The Joy of Joy Ch. 05

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The main room was really bare. The unit was small, with an attached kitchenette-type thing. There was one sofa in a light beige color that came close to matching the whitish carpet, one overstuffed chair in the same color, and a couple of fabric throws for color. That was it, except for a flat-screen TV hung on the wall. There wasn’t even a rug. One single halogen floor lamp glowed, bathing the stark room in something approaching warmth, but otherwise the place barely looked inhabited. There were packing boxes in one corner, magic markered with room names: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.

Joy sauntered in front of the two men, eyes heavy lidded, swaying and moving her arms gently. She shifted her eyes from Josh to Victor and back again.

Then she flung herself at Josh, shoving against him as he moved forward, nearly tipping him over. She laughed, a loud, unexpected sound, almost braying or mocking. Josh laughed himself, but his laugh was slightly nervous and uncertain; he grabbed her waist and hugged her up to him. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her, and she opened her mouth and came right back, and then they were tonguing each other, sloppily making out in the living room. She pawed his chest and grabbed his ass, clutching hard, and shoved her body against him. He responded by running his hands on her ass in turn, pressing her breasts against him.

She broke away and said, almost shouting, “We gonna fuck or what?” and laughed, head thrown back. She said, for no apparent reason, “Mother fucker.”

Joy turned to Victor and looked, chin turned down.

“You want some too?” Joy winked in such an exaggerated way Victor had to laugh, and he walked across the room to the standing couple, stepping behind Joy; she shoved her ass back towards him, and then the three of them were pressing against each other, the two men making a sandwich of the woman, like in the elevator, with her thrusting and shoving against their bodies and rubbing her hands on them in turn.

Victor reached around and cradled Joy’s large, firm breasts, flicking where he thought the nipples might be, and Joy groaned loudly, muttering sexual curses.

“Come on!” she said, crudely, and shoved Josh away forward, bursa sınırsız escort and bashed her hot ass against Victor to back him away.

“Come on!” she stage-shouted, and reached for the bottom hem of her tight, fitted white shirt. Ripping off the top, she revealed a pair of delectable, round and high-set boobs held in a shining white pushup bra.

Josh rolled forward and grabbed Joy’s waist, hooked his fingers into the waistband of her skirt, and yanked, hard. She shrieked with laughter and wiggled out of the garment; the black, stretchy tube dropped down to the floor, and Joy was wavering in the room, shoeless, clad (if that’s the word) in a supremely sexy bra top and skimpy thong panty with a thick back strip that separated her ass cheeks like two perfect globes. She was incredibly hot, especially for a thirtyish woman with a teenage kid.

Victor stepped to her again and tipped her head back, kissing her on the mouth and wrapping his tongue around hers; Josh bent his left elbow and fondled a perfect tit, then lowered his right hand to stroke the soft mound of Joy’s pussy.

She loudly exclaimed: “UUHH!” and then dropped to her knees.

Joy tugged at Josh’s pants, reaching behind her to find Victor’s body as well. She found Victor’s erection contained in his cheap work pants, and giggled, stroking his cock while Josh unzipped and rolled the waistband of his trousers down.

“Oh yeah, let me see your hard pricks,” Joy said, her eyes shining. She ended the sentence with a high-pitched and very loud shriek of delight. The two men complied, both dropping trousers and displaying cocks, directly at mouth level with Joy, Josh in front, Victor behind. She wriggled and giggled, writhing and swaying back and forth on her knees, shifting on the carpet and bracing her hands on her thighs.

Victor took a quick glance at his competition’s unit, and was somewhat unsurprised to see Josh had shaved his crotch completely. He remembered a ‘trick’ from some magazine that said shaving pubic hair made cocks look longer; he supposed Josh had tried it. He unexpectedly found himself comparing, and knew his cock was thicker but shorter.

“Oh well,” he thought.

Joy bursa escort bayan looked back over her shoulder and caught him looking at Josh’s lower half. She opened her mouth in a wide, lascivious smile, and laughed, a deep, womanly, amused noise from deep in her body.

