The Kindness Of Rednecks

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I had always been a bit bi-curious. Ninety-nine per-cent of the time, nonetheless, I gravitated toward the hetero side. Occasionally, I gave into urges and indulged in the odd homosexual encounter. I won’t bore you with the details but had I enjoyed a few hookups with guys in places that catered for m2m action. I had never got penetrated, but the occasional fondle, grope, and blow-job was very enjoyable. The story that I am about to relate to, however, changed my life dramatically.

* * *

Having broken up with my girlfriend, I decided to get away from everything. Because of the long weekend, with Monday being the public holiday, I booked and prepaid for accommodation at a mountain resort, about one hundred and fifty miles away from home. I left my apartment midmorning on Saturday, and once I got close to my destination, I stopped at a gas station to make sure I was headed in the right direction.

The attendant at the gas station informed me that there was a shortcut that I could take, and with my pickup, that wouldn’t present me with any problems. An added benefit of the dirt road, according to him, was that it was very scenic.

With my pathetic directional sense, I finally realized that I got lost on this road. Fortuitously, that’s when I spotted an old sign hanging on a gate, proclaiming, ‘Isaiah’s Property.’

Driving up the winding path, I eventually arrived at what looked like a shack, with three men sitting on the porch. The older man was bald, but the two younger men seated on either side of him still had abundant hair. All three guys sported luxurious beards. They were all attired in bib overalls, which looked very well worn. Leaving my keys in my vehicle with the engine running, I got out of the pickup and approached them.

“Hi, I wonder if you can assist me,” I said, launching into a litany about my prepaid weekend and all the circumstances leading up to my arrival.

Quietly observing me, the older man eventually spoke. “Cum’s up here’s purdy boy and innerduce ye’self-proper.”

After ascending the stairs, I introduce myself to Isaiah.

“My name is Thomas,” I politely stated.

“Ar yer the doubtin one?” he asked.

“Hopefully not, sir,” I answered, picking up on the biblical context.

“I ain’t no sir, purdy boy… them’s my two suns’, Jonah and Tobias,” he said, introducing his two boys.

They were all big men. Isaiah stood six-foot-tall, and Tobias, the younger of the two sons, was around six-foot-two. Jonah, the elder son, however, must have been at least six-foot-six-inches tall. They were all, strangely, rather good-looking, despite their rough appearance.

I got ordered to join Isaiah on the porch before Tobias got instructed to fetch me a drink. Jonah then walked to my vehicle before switching the engine off and placing the keys in his pocket. I had one of those, ‘oh fuck,’ moments.

Shortly, Tobias reappeared with a glass containing a transparent liquid. As I took a sip, I almost lost my breath. All three men chuckled.

“That’s the finest moonshine money can buy, boy,” Isaiah uttered.

With six eyes boring into me, I was doubtless that I would be required to finish the beverage.

“Does yer like hog?” Isaiah probingly asked before I shrugged a noncommittal yes.

“Well, that’s what ye’ll be havin fur lunch,” he emphatically stated.

As I began to protest and thank them for their generosity, I was interrupted, “Yer stayin, and that’s all thar’s to that,” Isaiah certified.

I again began objecting before Isaiah barked, “Thanks yer’s too good fer us?”

Stammering, I replied, “No, sir… I mean, Isaiah, but I don’t want to intrude.”

“No intrushon purdy boy, it’s our pleasure to ave yer here.” I submissively realized that I wasn’t going to win this argument.

Hopefully, I could get away unscathed after lunch, I thought to myself. Besides, any one of the three could restrain me with one arm tied behind himself.

Stymied, I kept sipping the moonshine and soon became resigned in their company.We then moved through to the small dining table, before lunch was dished up. I begged for a smaller portion, and thankfully, my pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears.

Their plates, however, were groaning with food, especially the two sons. With Isaiah opposite me, we were all asked to join hands porno 64 for the; ‘thanking of the lord’ ceremony. In a month on Sundays, nobody would have been able to clean the two mitts paws that got offered on either side of me. As my hands got enfolded in their clammy grubby mitts, I took everything I had not to pull my hands away.

Jonah began rubbing the inside of my palm with his thumb as ‘pappy’ launched into his prayers. Glancing at Jonah, who’s eyes were also open, I became nervous as his eyes salaciously bored into mine. Jonah was the quiet one. Unlike his brother and father, he never uttered a word during lunch.

As our meal progressed, a blanket of masculine stench enveloped us. Inexplicably, the smell began to excite me.

The food was unexpectedly delicious, which surprised me. The table manners from them, however, weren’t exemplary, but I went with the flow. With the moonshine I had imbibed, I had begun to chill.

Once lunch finished, I politely offered to assist with the dishes. Isaiah said that it wasn’t necessary and that the two boys would take care of them. I then mentioned that I needed to get on my way, profusely thanking them for their incredible hospitality.

The next words from Isaiah made my heart palpitate. He explained that they had decided to extend their hospitality to me for the following two days, explaining; that a city boy like me needed to learn about real life.

