The Lab Pt. 04 – A New Role

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When Marianne came near M’s hiding place, he got up from the bushes and waved to her.

“Here I am.”

“What were you doing there?!” she demanded.

“I was hoping to see Tania but I saw you. What of it?” he retorted, unwilling to give her the advantage.

“You pervert!” she continued, slightly shaking.

“Well, one is as one does” replied M, feeling calmer and more in control now. “Relax, I won’t tell anything to Darell…” he said.

“I should hope not!” she was trying to hold onto her anger, but not succeeding.

“…but only if you take down your pants and let me do you the same way the professor did” M finished, shaking inwardly, and trying not to show it.

Blackmailing was not his thing, and Marianne was never a special turn-on for him, so he was almost surprised that the words crossed his lips – although they were in the back of his mind since he took the photo of her getting fucked by the professor 10 minutes ago.

She was silent. Somehow his last sentence seemed to calm her, and her face and voice turned to what they were like when she talked to the professor earlier. Somehow she was expecting it. Somehow it seemed this was what she ran out of the lab to do.

“OK then” she said after a minute or even two has passed, the two of them just standing there, barely seeing each other’s eyes in the dark. It was almost night now, and shadows of bushes and trees made it even darker. “Where do you want to do it?”

Again that resignation he heard before with the professor, with an undertone that M felt somehow that he should be able to understand, but eluded him. Maybe because the excitement that was threatening to burst his pants, tented from the time he saw Marianne spreading hand cream on her butt to make the professor’s entrance easier.

“Come here” he said and led her deeper in the bush. Yesterday night he cut a few branches in the middle of several square meters of shoulder-high shrub, and today morning he padded it with a blanket on the ground. From inside he could see around without being seen if he kept low, and this is where he spent most of his day. Spreading the branches around his hideout took just a few seconds and they were in, squatting in the small padded alcove.

“So this bursa escort is your pervert nest? How interesting? Does Tania know what a sick man she married?” Marianne said with a scorn, and still he though he could feel a different emotion hidden behind her calm facade.

“She does, and she doesn’t mind” he said shortly. “Now strip and lay back!” as the professor did, M was getting excited and felt the urgency threatening to overwhelm him.

“Ok, calm down. You have me at your mercy in your hideout” submissively accepted Marianne, lowering her pants, and then panties. Making a face as a glob of cold sperm was spread over the inside of her thigh.

“Just so you know, I’m on my period and my ass is filled by professor’s cum…” she said as she laid on her back on the blanket, her upper body still clothed in a grey, long sleeved shirt she wore under the lab coat.

Having freed his cock, he dropped to his knees beside her, barely seeing her white legs in the dark, ending in a dark spot of pussy hair merging in shadows with her shirt.

“Well, at least you’re lubricated” he said, spreading and rising her legs, shuffling closer to her crotch on his knees. As he did that, he realised he could smell her. The distinctive feminine odour rising from her pussy couldn’t be mistaken. He put his hand on her labia and felt she was completely soaked. He stopped, took out his phone and turned on the light pointed directly at her crotch.

“What are you doing!” she shrieked, covering her pussy with her hands.

“Relax, I just wanted to confirm my doubts – you are enjoying this.” he said, turning off the phone and feeling her pussy again with his hands.

It couldn’t be denied. That moment of light was enough: she was completely wet, and it was not from her period. He could feel a thin thread of a tampon under his hand, but the fluid was not blood. And there was a lot of it.

She just covered her face with her hands and relaxed her thighs, confirming in another way his conclusion, and making him all the more eager in taking her. He pushed her yielding thighs upwards, almost to her abdomen, raising her crotch upwards. Then he felt with one hand for her anus, aiming his cock with another.

Her anal passage was slick bursa escort bayan with professor’s sperm, turned almost completely upward which gave him a great angle for penetration. His cock sunk slowly but gently inside the hot warm wetness.

She felt the pressure and then the spreading of her anal muscle to accept the head of his cock, and then the long push filling her bowels. M felt significantly thicker than the professor, but her already well lubricated ass accepted him just as her mind did. Without pain, with surprise and welcoming. At the moment she saw his face peeking over the window sill and got tremendously aroused from the fact that someone has witnessed her humiliation ad the hands of the professor, she wanted to come — but the old fool finished before taking her over the brink. Even more aroused by the threat M voiced about telling her husband, she almost couldn’t wait for him to fuck her. And him finding out how aroused she was humiliated and excited her even more. As he pulled his cock slowly up almost to the end, and then slid it smoothly back in, making her so full her breath caught in her throat, she could fee a tremendous orgasm was approaching.

It was so good. He completely forgot he was pushing his dick through the deposit the old professor left in her ass, enjoying the tightness, heat and silky feeling fully enveloping his cock. He would take it almost completely out and then slide it slowly but smoothly back in until his crotch was pressing on her buttocks. Then he would pause, marvelling at the tightness, feeling her squeeze his cock with her anal muscles in an inconsistent rhythm. During all that, he was caressing her upturned tights, from the buttocks to the backs of the knees. At one moment his hands returned to the place her tights met her body, and slid through the abundant pubic hair. He felt her wetness and, still continuing the slow sliding, run his thumb upwards through her lips towards the clit. It was engorged and hard, easily found by his searching fingers. With tips of his right thumb and forefinger, thoroughly wet from her juices, he started slowly and gently squeezing and rubbing her clit.

“Whyayry focigme…..why…why…forcing….” Marianne was still covering her görükle escort face with her hands, partly pushing her fingers in her mouth, and her speaking was soft and unintelligible. As he pushed himself fully into her ass once again, M leaned closer to her face, continuing the rubbing of her clit.

“Why are you forcing me… why are you forcing me….why…are.. you ….forcing…me….” she seemed to be quietly repeating, not really speaking to him, shuddering with her whole body every few seconds. As he alternatively squeezed and rubbed her clit, and increased the pace of sliding his dick in and out of her ass, he felt her shudders intensify and increase in speed, until her body was constantly shaking. She was nearing the climax together with him. Although he wanted to grab her with both hands for better and deeper penetration, he continued rubbing and squeezing her clit with one hand, wile the other was gently rubbing her hairy pubic mound. His climax was building quickly though, and as he felt he couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed a handful of her pubic hair and sharply pulled, burying himself to the hilt. It seemed to kick her over the brink as well, so as he felt himself cumming in her bowels, her ass clamped on his dick, her thighs straightening on both sides of his waist and pressing him tightly, her arms shoot to her sides and grabbed the branches in her reach, while her head turned sharply upwards, her white throat catching the light of a street lamp through the leaves.

As she came back to her senses, she realised she was lying straight on her back, her front clammy with sweat that was cooling fast it the night air. She also felt cold wetness beneath her ass, and saw M standing above her. She was just barely able to recognize him in the dark, by a few streaks of light reaching his face. His expression was hard to read.

“Get up, I’m driving you home” he said.

“And then?” she asked, rising herself up on her elbows.

“Then maybe I call you tomorrow, or the day after, and we repeat this” he stated.

She knew that if she doesn’t say something, she is in fact accepting it. But, after a long and intense day, her submissive side just wanted to accept everything, and maybe, just maybe, hoped to relive the beautiful orgasm she just experienced. So she bent her head and started pulling on her pants and panties.

M turned his back on her and started spreading the branches to get out. When he was almost out of the bushes, he added, over his shoulder: “Just wipe your ass, I don’t want my seats soiled.”

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