The Helpful Ex-Girlfriend

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I was about to go to bed when the doorbell rang. I looked at my watch.

“Geez, it’s after 11:30. Who could be here at this time of night?” I thought as I made my way to the front door.

I opened the door. “Hello? Who’s there?”

“Mr. Grander. It’s me — Marcee,” came the voice from the partially lighted alcove.

“Marcee…?” I was trying to place the name.

“Yeah, Marcee. You know, Jared’s ex-girlfriend,” she replied.

“Oh, Marcee!” I remembered. “Hi! It’s been a while. What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I’ve got Jared,” she said.

“I beg your pardon?” I said, not understanding.

“I’ve got Jared,” she continued. “In the car.”

“In the car…?” I still didn’t get it.

“Yeah. In the car. He’s drunk. I brought him home,” she finally explained.

“Oh, my god!” I exclaimed as it hit me. “Oh, thank you, Marcee. Can he walk?”

“Uh… I don’t think so, Mr. Grander,” she answered. “He’s pretty drunk.”

“O.K. Well, let’s get him inside,” I replied, taking over the situation and doing what needed to be done.

I opened the front door the rest of the way and stepped out onto the carport. Marcee was standing there. I stepped over and gave her a shoulder hug.

“Thank you so much for doing this. You probably didn’t have to, but I’m so glad you did. You probably saved his life by not letting him drive,” I expounded as I looked her in the eye in the dimly lit alcove.

Marcee was my son’s girlfriend, twice removed. I remembered them being fairly serious for almost a year and then something happened and it was over. Not untypically, it was never revealed to me what the ‘something’ was. It started soon after Jared got out of the marines. He came home to get his bearings and figure out what was in his future. He was staying at home until he got that figured out. That was almost three years ago. He hadn’t figured it out yet.

I think Jared met Marcee through a mutual friend. The first time he brought her home, all I could think of was ‘What a looker!’ She was about his height, maybe a little shorter, but that night she had a pair of legs that wouldn’t quit below her short skirt and a sweater that did little to hide her impressive chest. She was pretty, too, with light brown, shoulder-length hair that framed her face well. She had sparkling brown eyes and an endearing smile that warmed the room. In short, she was a beautiful woman. It seemed as if they hit it off well that night and the other times that she came around. They seemed to like each other, were compatible, and for a while I thought that the relationship might help him ‘figure it out.’ Then, the ‘something’ happened. I hadn’t seen her since then until tonight.

I moved toward the passenger side of the car. “I hope he didn’t throw up in your car,” I said.

“No, nothing like that,” she replied. “He’s just out of it.”

The car window was down and Jared was slumped in the seat leaning against the car door. I reached through the window and held him up while I opened the door. I grabbed him and, grunting and groaning, pulled him out of the seat and pulled his right arm around my neck to support him. He was too heavy for me and began to drag me over. Suddenly, Marcee was on his other side helping to support him.

“Thanks, Marcee,” I said appreciatively as we walked, staggered, and stumbled to the front door, up the one step, Ataşehir Escort then past the dining room and down the long hall to his room on the right. I kicked the door open and we scuffled in and dropped him onto the bed. We both stood there catching our breath. I glanced at Marcee and her considerable chest was heaving up and down.

“I guess I’ll take his shoes off,” I said as I knelt down and removed them. I lifted his legs up and swung them over onto the bed.

“Well, that’s it. Nothing more we can do here,” I remarked. I looked at Marcee. She looked at me and nodded. We turned and left the room.

As we were walking down the hall, I said, “Thanks, again, Marcee, for bringing him all this way. I am really appreciative of that. Can I offer you something to drink?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess so, Mr. Grander,” she replied as she preceded me down the hall. “I’ll just go out and close the car door.” I observed that she wore tight shorts tonight.

“O.K. Good idea,” I replied. “I’ll start some coffee. And, Marcee, call me Jack.”

“O.K. Mr. Gr… Jack. I’ll be right back.” she answered.

My mind was spinning a little as I made my way to the kitchen to make some coffee. “Hmmm…she must be in her mid-twenties by now, maybe later. I’m in my mid-forties. Not so bad,” I thought. I started the coffee maker and got down two mugs from the cupboard. I heard the front door close and she walked into the kitchen.

“I hope decaf is O.K.” I queried.

“Perfect,” she replied. “It’ll wake me up, but not keep me up. I do like it strong, though.”

“That’s not a problem, so do I,” I said. “And I always drink it black.”

“Perfect,” she answered. “Me, too!”

We were leaning with our backs against the counters across the kitchen from each other, maybe six feet apart. She had her hands on the edge of the counter on each side of her. That caused her chest to be thrust forward in a provocative manner.

“Damn!” I said to myself. “Perfect is right!”

“So, Marcee, how is it that you show up here with Jared drunk in your car?” I inquired. “How did that happen? You guys haven’t been together for… Well, a long time.”

“Oh, we see each other occasionally. We have mutual friends and sometimes we go to the same parties,” she replied. “Tonight was just one of those nights when we were at the same party and Jared lost it. He’s still a nice guy. I just offered to take him home.”

“Well, Jared will probably be embarrassed when he comes to. And I will always be appreciative,” I said. She nodded her head.

“So what have you been doing, Marcee?” I asked, now making small talk waiting for the coffee.

She proceeded to tell me about graduate school, about her travels abroad, about her challenging job as a budding scientist. All impressive, and when she was finished, the coffee was ready. I poured and handed her a mug.

“Can we go sit down?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered. “Lead the way.”

I expected her to go to the dining room and sit at the table, but she went right through the dining room into the living room and sat down almost in the middle of the sofa. She motioned for me to sit beside her. I did. