The Late Flight

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Their flight landed two hours later than it was scheduled. They had boarded late, then sat on the tarmac for an hour, and then bad weather prevented them from landing so they were in a holding pattern for another hour almost.

Because the flight had encountered a lot of turbulence they hadn’t been served dinner. They stopped at a steakhouse near the hotel and ordered cocktails before deciding on dinner and a bottle of wine. They toasted surviving the plane trip from Hell.

They both are feeling good when they enter the hotel room. They kiss and she begins pushing on him to force him to walk backwards. The back of his knees hit the armchair in the room and he drops. She stands looking down on him as she unzips the side of her dress. He is glad he didn’t know she was wearing the black sheer bra and no panties. He would have been hard the whole flight imagining that perfect strip of trimmed brown curls. She removes the bra letting her naturally fuller breasts drop free. She massages them seductively as she lowers herself to her knees. He watches as she releases her tits and begins unbuckling his belt then opens his fly. She looks at him and smiles crookedly as her hand reaches in and pulls his cock free. Her tongue traces the tip then slowly around the head several times. When she puts it in her mouth she teases him some more by only taking the tip. Her hand snakes up and wraps around his cock as she begins to lower her mouth taking him in deeper. Her wedding ring adds extra stimulation as she strokes him up to meet her mouth coming down.

He alternates from Anadolu Yakası Escort his head leaning back enjoying her mouth and an intense need to watch her fuck his cock with those lips. He thinks about letting her finish but thinks of that trim patch on her pubic bone. As she is sucking he slips his belt off then closes it around her neck and pulls. She moans around his dick and takes him deeper. He pulls harder forcing her up in order to breathe. He stands and she falls backward. He pulls again and she stands still in heels. His free hand reaches between her legs and he inserts his finger into her wet pussy. She moans as he begins finger fucking. Her eyes look at him filled with lust.

“Wanna be my dirty slut tonight?” He says seductively into her ear.

“YES!” She moans as she grinds her pussy into his hand.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs. Show me your slut pussy.” He says pushing her onto the bed.

As he begins undressing she slides up the bed and spreads her legs so he has a clear view. He sees the wetness on her lips and clinging to her thighs. Her heels are still on and his belt is around her throat. She looks good enough to eat. The speed at which he reaches her and shoves his cock into her startles her but soon she is moaning. He grabs the belt and tightens it. “This what you wanted slut? Wanted my dick to fill this slutty pussy?”

She nods enthusiastically. He tightens it a little more and as her face begins reddening her walls clamp down on his dick wanting to keep him there as she orgasms. She looks so beautiful Pendik Escort with tears streaming down her face and gasping he cums pretty quickly.

No words are exchanged. He rests his head on her breasts and she runs her fingers through his hair enjoying how short it is causing it to tickle. She is thinking of showering when she feels his dick twitch against her thigh. He hears her chuckle and looks up at her.

“You want it?” He asks piercing her with a smoldering gaze. She nods already feeling herself getting wet in anticipation. “Then show me how bad you want it slut.”

He has barely rolled over when she has attached her mouth around his cock. She moans tasting their prior coupling there. As she is bent over sucking his cock with relish he begins slowly sliding a finger in and out her ass using her wetness and his cum from earlier as lube.

“That’s it baby. Be a good slut and get me hard so I can fuck this tight ass.” She has only has anal a few times but she knows he will provide her a great fuck so she pushes back on to his finger. “I knew you’d want it. Dirty sluts like having dicks in their ass. On your knees slut.”

She promptly spins so her ass is presented towards him. He slowly gets to his knees then she hears him spit, his fingers work the spittle around her hole. His dick begins nudging its way in, the head probing before he gives a solid slow push. She rears her head back from the intrusion and catches her reflection in the opposite the bed. He smiles at her as his hand wraps her hair around his fist and he pulls so tight Kurtköy Escort she is forced to watch.

“Watch me fuck you my dirty little slut.” Just his words cause her to moan. He alternates between watching her in the mirror and his thick cock probing her tight ass. “Play with that clit. You are going to cum when I do slut.”

Her hand slips between her legs and she has to wipe some of her excess wetness off on the sheet to get better traction on her clit. She is drenched, she wipes her hand again wanting more friction and finds her magic stroke. He has been slowly fucking her but as her hips begin rocking against him chasing her O he begins to go faster. His free hand delivers some firm slaps to her ass and when he hears her moan he begins spanking her ass in earnest.

“What a delicious dirty slut you are.” He says almost breathlessly as he yanks her hair hard and watches as her orgasm hits. “Take it baby. Take my cock all the way.” He pushes as deep into her ass as he can feeling her orgasm throbbing around his dick. “FUCK!” He screams as he begins shooting wave after wave of hot cum inside of her.

Several minutes pass as they slowly catch their breath. He has positioned himself over her and places soft kisses on her shoulder and neck as they come down. As soon as he shifts to allow her movement she slides off the bed and goes to shower. She smells fresh and her hair is tied in a wet bun atop of her head when she emerges 15 minutes later. She looks just as beautiful bare faced he thinks. She begins getting dressed and his heart sinks a little having hoped she would stay.

“You never told me your name.” He says twisting the band on his finger hoping they can arrange to meet again.

She smiles brightly at him then says, “No, I didn’t. Thanks for the great fuck.” She blows him a kiss then leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32