The Interview Pt. 03

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I was having a dream. A girl was sucking my cock deeply. Taking her time to enjoy the feel of me in her mouth and savouring the taste of my precum as I became excited. My erection was close to reaching its peak and I could feel the start of an orgasm building as she sucked and licked on my hard penis. I could feel her soft hair brushing across my pelvis and thighs as she bobbed her head on my shaft, and the warm softness of her breasts as they pressed against my thigh.

I became aware of daylight and the soft slurping sound of a mouth sucking on me. The intensity of the daylight increased, as did the intensity of my building orgasm. My cock was ready to release its load into her mouth. “Mmm, mmmmhh”. I murmured.

At this point I realised I wasn’t actually dreaming. I opened my eyes to see Sue sucking my knob. The young girl had invited me into her room the night before as I was returning to bed. We had already made love several times the day before and it seemed natural to return to her bed for a final lovemaking session before drifting off to a thoroughly relaxed sleep.

Now, Sue continued to administer her full attention on my shaft and work me up to the point of ejaculation. Her reward was given as I shot my thick creamy cum into her longing mouth. She swallowed every drop of my sperm, and licked my cock dry before looking directly up into my eyes.

“Morning handsome.” She said with a smile. “I couldn’t resist sucking on your gorgeous cock again.”

I chuckled. This young woman had a sexual appetite that had no limits as far as I could tell. I had been making love to her almost non-stop since yesterday afternoon and she wanted more and more. Not that I was complaining. To top it off we had engaged in a foursome with our employers for a while late last night which was for me mind-blowing. Sue, on the other hand, accepted the events as though it was part of a normal night in. As I had just been “hired” I obviously had a lot to learn and adapt to.

Sue sat up on the bed. Her small frame exaggerated by her 32E breasts, narrow waist and voluptuous hips. This girl was a pocket rocket. She was incredibly curvy, pretty and as sexy a woman as I had ever seen. Her long brunette hair framed her face perfectly, cascading gently down over one shoulder and across her full breast and just covering the darkened flesh of her aroused nipple.

I looked across the room towards the digital alarm clock on the dresser, it was early 10:00.

“You must have totally worn me out last night Sue. I haven’t slept in this late for ages!”

“You needed the rest Andy. Yesterday was full on for all of us, and to be honest I am a little sore. Anyway Mark and Alex will be away for the next day or so, so we can relax a little and you can get your bearings. I am going to jump in the shower and get dressed, then if you like we can take a car out and go and collect some of your things. Perhaps we can stop for lunch along the way. If that’s ok with you. She said.

I agreed and climbed off the bed. When I walked into my own room I saw that my shirt and suit had been laundered and was waiting for me on the bed. I showered in my own en-suite. Then, as it was all I had with me, I dressed into the shirt and trousers and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I poured myself a coffee and one for Sue, and looked out of the kitchen windows across a well-kept lawn and gardens. To one side was a wooden and glass building that held a swimming pool, and on the decking just outside the lounge was a hot tub and barbeque area. The garden area was almost as large as a football pitch in size with gently undulating landscape and pathways. There was obviously a lot more out there than I could see, but first impressions were that this was looked after by a team of gardeners and that summer entertainment was high on the list of priorities by the owners.

Behind me I heard footsteps as Sue walked into the kitchen too. Taking her mug she stood beside me admiring the view.

“You will love it here Andy, I know you will.” She said.

“I think you’re right Sue. Mark and Alex have done well with this place.” I replied. Indeed, the house was large and very luxurious. As yet I hadn’t seen many of the rooms but everything was luxuriously appointed with a fantastic attention to detail.

“Mark said you could take any car you wanted from the garage today. Would you like to choose one now?” Sue said.

I agreed and we walked through the kitchen and into the garage via an adjoining doorway. The word ‘Garage’ didn’t really suit the space. Personally I would have coined the phrase ‘Showroom’ instead. Before me were half a dozen cars, ranging from a late model Range rover to a classic ’70’s Ferrari 308GT, all were in immaculate condition which put my battered VW Polo to shame.

“What should I do with my car? Can I park it somewhere here, or should I take it home and leave it there?” I asked Sue.

“Bring it back here later,” she replied. “There’s a smaller garage out the back where I keep my car. There’s room enough İstanbul Escort for yours in there too.”

