The Lift

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We had booked a room in a hotel in the big city, and had checked in for the weekend. The room was on the seventh floor, so we had to take the lift. We had built up the expectations during the trip to the city with some play with the remote-controlled vibrator. You had made it clear that whatever we would do in town when we arrived, we would do it after an extensive session in the hotel’s big bed. Horny and eager to be alone in our room, we sighed inwardly at every stop the lift made to let off other guests. Finally, leaving the fifth floor, we were the only people left in the lift. Suddenly, the elevator stopped between floors. I pushed the button for the seventh floor again, but the lift didn’t move.

“What the…” I said, while you looked questioningly at me. A couple more pushes on the button didn’t produce any result, so I pushed the “Help” button. Someone, presumably a receptionist, answered.

“Hello? How may I be of assistance?”

“Hi, we just checked in, and now we’re stuck in the elevator,” I replied.

“I’m awfully sorry, Sir. We’ve experienced some trouble with that lift. I’ll call a service technician,” the slightly distorted voice said.

“Oh, great. How long will that take?” I asked.

“About an hour. We will provide you with free drinks in the bar as compensation for the inconvenience, Sir,” said the person, ending the conversation. We looked at each other.

“We have an hour to kill,” I said, “but I have an idea how to make it go faster.”

You looked at me quizzically, but the smile playing on your lips told me that you knew what was about to happen.

“OK, take off your clothes,” I said.

You obliged by slipping out of your dress, taking off your bra and removing your panties, which already sported a wet spot. The clit vibrator, wedged between your lips and slippery with your juices, Anadolu Yakası Escort was last to go. There were mirrors on three of the lift’s walls, and I admired the view of you, multiplied many times over in the mirrors. My eyes wandered over your body, taking in your breasts, still pert, the curve of your hip, and the tuft of severely trimmed hair over your inviting cleft.

I opened our suitcase and took out our “tool box”.

“Wear these,” I said, handing you the wrist cuffs. You fastened them and looked at me teasingly. “Sit down,” I ordered. You sat down on the floor, and I strapped your wrists to the handrail that went round the elevator at waist level. Then I took a broad ribbon and tied your feet together, sole against sole, forcing your legs apart and making your pussy open up like a moist rose.

“I’m at your mercy. So what are you going to do?” you said.

“You’ll find out, love,” I replied, grinning while I bent down to begin the treatment.

I kissed you, my tongue searching deep into your mouth, triggering a passionate response. My hands cupped your breasts, thumbs lightly brushing your nipples until they stood erect. Still kissing you, I gave both nipples a pinch, making you gasp in surprise. I began kissing my way down towards your breasts, my tongue playing along the side of your neck. Reaching your nipples, I circled first one, then the other with my tongue. You moaned contentedly, whimpering when I sucked them and yelping when I gave one a quick nibble with my teeth. Meanwhile, my hand drifted towards your mound.

Lightly brushing over your groomed tuft, my fingers caressed the sides of your delta, stroked the insides of your thighs, and then turned back to rest on your pussy. Kissing and licking your breasts, I felt you writhe beneath my still hand, eager to have me rub Kartal Escort you. I pressed down with my hand, sliding my finger inside you. I wet my thumb with your juices and started to gently stroke your clit. Pushing inside you with a second finger, I sought out your sweet spot and began to rub it. You gasped and moaned, and I felt your pussy getting wetter by the second. My cock strained against my trousers, something you didn’t fail to notice.

“I want it,” you said, licking your mouth.

Without a word, I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down along with my boxers, my cock springing free of its prison. I reached into our tool box and took out your g-spot vibrator, turned it on to a slow, strong vibe, and slid it inside you. You moaned and then turned your head towards my engorged member. Crouching at your side, I held your head while your mouth closed on my cock, your tongue fluttering over the tip. You purred while sucking and licking me, the vibrator working its magic inside you.

We both jumped when the receptionist addressed us through the speaker.

“The service technician is here now,” the voice rasped, “you’ll be out of that lift in a short while.” “No need to hurry UNH! our account,” I managed to say, almost losing it when you made an especially wicked stroke with your tongue. You took me deep in your mouth, tongue circling my shaft as I slowly pulled out. It took an effort for me to not plunge into you again, but I had other plans. Resuming my work with the vibrator, I felt how it slid effortlessly in and out of your slippery cleft. I let its tip tease your clit, making you squirm each time it passed over your engorged pearl. Then I went down on my knees and let my tongue take the place of the vibrator.

Tasting you deeply, I let my tongue slide over your lips and circle your clit, drinking Maltepe Escort your juices when I pressed down with open mouth over your shaven mound. Sucking your clit and lips, I took my cock in my hand and stroked myself to keep it hard and ready for the finale. You felt my teeth gently but firmly close on your clit, the tip of my tongue fluttering over it until you whimpered and bucked uncontrollably. Then I released your feet from their restraint and lifted your legs over my shoulders. The tip of my cock played over your wet slit, then I grabbed your ass with both hands and rammed it home.

Thrusting deep and hard, we were soon close to climax. Stealing a glance at the mirrors, we saw ourselves fuck in a hundred reflections. Then you came, moaning loudly while trying to not cry out as the waves of your orgasm coursed through you. Seconds later I came, too, my cock pumping as I spent myself inside you. Your pussy tightened around my shaft, and we rode the wave until I didn’t have more to give. We relaxed, me lazily sliding in and out of you. I released your wrists, and we hugged fiercely while you still straddled me. We were kissing as the speaker crackled to life again.

“The lift will work again in a couple of minutes,” the voice said, adding, “The staff hope the two of you will enjoy your stay despite the technical difficulties.”

There was an odd catch to the voice, which we couldn’t really place. I slipped out of you, and you quickly put on your dress, not bothering with your underwear. We collected our things, the moist vibrator wrapped in your panties and going into the suitcase. We were just finished putting everything back in order when the lift started to move. When I looked at the floor number display, I noticed the little CCTV camera decal next to it. I glanced up, and nudged you when I spotted the discrete camera in the ceiling. We laughed guiltily, and flashed it a smile and a wave as we reached our floor. We had apparently made someone’s day with our little show. Our room beckoned, with its shower and wide bed. Hand in hand, we went forward to the promise of more delights…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32