The Larkins Ch. 02

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When Kat returned, there was nothing to indicate that anything had happened between Donald and Heather, aside from their body language. Heather wouldn’t take her eyes off Donald and vice versa. Kat kept wondering if anything occurred, and the more she obsessed about that idea, the more it excited her in spite of her beliefs. She hurried to her bedroom and climbed under the covers to stroke her pussy until she got relief.

Kat didn’t expect Heather to walk in on her while she jilled off, but her friend was very calm and matter-of-fact about it.

“Chill, honey. You’re far too uptight about it. I’m glad to see you showing an interest in these things. It’s healthy, you know, to masturbate. Even for girls. We have needs, too. You should try a vibrator. It would make things so much better. You can borrow mine any time. You don’t even have to wash it,” Heather told a very red-faced Kat.

“But it’s a sin!” Kat worried.

“I guarantee you that even nuns do it. Especially nuns, in fact. They need to jill off more than most women. You won’t go to Hell for it, but if you do, I’ll welcome your company,” Heather flirted with her friend.

“Why am I like this all of the sudden? Heather, you’re cool with things like this. You know, perverted things. Do you know why I’m excited by the idea of you and Donald having illicit sex. I keep picturing his penis in your vagina and I just now imagined that it was in mine. That’s incest! Why would I think of such things? I shouldn’t have those thoughts at all, let alone about my own brother!” Kat confided desperately in her friend.

“Wasn’t that the real purpose to the mission you assigned me? You wanted to make sure that he wasn’t gay, so you could seduce him. I was to be the bait, and yes, he took me. Don’t worry. I’ll share him with you. I’m not the jealous kind. Just bear in mind that now I’ve had him, I won’t give him up. I had my own reasons for seducing Donald. My intuition told me that he’d be just right for me. It tells me also that you’re more deviant than you’re letting on, even now.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fuck your brother. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with actually fucking him. He’s yummy. Trust me on that point. I’ll help you on the condition that you do as I say from now on. Think as me as your teacher in sexual debauchery. Lesson one. Don’t call it a penis. Call it a cock or a dick. Clinical terms are so dull. Same with vaginas. Call them pussies, cunts, or twats.

“Do we have a deal, Kat? You’ll do as I instruct you and agree to tell only certain trusted people. In return, I’ll help you loosen up and actually enjoy yourself for a change. You could use a mentor in matters of sexuality,” Heather proposed to her girlfriend.

“Oh, alright. I guess that I’ll just have a lot more to confess next time around. My priest might have a stroke. So I have to do as you tell me, not get jealous about sharing Donald, and start using dirtier terms for private parts. Anything else, O Professor of Hedonism?” Kat responded with unusual wit.

“Yes, escort reklamları that includes sucking my pussy. Don’t worry. It won’t kill you to eat me out. You might even have fun with it. Here, have a taste while you stroke your clit. Push yourself down lower on the bed to give me more room to sit on your face,” Heather ordered her “pupil”.

Kat resumed her masturbation while Heather straddled her mouth. The smell and taste astonished Kat. She expected it to disgust her, but it was actually delicious. She liked eating pussy. Before Kat knew it, her tongue buried itself naturally between Heather’s folds and tasted the rest of Donald’s cum there. Being a virgin, she had no idea what she just cleaned up, but her friend was well aware that she had just given her new student her brother’s creampie.

“That milky stuff inside me is Donald’s cum, Kat. You just tasted your brother’s spunk. How would you like him in your pussy? You wouldn’t have to stroke yourself so hard to cum, I believe. Are you ready for incest, or is it too soon?” Heather dared her friend.

“I’m so ready to lose my virginity. I’m no closer to meeting Mr. Right in spite of myself. Maybe I need Donald to get me over the hump. Well, I need Donald and you. Just please, don’t tell my future husband whenever I meet him,” Kat pleaded with Heather.

“Well, for the guy that I have in mind for you, he won’t mind at all. You need to change your notion of ‘Mr. Right’. I know a guy who’ll marry you and will be perfectly okay with you carrying on with both of us. You won’t have to give this up at all,” Heather assured her roommate.

“Who’s that?” Kat asked incredulously.

“You’ll find out in time. For now, however, in or out? Obey me and let your brother fuck you, or else the deal is off and you can stop eating my sweet pussy,” Heather demanded.

“No, I want to eat you out and I want to let Donald have sex with me. Or should I call it ‘fucking’?” Kat complied with her teacher.

“Fucking is much better and so is your improved attitude. For from now on, at least until we agree that you don’t need further training, show me more respect than you have. Call me ‘Mistress Heather’, except when we’re in the wrong kind of company. Is that understood?” Heather insisted.

“Yes, Mistress Heather,” Kat yielded.

Kat would do anything to have Donald fuck her while she got to lick this delectable cunt on her face. She couldn’t have ever imagined acting so perverse just hours ago, but Heather had located her inner hussy. Her girlfriend was born to entice people into sexual depravity.

“Oh, Donald, your sister needs you for something urgent!” Heather opened the bedroom door and called out to her new lover.

“Right away, babe,” Donald went along with the plan, knowing that Kevin had approved it so far. There was no reason to think that he would object to this.

