The Holding Cell Pt. 05

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Chapter 5 When The Dam Breaks

I woke feeling restless after our furious display of passion in the night and lay there trying to figure out why I still had clothes on. I was quickly reminded why when I sat up and felt something large and deep pushed up inside me and realized my giant dildo was still in.

It was time to hit the shower again. Rolling out of bed the dildo jabbing my insides I looked at the bars and the sleeping form still in her bed. Evidently she’d come out of her orgasms and made it to bed but not before she’d stripped entirely. Knowing how she liked to dress seductively I drew the conclusion the nights events must have completely worn her out seeing she was neither awake or dressed.

Pulling off my pants the dildo slid out of me and across the shower floor. My anus didn’t even seem to protest and I was pleased.

“How does your ass feel this morning?” came a woman’s voice behind me

“FUCK!” I yelled spinning around. “You were just sleeping and don’t scare my like that!”

The Denufari stood there smiling coyly at me. Then with a mock sigh she put her face up to the bars and said “a true shame you didn’t come into my cell and take advantage of me while I was sleeping.”

I was surprised she’d attempted to bait me into her cell with her naked body and fake sleep act. “You seem more calm this morning” I replied. I assume you peaked and found your balance?”

“I did indeed however it’s going to take me a while to calm myself” she answered.

Sitting on the ground in the shower I enjoyed the warm water pouring down onto me from the large shower head. It was more fun showering in front of her so bothering with the privacy curtain no longer crossed my mind. We simply watched each other for a little while enjoying each other from a distance and I finally asked “what do you mean by calming yourself?”

She grinned and sat down on the ground with her legs spread open so I could continue viewing her massive penis and the amazing curves of her wide hips. “The best way I could explain is that I’m no longer at one hundred percent and riled up to the point of not being able to even think or barely speak. Let’s just say I’m down to ninety percent which means even though I still can’t control my drives at least I’m not raving crazy anymore” She began slowly stroking herself while holding eye contact that quietly let me know her desire for me was still raging.

“So if I understand you” I continued “you’d still rape me if I let you out right now and wouldn’t stop if I asked you to?”

Her hair started shimmering in response and her smile changed to be somehow coy, crazy and wild all at the same time. “Oh I would have you for sure and I would leave you sore while stretching you wide open and all your calls for me to stop would go unheeded.” She continued softly and seductively. “Make no mistake human, I’d take take you as much as I wanted and as long as I wanted and you couldn’t stop me.”

Her look was intense and inside me was a desire that so far had not been satiated by fucking her. In fact the pressure in me seemed to build continually and nothing would let that pressure out. I wanted her so badly and I wanted what she’d do to me. I looked down at my rock hard erection that betrayed my desire.

Abruptly I got up and leaving the shower on walked over to my desk and computer stopping only long enough to dry of my hands so I wouldn’t soak the keys. She didn’t move but watched my actions with a puzzled look on her face. After I’d messed around at the computer briefly I then walked back to the waiting warm shower tracking water across my room.

Then I sat back down under the running shower to continue enjoying its warmth and her company only a few feet away.

She’d paused from pleasuring myself and standing up grabbed the bars still looking at me. “What was that all about?”

I moved from sitting to laying in the shower and smiled with my eyes closed. Finally my fantasies would become reality. I stretched languidly under under the water listening to her frustrated huff when I didn’t answer her.

Suddenly in the stillness of the room there was the unmistakable sound of a buzz and click. I opened my eyes and looked at her from my prone position to see her reaction. First a look of utter surprise crossed her face as she looked immediately to the far end of the dividing bars and saw her cell door open. My computer controlled the cell door and I’d given it a short delay. I wanted to be able to watch everything as it happened and I was in for new revelations about her.

She wasn’t just strong, she was fast, very fast! In a moment she’d dashed the length of her cell and thrown the heavy door wide open. Then very slowly she walked towards me, her heavy dick hard as a rock and her gorgeous hips swaying. She watched me with anticipation like a huntress that had waited patiently and finally after cornering her prey moved at leisurely knowing escape was impossible.

