The Invitation Ch. 05

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I decided there had been enough calls to Leo, since he would always find some way of twisting whatever I suggest. It would be nice to know what he has planned for us, but I am as in the dark as everyone else. The phone rings and Luke picks up the phone to determine what course of action we must take next.

My twenty-one year old son’s green eyes do not show any hint as to what he is hearing as he starts to speak as the orders are spoken. “He says Beth and Janice have to lube up dad’s cock… Beth will sit on his face and he will eat her pussy… Janice will gag on his cock and swallow his cum… Mom will lube up my dick and deepthroat me until I cum in her mouth, which she will swallow… Mom will then lube up William’s dick and he will fuck your pussy until he cums inside of you… Mom will lube up Jason’s dick and he will fuck you in the ass until he cums… With both William and Jason, mom will be on her back and looking into her son’s eyes.”

He hangs up the phone and I hate Leo. That bastard just had to include anal as the final required act and there is little comfort from knowing my husband will be deprived of his greatest desire. There is the benefit of having only one of my son’s inside my asshole, but it is also little comfort. I know it will hurt like hell and there is nothing that can stop the pain.

Beth and Janice looked at each other for courage, before Beth reached for one of the open bottles that had hardly been used. Luke reaches for another in similar condition and grins as he hands me the bottle. I don’t know the reason for the grin, since he won’t be the one inside my asshole.

Whatever the reason for the grin, it doesn’t matter. I am on my knees and starting to pour a generous amount of lube onto my free hand. It may not be needed for William, but my other sons is a necessity. Most people seem to think it is simply a matter of relaxing the throat and taking a dick deep, which is partly true, but it doesn’t matter how relaxed if there is no lube.

I rub my hands together in the hope he has some stamina. The longer he lasts, the longer it will be before my asshole is violated. My eyes move up to his, not because of some requirement by Leo, but out of the desire to see his face. There is something more than just desire in Luke’s green eyes and I wonder if it is the same thing I am feeling.

He lets out a sigh as I reach his shaft and am happy I am bringing him pleasure. I do enjoy the feeling of him in my hands, just as I will enjoy all of my sons. As I slowly work my hands up and down his six inches, I come to a realization that cannot be denied. This may have started as blackmail, but it is bringing us closer together as a family.

There is no longer the idea of punishing Dennis, but of showing my love for all of them. I have seen the looks in their eyes change over a short period of time and there is no question all my kids love each other as much as they love me. There is no reason I can escort resimleri fathom for this to take place, but it is the truth and I can now forgive my husband for what happened all those years ago. I don’t want to see him punished any longer.

I try to hold my eyes on Luke’s face as I part my lips and force my head forward. I can hear the gagging of my daughter as I reach that point myself. I do enjoy the way he feels in my mouth and press forward to feel a sensation I haven’t felt in years. I forgot to take the necessary breath and need to pull back before I take him all the way. The look on his face is one of pleasure and I’m glad to be the one responsible.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly take him all the way and wish I could smile a little wider. The sensation of my throat being stretched is something I have missed and hold him as long as I can. I pull back when I need air and find myself relearning the timing of my actions. He is starting to moan as I slowly work my mouth and know he has never felt anything quite like this.

I have him all the way when his moans start to change and pull back to allow just the tip of his dick in my mouth. My hands work his shaft to bring him to the point of release and I love the way his face looks with ever muscle tightened. The feeling of his manhood in my hands is very pleasant and there are so many things coming back that I used to love to do with Dennis.

I grin as I feel the start of his release in my hands and feel the powerful shot hit my mouth. My tongue is starting to get coated with the wonderful flavor and texture as another shot adds to the coating. My mouth is slowly being filled and I hope I don’t lose any of what he is giving me. Before his next shot, I manage to swallow enough to make more room and the sensation is very pleasant.

The last of him is in my mouth and I carefully pull my lips back. They close with almost no loss at all and I wait for him to open his eyes. Luke opens them just as soon as he can find the ability and stares down at my face. The gagging is still going on in the background, along with my daughter’s moans of joy, and swallow everything for him. My mouth opens wide to show there is nothing left, but I can still taste him on my tongue.

I am not offended when he backs away, since I know his body needs time to recover. Beth is starting to moan as Dennis gives a muffled grunt, which tells me everything I need to know. I do not need to go in search of William, since he has positioned his manhood before my face. It is difficult to open the lube, but manage and add a little more to my already slick hands.

My hands start to work his hard shaft while we stare into each other’s eyes. Beth’s moans are getting louder and I know she won’t last much longer. I am feeling the wonderful sensation of a hard shaft and want to take my time to let him feel my loving touch, but that isn’t what we are required gaziantep escort resimleri to do.