“Ok, that’s fine. I think today I’ll take the Range rover with us as it has lots of room in the back.” I said.

Without missing a beat Sue retorted “Oh yeah, and what are you planning on ‘doing’ in the back then eh?” We laughed, and I told her to be patient.

As sue opened the garage doors for me I started the car. Despite its size it felt nimble and easy to drive. I inched forward and waited for her to climb in beside me. We drove out along a gently winding driveway and onto a quiet country lane. Then I settled into the driver’s seat and started to navigate towards my old home. The journey would take a couple of hours so Sue switched on the music system and made her choice of station.

The lanes became main roads and then motorways for a while as we made our way. We chatted away as if we had known each other for years, throwing banter back and forth and joking along. Then I pulled off the motorway and selected a cut through to take us to a nice country pub. It was another warm sunny day as we pulled into the gravelled carpark. The pub was typically old and part covered in ivy. Small and quiet, this particular premises boasted a good reputation for food. We chose a table outside and decided to take a look at the lighter bites menu, eventually deciding on a simple salad each for lunch. Sue enjoyed a glass of wine whilst I had a cold coke.

After lunch we continued along the country lanes for a while.

“I love having a cheeky drink during the day.” Sue said. “It makes me feel naughty!”

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Well, everyone else is working hard and I am flitting about without a care in the world.” She said.

“Well if everyone else is working, why don’t we have a little more fun!” I replied as I pulled over to the side of the road.

The road had been quiet for a few miles with no other sight of any other vehicles. We alighted from the car and walked a few paces to a nearby gateway. The field beyond had a herd of cattle so we decided not to venture any further, instead I opened up the tailgate on the car and lifted Sue inside.

“You’re right,” I said, “There’s plenty of room in here for all sorts!”, referring to our earlier joke.

Giggling, Sue pulled my arms to get me inside, the rear seats were already folded down leaving a large area for us to lie down in. Leaving the tailgate open I kissed Sue’s soft lips. She responded lustfully and before we knew it we were passionately embraced and I was working to remove her t-shirt.

Her full breasts strained the thin fabric, and I could already see distinct peaks as her nipples were hardening. Pulling the hem of the thin stretchy cotton, I lifted the garment over her head. She raised her arms and allowed me to remove the garment. Now she sat before me, wearing a lace bra and stretch jeans. The beltline of the jeans showed a hint of lacework on her hip which matched the pattern of her white bra. I undid the button and zip, and slid the jeans down over her shapely legs. Already her lace panties showed a small damp spot. I undid my shirt and dropped my trousers to the floor, then Sue slid my boxers down revealing my already erect cock.

I leaned into her, and kissed her again. Feeling the lace pattern of her bra pressing into me as we embraced. Looking down I admired her cleavage as her full breasts nestled in the pretty fabric. I squeezed one breast in my hand feeling its suppleness and weight. Meanwhile Sue had latched onto my lips and was kissing me urgently again. As she kissed me and held my head in her hand she moved to whisper in my ear. “I want you. Now.”

I reached around to the small of her back with one hand and unclipped her bra, then reaching down to her panties I hooked the crutch with my thumb and moved them to one side. I then twisted to lie on her and pressed the tip of my cock against her shaved pussy lips. My entry into her was swift as the was so wet already. Without hesitation I slid the full length of my penis deep inside her, feeling the soft rub of her panties on one side of my cock as I did so.

She laid back, legs spread, arms caressing my back as I fucked her missionary style. The hardness of the floor allowing me to get a good purchase on my knees as I thrust into her young cunt.

My hips thrust in and out, pistoning my cock deep into her, exciting her. Her breathing ragged and uneven. We were lost in each other.

I was getting close to climax as was Sue, when we became aware of an engine sound in the distance. I looked over my shoulder out of the back of the bouncing car to see a tractor approaching. Sue shouted “Don’t stop!” so I carried on, hammering my cock into her.

The engine approached surprisingly quickly and as it arrived the tone dropped to an idle. I was still furiously fucking the rampant young woman as we heard the door open and the sound of heavy boots landing on the ground.

“Nice day for it!” came a country drawl Bayan Escort from behind us. At that point I ejaculated deep within her. Sue whimpered as I withdrew and we both looked out of the back of the car to the tractor driver.