She walked right into my shower the warm water pouring over her head, off Anadolu Yakası Escort her shoulders and cascading onto my body now laying below her. For a moment I looked up at her standing over me, my stomach tight with anticipation and my head full of fantasies. She reached down taking me by both shoulders and with gentle ease raised me straight to my feet then rapping her arms around me kissed me hard, forcing my mouth open so her tongue could explore my mouth and there we stood making out. It didn’t last long as she drew back, eyes dark with lust.

She spun me around grabbing me by the shoulders again. Leaning forward she breathed softly in my ear “my turn and this time you do as I command.”

I nodded breathlessly and she commanded “spread yourself open.” I did as she required spreading my legs and got ready. “Not enough” she purred. “Use both your hands and spread your ass cheeks, show me your warm wet hole. Show me how much you want me.”

With spread legs I did as she commanded and reaching back spread my hips waiting and hoping I’d prepared myself enough for her.

A moment later the tip of her giant phallus nuzzled the soft opening of my anus and having lined herself up began to push her way in. My hole began to stretch and stretch only for a moment later to realize I’d somewhat underestimated her girth. I tried to move forward to slow her down but she quickly leaned forward wrapping an arm around me while still holding her cock in place with the other hand. I was now pinned against her chest and unable to pull away as she continued pushing into me her breath no desperate in my ear.

“Fuck!” I gasped “just stop a second” and tried to squirm away from her giant invading member.

She didn’t stop however and kept slowly and steadily pushing into me. I let go of my ass cheeks to grab her arm and she suddenly slapped my ass hard. Fuck that hurt! “Spread your ass and arch your back now!” she demanded. “You will take me in!” Her breath was fast and full of pent up desire. “I’ve waited so long for this and now I will have you!”

My ass hole was already starting to hurt but I complied regardless as the slap hurt a hell of a lot worse. Now with my back arched and hips spread wide open she breathed happily and pushed harder as I grunted and started moan. Finally the crown of her dick popped past my sphincter muscles and entered me. I was breathing hard now and about to pull away again. Her girth must have been at least a half inch larger than my biggest toy, not enough to send me into excruciating pain but enough to make it hurt.

I was hoping she’d pause to let me adjust but instead steadily continued entering me. With that I’d risk a slap and tried to quickly pull away but she was ready. Since she was already into me and didn’t need to guide her penis anymore she grabbed me with both hands this time. Again she leaned next to my ear. “Naughty naughty” she said her voice sultry and stern. “For that you get punished” and briefly thrust hard my ass rapidly swallowing another three inches of her length.

“UHHHHH!” was all I could gasp as she slowed back down again to her original pace. “Now spread that gorgeous ass of yours again” she demanded. “Show how much you love me inside you”

I could only comply and reaching back spread myself again welcoming her in. At about eight inches in she slowed almost to a stop but continued to probe deep and rearrange my insides like the toy had. My insides welcomed her and her dick slid past the curve. Now she could go as deeply as she wanted with no issue. She stopped seeming to revel in the feeling then with urgency in her voice told me “now I want to hear you.” With that she grabbed my waist and pulled me hard against her slamming the rest of her dick deep into my insides.

I gasped my vision becoming blurry for a moment feeling like a soft tree had just been shoved into me, and then the fucking began. Hard and fast she used me like a sex toy till I could barely stand. She paused pulling all the way out and shoved me to the ground on all fours in front of her. “SPREAD” she demanded and without even waiting for me to comply lined up again with my hole and speared me through, her dick once again sinking deep. I rocked with the power of her fucking and groaned in both extreme pleasure and discomfort as my anus was still trying to cope with her size.

This went on for a solid twenty minutes with the warm water coursing over our bodies and she continued without pausing. Briefly I looked over my shoulder and her head was thrown back in sheer ecstasy and primal desire as she took me. Finally she yelled loud and long and came hard and deep inside me. It felt like someone had shoved a hose into me and then turned it on as she filled me with cum but to my surprise she didn’t stop as I normally would have after cumming. She kept right on fucking me hard and fast with wet sloppy sounds and her cum started pouring out of me. There was no pause in her assault on my ass and as my insides started pushing out her cum she Avrupa Yakası Escort simply continued fucking my ass with the cum pushing out around her thrusting. This seemed to only excite her as my anus was more slippery than ever and she thrust harder my body rocking with each thrust.

