The Massage Pt. 02

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He Man

Note: As I said, there is a second part to The Massage, and here it is. My thanks for the readers who gave me feedback, and of course the votes. I’ve been trying to figure out how to continue this story, but I just don’t know, yet.

And, as before, your comments/criticisms/critiques are solicited. Enjoy!

Chapter One

Terry worked hard all week, and since the therapy session with her last male client yesterday, she thought it would be a good idea to get a massage for herself. His openness during the therapy had rekindled a flame, a desire within her to the point she had to masturbate several times before being able to get beyond the experience and get some much needed sleep. At the present time, she was without a significant other, man or woman, so she took her sexual frustrations alone. She rarely even masturbated anymore, as it was more of a hassle and a constant reminder of her aloneness.

She had a friend who was also a therapist in the next town over. She called Beth that morning, saying she needed some relief and asking if Beth schedule her in. Strangely, Beth was able to schedule her in for the last appointment for the day. Terry suspected Beth made the appointment up, just to see her again. Beth was living with still another therapist, a man who gave her space to pursue her career.

This day would be a slow one for Terry, but the events from yesterday were constantly on her mind. She determined a full body massage could relieve some of her mental tension. She arrived a little early and sat in the lobby meditating, calming her mind, focusing on her chakra centers.

Around 5:30 p.m., Beth came out with her last client, ushering him out the door. She approached Terry, shook her hand, and invited her to a cup of tea. Terry graciously accepted Beth’s offering. They sat at the kitchen table while the tea was brewing, discussing different aspects of their respective businesses. Terry brought up the subject of her last appointment the day before, a male client. She filled Beth in completely of what transpired, and related her frustrations during the entire session. Terry was a competent and completely business-oriented therapist, yet the session with this male client had frustrated her to the point she couldn’t really focus on her few clients today. She had jacked him off after his massage, something she had never done before with any client. First the sight and later the feel of the man’s cock in her hand had sent an electricity to her pussy and clit she had forgotten about for a long time. Beth listened attentively, retrieving the tea while she talked, listening and giving her feedback about her frustration. Beth asked Terry if she wanted the same kind of treatment she had given her client. Blushing heavily, she said she did. She didn’t necessarily want intimacy, but she did want the body manipulations, subtly, of course. Beth didn’t offer any more ideas, but instead rose to her feet, took Terry by the hand, and guided her to the massage room.

Beth asked Terry to get undressed, and go to the bathroom, take a brief shower, or even a bath if she wished. The evening was Terry’s, and Beth was her servant. She showed Terry the button to ring when she was ready for her massage. Beth then walked out of the room and went somewhere else in the house.

Chapter Two

Knowing she was alone, Terry leisurely undressed, folding her shorts and blouse and panties and bra, and placed them on a chair in the room. She removed her shoes and the band around her red hair and placed them on top of her clothes. She opened the door to the room and stepped out, entirely naked, and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Stepping inside, she closed the door, and took a quick inventory of the room. A fresh towel and washcloth were on a hanger, and several different soaps and shampoos were behind the shower curtain, at the rear of the tub. She turned on the water, debating on a shower or a bath, and decided on a bath. Letting the tub fill, she relieved herself, and then slowly stepped into the tepid water.

On the edge of the tub was a bottle of spearmint scented bath oil, some of which she poured under the spigot. The room immediately filled with a relaxing fragrance, enhancing the shedding of her frustrations and fixations. She slid down in the water, leaning back and enjoying the flow of the water around her.

She decided not to wash her body, but to let the bath oil soften her skin slowly. She luxuriated in the tub for about 30 minutes, and nearly fell asleep. She realized she was getting a little cool, as the water temperature had gone down. She sat up, reached over to the spigot, and moved the control to let the water drain from the tub. It was at this point she looked down at her crotch and noticed her clitoris peeking out from under its hood. She reached down with both hands and slowly parted her labia, softly running her fingers over her clit. Terry remembered her sexual feelings from last night while she jilled herself off after jacking her client off. After the first of several jilling sessions into the night, she took a hint from her client about the shaved genitals. She had shaved her pussy lips only, leaving araban escort a tuft of red hair at the top of her mons. At the moment she wasn’t sexually excited, or so she thought, but the simple touch just felt so good. She also saw her nipples on her small but firm breasts were hard and protruding. It couldn’t be from the coolness of the water, she thought, it must be something else?