The farmer was fit. He was wearing dirty jeans and a singlet, his shoulders and arms were well developed and even though covered it was obvious that the rest of him was as well toned.

“Don’t stop on my account.” He said in his charming accent. “I was enjoying that view all the way up the lane.”

“Why don’t you have a go yourself?” Sue said cheekily. “I haven’t finished myself, yet.”

I stood back, totally naked and gestured the young farmer into the back of the car. “Be my guest.” I said

He smiled and without any further ado, ripped off his singlet and dropped his dirty jeans to the floor.

Sue wriggled down the car to allow her legs to fall out of the back so that she was standing before the randy farmer, lying face down on the floor of the car. Her round, white bum presented to him. He pulled his briefs down to reveal a huge cock. It must have been at least 8 inches long and about 4 inches in girth. He placed his large hands on her hips and eased the tip of his cock into her already dripping wet fanny. Sue gasped as she stretched to accommodate his exceptional girth.

Slowly he pushed in. Deeper and deeper into her hot, slick tunnel. Sue growled softly and low, like an animal as he possessed her.

Then he started to gyrate his hips. Slapping into her soft white bottom as his large cock filled her.

I watched the spectacle, revelling in his powerful strokes and watching my young woman shuddering with each thrust. Her breasts trembled as he started to pound her sopping pussy. Sue grabbed the tailgate hinges for support as she was drilled into from behind, her legs struggling to support her as the wave of another orgasm surged through her tender body.

With a few more short powerful strokes the farmer finished off. He shot his sperm deep within my girl and grunted as he came. The squelching sounds of their lust only added to the intensity of the moment.

Then he pulled his cock out of her, as he did so a small stream of cum dribbled down Sue’s inner thigh. A small groan from her told me that she hadn’t quite finished yet. She turned around to face the both of us. Both fully naked and erect in front of her. Her lace panties askew and wet with cum.

Sue dropped to her knees and reached out for the farmer’s massive cock. “Let me clean that up for you before your wife finds out.” She said. Leaning forward, she took the head of his thick long cock into her mouth. “Mmmm.”

She tried hard to take the full length of him in, but its length and girth were too much, causing her to gag and choke on him. So instead the young woman sucked him as best as she could, tasting the combination of her own juices and those of mine and his as well. After quickly cleaning him up, Sue turned her attention to me. By watching her get laid by the farmer and cleaning up his magnificent cock afterward, I had recharged. My erection standing tall before her. I stepped forward and allowed her soft lips to surround my glans.

The warmth and softness of her oral embrace only enhanced my erection. Twitching and throbbing, I allowed Sue to lick my sensitive cock head and trace her tongue over the opening of my penis. The sensation drove me wild as I fought to control myself and hold back the inevitable ejaculation. She grasped the shaft of my cock in her small hand and massaged the taut flesh with a firm grip. I groaned softly as the waves of pleasure rapidly coursed through my body.

Her mouth made erotic slurping sounds as she sucked my cock into her mouth. She hummed softly too from time to time adding to the intensity of the moment.

I felt my orgasm begin to rise from deep within me. Bearing down, I tried to hold back from releasing my load, but the outcome was inevitable with her skills. My penis twitched violently as sperm shot out into her warm wet mouth. She spluttered a little as the volume was unexpected, but gallantly held control of the ribbons of hot fluid as I filled her. I groaned as I released my load and Sue hummed with delight as she was rewarded. The farmer, who was still standing nearby slapped a large hand on my back in appreciation. He was partly dressed now, only in his dirty jeans but I’m sure that he was happy with his treat for the day. Sue was still working my cock, trying to get every last drop from me. Her breasts swinging heavily from side to side as she massaged my shaft.

Finally, I was drained, at least for a while anyway. I started to soften in her mouth.

“I love your cock.” She said. “I could spend hours playing with it.”

I smiled at her. “I don’t mind you doing that all day long. I love how you do it to me.” I replied.

I reached into the car boot to retrieve my trousers and shirt. Sue put her hand across my arms to stop me. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Just put the shirt Eskort on and leave the rest to me.”

The farmer laughed coarsely. “Looks like you have a lot more left to do today my friend.” He said. “She looks like she hasn’t finished with you yet, that’s for sure!”

