The Loving Husband Ch. 21

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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, the now pregnant Anita, who was just showing, and Violet and Don came over. Violet had found out that her husband liked her being a hot wife and discovered that he had been reading a lot of the Loving Wives stories on Literotica. She decided to come back and Anita came along. I had fun fucking them both and she teased her husband both physically and mentally as we did. She got him to agree to some rules and let him watch as I filled her pussy from behind, my cock and balls pulsating as I filled her up.

For the next couple of weeks, Ann and I enjoyed some relaxing time, if you can call it that when you have two kids, with all the prerequisite activities. It was a Friday and I had just gotten home from work when Ann came up to the bedroom as I changed.

“The kids are finishing their homework and dinner will be ready soon. You need to dress for going out tonight.”

“We’re going out?” I was confused. Didn’t she just say that dinner would be ready soon?

“Not us. You. Violet called with a request and I said that you’d love to show her.”

I grinned. This had to be good, right? “Show her what?”

“She’s never been to a strip club, but her sister-in-law told her she went to one last week and it was fun, even though it was a bunch of women stripping. Of course, her sister doesn’t know that Violet likes women, too.”

“Okay. That sounds interesting. What should I wear?”

My wife walked over and picked up the dress pants I had just taken off. “These are perfect. They are a bit light and flimsy enough to feel your nice cock when it gets hard.”

“When it gets hard?”

“You don’t think you’ll get an erection in a strip club with Violet?”

“Okay, okay, you’re right.”

“Now wear these without underwear and a nice polo that let’s Violet or the dancers run their hands over your upper body.”

“I’m not exactly a body-builder.”

“No, but I’m sure they will love to run their hands over you.”

“Okay, I got it. Now let’s get back to dinner. I don’t think I want to go to a strip club and drink on an empty stomach.”

Ann turned to leave and tossed her last statement over her shoulder. “I don’t think the status of your stomach will matter, just your balls.”

I grinned and did as she said. I went downstairs and had dinner with my family. The kids were growing up and being wonderful. They were so well-behaved. Amy, my little princess, loved telling me stories about her day. She seemed to love being the one telling stories and making people laugh.

Ann told me that Violet was coming over at 10, so we got the kids ready for bed and let them stay up and watch one of their favorite movies, Finding Nemo.

They were watching when Violet arrived, so I gave them a hug and kiss and said good night. Not sure they even noticed, as engrossed as they were in the movie.

I greeted Violet at the door and gave her a quick “Wow!” She was dressed in a tight slinky dress like the young 20-somethings wear when going out clubbing. It was pretty short, tight as hell around her large tits and nice hips. Her ass was a vision as she led me to her car. I gave it a good smack and she giggled and shook it.

“You look good enough to eat in that dress.”

“Thank you.” She went to the passenger side. “You’re driving. You know where it is.”

I opened her door and watched her get in. She spread her legs as she did and grinned as she made it known that she was not wearing panties.


Violet grinned. “Hope so.”

I went around and got behind the wheel of her car. “I haven’t been to this place, either.”

“I thought you had been to all the strip clubs around here. I thought all the men went.”

I chuckled. “I don’t really like to go to them because they are just a long tease. And besides, I’m getting plenty of attention with all the ladies I’m seeing.”

“You mean all the ladies you’re fucking?” She gave me a sly grin. “Well, according to my sister-in-law, she and my brother went with another couple and it wasn’t just a long tease. My brother didn’t do anything, but the other Tuzla Escort guy confided in him that you could negotiate a nice little blowjob or fuck for the right price in the 30 minute private dance areas.”


“That’s what my brother eventually told Shari, my sister-in-law. She told me when we got drunk together last weekend while the boys were playing golf.”

“And what is her position on all this extraneous sex?”

“Well, I probed her delicately, and found that she isn’t getting enough cock from my brother, but is unsure what to do about it. I loaned her a vibrator and she blushed just looking at it. But I think eventually, I’ll be able to get her to open up. I might even be able to get you a fuck with her.”