She rose from the tub and pulled the towel to her. It was big and soft, warm and fuzzy, just the thing to have after a relaxing bath. She toweled herself off slowly, enjoying the feel of the cloth against her skin. Hanging the towel back on the bar, she got a drink of water from the tap, opened the door, and stepped out in the hallway. It was so comfortable here, no expectations, and no undue anticipations arising at the upcoming massage session. She had forgotten her frustrations now, and was looking forward to a much-needed massage.

She walked slowly down the hallway and reentered the massage room. A table was waiting for her. She rose on her toes to sit on it, stretching like a cat to the ceiling. There wasn’t a cover sheet for she never used one before. Reaching over to the wall, she pressed the button she had been shown, and lay down on the table on her belly. She was accustomed to getting a reverse massage, back first, then front.

Chapter Three

Beth was in the back of the building doing paperwork when she heard the ringer. She logged off the computer and shut it down. Stopping in the kitchen, she picked up a cold bottle of water and proceeded to the massage room.

She knocked lightly at the door and entered. Terry was lying on her belly and uncovered as usual. Beth turned on the overhead fan at its slowest speed, and turned on the cassette player. The music was soothing to her as well, and added to the ambience of the session. She was talking softly to Terry in the process of moving around the room, lightly touching her here and there, to give her a sense of calm. She walked over to the storage shelves and retrieved a small bottle of pure olive oil. Then she walked back to the table.

Terry had taken a brief bath with an oil infusion, and her skin was soft and supple. She had let her hair down and it was gently lying on either side of her head. Her arms were draped over the edge of the table, hands dangling down. Her legs were extended straight out behind her, even close together, as though she was trying to hide her nakedness.

Beth started with her feet. Using a common reflexology technique, she sent signals to various parts of Terry’s body through her feet. She especially worked on the areas around and below her ankles that somehow connected to her sexual entity. Working on these places got contented moans from Terry.

After working on both feet, Beth rose from her kneeling position and moved to Terry’s right side. She moved Terry’s leg toward the edge of the table gently, exposing her sex completely, but this was not the intention. The intention was to be able to get to her inner thigh, to knead the muscle and fascia. Applying some oil, Beth started with her Achilles’ tendon and worked up her calf. This area was especially tender for her. Beth could sense this by watching Terry’s back and neck tighten up noticeably as she moved farther up. Once she reached Terry’s knee, she again relaxed.

Again replenishing the oil, Beth began deeply kneading the back of her thigh. She began just above her knee and worked her way to her buttock. Terry was again lightly moaning in pleasure, and Beth smiled, knowing she was doing the right thing for Terry. After working the lower part of her buttock, Beth moved to the inside of her thigh. Stopping briefly for more oil, Beth noticed Terry’s pussy was now wet and glistening. Briefly she returned to her butt, deeply kneading the nerves and muscles there, pulling each cheek apart, exposing her anus and pussy even more. Terry squirmed a few times, forcing her pussy back toward her, hoping she would extend her massage there, but not yet, Beth thought.

Beth returned to her inner thigh, pulling and kneading the flesh, occasionally grazing her pussy lips with her fingers, but never actually laying her fingers on them. She noted the copious amounts of precum on the lips of Terry’s pussy, and smiled to herself again.

Finishing with the right leg, Beth moved around the table to her left leg and repeated the sequence. By the time she started working on her left inner thigh, Terry was moaning and moving to her hands, attempting to get Beth to finger her pussy delicately. In fact she was nearly begging Beth to do so with her body movements and contortions. Beth finally relented and gave in to her desires. Or was it Terry’s needs, and maybe her own needs, too?

Chapter Four

Beth spread her legs even farther, to the point her pussy was wide open, the Os was plainly visible, and the precum was flowing copiously. More oil was not needed at this point, and she gently entered Terry from behind with her index finger. She was breathing heavily now, her ass was moving up and down as though she was inserting a hard cock into her. Beth kept her other hand on the small of her back and started finger-fucking her slowly. She moved her other hand from the small of her back to the top of the cleavage between her buttocks, still finger-fucking her with the primary hand. Terry was cumming now, aching for something bigger and harder than just one finger. Beth then inserted another finger, and then three into her gaping pussy. Then she moved her other hand toward Terry’s anus, and gently pressed the bud.