When Donald entered Kat’s bedroom to see his sister eating Heather’s pussy and obviously masturbating (the covers were off gaziantep escort reklamları by now), he was harder than concrete. How in God’s name had Heather so easily seduced Kat? They planned an elaborate ruse and she had caved without any effort at all. His sister must be a slut in disguise, a thought that excited him greatly.

“You want me to fuck you, Sis?” Donald offered.

“I’m afraid your sister has lost her powers of speech temporarily, but I think that it’s safe to say that she wants you badly. Three licks across my clit if I’m right, Kat,” Heather declared.

Three licks immediately followed. Kat had indeed stopped talking and doubled down on devouring Heather. She wouldn’t let anything distract her now. At this point, Heather was Kat’s idea of dessert and she had worked up quite the appetite for her. Kat was Heather’s bitch now and they both knew it.

Donald pushed Kat’s hands aside and slid his cock as far inside her wet cunt as he could thrust it. Kat winced for a second from the new sensation of being invaded, but she soon relaxed herself. Heather helped by grinding her pussy harder into Kat’s face, giving her little choice but to let go of any remnant of control. Kat put all of her effort into feasting on her friend, while her hips naturally moved in response to the wonderful cock plowing her twat.

A few minutes into this incestuous threesome, and Kat knew very well that she’d been suckered. This wasn’t possibly bad or unnatural. She felt perfectly at one with something inevitable and beautiful. She was in a state of communion that dwarfed the Eucharist. She felt herself to fuse completely with Donald, her younger brother whom she loved more than she ever told him before. Her pussy and his cock seemed to be one and the same, not a distinction existing between them. Heather’s cunt and Kat’s mouth did so as well. It was a union of three into a single entity, every one of them belonging to each other.

Kat grasped the truth of it. She was in love, not only with her sweet brother, but with Heather as well. Something about the way that the couple controlled and used Kat made her slavishly passionate about them. She was theirs, putty in their hands. Her realization brought an orgasm with it that caused her to tighten up severely on Donald’s cock. His load shot out of his cock without any pause or warning to prevent it from happening. She squeezed every possible drip out of his balls and then did her utmost to bring Heather off as well.

Kat’s efforts were not in vain. Heather found herself grabbing Kat’s hair and almost pulling it out as she rode her face to a delicious climax. She drenched her best friend’s face with her juices and then stood up rather shakily. Heather then leaned over and cleaned off her juices from Kat’s face, after which she spread Kat’s legs and licked up Donald’s mess.

Having another woman between her legs was yet another experience that shook Kat up more than a little. She knew that this was her fate, to gaziantep escort bayan reklamları be the sex toy of Heather as well as Donald. Kat was at Heather’s mercy. She soon watched with fascination while Donald proved just how short his lapse between hard-ons really was by entering Heather yet again. The girl was more than a little hungry for Donald’s cock. She showed that she was desperate to feel it inside her by her facial expressions, which screamed her lust to Kat’s eyes.

Kat came again and again while she saw her brother fuck Heather as hard as he did her. Donald was a true stud indeed. Kat naturally wondered just how many girls her brother bedded regularly. She now knew clearly that Donald wasn’t gay, whatever he might be. A gay man wouldn’t fuck two women in just hours, one of them twice and the other being his own sister. She got the impression that he was far more highly sexed than she even thought men to be. Perhaps he was the norm, but she doubted that. Donald was almost certainly a freak, but in a fantastic way.

Meanwhile, Heather’s oral favors had Kat tugging on the bed sheets as well. As a matter of fact, Kat had no concept of just how wonderful it was to have a woman lick her cunt until this moment. It was only an idle thought now and then. Now it was a splendid reality for her and she refused to ever quit. The Church might not understand, but she would do her best to explain herself when she passed on to her reward. Hopefully, that was a long time off and she could revel in Sapphic delights for a lifetime still.

When Donald withdrew from Heather, his cock glistened with the juices of both ladies and his own cum dripped from the head. He kissed Heather with enough tongue to indicate the extent of his desire for her. He then pulled Kat up off the bed and made out with her, too. This was his own sister, but despite the old saying, it didn’t feel like a tie. It was win-win, one hundred percent. Donald certainly felt like a winner.

When Heather planted a French kiss on Kat, too, Donald stepped back and watched with understandable fascination. He saw that Kat was in a state of rapture, her eyes blazing a lust that he never saw there before in his life. It had escaped her subconscious and was now in charge of his sister’s body and mind. Their plan had just been moved up several stages, which was just fine and dandy to Donald.

“If you girls will excuse me, I have a phone call to make,” Donald winked at Heather and Kat.

“What’s that about, Mistress Heather?” Kat inquired.

“Kat, there’s a thing that you need to know about your brother and his sex life. He isn’t gay, but he is bi. He has a male lover named Kevin, who is very much a part of this picture. You’ll get to service him, too, if Donald and I are right in our guesses. Remember the new ‘Mr. Right’? That’s him, if our plan goes well. The four of us will make quite the partnership, don’t you think?” Heather told her protégé.

“As you wish,,” Kat smiled as she quoted Wesley from the Princess Bride.

Under the circumstances and given the meaning of that allusion, Heather was more than willing to forgive Kat for leaving out her title. She knew that Kat had just declared her surrender and love to Donald and herself. That was more than submissive for her liking at the moment. The rest could wait for the next session and there would be plenty more of those in the future that the four of them would share.

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