I turned in the seat to fully face Violet. “Who are you and what did you do with that shy, quiet woman who was unsure about this a few weeks ago.”

Violet grinned. “Well, I’m now a full-fledged hot wife. I can fuck and suck whichever cock interests me and then run home and tell my husband, who gets very excited about it. I wouldn’t do any of this if he didn’t get so damn excited about it. That just makes it even better for me. I get to enjoy other men, which I didn’t when I was young, and my husband is insatiable when I talk about it. I’m getting it all the time now. And now that we are doing this he wants some pictures and maybe even short video clips from my phone.”

“Whoa. What a change.” I turned and started the car. “Now, let’s see if we can find that strip club and see some women take their clothes off and rub their delicious bodies up against us.”


We drove for about 45 minutes to get to the one that Violet was referred to by her sister-in-law. It looked like most of them I had seen. No windows, flashy neon sign, a large solid door behind which the pounding of the music could be heard as we approached. We entered and found ourselves at a counter where I was expected to pay a $10 cover charge. Women were free. Great. I paid and we entered the club.

When we walked into the club, there were two stages. There was one directly in front of where we entered that was a large rectangular raised area with two poles on it. The stage was about 20 feet wide and 8 feet deep. It had a foot wide counter running around it about a foot below the level of the stage. There were about a dozen chairs pulled up to that counter all around it, half of them occupied.

The second stage was over to the right and was about half the size of the main one. It was also about 50% occupied. There was a scattering of about 30 tables and chairs around the rest of the room and they were scarcely occupied.

We went to a table, sat down, and a waitress came to our table. She was dressed in a skirt that barely cupped the cheeks of her ass and thigh highs that were black fishnet. Her top was a size too small and partially unbuttoned so that her bra covered tits were bursting out of it. We both ordered a light beer to keep from getting too drunk.

I then noticed an area off to the left of the main stage that had an opening that led to a dark hallway. There was a bouncer or monitor at a counter at the entrance. I figured this was where the private dance area was.

Violet was sitting right next to me and she leaned over and pointed at the woman on the main stage. She was a petite brunette with b-cup tits and upwards pointing nipples. She was taking off her little G-string. The music was changing to a new song and she started shaking to the tune. She was playing up to one of the guys sitting there and turned around and looked at him from between her legs. He stared up at her and her pussy, which she ran her hand over.

She then squatted with her legs spread, giving him a good look at her shaved pussy as she pulled back on a garter that was around her left thigh. The guy put a couple of bucks in there and she then moved towards the next one. She worked her way around the stage as far as she could during what turned out to be her last song. When it ended the DJ called for the next dancer and the brunette gathered up her stuff and put her G-string and flashy top back on. She also put a light, gauzy jacket on.

When she left the stage she headed out into the crowd and seemed to be asking about table dances. The first two tables of guys said no, but when she looked our way, I made eye contact and gave her a little come to us move with my left hand. She grinned and scampered over, well as much as a woman can scamper in those ridiculously high stripper heels.

When she got to us, she just walked up and sat on my lap. I asked her name and she said Jasmine. Typical fake name. She asked about the two of us. I just grinned and told her I wanted her to give Violet a table dance. She said it was $20 so I pulled it out. Violet couldn’t hear us over the music, but we both smiled at her and talked until the song ended. I ran my hands over her hip and ass while she was sitting there. Her skin was very smooth. I could also tell Gebze Escort that she was very young.

When the song was ending, Jasmine got up and went over to Violet. She removed her gauzy top and put it on the other chair at the table. She approached Violet and pushed her legs apart as the song started. Violet looked over at me and mouthed thank you.

Jasmine proceeded to give Violet a table dance. First she rubbed up against her and slowly slid down her body, making sure to drag herself across Violet’s tits and the rest of her. Then she turned around and sat on Violet’s lap, between her legs, and leaned back. They said something to each other and Jasmine glanced my way. Then she stood up and removed her bra-like top. She rubbed up against Violet, who tried to capture a nipple in her mouth. Jasmine jerked away with a grin and shook her finger at Violet. She leaned over and said something to her, probably explaining what the no-touching rule was. Then she pointed over to where the private dance area was and they talked.