This action really wound Terry up, to the point she was starting to vocalize her need for Beth to sexually penetrate her pussy, to ram a dildo, a hand, something in her to its full depth. The more Beth fingered her, the more she pressed her rosebud, the more agitated Terry became, and the cum was running continuously, flowing out of her pussy onto Beth’s hand. After a few minutes, she slowed her finger actions in her pussy, and Terry finally slowed in her orgasms. Terry knew as well as Beth this first part of the session was just that, the first part.

As Terry calmed down, Beth removed her now cum-soaked fingers from her pussy and her one finger from her rosebud. She had never actually penetrated her anally; it was just the touch, the pressure that sent her over the edge. Beth lightly rested her hands on her soft and supple buttocks until Terry’s breathing returned to a full and flowing rhythm, indicating she was beyond her initial sexual experience for the session, but knowing full well there was more to come.

Beth finished out the first part of the session by working on her back, especially her spine. She kneaded the fascia directly over the spine, pulling and tugging at it, feeling the fascia finally releasing the muscle tension in her back. As she worked her way on up to her neck, she was presently surprised to find Terry in a light stage of sleep, having orgasmed her way there very effectively.

Chapter Five

Beth let her lay briefly alone on the table, going to the bathroom to relieve herself and to calm down. She had not realized Terry’s physical and sexual attraction before. After the last few minutes of finger-fucking her, Beth’s clit was as hard as it had been in several months, and she needed a short break before waking her, asking Terry to turn over and expose herself completely.

When she returned in a few minutes, Terry was awake and had already rolled over to her back. She now lay supine and seemed to be sleeping, though Beth could tell by her breathing she was aware of what was going on.

As she approached, Terry opened her eyes and smiled. Looking at her, her gaze flowed over Beth’s body, seeing the outline of her tits and the swelling of her mons through her clothes. She reached out and gently stroked her, which started the return of her excitement. Smiling, she asked Beth to take off her clothes, so she would not be at a disadvantage later, and so she could find her when she needed to. Beth quickly did so, laying her clothes on top of Terry’s in the chair.

Beth relished in the moment, feeling the cool air from the fan circulating around her body, across her breasts and between her legs. She was completely shaved showing her full pussy lips and her distended clit. Her breasts were small like Terry’s, but her nipples and areolae were much larger. Occasionally her male clients would request she strip for gazing sake, but none of her female clients had asked. Terry was the first, and the request clearly excited her. Her clit was now on fire, begging to be stroked and suckled, and her hands were already stroking and pulling her own nipples. She reached down and felt her clit and pussy lips, lightly dipping into her own entrance, feeling the precum starting to ooze. Terry saw this, too, and smiling, reached out and touched Beth’s mons, softly stroking the hairless mound. After a few moments of watching each other, drinking in the eyefuls of each other’s bodies, they both remembered what they were really here for – a massage session.

As difficult as it was not to pounce on her, Beth backed away from the table, picked up her bottle of oil, and moved down to Terry’s feet to begin again. She had left the cream at the foot of the table, too, and picked it up and put some in her hands. She again began the reflexology technique, and watched as Terry started relaxing once more

Finishing with both her feet, Beth started moving up Terry’s right leg. Because the shinbone is so pronounced on anyone’s legs, she basically brushed the skin there, proceeding on to her knees and thighs. She moved her leg over a bit, reoiled her hands, and started the deep fascia massage on her right thigh. She worked the top and outside areas first, moving all the way to her hip. Then she started on the inside of her thigh.

She began at the knee, lightly pulling and pushing the muscles and skin, slowly working her way up to Terry’s pussy. As Beth’s fingers approached her pussy, Terry once again started moving her hips up and down, and even moved her leg farther out on the table. Beth hadn’t noticed before when she was prone, but Terry had shaved her pussy lips recently, evidently before she arrived for the session, leaving only a touch of hair just above her mons. The area was now completely awash in cum, a result of the orgasms she had before, and there was even more cum flowing. Beth moved her fingers in and away several times, massaging the delicate area just outside her lips very lightly. Seeing Terry was on the verge of orgasm, Beth gently laid both her hands on her groin, resting for a moment before retreating to her left thigh.