Laughing he walked to the farm gateway and opened it before climbing into his tractor and driving into the field.

Sue chuckled as she walked naked to the passenger door and climbed in. I closed the tailgate and walked bare arsed to the driver’s door and hopped into the car. Looking at her quizzically, she remarked “He’s right. I want to completely drain you before we get to your old home. So take your time!”

As I started the engine and selected drive her hand reached out for my flaccid cock and she started to stroke me again. Super sensitivity soon passed as her soft hand caressed me and I felt an all too familiar surge starting to fill my cock again.

I drove steadily, fixing my concentration as best as I could on the quiet road. Sue’s nimble fingers repeatedly pulling my foreskin over and of my swelling glans. She was in no rush this time, taking long slow strokes to my penis as we travelled down the road.

Glancing across at her almost naked body I watched briefly as she worked her fingers across her swollen pussy lips. She was sat back in the seat, her left foot on the dashboard of the car allowing me a good view and her better access to her wet little cunt. Her eyes were semi closed as she pleasured herself. I swerved slightly to regain my position on the road.

Concentrating on the road again, I felt her hands start to grip my cock more firmly. Sue moaned gently as she built her own excitement. A sigh from her caused me to glance at her, looking at the leather seat, there was an unmistakable wet patch forming where her own cum had flowed out of her swollen opening. She then leaned across the transmission tunnel and took my cock in her mouth once again. I had to slow the car down at this point as I lost control. Gripping the steering wheel with my right hand, I pushed myself back into the seat as far as I could to allow her to suck me in her incredible mouth.

I ached as I came, this time there was little to show for her attentions, but I felt my blood pressure drop as an intense orgasm swept through me. The car couldn’t have been travelling at more than 10mph as this happened. Which was just as well, as we mounted the nearside verge briefly.

Sue carried on flicking her adept tongue over my cock head for a short while, making sure that every drop of my cum was captured. Then I drifted the car to a halt.

She sat up, wearing a trickle of cum on her cheek. I leaned over to her and French kissed her, tasting myself in her mouth. The seatbelt that crossed her breasts looked uncomfortable, so I released it and allowed her bosom to spring back to its natural shape. Her nipples erect before me begged for my mouth to suck upon them, so I leaned over to her and pressed my face into her yielding flesh. She pulled my head in closer to her, almost smothering me with her softness.

I suckled her breast eagerly, nipping at her hardened nipple and squeezing her other breast with my free hand. “Mmm, I like that.” She told me. “Suck me hard there.”

I did as I was asked. Clamping my mouth around her swollen aureloa and sucking her nipple in as though it was the very air I needed to live on. She groaned as I played with her soft, full tit.

Then I alternated breasts. Although to do so I was almost sat on the transmission tunnel by now, I reached across and gave her left breast a good suck too. Finally, I placed my head between her soft mounds, revelling in the warmth and suppleness of her flesh. She giggled and pressed my head firmly against her chest. “I’ll suffocate you there, you know!” she joked.

“I don’t mind!” came my muffled reply.

We untangled and Sue passed my trousers to me. “You had better put these back on.” I reached behind our seats and recovered her t-shirt and jeans, and passed them to her. “you’ll need these until we get in my flat.” I replied suggestively.

Wiggling in our seats we dressed, and I left for the final part of the journey to my old home.

Being early afternoon there wasn’t anyone around, which was just as well as we both looked dishevelled. We quickly ascended the stairs one flight to my flat and I opened the door. Stepping in over abandoned post, I lead Sue in and closed the front door behind me. Then turning to her I immediately unzipped my flies and extracted my semi hard cock.

With a quick flick of my wrist the clasp holding the waistband of my trousers released and they dropped to the floor. Meanwhile Sue had taken off her jeans and panties in one movement and was lifting her t-shirt over her head. As I started to unbutton my shirt, she reached forward and grabbed the cotton, ripping the buttons off as she forced the garment off of me. Naked again, we embraced.

I loved the feel of her full breasts pressing into my chest as we held each other tightly. Kissing deeply my penis was bouncing against her belly. She pushed her groin into mine to trap my erection between us. For a few moments I rubbed my cock against her tummy and ground my balls against her shaven pussy.

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