I release my hands with some difficulty and get off of my knees. The bed is calling and I move seductively for him. The mattress is comfortable on my back as I lay down for William and spread my legs to allow him to enter me. His body is soon over mine and there is only love to be found in our eyes.

I moan softly as he enters my already wet hole and there would have been no need for lubricant. My guess is Leo wanted me to feel something negative as I stroked my son, but he failed greatly. William presses himself slowly until the fulness of his manhood can be felt inside of me. As we start to make love, which is exactly what this is, I wonder if he has ever committed adultery with anyone prior to this trip. There is a hope that I that we are his first since he took his vows, because I find some enjoyment in knowing he has crossed more than one line with me and his sisters.

His movements feel wonderful and our moans are growing in intensity. Another hope crosses my mind as he is brought closer to release with each loving thrust of his hips. I want to share an orgasm with him and feel our shared release as we lose each other to this moment. From the sounds escaping his lips I know it is not likely, since I am still too far away from that wonderful sensation of having my body lifted in great pleasure.

He presses himself as deep as possible and his body tightens in preparation of his own great pleasure. I feel him hit something wonderful inside of me with a powerful shot and I moan a little louder for him. More shots add to the pleasure and I am getting closer, but still too far away to share this moment with him. Granted, there is another son waiting to enter me, but it isn’t going to be the hole I need and know I will have to wait to feel the shared orgasmic experience.

The last of him as been given to me and I need more time, but there is none left. William’s eyes open and I see the aftermath of the pleasure I gave him. He is starting to soften inside of me and I feel a small amount follow him out. I can still feel plenty of him buried in the depths of my pink hole and it brings a sense of wonder to my body.

Just as William pulls away from my body, Jason is hovering over my face with lube in hand. He must know my hands are too slick to handle the bottle, since he starts to dribble it onto his hard shaft. My hands start to work to ensure there is more than enough needed for where it’s headed, but find myself in an oddly eager state.

Once satisfied no more is needed, he pulls away from my face and I bring my knees up. I watch as his face appears over my body and his eyes are staring down at that forbidden place. Despite the knowledge of the pain that will happen, I find myself wanting him to enter. My sons need to know that nothing is forbidden with gaziantep escort bayan resimleri me, which is something Dennis will find out just as soon as we are no longer forbidden from being with each other.

There is tremendous pain when he presses himself into that tight opening. Once he is certain he is inside, his eyes move to mine and there is concern on his face. I grit my teeth as he waits to press any further. Little by little, he is giving me more of himself and I love him for not wanting to rush. It still hurts like hell, but the pain is controllable with the Jason’s patience.

He is all the way inside and has not moved since getting to this point. Any pleasure I felt from his brother is now gone, but there is some comfort in knowing it will return. My fingers move to my clit in an attempt to alleviate the pain, but it is slow going. He is starting to move slowly inside of me and my fingers are working hard to wash away the fire that has consumed my body.

I start to sigh from the minor pleasure I am getting and the sensation of movement no longer brings added pain. His pace is starting to quicken and my sighs are turning to soft moans. The fire is almost completely out as he is getting closer to the edge and his eyes have not pulled away from mine.

My fingers are bringing great pleasure and I am getting close. His movements are calculated as he is holding off for me and I know it must be very difficult for him. My eyes close as he presses in deeply and my asshole starts to press down hard. My body reaches that state of pure pleasure as his shots hit something wonderful and I lose myself completely. My spasms are timed perfectly with his twitches and my screams are the only sound I can hear.

Our shared moment passes far too quickly and he is starting to pull out, despite his desire to stay. I can feel his release still buried in some wonderful place inside of me and find very little discomfort as my body pushes him closer towards the exit. I know it will take time for my asshole to adjust to the intrusion, but am willing to put in whatever work is needed.

A week passes us by as my family responds with pleasure to Leo’s creativity, which doesn’t seem to have an end. He has let his game come to a conclusion and we are waiting for the boat to arrive. All of us have plenty of sun block to cover our bodies from the blazing sun and none are embarrassed to be seen by the crew that has appeared in the distance, which takes very little notice of our state.

True to his word, Leo has let the matter of embezzlement drop and no charges will be made against Dennis. I no longer despise that man, since he has brought my family much closer together. There is no doubt we will continue what he started and William will find a way to visit as often as possible. I am holding my husband’s hand in a loving grip and he knows what awaits im when we get home.

The boat is starting to pull away from the dock as we all start to dress and I look back at the island with fondness. It may have started as nothing more than blackmail, but it turned into something far better. Had anyone even hinted at incest prior to the island, it would have made me sick to my stomach. Now everything has changed and we are all looking forward to what the mysteries of the future will bring.

The End

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