After that, Jasmine kept rubbing her tits against Violet’s body, up and down. When the song ended, Violet leaned over toward me to talk loud enough for us to hear. “I don’t want to wait to check out any other girls. I want to take this one in the back.”

“Okay. What’s the deal?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what does it cost? What do we get? What will she do?”

“It’s $250 for 30 minutes. I guess she’ll dance and let us play a little.”

I waved to Jasmine and patted my lap. She sat down. I put my left hand on her hip, loving the feel of the bare skin. She was definitely a nice piece of ass.

“So what’s the deal with the private area?”

“It’s $250 for thirty minutes. It’s completely private.”

“And what are we going to do back there.”

She grinned. “Well, I really like your wife.” She reached down and grabbed my left hand and pointed to the ring. “So I think maybe we can play a little.”

“You’re going to have to be more specific. Will you eat her pussy? Will you suck my cock? What?”

Jasmine looked at me closely and grinned. “Well, I think I’d love to play with your wife. Will she eat my pussy?”

“Of course. She loves pussy. What about me?”

“We can play, too. I have a condom to make sure you and I can play.”

I looked at her. It’s not like a stripper to be coy. “You mean you’ll suck me or fuck me?”

She grinned. “Okay, you want me to say it. I usually don’t out here. I like to talk in there.”

“It’s too late in there. I want to make sure we know what to expect before I fork over some money.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

“And I also want you to know that I tip well.”

Jasmine grinned. “Then let’s go. I’ll suck and fuck you and let your wife eat my pussy.” She started to get up and then stopped for a second. “It will be best if you tip the guy out front who leads us to the room, too.”

I motioned to Violet and we all stood up and headed for the private area. She joined hands with both of us and led us back to the beginning of the private area. She spoke to the monitor who nodded. He led us back to a long hallway that had small rooms on either side with couches. The hallway was painted dark, grey or black. The small rooms were also dark grey or black. The curtains were definitely grey and the couches a dark brown.

He showed us to one of the larger ones with full couches and curtains in front. I turned and handed him a $20 and he nodded thanks. We moved into the room and he turned to pull the curtains closed. He said to Jasmine, “30 minutes”.

The music was more subdued in here and we could actually hear enough to talk to each other. Violet sat down on the one side of the couch and I on her left as we were sitting. Jasmine smiled at us and took off all but her G-string and heels. She turned to Violet first and grinned. “Do you and your husband do this often?”

Violet looked at me and grinned. “He’s not my husband. He and I are married, but not to each other. We’re just fuck buddies.”

Jasmine looked back and forth between us, questions appearing to her as she looked at us, but she said nothing. She just shrugged and turned to Violet. She pushed Violet’s legs apart and started dancing. She leaned against her and slowly slipped down Violet’s front until she was on her knees between Violet’s legs. She reached up and ran her hand over Violet’s tits. Violet immediately put her hands on the straps of her dress and pulled them down over her shoulders. Jasmine grinned and helped Violet pull her dress down over her tits, leaving the large, beautiful mounds exposed to both of us. Jasmine leaned forward slowly and Violet put her hands on Jasmine’s head, guiding her to the nipple of her right tit. Jasmine sucked and Violet let out a deep sigh. I leaned over and sucked on her left.

Violet put one hand on each of our heads and just enjoyed our sucking. I put my hand on her thigh and ran it up as far as I could to, dragging her dress with it. Aydınlı Escort Jasmine turned to me and grinned. We pulled back and she grabbed Violet by her legs just above the knees and pulled. Violet understood what she was doing and lifted up, sliding down into a slouch against the couch. This also had the effect of sliding her dress up further.

Jasmine looked up at Violet, who was staring down at her, and slowly ran a single finger up her slit and over her clit. Violet just leaned back and moaned.

I leaned forward closer to Jasmine. “She’s a horny little bitch who will do anything once you get her motor running.”

Jasmine grinned. “Me, too.”

