The Holiday Surprise

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Big Tits

From the balcony of my 16th floor holiday hotel room I can see you dashing across the tennis court below. I pick up my binoculars to get a closer look at your voluptuous body and admire your choice of short skirts on this hot summer day. You bend over at the hip to pick up two balls for your next serve exposing the full length of your tanned, smooth thigh. You toss one of the balls up in the air and stretch high to swing at it. Your tight midriff shirt rises above your belly button and up your ribcage, moulding the fabric to your perfect, round breasts while outlining two small, hard nipples. My binoculars are transfixed on your gorgeous body as my girlfriend emerges behind me to say she’s going to the shopping centre for the afternoon. I acknowledge her statement then resume my concentration to the tennis court but to my dismay you are already packing your belongings and heading for the exit. I put the binoculars down, lean back in my deck chair and settled into a novel.

Before long the novel bores me and I decide to make my way down to the pool area where I intend to take a sauna followed by a quick swim. I was halfway to my destination when I heard the shouts and squeals of young children coming from the pool area I hate kids! I think better of the idea and detour to the hotel bar around the corner. I walk up to the un-crowded counter and ordered a scotch. Settling into a tall bar stool I sip on the drink while watching the television perched on the wall, motor racing I thought glumly.

Just as I finish my first drink I am aware of a presence beside me and glance to my left to see you, freshly showered and in a new change of clothes even more stunning then your tennis outfit. You’re dressed mainly in a small bikini with an opaque sarong wrapped around your waist exposing the flesh of the side of your left leg all the way up to your bikini line. You look down at me and smile.

“How you doin’?” I ask you.

“A little worn out actually…tuff game of tennis” You reply.

“You don’t say? How about a drink then?” I ask you somewhat sarcastically.

“Well I was about to go for a swim but yeah, why not?”

“Whatever this lady will have and another one for me, thanks mate” I call to the bartender.

You order your favourite drink and take the stool next to me, I pivot so I can see your face without having to twist my head too much and was stunned by your gorgeous features. Your smile complimented your facial structure so well I wondered if you were here with some sort of model’s convention. My question was soon answered when I asked how long you’ve been staying here.

“Oh just got here actually, my husband and I came up for the weekend” you explain. “But I think he’s just here for the motor show, that’s where he is now…” You add with a giggle.

“I know the feeling, my girlfriend spends 90% of her time down at the shopping centre!”

“So you have a girlfriend?” you ask curiously.

“Yes…you have a husband?” I reply wryly.

You take a sip from your drink and smile at me over the top over your glass, masking your full expression. We continue to talk and drink for the next hour and a half or so and 2 or 3 drinks after that you declare that you simply must go for a swim because you’ve been putting it off all day. You ask if I’d like to join you.

“I usually like to take a sauna first” I say “How about we sit in there for a while…the swim feels much better after a sauna” I try to persuade you. The drinks had well and truly gone to my head and I was already imagining what your naked curves would look like under a thin film of perspiration in the dim light of a sauna.

“Sounds good to me!” You’re already on your feet and adjusting your sarong for the walk to the pool area, you’re certainly enthusiastic I thought.

We make our way clumsily to the pool area and I was pleasantly surprised to find it devoid of any other people…especially kids. You whip off your sarong in one smooth motion and throw it on a bench beside the entrance to the sauna. I open the door and let you walk in first admiring your curvaceous arse as you stroll by me. The sauna obviously hadn’t been used for a while and was nearly room temperature. I close the door behind us and poor a bucket of water on the hot coals, plumes of steam rise to the ceiling as I take a seat to the right of you on the top bench.

It didn’t take long for Ümraniye Escort the small room to heat up and we are soon feeling the effects of the hot air on our skin. I glance over at you as you lean back on the wall, stretching your legs and arching your back. My drunk brain couldn’t tear my eyes off your body as you look back and smile at me. Your perfect tits are rising and falling with your heavy breathing and no tan lines are visible at the ‘V’ where your pussy disappears between your thighs. I must have been staring at you for quite some time as you ask me if I was alright.

“I’m fine…I just can’t get over how great your body is!” I say bluntly, isn’t alcohol a wonderful thing?

You smile widely back at me and place your right hand on my broad shoulder. “That’s a very nice thing to say”

I twist my upper body and lean in toward you, your hand moves off of my shoulder and grabs the back of my head, pulling me to your lips. Our mouths meet and we kiss passionately, your tongue exploring mine as I slide my hand over your soft, damp skin. Up your thighs and over your stomach I reach around and unclip your bikini, the straps fall off your shoulders and you lift your arms free. Your lovely tits are now exposed to my touch and I gingerly run my fingers over your nipples, feeling them harden under my touch I massage your breasts with my palms moving my kisses down your neck toward them. Your head tilts backward and a groan escapes your lips as I run my tongue over your erect nipples gently circling and sucking on them. My hands massage your breasts as I savour the salty taste of them provided by the perspiration brought on by the heat. I can still smell the perfume you put on after the tennis match and combined with the heat radiating off of your body I am quickly intoxicated by you.