She said, “…You mother fuckers going to get some or what?” She laughed again.

Josh moved closer to the woman kneeling in front of him, stripping off his shirt to reveal a galloping tribal tattoo all over his chest, complete with unlikely Asian characters.

Josh said, roughly, “You want a dick in your mouth, little lady? You want a cock in your hot, sweet mouth?”

Joy’s expression brightened like a lamp turning on; she said, joining in the game, “Yeah, yeah, I want a hard cock in my fucking mouth.” She dramatically and nastily licked her shining lips, coating them with saliva and humming deep in her throat.

She said, shockingly, “Pump that hot come down my throat.” She waited while Josh stroked his cock, inches from her mouth. Joy said, growling, “Fuck me in the face.”

Josh moved closer yet. “Come on, motherfuckers, DO me,” Joy said, reaching for Josh.

The two men’s cocks poked into the warm air of the room, facing the gorgeous woman resting on her knees, fine legs showing off, joining toned and tanned thighs and ass. Victor wanted to touch himself, but knew he’d better wait. His cock was throbbing so strongly he knew if he so much as waved at it he’d blow, and it was way too soon.

Josh rocked forward first, moving his cock to Joy’s face, and the gorgeous, writhing woman grabbed the base of his cock and shoved her wet mouth over the shaft; she instantly and shockingly deep-throated him, taking his entire cock into her mouth and vibrating her throat. Slurping noisily, she pumped her face over his hard, throbbing penis, groaning and wobbling on her knees. Josh groaned out loud and took a handful of her hair, thrusting in and out, rocking on his heels.

After a few seconds Joy reached up, disentangled his hand, and ripped off him, drooling down her chin and leaving a string of saliva to drip down onto her heaving tits. Josh moved a little and she went back for him, nilüfer escort laughing deeply, and covered his cock with her sucking lips, performing magic on him all over again. Josh roughly grabbed her head and wrapped a couple of fingers in her hair; she moaned over his cock and relaxed a little, and he proceeded to fuck her in the face, almost pounding into her, ball sac bouncing some against her chin.

She wriggled and vibrated, shoving her ass into the room.

Victor watched, hypnotized, watching the sight of two attractive people fucking right in front of him; it was like a real life porno movie and he couldn’t believe it. The room felt hot. Then he came back to himself, and moved for the woman.

He knelt behind her, touching her thighs with his, and pawed her body. He slithered his hands on her back, and, moving down, slipped a finger down the crack of her ass and pressing against the bud. Joy pushed her ass back against him, moaning, while sucking Josh and humming deeply. Victor could feel her body vibrating.

Josh fucked the beautiful head below him, moaning out exclamations of filthy enjoyment: “Oh yeah, woman, suck that cock! Suck it! Come on, pussy, get that head down your throat like a fucking whore!”

Victor felt a weird sense of alarm, thinking Joy was being humiliated, but she didn’t seem to object to the words or treatment, so he relaxed and resumed feeling her body. He hooked a finger in her bra strap, pulling gently, and reached around to paw her tits. He heard a very loud moaning and realized she was completely into everything going on.

Josh ripped his cock out of her mouth. Joy’s eyes rolled in her head, and he released her; she opened her mouth, drool trickling down the corners of her mouth, and exclaimed, “Fuck my mouth! Fuck me!” Josh returned to their act, shoving his cock down her throat.

Victor unhooked Joy’s bra, at the same time touching the very junction of her ass cheeks with his cock. The woman pushed back against him, and all he could feel in a blast of electricity was the smoothness of her skin and the warmth of her body.

He let go of the bra; when he did Joy slipped her arms around and let it fall on the floor. Victor, lost and frantic, grabbed the sides of her sexy, beautiful thong, and yanked down. Joy flicked and shifted with her knees while Josh continued fucking her mouth, mumbling dirty phrases and sexual insults. Joy raised one knee, then another.

Then she was completely naked, and Victor palmed her ass and moved in, blind and deaf to anything but the promise of sliding deep into Joy’s body.

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