The Man and the Model Ch. 01

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He was travelling by train which was almost empty, trying to mentally distance himself from his job as an executive at an advertising agency that involved endless presentations, meetings, negotiations and deadlines. Initially it was a stroke of luck if he got to spend weekends with his friends but after a few drunken nights that too proved to be dreary. Being with women made him think of success, future and money. There was not much future since he was an average performer when it came to climbing the social ladder which, in his case, had some steps missing. Hence he preferred to be alone, to be with his imaginative naughty ideas that colored his boredom. Dreaming and conjuring up raunchy situations were his escapism. Once he had seen a movie in which a woman, wearing a skirt, was climbing a ladder followed by a man. That man would have had a hell of a view and that was one ladder he would love to climb. He imagined that he was that man and that the woman was wearing no panties and that he climbed faster and kissed her behind. So went his impish imagination.

Just then a woman with a dreamy expression wearing a red skirt came and sat in front of him, looked at him and smiled pleasantly. She must be 28, he thought but one could never say. Why did she sit opposite him when the train was almost empty?

He said: “Hi, nice day.”

“Yeah sure. Nice day for a ride,” she said with a smile.

“I like to go for long rides and want to spend time being alone. I love to be far from the madding crowd,” he said.

“Oh! Am I crowding your loneliness?” she touched her left breast and asked.

“No, no. I meant my office crowd,” he said hurriedly, fearing she would go away.

“Where do you work, if I may ask?”

“I work for an advertising agency,” he said.

“Wow. Is that a coincidence! Is that a coincidence! I am a model,” she sounded explosive.

“I can see that from your lovely dress and well-maintained body,” he said wondering if he was being presumptuous.

“Thanks, but this is not my best dress. Tell me what is your role in the ad agency?”

“I ensure that the ad comes out to the satisfaction of our clients.”

“You must have an awful lot of contacts,” she said gesturing as if she was throwing down a playing card.

“Yeah, I do,” he said, thinking he should hide his hatred for his job as this was one woman that was interested in modelling and so, by extension, in him, too.

“I am Roxy, by the way,’ she held out her hand.

“John,” he said and shook her hand and felt a bolt of lightning run through his body.

Her legs were sexy as was each and every visible part of her body which made him draw a mental picture of her unseen nooks and crannies.

“Do you want to see my photos,’ she said opening a file in her cellphone and handing it over to him.

She was fast, very fast, he thought as he browsed through her photos and found one that was most erotic. She was in a skimpy, red, dripping wet bikini, her boobs jutting out with her nipples barely covered and her pussy slit bulging and looking like a vertical line. That was mind-blowing and hot as hell, a fact Pendik Escort that was acknowledged by his erection. He felt her eyes on him, looked up and their eyes met and stayed locked. They smiled at the same time.

“Which photo did you like?” she asked the inevitable question with a sly smile.

“The red bikini is too sexy and leaves nothing to imagination.”

“Thanks. Do you think you could find me some work. I am sorry to ask you, having met you just now. But I am seriously looking for work, something steady and worth the time,” she sounded almost apologetic.

“I do have contacts that I can use,” he said, hoping to hold her interest and at the same time imagining her nude in his bed.

“Shall I send my photos to you. You can show it to someone who will be interested,” she looked at him expectantly.

He gave his phone number and she forwarded the photos.

“Ya, now tell me what are you doing alone on this train?”

“It is my off day. I am returning home after a long ride in the opposite direction. It is nice to be alone with ones thoughts, naughty thoughts. Far from the hectic schedule of deadlines and last minute rush to get the job done.”

“What naughty thoughts do you think when you are alone?” there was a hint of mockery in her tone.

He gave a graphic description of the woman climbing the ladder in the movie.

“That is a nice imagination, since you are an ad man you have to think like that. What does my photo in the red bikini make you think?”

“You lie on the beach and I pour champagne on…” he hesitated.

“Go on, don’t feel shy…” she encouraged him.

“On your mouth, boobs and pussy.”

“That is a hot ad for champagne. I love that.”

He nodded. Letting her know he was not involved in the creative side would not serve any purpose right now.

“You made me hot. What else do you think of?” she blushed.

“I wish I could upload on internet a clip of a woman parting her thighs to show her shaven cunt,” his heart was beating loudly.

“Wow. You are something! I never thought you would be capable of having such thoughts since you looked shy and quiet. When do you plan to shoot that?”

“I am yet to find a woman who is willing to do it,” he looked at her meaningfully.

“Are you… hey … you think I will do it,” she asked pointing a finger at herself.

“I never said that. But it would be fun to do that.”

“It is a horny thing though. You really got me all hot, but what purpose would it serve?”

“Well, I want to do something like that to escape from reality that gives me nothing but stress. It is like cocking a snook at the people around me and telling them, hey! I have done something and you know nothing about that.”

“Hmm not a bad idea. Do you want me to do it?” she asked.

All the while people were getting into the train and getting off but the ad man and the model were oblivious to their surroundings, lost in their steamy conversation.

“I am not forcing you, but if you are willing we can have a go at it. Of course, we won’t show your face.”

