The Masters Girls 04 : Fancy Feast

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Tony watched the clock feverishly, knowing the girls Mother Kendra would be home any minute. He made certain the table was set for dinner, while the girls boiled water for the planned Spaghetti dinner. He had a sauce prepared and simmering loaded with veggies and burger. Garlic bread attacked the air leaving a delicious aroma in the house.

He finally stopped running around and confronted the girls in the kitchen. Both daughters wore yellow sundresses. A hint of see through fabric made him uneasy.

“Gonna let the dresses slide. Lil see through but not noticeable unless you really look. Bras and panties on? Good girls.”

Rose smirks, “Perfect little daughters. We meant what we said Tony. Sir!”

Becca cuts in, “On our best behavior around Kendra.”

“You should really try calling her Momma.” He squints.

“We can’t, Sir.” Rose murmurs, “Not yet. Please do not make us.”

He watches Becca bite her lower lip while cringing slightly.

“For now. You gals need to realize that Ken gave birth to you two. She’s only the outsider due to your Daddy and their divorce. Trust me I’ve heard the whole story. You know your Daddy because you lived with him and heard his side of things. I’m on the other end hearing it from Ken. I think I know your Momma pretty good. She’s no liar.”

The girls fidget uncertain if a response was required. Knowing their own potential to mask the truth they wonder if they learned it from her.

“I’m not calling your Daddy a liar neither. Only the two of you can decide who both parents really were. Just know I’m here for you gals if you need to talk.”

“Thank you.” They both usher forth shyly.

“I’m gonna finish dinner here. You gals go greet your Momma when she comes in the door. Hugs at least.”

“Yes, Sir.” They reply before leaving the kitchen for the dining room.

Reaching the living room both girls stand in front of the picture window side by side.

“I’m scared, Becca.” shivered Rose crossing her arms over her chest.

“Me too.” Becca concurred.

“Tony is right.” pointed out Rose, “We do need to give Kendra a chance.”

“Daddy would want that. Wouldn’t he?” Becca winced.

“I think so. She does seem nice. I expected her to be mean.”

Nodding Becca agreed, “Strict at the very least.”

“She was kind of bossy last night.” shrugged Rose.

“Are we being fair to her?” Becca eyed her sister.

“Fair? What do you mean?”

Becca freezes up, “Tony loves her. She loves him. Should we stop teasing Tony?”

Rose looks at her with wide eyes, “ARE YOU CRAZY?”

In turn Becca chuckles, “INSANE! I love Tony’s cock.”

They coo as one, hugging the other amid giggles.

“I know. I can’t wait for him to fuck us.” Rose blushes slightly.

“Same here. I’m so wet.”

The emotions fade when they notice Kendra pull her car into the driveway.

Pouting Becca whines with a frown, “Now I’m not.”

Moments pass as Kendra checks her mail just before opening the front door. Once inside the girls meet her in the entry. Both of them hug her together catching her off guard.

“Well now! That’s a lovely welcome home. Did you girls have fun with Tony?”

The girls resist giggling.

“We got acquainted.” Becca blushes.

“Yes. He is very sweet. He offered to listen to us if we find getting used to our new surroundings hard. He loves you very much.” Rose adds.

Kendra smiles inhaling dinner, “I love him very much too. Something smells good. My spaghetti idea is making my mouth water. Let me go shower real fast and I’ll join you all at the table. Tell Tony to pop open a bottle of Chablis. I feel like celebrating. I might even allow you both to join us in a drink. ONE!”

She winks then gives them another quick hug before heading upstairs.

“What’s Chablis?” Becca frowns.

“I’m afraid to find out.” Rose grins.

Thirty minutes later Kendra returns wearing jeans and a button down plaid western shirt, showing cleavage off. Her long hair was pinned back into a ponytail. The girls sat at the dinner table waiting as Tony emerges from the kitchen. Bearing oven mitts hoisting hot platters and bowl.

“Sit on down Momma Ken. Looking beautiful as ever. Let’s us go all Lady and the Tramp with this here spaghetti.” After sitting the belongings down he removes a mitt and pinches a strand of noodles dangling it from his lips. He then leans over for Kendra to suck up the other end. They in turn gobbled it up until their lips melted into a kiss. A lengthy kiss that made the girls express their jealousy.

