The Limo Ride

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A limo stopped outside my work and the driver came in carrying a box and asked for me. He was brought back to my office and I was told it was time to leave. Not knowing what is going on, my heart started to pound in my chest with anticipation, I have never been in a limo before and just the thought of that thrilled me to no end. I couldn’t even imagine who would send for me in such a manner.

My coworkers and I go outside to see a long, black stretch limo and he opens the door for me and I get in. Inside it’s awesome, lights everywhere, sexy and saucy music playing, bubbling champagne in a glass waiting for me.He gets in and tells me to open the box. It’s a beautiful box and big, I am like a child opening a Christmas present. Under the tissue paper is a black leather teddy with fishnet hose and a garter belt and a pair of stiletto heels. I am flattered that someone has picked these sexy items out for me to wear.

There is also a blindfold that I am to put on so I don’t see where we are going. The note inside tells me to undress in the limo put the outfit on and look in the bag on the seat opposite me. I jump across to the seat and open the bag, there is a makeup bag filled with all the essentials to freshen up, makeup, mouthwash and my favorite perfume. There is also a long black coat that I am to put on once I have changed into my sexy attire. The driver tells me that I can take my time as it will be a while before we reach our destination.

I sit back, enjoy the surroundings of the limo and start my transformation; I get completely naked and sit back and drink champagne, and relax. I freshen up and put the stockings on first, one at a time, and then the garter belt and the teddy and sit back once again just taking it all in. My heart is pounding so fast, I can hardly stand it and wearing the sexy outfit I become totally aroused by all of it.

Not really knowing and not caring at that point if the driver can see me, I begin to fondle myself feeling the leather with my fingers and working my way down to my spot. I lick my fingers to get them good and moist and get to work on bursa escort myself, teasing myself but making sure I don’t cum yet, I fondle my breasts through the leather teddy and return down to the nether region again just keep teasing until finally decide I have had enough and let myself get to that point and the waves of pleasure start from deep inside of me and I have one of the best orgasms imaginable. I drink some more champagne and the driver tells me we are almost there. I sit up and get myself together again and pack up all my stuff in the bag provided. I put my blindfold on and again my heart is pounding with excitement, arousal and anticipation wondering what will happen next.

We pull up to a private house and I am ushered into the house, I am told to leave my blindfold on and led into what seems to be a huge room with a giant bed, a massive hot tub (I can hear the water bubbling) and music playing in the background. I am told to take my coat off and lay back on the bed. I do so with such anticipation. I feel the presence of someone watching me but not speaking to me, I feel their eyes on me, I call out and ask who is there but he does not respond. The champagne and the excitement have me floating and make me feel bold, I mutter to myself, ok you want a show, and let’s give you a show.

I repeat my scenario from in the limo but in quick time and just as I am about to orgasm I feel the weight of a man on me. He slowly starts kissing me and licking me, my neck, nibbling on my ears and breathing heavily into my ears. I try to remove my blindfold and my arms are suddenly pulled down to my sides, it doesn’t startle me but turns me on even more. The kisses resume and then he moves slowly down the front of my body with his mouth, sucking on each breast making sure to give both equal attention and then returning to my mouth. The lips are soft and warm and his tongue probes my mouth and my own lips and tongue can not refuse the dance. I try to move my arms to feel this man over me and realize I have been restrained now. I give in and don’t fight it.

I feel the man raise up off bursa escort bayan of me and feel a feather slightly brush over my body, my body quivers and shakes, I have goose bumps all over and only want to feel the weight of him again on me. He continues with the feather and his tongue and I can’t help but to moan out loud, my breathing is fast and deep all at the same time. My arms restrained but it doesn’t keep me from raising up against him, I can finally feel him against me, he is warm and soft and smells so divine.

I can feel his manhood against the inside of my thigh and it excites me even more, I start to ache from within wanting him to take me. He continues to tease me from the top of my body to the bottom of my toes with his feather and his tongue, never saying a word, just moving enough to tease me and let me feel him just ever so slightly. my body wants to arch up to him and then he is not there, I am shocked, if only I could see, then I realize where he has gone, he has moved off the bed and is kneeling with his head between my legs. I want to lock them around his head just knowing he is going to devour me but he holds my legs apart with his strong hands and I am almost unable to move at all, this is his goal.

He begins to kiss the insides of my thighs running his tongue up and down the crevice on each side of my aching, throbbing and wet pussy. He slowly makes his way to it, and when I feel his tongue on it, I scream out with passion, my eyes even though he can not see them are rolling in my head and I feel as if I am about to explode. He uses his tongue expertly, flickering, licking from side to side, going in and out and then all of a sudden I can’t stand it any longer, I yell out to him “now, do it, please” and I finally hear his voice and he says to me, “no, it is not time”. I am so aroused, my pussy is so wet and throbbing I can’t imagine not being able to feel him inside me any longer.

He grabs the heels of my stilettos, one in each hand, starts to kiss my legs through the stockings and all of a sudden rips the garter belt bursa merkez escort off of me. I don’t feel anything but desire for him, my body is trembling at this point, there is no need to remove the teddy, it has a hole with a purpose. He gets up on all fours and moves up towards me, kissing his way down teasing me and then is completely over me, I struggle with my hands to try and get free so I can feel him, let my hands roam over his muscular and strong body. His scent is so empowering its as if it has cast a spell on me, I breathe it in deep, as he begins to kiss me again.

Finally in a quick motion he undoes the restraint and allows my hands to finally be free, they are all over him, feeling his skin, his muscles on his arms, his back, his chest, they don’t stop. I am kissing him so deep that I can hardly breathe but I want more. My hands roam down the front of his chest, he knows what I want but doesn’t allow it just yet.

He moves up with his body closer to my face and straddles my chest with his manhood just in front of my mouth, I start to lick and suck it slowly going up and down, tickling the head of with my tongue, then going all the way down on him, and then suck on each ball gently and back to his hard cock.

He tastes so good in my mouth, I want him to cum and feel him get ready to as I stroke him with my mouth up and down taking all of it into my mouth. He moves his body back down and I again arch up to him and he pushes me down, he is kneeling now between my legs and takes his cock and rubs my pussy with it.

I beg him to not stop to keep going, I want to cum so bad and he again he is working his cock on my pussy. He uses his hands fondling each breast, rubbing his hands all over my body. He leans forward and kisses me deep again and he can feel I am close, he leans back and again teases me rubbing my pussy with his cock and just when I am about to explode he sinks into me.

I gasp out, I can hardly breathe and together we erupt and the waves just keep coming and coming and his mouth is planted on mine and he too is gasping for breath and as our bodies shudder together. All of a sudden he pulls off the blindfold so I can finally see him. All I see are his eyes, they are full of light from the flickering candles. They are dancing in his head in ecstasy and he calls out my name and then we both collapse into each other’s arms and drift off to sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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