How many more times she orgasmed I don’t know as all I could think of doing was bracing myself and keeping up with her wild desire. The hard rubbing against my prostate felt amazing and I reached down to pleasure myself. She slapped my hand aside and continuing her thrusting admonished me. “Your cum is for my pleasure and only when I allow it” and I didn’t try again.

Finally she pulled out of me and let me go immediately standing up. I could only slump on the shower floor spread out and asshole gaping from her onslaught. Seeing her stand with no effort I was shocked. “Aren’t you exhausted?” I asked faintly.

She laughed happily while continuing to shower her magnificent body. “Goodness no. Denufari only get exhausted after fucking a long time or after a human cums inside us.” The soap ran off her body and down onto mine as I continued laying there under her.

I was both thrilled and amazed. Finally I managed to exclaim “you fucked me for probably a solid hour! You don’t consider that a long fuck!”

She laughed again finally kneeling next to me and helping me stand. Soaping me down and washing me off I felt like a pampered servant. “An hour of fucking is nothing for a Denufari” she replied turning off the shower, drying herself and then me.

All I could think was how amazing this woman was as she led me across the room to one of the couches. If she wasn’t tired what now? A moment later I realized she wasn’t taking me to the couch to relax. Instead she walked me up to the back of the couch and bent me half over it leaving my toes barely touching the ground and my ass in the air. It happened fast and I hadn’t expected another fucking this soon so just as my mind was catching up with what was happening I felt her hands spread my ass and my anus become exposed.

Before I could even move to protect my sore anus she plunged her dick into me again. There was no slow entry this time and she buried herself in me to the hilt with one long hard thrust. Again my ass stretched hard and open to receive her and my groan was more like a howl. My mind loved it as my body fought it. I tried to thrash and fight to get away but I was pinned between her and couch and she was already feverishly plowing me. My howls and fighting only served to drive her more wild and she fucked me harder while her hair shimmered and glowed with it’s cobalt blue light.

Did I regret the choice I’d made, to rile her up and then let her out? Not in the least. Her ravenous desire for me was its own turn on and me being able to do nothing about it made my dick hard and the pre-cum flow out of me. She easily ignored my thrashing attempts at escape and my flailing legs did nothing to stop the hard slamming of her penis into my completely exposed and unprotected ass hole.

How many times she exploded in my ass I don’t know and lost count. Where it all came from in her body I had no idea but I could smell it’s flowery sent and could feel it running out my ass and down both my legs in steady sticky stream. If anything it kept everything permanently slippery while encouraging her to keep up her thrusting.

At some point I stopped fighting and simply lay limp over the back of the couch enjoying the waves of soreness mixed with pleasure while she used me non stop as her fuck toy. I’m thinking this went on easily for a couple hours till my ass became exactly what she’d said “a big wet hole made only for taking all of her.

Finally she pulled out and lifting me easily from my place practically carried me over to my bed. She tossed me into the middle of the bed onto my back and then climbing over the top of me reached back and grabbing her ass cheeks spread them and squatted down over my penis. “Enter me” she commanded and despite my exhaustion I reached down and grabbed my dick that was once again hard and aimed it at her descending ass. With a sigh of pleasure from both of us I sunk into her depths and she let go of her ass, put her hands on both sides of my head and started to ride me hard.

With all my soreness it took me a while to build up but she didn’t seem to mind squeezing my dick with her anal muscles and riding me more and more furiously. As she sensed me getting close she sat up and leaned back pushing me as far into her as she could. “Now cum hard for me, fill me” she said wildly. “I want you to cum so hard it hurts you, I want to hear your groans of pleasure and pain, I want you to empty everything you have into me.”

Her frantic riding and hot words of desire had their effect of pushing me even further than I’d been in her cell the nights I’d fucked her. Then I came hard and started bucking under her trying to slam into her ass as deeply as I could. She let out her familiar scream of İstanbul Escort passion as orgasmic convulsions racked her body. She flopped backwards onto her back between my spread legs convulsing on the bed and I knew what she wanted. As she fell back my dick pulled out of her but pure lust was driving me and I quickly got up kneeling at her spasming anus. Without hesitation I drove my penis back into her and she screamed but reaching down again spread her ass to accept me. I fucked her hard, viciously and fast and could feel her ass contracting with her orgasms.