“Hmm, ya. I am all for Kurtköy Escort it,” she looked around. The train was almost empty once again.

“Remove your panties. We have to finish shooting before people get in,” he told her, his heart beating like a drum. Was she wearing panties? he wondered.

She looked around nervously and slid both her hands into her skirt and out came her red panties which she stuffed into her purse.

“Do as I tell you,” he said, taking out his camera.

He focused on the buildings pass by and then lowered the camera into the train, showing her legs and slowly raised it and held it level with her thighs.

“Spread your thighs slowly and keep doing that till your pussy lips also spread open,” he said.

She parted her thighs in slow motion and spread them wider as he watched her clean shaven vertical slit pop open, revealing her petals. She was wet and hence her lips opened wide readily, he assumed.

“Just close and open your thighs twice slowly,” he said and held his camera tight on the splendor between her thighs. As she closed her thighs the second time, he stopped recording.

“That was a great sight,” he said and slid his camera into his pants as the train pulled up at a station and people got into the train.

“I get down at the next station, do you want to have a drink with me?” he asked her thinking that she could fill his empty bed tonight.

“Sure,” she said, looking out of the window quietly as if trying to hide from the people what happened just then.

At the next station they got down and walked out.

“I live nearby, come with me so that you can see what I shot and maybe we can upload it.”

She nodded. “I feel nervous, you know, and a bit scared. How could you do all that coolly?”

“I was planning that for quiet a while, even the camera angle. I have been rerunning it in my mind, so it went without a hitch.”

They reached his apartment and he immediately took out his camera and showed her the clip.She looked at it and smiled and adjusted her hair on her head.

“It looks fine and nothing to link it to me, right?” she asked

“Ya, no face, only lovely pussy,” he said offering her a coke.

“I was aroused and soaking wet all the while we were on the train. That is why my lips opened easily. Also, I used a dildo to pleasure myself while taking a shower just before I took the train,” she explained.

“You have a lovely smooth pussy that opened like a flower,” he said and took her hand and kissed her lips gently.

She opened her mouth to take in his exploring tongue and shuddered as his chest brushed against her breasts. He grabbed her pantyless ass and rubbed his hard-on on her mound and rocked himself against her. He pushed her onto the couch and she raised her legs showing what he captured on the camera. Her pussy lips opened again and he devoured her like a hungry wolf, slurping and biting her clitoris, lips, vulva and rear bud as the aroused model watched.

He stood up and unbuttoned his pants and let out his penis which uncoiled itself like a 7 inch long snake. Her mouth struggled Ümraniye Escort to accommodate his fullness but he was gentle and did not force himself into her. She licked his hood, his long stem, bit his base and then mouthed his balls in a style which revealed expertise which she must have gained from experience. He sat on the couch and watched as she removed her skirt and stood nude except for her bra which was inadequate to cover her struggling boobs. She squatted over him and let her cunt touch his hood and slid it in slowly without sitting on his thighs. His manhood went in and out several times as they kissed with a measured passion, savoring their saliva and feeling each other’s breath and smell. Then she started bouncing on him holding his shoulders as he caught her narrow hips. After a few thrusts, he stood up and lifted her by holding her ass and took her to a chair and placed her on it. She held her legs apart as he knelt and shoved himself in and out of her, taking his cock out fully and plunging in again. She screamed as he repeated this and this egged him on to pound her pussy more vigorously and deeply.

“I am coming,” she moaned and grabbed his ass and held him as he rode her and shot his steaming silver arrow of sex juice into her pulsating pussy.

Satisfied and sweating profusely and smiling at each other, they realized they had found a perfect partner in each other. The fluid rhythm in their first encounter made them feel they had been making love for many years. He lifted her and took her to the bathroom where he turned on the shower to wash away the sweat. Standing under the falling water, they kissed while their hands cupped their asses and they brushed their bodies together as they swayed to an unheard piece of soft music.

Later lying nude in bed, he uploaded the clip on the internet.

“I got friends to whom I will send this link and let us see how many views we get,” he said.

“It is a horny thing to do and all that. But in what way will it help me? I can’t go about saying that is my pussy, give me work. Can you introduce me to someone who will give me a photo shoot or something. Don’t get me wrong. I am not using you…”

“Wait. I used you by making you do that thing on the train. Well, if we can help each other mutually, is there any using or manipulation? I need a woman in bed and I wanted to upload a sexy clip and I found you and now you want me to help your career. I see nothing wrong in that.”

Suddenly, she began weeping uncontrollably. He remembered someone telling him that a fool is born every time a woman weeps or did he read it somewhere?

“I am 26 and have no career. I left home and can’t go back and I have done no work as yet. I just got laid by three photographers and was left high and dry. I find it difficult to make both ends meet. and I let the 50-year-old landlord creep screw me once a week so that I can stay in his house. When I saw you on the train, I thought something would work out… I am not a whore… I thought maybe I could spend a night with you and get some money or some favor. That is the whole truth,” she finished.

“I am sorry. But we don’t have to discuss anything further. I have friends and I can fix something for you. Now, put on a smile and let’s sleep and we will check how many guys have seen your pussy on in the morning,” he said and switched off the lights.

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