Becca reaches in and grabs a noodle doing the same dangling maneuver escort hikayeleri but approaches Rose with it.

Seeing the girls preparing to kiss Tony broke away from Kendra’s lips.

“Hey now! These here noodles are only for Tramps.”

Kendra drops her jaw slugging his chest lightly with a smile, “Are you calling me a Tramp?”

He chuckles, “Takes one to know one.”

The girls defy Tony and suck the noodle between their lips until they kiss each other with a light peck before moving away laughing.

“So, if we all start jumping up and down, are we on a Trampoline?” Rose bursts out with a snort.

Tony points at her, “That’s a funny.”

Kendra nods at their chemistry, “I for one am a Lady.”

Becca grins, “I’m both.”

Kendra grimaces, “You are not a tramp.”

Becca looks at her confused, “What exactly is a tramp?”

Laughter fills the dining room as Tony pulls a chair out for Kendra.

“Such a Gentleman.” She sits with a warm glint toward Tony.

“He didn’t pull our chairs out for us.” Rose pouts.

“Only one chair per dinner service, lil Darlin’.” He winks before heading back into the kitchen.

Returning without oven mitts he carries a wine bottle and four glasses. This made the girls wide-eyed. They were never allowed to drink alcohol.

Tony uncorks the wine and pours a glass for each of them then sits the bottle aside. Glasses passed around Tony lifts his own.

“To the most important Lady in my life. And, to the most important lives brought into this home.”

Kendra smiles, “And to the finest Man I have ever met.”

Rose pouts, “Too our Daddy.”

“Our finest Man that we ever knew.” Becca adds.

Kendra sits stunned for thirty seconds then decides upon, “To Charles for helping conceive my two stunning babies. May he rest in peace.”

The girls shyly smile at her effort.

The silence was broken by Tony, “No longer babies. Ole’ Chuck brought up two fine young women. Now it’s Momma’s turn to polish up the gold.”

The girls brilliantly smiled.

Kendra sipped her wine then watched the girls attempt a taste. Both of them winced at the bitterness.

“Don’t get drunk and stupid.” Tony chuckles.

Rose licks her lips, “I like it.”

In response Becca scowled, “We were never allowed to drink. This is one difference between Daddy and Kendra.”

Their mother paused, “Does a sip to celebrate your arrival make me a bad person? I did say ONE glass earlier.”

“Our rules.” They bring up.

Kendra rolls her eyes, “Rules are made to be broken.”

They shake their heads negatively. They had followed their Father’s rules to the tee. Save for one thing. Sexually.

Finally, Rose breaks the tension, “I think I’m getting drunk.”

Tony shakes his head and looks over at Kendra, “You’re holding her hair when she’s hurling.”

Kendra rolls her eyes smirking, “She’s had three sips. Okay, I’ll hold Rose’s hair, you hold Becca’s.”

Becca perks up, “I love my hair held.”

Rose laughs smacking her sister’s arm, “Dork!”

“Enough. Let’s eat. My belly’s prowling and growling.”

They each laugh at Tony’s word play and fill their plates sparsely. Kendra makes certain the salad is closest to the girls. She recalled their diet plans.

After dinner the girls excused themselves by taking everyone’s plates to the kitchen and washing them off. This gave Kendra and Tony a breather to enjoy their wine.

“It looks like you’re a big hit, Stud.”

Tony puckers, “I’m easy on the eyes, and one of the guys.”

“My guy.” She leans over for a kiss.

Succulent kisses led to sighs.

“Things are gonna be good here, Ken. Just take your time, they’ll come around.”

“I believe that too. Thank you for being there for all of us.”

“Pleasures mine. And, I do mean pleasure.” He wags his tongue at her seductively.

“Mmmmm! I’ll take you up on that tongue. As you would say, wagging and bragging.”

“Wagging without lagging.” He grins devilishly.

Kendra pauses to take a deep breath, “We need to make love before I get too sleepy.”

He nods looking over his shoulder at the kitchen.

“Second day here. You thinking that might be too soon to abandon them? It’s only 8:00.”

On cue the girls open the door giggling, “We can fend for ourselves. Go to bed. Old people.” jokes Becca.

“Eavesdropping on us?” Tony creases a brow.

“Sorry, Tony. Yes we were. And, we want you both to know it’s okay. Go have fun. We will find a movie to watch.”

