjoying the feel of your warm hands. I move my shirt up over my breasts letting it rest around my neck, exposing myself to you. As I pull you closer to me and wrap my arms around your waist, you move down taking my breasts in to your mouth placing light kisses on them. With light flicks of your tongue against my nipple rings, I close my eyes enjoying the warm feeling of your mouth as my heartbeat starts to get faster. You pull back from me slowly and place a gentle kiss on my lips. I open my eyes and move my hands up your waist sliding them gracefully up your back stopping between your shoulder blades. I move down and place kisses upon your stomach.

As I continue to kiss your stomach I remove your shorts letting them fall to the ground. I move down further moving my hands down your back in slow teasing lines, and take you in to my mouth, being careful not to hurt you. You reach down and run your fingers through my hair as I lick you with long strokes of my tongue. I look up, and see you with your head tilted back, and your eyes fluttering shut. I continue to lick and suck on you as soft noises now slip away from you. They turn me on hearing them, and they tell me you are enjoying this feeling. You move your head and look down at me, allowing our eyes to meet as I release you from my mouth and move up your body placing kisses on your stomach and chest. You place your hands on my thighs and lift up my skirt caressing my legs and bottom. A strong need and want to feel you inside of me now begins to stir inside of me. You pick me up and lean me against the wall as I wrap my legs around your waist. You slide inside of me slowly as I break our kiss and close my Pendik Escort eyes embracing you, holding you tightly. Our bodies become lost in a slow rhythm, and the feeling is nothing like I have ever felt before. I feel the start of something big and overwhelming being to build inside of me as our rhythm gets faster and more aggressive. My heart is beating faster than before and my body is now high on adrenaline.

I feel your muscles contract inside of me as an orgasm hits me and I cry out tightening my grip on your body pulling you closer to me. My mind becomes very clear as my body begins to relax. You withdraw yourself from me as I unwrap my legs from your waist placing them on the ground forcing myself to stand on weak knees. I stand there a moment resting my head upon your chest with my eyes still closed, holding you while trying to catch my breath and recollecting on what had just happened.

I move my head up and open my eyes meeting yours. They have a look in them that is nothing but pure love that warms me though and though.

“I love you,” I say with a soft, whispering voice.

A smile comes across your face.

“I love you too baby,” you reply and place a gentle kiss upon my cheek.

I begin to get chilly, and move my shirt down over my breasts. You step away from me putting your shirt and shorts back on as I fix my skirt and panties. Just then a bright light shines upon us and we try to shield our eyes with the back of our hands. A deep scruffy voice is heard from a distance.

“Hey, you two can’t be back here,” it says, “you have to leave.”

We look at each other with big smiles as the bright light lowers and we walk hand in hand out of the alleyway. Out on the sidewalk we engage in laughter as you walk me to my car. We reach my car and stand there a minute speechless. I wrap my arms around you feeling sad that our wonderful night has to end, but happy nonetheless.

“I love you,” I say, “so so much and you are very special to me.”

“I love you too Hun,” you reply.

“Have a safe trip home and call me when you get there.”

I nod as we engage in one last final kiss. I get in to my car and see you walk away in my rear view mirror admiring you from a distance. With a smile on my face, I drive away feeling the happiest I have ever felt, and knowing that this wonderful night is just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32