The Lingering Scent Of Whiskey

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These kinds of things only happen in movies or pulp fiction. At least that’s what I thought. When I went to the billiard bar with my friends Dave, Bobby and Tom, I really thought I was just going to have a drink and a few rounds of pool. I was wrong.

We’d all had a few drinks. Whiskey for the men, and I stuck to margheritas. I never really learned to drink whiskey myself. But I love the lingering scent of whiskey on a man’s lips. I can’t get enough of it. And when it’s paired with the taste of cigarettes or a cigar? I can hardly contain myself.

That night at the billiard bar wasn’t really busy, and we quickly got bored. The drinks were expensive and the air was stuffy. “Hey, why don’t we play a round at my place?” Bobby suggested after another collective look at the clock. “My old man got a pool table for ‘is birthday last week, it’s in the garage. We can pick up a bottle of whiskey at the corner store on the way.”

“Sure beats this deadbeat place,” I said with a shrug, and the others agreed.

Within half an hour we entered the similarly stuffy but certainly more private garage. “It’s even got a record player,” Dave mentioned, sounding impressed.

“This isn’t a garage,” said Bobby, dropping the pool balls into the triangle. “This is a regular man cave.”

“Then let’s make the best of it,” I said. “Turn on the music and bring out the whiskey.”

Half the bottle was gone in no time and we danced to Frank Sinatra, laughing in drunken mirth. I felt myself gravitating toward Dave, almost falling into his arms whenever I twirled to the music. I stayed as close to him as I could without being too obvious. I’d always had the hots for him. “Always” meant the last few months, since we met. Nothing serious, he was just a damn fine specimen of man. Tall, broad, long blonde hair, impeccable dress. I saw him watching me a few times, and I knew that I wasn’t the worst choice of girl out there either. The tension between us became almost tangible. Then I winked at him. His subsequent smile sent a tingle over my skin.

After a while I started playing a secret game at this round of pool. Instead of making good shots – which I really couldn’t anyway – I decided to make alluring ones. I looked around the garage walls. They were covered in pin-ups and other allegedly sexy things, including a poster that showed a woman wearing a collar holding a key in her hand. It was the only poster that looked like actual art.

I bent over the pool table, poking my behind up and toward the closest pair of eyes. It wasn’t long before I felt the atmosphere in the garage tip somehow. The temperature seemed to rise.

The next time it was my turn to shoot and I bent over the table, I felt a hand slide up my skirt.

“Mind your manners, escort bursa Bobby,” I exclaimed in fake surprise. “Can’t a lady get any respect here?”

“I don’t see no ladies,” he said, flipping my skirt over my back. I stayed firmly in place and moved my hips farther toward him. “All I see is a really hot girl without panties.”

“You’re not wearing panties?” Dave seemed surprised. I vaguely wondered why.

“Dear me,” I said in girlish tones. “I guess I’ll have to go home then and get some…”

“You ain’t goin’ nowhere,” was Bobby’s reply.

Tom stayed in the corner of the room, playing with the pool stick, watching in silence.

“Stop hogging the view,” said Dave, pushing his friend aside. I smiled, feeling my friends’ eyes between my legs. A hand, presumably Dave’s, touched me with neither shame nor warning. It was the most pleasant thing I’d felt all evening.

“Given that amount of wet, you must really like pool,” Dave joked.

“It’s not pool she likes, you idiot! She likes us, doesn’t she?” Bobby came round to my front and patted my cheek. He started unzipping his jeans.

“I like pool too,” I said in my defence. “But I’d rather suck on cock than a pool stick.” A round of dirty laughter drifted through the room. “Come on, Bobby,” I purred. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Chuckling, he proudly pulled his cock out of his jeans and held it in front of me. Because of the angle of the table, I had to lower my face and raise my backside to make contact. It must have been a sight to see. Judging by Bobby’s erection, the boys liked it.

I was surprised when he grabbed my scarf and bound it around my eyes. I heard dirty laughter around me, sending heat straight to my pussy. The cool air was a stark contrast to my hot, exposed flesh.

Blinded, I used the tip of my tongue to gingerly draw the drop of moisture from the tip of Bobby’s cock before I took him slowly into my mouth. I felt him shudder in delight when he made contact with the back of my mouth. I giggled, but that turned into a moan as I felt my ass cheeks being pulled apart.

A finger was drawn over my clit, slowly stroking and tickling me. It was like someone was playing me like a marionette, I arched my back and stuck out my hips like a cat in heat, but still all I received was the torturing sensation of featherlight contact. I pulled away from Bobby’s cock for enough time to say, “Somebody fuck me already!”

A sharp sting exploded on my ass cheeks.

“Stop playing with that, Tom,” I heard Dave. “Use this instead.”

My cheeks were pulled apart harshly, but the pain just fuelled my wetness. I sucked Bobby as best as I could, I pushed him farther down into my throat until my bursa yabancı escort face made contact with his hips. When I finally released him, his cock was beautifully glistening with my saliva. Half of my face was covered in his scent.