Kendra grits her teeth at the knowledge gaziantep escort hikayeleri that her kids know their plans.

“I don’t know. Maybe Tony’s right.”

Tony quickly stands up and pulls Kendra from her chair. Without warning he throws her over his shoulder garnering a squeal and laughter.

“Tonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Put me down this instant.”

The girls burst into giggles at Tony’s reaction. They watch as he slaps Kendra on the ass causing her to growl loudly.

“I’ll see you girls in the morning. If we keep ya’ll awake I ain’t a bit sorry.” He chuckles.

“Tony, let me down. This feels wrong.” Kendra whines as he turns to let her see the girls. They smiled and waved at her playfully.

“Bye!” The girls recited as Tony hauled her away upstairs.

Once in Kendra’s room he tosses her on the bed and glares down at her as he unbuttons his shirt removing it. Before she could argue he unfastens her jeans and yanks them to her ankles.

“Tony?” She whispers as he finishes pulling them off and lowers his face down to bite at her pussy through her thong. She pouts as his teeth drags her thong off. Lifting her hips proved that she was giving in.

Once the thong was off he leaned over her and placed fingers inside her shirt. He rips the buttons off in a mad show of desire.

“I never liked this here shirt no ways.” He chuckles.

Hissing at her loss she huffs, “Me neither. I like the bra though. Be gentle.”

He growls and ducks low to feast on her pussy letting her lay back in her black bra.

She places fingers in his hair as he devours her clit and introduces fingers. This made Kendra squirm and cry out dramatically. She tries to cover her mouth but Tony reaches up and grabs her arms pulling them to her side.

“Let it out.” He snarls briefly before continuing on his mission.

She cringes at his demeanor. She feared her daughters hearing them.

“Tony?” she whispers mid moan.

“They gotta get used to us. Stop your worrying. If we’re gonna be a family we can’t go masking and multi-tasking. Be yourself. I’ll be me.”

Convinced for the moment she shivers as his tongue returns South. With each savage move her moans and remarks echo loudly.

Finally, he lets up and undoes his own jeans and boxers releasing his nine inch monstrosity. Before she could even marvel at it he gripped her ankles and held her knees high. She felt him penetrate her deep causing her to cry out to God.

Tony aimed for this to be his finest hour. His thrusts ravage her insides forcing a multitude of deafening thankfulness. She needed this stress release. She loved his sudden forcefulness.

For slightly over forty minutes he fucked her to high heaven. She had cum three times during his masterful performance. Feeling him tighten up she cries out as he nuts heavily into her. This made her scream as loud as his roar of triumph. After a lengthy pause to drain himself he pulls out and crawls over her and plant his cock into her mouth. She accepts it lovingly sucking on it for flavor. She loved her man. He loved her. He had to prove to himself she was more important.

For now.

Collapsing beside her he looks below the door into the hall. Shadows crept away. The girls were listening. This made him smirk.

Kendra gathering her wits sits up and takes her shredded shirt off examining it, “Sewing kit here I come.” She then glances at Tony’s exhaustion, “Where did that come from? I think that was the best sex we’ve ever had.”

“Just missed my girl is all. I reckon I just needed to show you that your life is still your own. Just because you have fulltime house guests doesn’t mean you clam up and just be Momma.”

“I agree. But, this is only day two. Don’t you think they might find this inappropriate?”

He puckers, “Why don’t you go ask them.”

She bulges her eyes, “After that orgasm? Are you out of your mind? I’m embarrassed.”

He sits up and looks her square in the eye, “Get your butt out there and play Momma. Shame ain’t worth it.”

“I can’t.” She lowers her eyes.

Finally, he stands up and goes to her closet bringing her a robe.

“I said GET!”

In a huff she stands up and cloaks herself in a thigh length robe. She then realizes just how short it was. Before she could change Tony guides her to the door and escorts her out into the hall without a choice.

For the briefest of moments she hated him.

With a deep inhale she heads downstairs to find the girls on the sofa watching a movie as they had predicted.

“What’s our movie?”

“The escort gaziantep hikayeleri Parent Trap.” Rose snickers.

“It’s about two twins.” Becca grins.

“Too funny. I love you girls. I’m sorry if you heard us up there.”

Rose shrugs, “I think our neighbors heard that.”

Becca snorts, “I think I heard those neighbors. You must have inspired them.”