As I began to protest, he cut me short, “Yer’ll be staying… and that’s all thar’s ta that.”

Totally fucked, I shut up. After a brief silence, Isaiah continued, “B’sides, I’z about to innerduce yer to one of our customs. We nap on Saturdays and Sundays after eating lunch. Ye’ll be napping with me furst.” Isaiah concluded.

My apprehension now escalated, and I started feeling like I was on the Titanic. I didn’t mind consensual interaction but was worried about becoming a fuck-bunny for these three hicks. I began having visions of an old movie called ‘Deliverance’ that I had seen many years before, in which Ned Beatty gets his arse pounded by a toothless hillbilly. Escape wasn’t plausible because my vehicle keys had got confiscated and I didn’t know where the fuck I was.

Gently guiding me by the arm, Isaiah led me to his bedroom. There were two additional rooms on the left side of the dwelling apart from the lounge and kitchen. Isaiah’s bedroom was the one to the right, and his boys occupied the other one.

After entering the bedroom, Isaiah closed the door before stripping and lying naked on the bed. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Smiling, he warned me that there were two ways this could play out, hard or soft, and went on to recommend the easy way.

Tapping the bed next to him, he said, “Strip, purdy boy because pappy’s waitin fer yer.”

Isaiah was a good looking forty-five-year-old man. He had a wiry body and a large uncut cock. I undressed slowly before joining him on the bed.

The odour of unwashed linen and male hum was overpowering, and once more I found a horniness brewing inside me. It was unfathomable to me why this was happening.

After I did so, he embraced me before gently kissing my forehead. “Yer jus calls me pappy, from here on,” he said before locking his mouth onto my lips.

With his tongue exploring my mouth, I couldn’t believe how much his facial hair was turning me on. Isaiah then slid his rough hand down my body before caressing my rigid dick. Sniggering, his approval, he next moved his hand past my cock before stroking my butthole with his middle finger.

When he lifted his head and lovingly stared at me, I nervously said, “I’ve never been fucked before.”

Smiling, he told me that there was a first time for everything. He also added that once he and Jonah had opened me up, I would be well primed for Tobias.

In response to my quizzical look, Isaiah informed me, “Tobias takes after my deceased wife’s late father, who was known as ‘Mule’ in these parts.”

Next, after moving his body onto mine, his kissing began to intensify.

After wrapping my legs around his hips, I was againoverwhelmed by a heady masculine smell emanating from him. It wasn’t a filthy smell, but an intoxicatingly strong manly odour.

After a lengthy oral exploration, he advised me to turn onto my stomach porno izle because his penetration would be less painful that way. After pulling my cheeks apart, he spat on my hole before sliding his knob between my cheeks. He repeated this process three more times before I felt the head of his cock nudging my arse lips. All the while, he advised me to relax before he began his patient descent into me.

As he popped my cherry, there was slight discomfort as he kept prodding. Once entirely inside me, he lowered his body and began licking my ears. When Isaiah got into a steady rhythm, I couldn’t believe how good the anal massage felt, and it seemed strange to me that I had never done this before. He ground his hips slowly and sensually, kissing my neck and ears incessantly as I groaned with pleasure. I begged him not to cum too quickly.

Snickering, he asked if I still wanted to leave that afternoon. I exhaled the longest “No,” of my entire life in reply.

As his grinding continued, the virile aroma radiating from him kept enveloping us. I could not have lost my cherry more wonderfully. Isaiah then really got into his stride, and after lifting his torso on outstretched arms, started thrusting more urgently. Minutes later, he grunted as he force-fed me his hillbilly spunk.

After instructing me to turn over, he scampered up my body before presenting his crotch for a cleaning. I lapped and licked greedily, consuming the last residue of seed from under his pungent foreskin. After getting off the bed, we enjoyed a final smooch before Isaiah left the room naked.

A few minutes later, as I lay on the bed, the door opened. Quiet Jonah then fixedly stared at me as he began to undress. Upon climbing on the bed, Jonah began to caress my face before pushing three of his fingers in my mouth. He also radiated a masculine odour like his dad. After closing in on my lips, his mouth began to give me a sensual working over. His kissing was lustier and more ardent than Isaiah’s.

After lifting my legs, I felt him guiding his cock into my well-lubricated hole. I uttered a contented, “Oomph,” as he slid straight into me.

Jonah’s hips immediately started their slow and leisurely pace as he lustily licked my face. His right hand commenced rubbing my nipples before tweaking them. Joined at the hips, we murmured lusty moans as our bodies ground into one another’s. Jonah’s enormous frame completely encased my body, and the level of affection I received from him was incredible. Much as I had enjoyed Isaiah, Jonah was in a higher league.

His satisfied groans were magnificent, and I would happily have spent the next two days being fucked by him. After lifting his body, Jonah hooked my legs over his shoulders before spearing my butt relentlessly. I also continually smeared my fingers in the damp patches under his arms as I caressed his torso. When his rumbling cries reached fever pitch, I begged him to cum in my mouth.