I was surprised to already be building again. Maybe hours of getting fucked and being denied orgasms gave me the ability to cum again so soon or maybe I just wanted her that badly. Our desire for each other bordered on the violent to the point I pushed through the discomfort of my dicks sensitivity after my first orgasm. Now I had the desire in my sex dazed brain to see what would happen when I ejaculated inside her a second time so soon. I didn’t have to wait long as I now fucked her ass as mercilessly as she’d fucked mine. Pulling almost all the way out and thrusting to full depth had her ass gaping as well and despite all her wild orgasms she managed to keep holding her anus open to my hard thrusting.

I don’t know if she even knew I could cum again or maybe she did and wanted to see what a second time would do to her. Maybe she was as curious as I was and so I came again, gasping, thrusting and giving it every last bit of energy I had. The second time I came in her she suddenly went limp on the bed. The only way I knew she was ok was because I felt her anal muscles contracting like I’d not felt before. Her contractions went on and on and I simply remained inside her watching her magnificent and voluptuous body.

Her body was so overpowered with orgasms that she could only lay there and convulse every now and then. Finally I was totally limp and spent. I flicked the dimmer switch beside the bed and pulling the blankets over us slipped blissfully into a long deep sleep. At some point in the night I briefly became aware of her moving up close behind me, spreading my ass and shoving her giant member deep inside me. My anus accepted her easily and whether or not she fucked me again I didn’t know as I slipped back into sleep with the happy feeling that she was using me however she wanted.


I woke in the morning with a small start as a voice addressed us both.

Lady Careella had entered the cell block as silently as before and was now observing us from the couch. Somehow she managed to make it look like a throne.

“I see you two finally got what you both desired. It’s also nice that despite your crazy gamble that you took necessary precautions in advance.” She looked pointedly at me while speaking.

“Necessary precautions?” I asked my head still clearing from sleep.

Lady Careella sighed delicately. I figured you prepared yourself with your large assortment of toys in readiness or you’d be in seriously bad shape right now.

The Denufari woman slowly woke next to me, sighed happily and stretched languidly. She looked at Lady Careella and politely addressed her with a good morning.

Lady Careella nodded back. “I’m truly impressed” she stated this time looking at my female cell mate. As I said before this balancing process normally takes at least a month and you’ve compressed it into a single week.”

“She’s fully balanced?” I asked somewhat surprised.

“Of course” came the quiet voice at my ear. “I’ve never felt better” then I jerked as I felt two of her fingers push into my sore anus.

“Really?” I asked her surprised. “My boss is here!”

“So?” she asked as I felt the head of her dick slide between my ass cheeks.

“I mean aren’t we supposed to have some sort of decorum?” was all I could say startled at her current advances.

“I hardly think Lady Careella cares if we fuck in front of her” she replied continuing to push her dick into my compliant ass.”

Lady Careella nodded as I looked at her. “As I mentioned before we are a very sexual race unless around other races. If you are open to a Denufari’s advances then you may freely indulge in our customs and mannerisms if you wish.

Even after everything that had happened I still managed to be surprised and responded in a shocked manner to the woman mounting me with “well then why bother with the sheets!” She paused listening to me and not knowing what else to say I simply joked. “Well if your going to fuck me in front of my boss why not at least do it so she can see and enjoy it?”

She must not have realized I as joking and to my further shock threw off our sheets saying “what was I thinking? You are correct and Lady Careella would love to observe.” As she said that and I was stumbling for words I noticed my bosses hair had started to shimmer orange. I wasn’t given a chance to clarify my joke as I was pulled out of bed and lead over to the couch to stand in front of Lady Careella.

Reaching down she grabbed me behind my knees and promptly lifted me into sitting position against her stomach and breasts spreading my legs in the process. The speed of all these events aroused my traitorous body and a crystalline string of pre-cum dripped from penis making Lady Careella’s hair shimmer even brighter.

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