Suddenly, something cold slid into my pussy. I jerked up in surprise, but hands kept my hips in place. Someone forced the slick thing in and out of me, slowly at first, then more forcefully. It was thick and hard, there was no way for me to tell what it was. The sensation forced all doubts and questions further from my mind with every frust. My moans joined Frank Sinatra’s voice in the stuffy garage.

“Take it like a good girl,” I heard Tom. “That’s it.”

Bobby grabbed my head and pushed his cock through my lips once more. My voice was smothered by his cock beating faster and faster against the back of my throat. He held his hands fast on the sides of my head, messing up my hair. My blindfold fell off, and I could see the look of pure animal lust on Bobby’s face.

“How do you think she’d like that up her ass?” Tom suggested.

“No idea,” came Dave’s reply. Then, a finger pushed against my rosette, shortly after, it pushed in. I squeaked in surprise, then I made a noise suggesting that it was very much a good idea. I wanted to free my mouth to speak again, but Bobby wouldn’t let go of my face.

The hard object, which wasn’t anywhere near cold anymore, was removed from my pussy. Covered in liquid desire, it pushed against my asshole. A shiver of excitement ran through me.

“You idiot, that’s much too big.”

“Look at that girl, Dave. D’you really think she’s a virgin? Does she look like a first-timer to you?”

I smiled against the testes banging against my face. I kept my hips perfectly still and willed my muscles to relax. It hurt a little at first, but once one of their hands started rubbing my clit, the makeshift dildo slipped inside of me. A deep satisfied groan washed through me, followed by the first aching spasm of climax.

What I assumed was Tom slowly moved the dildo in and out of my ass while Bobby fucked my face for all he was worth. His nails dug into my skull and his rhythm became erratic. I took him deep into me, and as his semen spilled over my tongue and down my throat, I felt my pussy erupt in lust. Shortly after, Bobby stumbled away on shaking legs. He dropped onto a crate and let his head roll back.

“Jesus, she hit the wall!”, Tom exclaimed.

I laughed into myself, too distracted by the wonderful feel of my stretched asshole to answer. One orgasm down, how many to go?

“Go on, get,” Dave said. “My turn.”

Slowly, Tom removed the dildo from my ass. He gave my backside the same bursa escort pat that I imagined he gave his horse after a good run. I moaned. “Don’t leave me hanging like this,” I said.

“Don’t you worry, darlin’,” was Dave’s reply as he turned me over onto my back. “Let’s get that dress off of you. We want to see you in all your sexy glory.”

The boys were more than willing to help me get out of my clothes. Once I was naked, Dave pulled me to the edge of the billiard table and parted my legs. After taking a sip of whiskey, he said, “I’ve been wanting to pound this pussy since the first time I saw you.” He gave the subject of his desire a friendly slap and freed his cock from his jeans. “Get ready for the fuck of a lifetime.”

He leaned over me and kissed me. The lingering drops of whiskey mixed with the delicate taste of smoke on his tongue. How I love that taste, that particular mix of smoke and liquor, that taste that reminds me of sleazy bars and movies about the Mafia. I put my arms around him and pulled him closer. At that moment, I felt like the world could burn and I wouldn’t even notice.

His fingers dug into the flesh of my hips. Tom’s and Bobby’s lusting eyes kept watch, I could feel them on my pussy and on my breasts. Dave used his thumbs to spread my lips, then he pushed himself into me, hot and hard. With every thrust, my breasts wobbled happily, while I was unabashed to raise my voice. It was heaven: to be fucked by the man I’d set my sights on, to be watched and enjoyed by two close friends. It was the best feeling in the world.

Dave fucked me in the truest sense of the term, bringing his hips against mine with such force that made the pool table shudder. Then I felt something hard against my breasts. It was Tom, holding the pool stick again. Using the stick, he toyed with me, forcing my chin up to provide a better view of my tits, or hitting my breasts, just enough to make them sting.The sensation went straight to my clit. “Do it again,” I said, much to the boys’ amusement. “Tom, please! Hit my tits again!”

With obvious enjoyment, Tom used the pool stick to lightly beat the soft flesh of my breasts. When Dave used this as incentive to slap my thighs, I thought I would black out from pleasure. My orgasm was intense. My hips and thighs were covered with sticky liquid. I felt dizzy, drunken, far away from everything. I hardly noticed Dave pulling out and walking away from me.

Moments later, I opened my eyes to see two cocks being rubbed intensely above my face. They erupted almost simultaneously. Smiling, I let them drain into my mouth and over my face. Spent, Dave and Tom staggered away, leaving me lying smiling, naked and covered in semen on the pool table.

I heard the soft swish of a cigarette being lit. Soft, scratchy mist filled the air. I reached out my hand. A cigarette was gingerly placed between my fingers. I inhaled readily and closed my eyes.

Frank Sinatra continued singing to us, four whole songs in fact, until Bobby spoke up.

“So, uh… same time next week?”

“Anytime,” I said.

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