“Yeah, yeah. You two are a riot. I do feel bad.” Kendra fidgets.

“How is that possible? We heard things that had to have felt good. You even said so yourself.” Rose snidely comments.

“Okay, enough. That will never ever happen again.”

Becca leaps off the sectional stepping up to her mother to offer a hug, “Yes it will. Happen again, that is. Stop being silly. We are grown enough to understand that you have needs. We are eighteen, Kendra.”

“Don’t remind me. How about you? How do you feel?” Kendra rolls her eyes.

Rose sits back, “I’m cool. It’s your house.”

“No. It’s our house. I just own it. You know what I’m asking.”

“Okay. If you insist. We think what you and Tony did was really romantic. Him carrying you upstairs and making love to you. It’s storybook. We hope that we can find a man like Tony someday.”

“Rose? We don’t even know how to date. That’s going to be when we turn thirty.”

Kendra shakes her head, “That’s fine by me. Thirty is perfect.”

“Go to bed. We know you have a long day tomorrow.” Becca expresses with a look of concern.

“Are we allowed to sunbathe in the back yard?” Rose looks hopeful.

“That’s fine. Just have Tony on alert for our nosey neighbors.”

“Awesome! Thanks M—Kendra.” Rose nearly said Mom.

Kendra smiled vividly at her daughters near miss. Turning she blows the girls a kiss.

“Cover yourself up young lady. We see butt cheekage.” Becca giggles making up her own word.

Kendra tugs at her robes behind blushing.

“Yeah! We see Tony’s hand print.” Rose chuckles.

Kendra stops dead in her tracks mid staircase and points at them.

“That will be enough of that talk.” She then fidgets, “Is there really a hand print?”

Laughter surrounds all three of them as Tony meets Kendra on the stairs wearing only a pair of sweatpants. His erection limp but still lively behind them.

Kendra eyes him, “Where are you going?”

“Kitchen. Iced tea sounded good. Ya’ll have a good talk?”

She nods, “Yes. I think so. Ummm!” She points carefully at his erections display.

He looks down and hisses, “Well hell. Meet me back in bed in five minutes for round two?”

Kendra gasps, “Really?”

He shifts around her and hides Kendra from the girls as he rubs her ass under the robe. Whispering he offers, “Get that sexy ass up there and lose the bra too. Light a candle.”

Kendra gets goosebumps , “God I love you.”

“Night Kendra.” The girls recited in unison.

“Night girls. Don’t stay up late.”

As Kendra vanishes Tony walks into the kitchen to obtain a glass of tea then returns to the living room. Both girls were drooling over his erection which had grown in their presence.

Making certain Kendra wasn’t coming back from her room Tony pulls his sweats down to reveal his eight of nine monster.

“Make it fast. Taste your Momma.”

Both girls leap off the couch and drop to their knees to lick at his shaft at the same time. After two minutes he puts his dick away. He then motions them back on to the sofa. He nudges Rose back and lifts her skirt and points at her.

“Panties off. Both of you. Eat each other out when I’m gone. Tomorrow I eat you. Both of you.”

“Can we have a taste of tomorrow?” begged Becca.

Nodding as they remove their panties Tony quickly knelt down and made one single lick across Rose’s clit. Then he moved to Becca for a repeat performance. Both girls cooed and whimpered.

As he stood they watched him in awe.


Becca immediately stretched out and began feasting on Rose.

With moans escalating Tony headed upstairs. In the bedroom he found Kendra stretched out naked on her side with her head propped up on one hand.

“That was rather risky. There is no way that my girls didn’t notice that hard on.”

He shrugs sitting his tea glass on the dresser. Dropping his sweats he grunts.

“Maybe so. If I’m going to be in your life I’m going to feel comfortable. No way am I gonna get all dressed up just to get a glass of tea. I love you Kendra but I’m gonna be me.”

“I understand. But, they are new here. To us. I don’t want to scare them.”

“They’ll be fine.”

Crawling into bed with her she rolls on to her back. As he sucks on her nipples she stares at the ceiling. Maybe he was right. They needed to be themselves. Impressions would arise to let her know differently.

He straddles her easing his cock inside her and thrusts tenderly as he kissed her throat.

Kendra vanished.

Tony knew how to work it.

In the distance he heard shallow moans.

Bon Appetite!

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