Your arms are wrapped tightly around me now pulling yourself close into my body, our breathing is already laboured and you press your thigh hard against my erection as I nibble on your ear. I moan at feeling your naked skin against my cock for the first time and I feel you shudder at my breath blowing into your ear. You push me back so that I am now sitting against the wall, you quickly throw one gorgeous leg over my waist and straddle me like a horse. I look up at you, your moist hair falling around your face and a look of pure lust inviting me to take you. I need you badly, pulling you down to my lips I can feel you grinding your pussy against me as we kiss madly. Your hands are snaking down my naked chest toward our grinding pelvises, your fingertips lightly brush over my stomach and dip underneath the hem of my shorts brushing the top of my pubic hair. I moan at feeling you unclip the single button at the top of my shorts and the sound of the Velcro fly undoing sends a jolt of pleasure up my spine.

You slide your body further down my waist before descending to the bench below, you tug at the hems of my shorts, slowly pulling them downward exposing my hard cock to the hot, humid air. You are kneeling on the bench below me as you take my cock into your delicate hands and line your mouth up with the tip. You stroke me, slowly squeezing from the base to the tip, forcing precum to stream out and over the swollen head of my cock. Using your thumb you send a shudder up my body as you smother the wetness over the sensitive area at the very tip of my erection. I am eagerly anticipating your warm mouth as you continue to tease me by stroking my shaft, my cockhead only millimetres away from your mouth. Occasionally you flick your tongue out like a snake and lick the precum that continues to ooze from the tip of my cock. I push my hips forward begging you to take me but you pull away ever so slightly, teasing me more.

You sense my frustration and give into my beggings, gently you press your lips to the end of my cock and slowly spread them as you push forward onto my purple head until it is completely engulfed by your warm, wet mouth. The warmth of your mouth and the slow circles your tongue is making around my cockhead feels incredible and I groan loudly at the feeling of your gentle suction. You open your eyes and glance up at me, a smile takes shape around my pulsing cock as you slowly descend further down my shaft keeping your eyes fixed on mine. I gasp when I feel my cock bump the entrance to your throat before slowly pressing past and İstanbul Escort entering your tight airway, my eyes close as I savour the feeling of your throat tighten around my cock. You grab the base of my shaft and begin to slowly and wetly slide your mouth up and down it. You follow your mouth with your hand, squeezing my cock as you slide your fingers up my wet shaft, briefly paying attention to my sensitive tip with your tongue before you delve back down onto me.

Speeding up now I watch as your head bobs up and down on my raging hard-on, every so often I feel you push me into your throat. You are keeping rhythm with your hand as you pump my shaft, slowly picking up the pace until I am just about to cum. My cock stiffens and you feel the cum rise in my shaft, you pull your mouth away and continue to stroke me with your fingers. My cum spews from the tip of my cock, splashing against your naked tits, you hold my cock against your chest and smother my cream over your hard nipples and firm tits. You hold my still hard cock straight up in the air and run your tongue from the base to the head, licking my slit and tasting any cum that still drips out of me.

I look down at you and you grin back at me coyly, you fill your mouth with the head of my cock once more, sucking me dry then you stand up in front of me. I lean back against the wall taking in the sight of your magnificent body naked from the waist up with your tits covered in my warm cum. Your hand reaches out to me and I take it, you pull me up standing next to you and we embrace. You kiss me hard on the lips pushing your tongue into my mouth, I can taste my own cock and the feeling of your wet, naked breasts sliding over my chest is already getting me aroused again. My hands brush over your nipples and down over your stomach I move them around behind you and slide them under your bikini bottoms, caressing your arse cheeks I run a finger lightly up your crack and take pleasure in your uncontrollable shudder.

I hook my thumbs over the top of your bikini and slowly pull downward exposing half of your tanned arse. I sit you on the top bench in front of me and lower my head down over your tits and stomach while pulling your bikini the rest of the way off. Your legs part as I lightly run a hand up your inner thigh coming to a stop just before your slit. My turn to kneel in front of you now I take up my position in line with your pussy. Not diving in straight away I want to tease you, I let my fingers caress all around your sexy cunt without touching your sensitive lips. Running my finger up the crack where your legs meet your lips I place kisses on your lower stomach and neatly shaven pubic mound. I kiss down over your slit and run my tongue onto your inner thigh eliciting soft moans from you as I nibble on your flesh down toward your knee. I switch over to your other thigh and kiss and nibble my way up to that crack between your leg and pussy. I run my tongue up and down it pressing into it like it was your cunt. I can feel you pushing your pelvis into my face and a quick look at your face tells me that you’re dying to feel my mouth on your clit. I move my mouth over your slit, hovering above it for a few seconds before kissing down on top of your clit.