When Beth was working her thigh, Terry moved her hands to her own breasts and nipples. She was proud of her breasts and nipples, as they were small and tight, enabling her to go braless most of the time. Her breasts were about a 34B in size, and the nipples were normally flat on the areolae, but today was very different. Today her nipples were extremely sensitive, and with Beth’s nakedness and shaved pussy nearby, she couldn’t resist her own temptation to caress them. As Beth was working on her thighs, she was pulling and tweaking her own nipples, sending shockwaves of perceived electricity to her clit, to her pussy lips, and to the confines deep within her pussy.

Beth worked her way up Terry’s left leg to her thigh and was now repeating the actions she had taken on her right. Terry was now squirming more and starting to moan a bit louder. When Beth approached her pussy this time, however, she didn’t retreat but started massaging her pussy lips ever so delicately. She spread Terry’s legs to the point her knees were on the edges of the table, her lower legs dangling off the edges. Terry reached down to her left and found Beth’s pussy waiting. Gently grasping it, she rubbed her thumb over the clit head once more, coating the glans with Beth’s own precum. Beth immediately leaned over and kissed Terry’s mons, inserting her middle finger into her gaping pussy. Terry slid her hand beneath Beth’s pussy lips, and quickly inserted her finger into her.

Beth briefly stopped the activity, moving Terry farther toward the head of the table so her head was off the edge. As Beth repositioned herself at Terry’s head, Terry opened her mouth and Beth slid her pussy over her mouth and reaching down Terry’s body resumed the attention on Terry’s pussy. As Terry was eating Beth’s pussy, Beth was also kissing and suckling Terry’s tits and nipples, and keeping a finger in her pussy. At the same time, Terry was pulling and tweaking Beth’s now very sensitive nipples. It was a strange sight, as the two women were getting each other off at the same time, each gaining an erotic and sexual fulfillment they both yearned for.

Chapter Six

As they climaxed together, each was somewhere in oblivion, each thinking separately, but at the same time how nice a good hard cock would feel at the moment. Sure, finger-fucking and eating pussy was great, and using a dildo in lieu of a cock was impersonal and available without the hassle of intimacy, but still the thought of a good hard cock was starting to come into focus for each of them.

As they slowed down, Beth again asked Terry if she wanted the same attention she had given her client yesterday, and this time Terry say she did, but she wanted to get fucked by a real cock, too. Terry was aware of what Beth was referring to, and said she would love to be fucked by Bob, Beth’s friend. They both talked about it for a few minutes, and agreed Bob would be the perfect third person for the evening.

Leaving Terry in a warm state of relaxation, Beth walked out of the room toward her office to find Bob. As it turned out, he had returned from his errands around town and was in the office, playing on the computer. Bob was a middle-aged man, around 40 or so, and being a massage therapist himself, he was in great physical shape. He didn’t smoke or drink, worked out regularly at the gym, and ate healthy foods. Being a competition swimmer, he was also completely hairless, even to his head hair. He shaved his body about every other day with Beth’s help, even using a popular woman’s hair remover to keep his skin smooth and firm, and reducing the skin irritation from shaving. And of course, he also shaved his cock and balls, just for continuity.

Beth walked in the office, still naked, and still with a sexual blush obvious on her body. Cum was running down her inner thighs, her nipples were still erect. An expression of inquisitiveness crossed Bob’s face when he saw Beth, along with an immediate twitch in his cock. Before he could say anything, Beth began briefly explaining what was going on. She told him about Terry and her frustrations with the male client the day before, and of her need for a relaxing evening. She told him about the sexual play which had just happened between the two of them, and of the ensuing conversation afterward. Beth told Bob that Terry was now in a state of great sexual need, a need to be sated by a good hard cock. She asked him if he would be willing to satisfy her. Bob could hardly believe what he was hearing, as he had given Terry massages before and had often wondered what having sex with her would be like. He quickly agreed, but asked a few questions of his own. He wanted to know if Beth would be in the room at same time, would she be participating, did she object if he was really sexual with Terry. All his questions were answered positively, and he was reassured of what was being offered to him.

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