After scooting up my body, his balls gave up their offering in lumpy bursts. Next, I extended the same service to him as I had to his dad, by licking his cock and balls thoroughly. He loved the attention, and when my tongue began scooping the residue from under his foreskin, he shuddered intensely. His cock was funkier than Isaiah’s, but I didn’t give a fuck. We kissed and cuddled for a short while before Jonah left the room.

I was stunned by the level of affection I had received from the father and son. Our love-making had been fantastic, and I got overcome with shame because of my earlier preconceived notions. We always get told: ‘that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,’ and I had just received a masterclass on that subject. I didn’t give a fuck about the prepaid weekend and could not have been happier, exactly where I found myself at that point.

I lay on the bed somewhat nervously, awaiting the arrival of Tobias. When he entered, he was naked. The only word that could accurately describe his cock would be, ‘obscene.’ The log dangling off the front of him had a fat elongated knob-head, generously covered by a foreskin extending an inch beyond the tip. Tobias was also hairier than his father and brother. Approaching the end of the bed, he ordered me to turn onto my stomach before getting on top of me and pulling my legs apart.

After that, I felt his sex izle snake sliding up and down my crack before he unceremoniously began to invade my arse.

I groaned loudly as the never-ending plunge of his flagpole invaded my butt. Tobias grunted as his anxious hips kept forcing the python ever deeper. Fuck knowswhere all that meat went, but shortly he proudly announced that he was all-in. After lowering his torso on top of me, I felt his hips spring to life. Shoving his arms though under my shoulders and interlocking his hands on the back of my head, Tobias began increasing his pace and he pinned me. My groans turned into grunts as he manically thumped my butt.

Because of his dick-size, there wasn’t the same pleasure I had experienced with Isaiah and Jonah, and I knew his cock would initially take a lot of practice. Tobias’s body odour was also stronger than the other two and seemed to intensify as his onslaught kept escalating. Thankfully, he didn’t last nearly as long as my former two lovers. As he snorted raucously, his eruption soon took place.

When Tobias liberated my head, he ordered me onto my back before sitting on my thighs. He then smugly told me that I would get used to his knob size by the end of the weekend.

Tobias next began flapping his dick about, slapping me on my stomach with his enormous serpent. Tobias then smiled as he started pulling the ample foreskin back. I watched in awe as the purple mushroom cock-head finally popped out of his tight foreskin. Moving his body further up my torso, he placed his knob-head over my mouth before commencing to smear my entire face with dick-head.

After lifting upward, he instructed me to service his ample ball sac. The smell of his crotch was strong but incredibly sexy. Next, once he turned his body around my vision was suddenly overcome by darkness as his butt crack closed over my face. All the aromas I had experienced thus far, now got surpassed.

Rubbing his crack over my face, I now began to lick and prod his arse-lips with my tongue. I also commenced frantically plucking my cock, before I felt my hand being removed from my dick as a warm mouth enveloped my knob.

What I hadn’t seen, given my lack of vision, was that Isaiah and Jonah had joined us. Jonah was blowing me as Isaiah looked on. Tobias then lifted off me, inviting Isaiah to mount my face for a butt cleaning. Still sucking my cock, Jonah moved his body to the side of my body, allowing Tobias to lift my legs and re-enter my arse. Tobias then rapidly got into full stride, battering my arse-hole for the second time as Jonah kept moving his mouth to and fro, servicing my cock to my balls.

The three-way action was astonishing, and what I had thought would be hillbilly hell had turned into hillbilly heaven.

After eventually lifting off me, Isaiah began orchestrating the next scene. I got told to get off the bed and kneel on the floor. It was clear that a sperm facial was on the way as all three guys began tugging themselves vigorously. Tobias unloaded first and gushed all over my head. The other two timed their spunk spurts simultaneously, feverously competing for my mouth on either side of my head. As I swallowed lustily, two sets of hands gave my head a good working-over as they smeared my head and fingered my mouth.

When I finally got up off the floor, three mouths suctioned onto my head and gave me a thorough spit facial.

I had become their fuck-bunny and loved every moment! During the remainder of the weekend, we were always naked, except when sitting on the porch. I do not think that there was a single spot in their house or solitary position that I wasn’t fucked in. When I wasn’t being gangbanged, I was in one or other bed, getting screwed silly.

For the next two nights, I was pulled from bed to bed, only occasionally only managing a few hours of sleep.

The one frustrating aspect for me was that I was never allowed to cum. The guys believed I had to be ‘hornily-primed,’ and ready at all times.

Truthfully, this did not bother me, and I agreed with their theory. I spent the entire weekend like a bitch in heat awaiting my next cock, which happily was never in short supply.

I left late Monday with a heavy heart. As I was about to drive off, Isaiah winked at me and said, “See yer Friday night.”

How did he know?

Yeah, right, stampeding elephants wouldn’t keep me away the following weekend.

After I finally arrived home, I shot the most spectacular load of my life, dreaming about my next visit to Isaiah’s home.

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