I push your legs wide apart with my hands and am happy to see you keep them there when I let go. Your pussy lips are spread wide apart now and your magnificent cunt is laid out before me like a big buffet. I place my tongue right at the bottom of your slit next to your arsehole and slowly lick up, over your hole groaning uncontrollably, as I taste your juices for the first time. I move slowly further up your slit, as I pass over your clit you convulse against my tongue when I apply a little extra pressure to it. Continuing my long, slow lick I carry on all the way to your pubic mound, moaning all the way. You taste so good my cock is already hard again from the sensation of your wet pussy on my tongue. I continue to lick you, isolating your hard clit from your pussy lips I run the full length of my tongue over it. My fingers move up your thigh to your slit, your wetness is overwhelming as I dip my middle finger into the entrance of your hole. A hard lick on your clit and I drive my finger dip into you, your back arches and you groan loudly. My face is shoved into your pussy and I circle your clit with my tongue as I curl Anadolu Yakası Escort my finger inside you and rub the front wall of your pussy. My finger is pumping in and out of you as I suck and lick around your clit furiously. I can feel you tensing and approaching climax so I take your entire clit into my mouth and slide an extra finger into your tight opening. Sucking your clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue I pump two fingers in and out of you as you cum all over them, your juices flow freely out of your pussy and over my hand. I continue to slowly caress your slit with my tongue until you have come down from your orgasm.

I kiss my way back up and over your stomach and tits, making my way back up your neck to your ear lobe. I whisper what a magnificent pussy you have and sit down beside you on the top bench. My cock is as hard as ever and you promptly grab it, stroking it slowly and massaging the head firmly. I reach down and feel your pussy, it is still dripping wet and I bring my fingers up to my mouth to taste you once again. You smile at me and kiss me passionately with my finger still in my mouth. Your tongue is swirling around my finger tasting your own juices and passing them on to my eager tongue. Still holding onto my cock you push me back against the wall and straddle me again. You press the tip of my cock up against the opening to your sweet cunt and slowly lower yourself onto me. We both moan as I feel the warmness of your pussy envelope my thick cock and our pelvis’s come together. I feel you rock forward so that your clit grinds against my pelvic bone and my cock can go no further into you. Your head drops backward and I am transfixed on your face as expressions of pure lustful delight flash across. I groan loudly as you start to rock back and forth at a quicker pace, you begin to raise yourself off my cock before lowering your wet pussy down on top of me again. I can’t get enough of you, I grab your arse cheeks and start to move you up and down on my cock. Pulling you all the way up my shaft until my cockhead is right at the entrance to your cunt I let you slide back down onto me until your clit grinds into me again.

You continue to ride me, the two of us groaning loudly each time your pussy falls back onto my hard cock. I start to feel the beginnings of another orgasm but decide I don’t want to cum just yet so I slowly stop your movements until you are sitting still on top of my cock. I pull you off my nearly exploding cock and sit you down next to me, leaning over to kiss you I ask,

“Did I tell you how much I loved the taste of your pussy?”

Before you can answer I am already sliding down to my previous position between your legs. I dive in, tasting our juices mixed together and licking your hard clit with the tip of my tongue. You grab the back of my head and thrust your cunt into my face, my lips enclose your clit as my finger dives into your cunt and curls around to massage that sensitive area on your front wall.

After fucking you with my finger for awhile I drop my head slightly and replace it with my tongue. I circle your pussy hole before delving into your wet opening, I move my tongue in and out of you at a quickening pace, I taste your pussy at the same time as my own cock and the feeling is exhilarating. Your hands come down to retrieve my head from between your legs, clearly you want some thing more substantial inside you, I reluctantly pull away from your sweet pussy and stand up in front of you. You stand up as well but turn around so cock nestles in your arse crack, you bend over and rest your arms on the bench in front of you displaying your beautiful arse to me. I waste no time in grabbing your hips and thrusting my cock deep into your pussy. You push outward against me as I thrust into you each time forcing me deeper into your cunt. We find a rhythm together and start building the pace until I am literally slamming in and out of you as you scream for me to fuck you harder.

I fuck you as fast as I can and start to feel the cum rise in my shaft just as your pussy contracts around my cock and you scream that you are cumming. In one amazing moment my cock spews cum deep into your pussy and you convulse against me as we both climax for the second time. I continue to thrust in and out of you until my cock is empty of cum and semi-limp. I withdraw from your now dripping opening, you stand up straight and turn around to greet me. Our faces red and bodies exhausted we embrace and kiss before donning our swimsuits and heading for the swimming pool. I wonder what might happen in here I thought as we dove in together, relishing the cold water surrounding us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32