I smiled at that. “Then let’s do this.”

Jasmine then stood and kicked off her shoes and pulled her G-string off. She leaned over to me. “Get your cock out.”

That sounded easier than it was. I didn’t want to take my pants off, but I had to open them up and slide them down a little so my cock would be free enough to be available. When I got it out and it reached to the sky, it was already nice and hard.

Jasmine was now running two fingers into Violet while she sucked on a nipple. When I sat back down with my cock sticking up, she pulled off Violet’s tit and looked at my cock. “Oh, good, a nice cock. The last guy had barely four inches.”

“Yeah, but he paid to get off and he did, right?”

“Oh, yeah. My customers never leave unhappy.”

Jasmine stopped what she was doing to Violet and turned to her small purse. She opened it and extracted a condom. She pulled it out and turned to me. “I’ll put it on.”

She grabbed my cock by the base and positioned the condom over the top. I had heard that there were women who would take the condom into their mouths and put it on by running their mouth down your cock. But Jasmine didn’t do that. She used the conventional method. When she got it on, she grinned up at me. “It’s very hard. I like them very hard.”

I smiled, not really knowing if that was the truth or she was just playing to me to get me off and get a decent tip. Anyway, she then abandoned my cock and leaned over to whisper something in Violet’s ear. Violet looked at me with a funny grin and nodded. Jasmine came over to me and knelt between my legs. She grabbed my cock and started blowing me.

I’m not sure how it must feel to the woman to blow a guy wearing a condom, but it felt very strange to me, even though the condom was very thin. Violet knelt next to me and lifted a tit to my lips. I suckled and just reveled in the action I was getting for a couple of minutes. I pulled back and looked up at Violet.

“You enjoying this?”

She grinned a funny grin again. “Yes, but it will get much better.”

“Yeah? Better than having a women with great big tits feed them to me while another woman blows me?”

“Oh, yes.” She giggled and patted Jasmine on the shoulder. Jasmine grinned and stood up. So did Violet.

Now what?

Well, the girls got into a great position. Jasmine turned around and sat on my lap, her back to me, trapping my cock against my stomach. Violet moved around in front of the two of us and knelt between Jasmine’s legs. Jasmine leaned back against me and put her head on my shoulder. We both watched as Violet moved to eat her pussy. Violet didn’t waste time and immediately started eating Jasmine’s pussy. Jasmine moaned.

Jasmine then turned to me. “I’m now going to sit on your cock and Violet is going to eat my pussy. Ready?”


Jasmine leaned forward and Violet sat back. Jasmine lifted herself up and lined her pussy up with my cock. She slowly worked it into her pussy and finally got all the way down. She sat with her back straight up and started slowly moving on my cock. She said something to Violet that I didn’t hear, but suddenly she moaned and started jerking back and forth as I figured Violet made contact with her pussy.

I then felt Violet’s tongue on my balls. Jasmine turned toward me. “You’re right. She is a horny bitch, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is.”

Violet licked and sucked on my balls and Jasmine’s pussy for a few minutes, then stood up. Jasmine leaned forward and starting sucking on her left nipple. Violet had a sharp intake of breath and then pulled away. “I need to get fucked. Lay down Jasmine so that I can eat your pussy while John fucks me.”

Jasmine slowly pushed up off my cock. She moaned. “I was just getting into it. I don’t normally get too excited with all the traffic I see in here, but you two had me getting there.”

Violet helped her up and then grabbed both her nipples. “Relax, you stripper slut. I’ll work on getting you off while John fucks me. I really need him to fuck me.” I stood up to make room.

Jasmine lay back against one arm of the couch, her right knee on the couch and her left foot on the floor, and Violet knelt between her legs. Violet lifted her ass up in the air as she dove into Jasmine’s pussy.

I had a great target and I figured I would leave the condom on, in case I got another chance at Jasmine. I moved forward and slid into the hot pussy of Violet. Her hips are perfectly sized for looking good and for grabbing onto as you fuck her. I grabbed them and started fucking her with gusto. Once she gets going, she loves to cum.

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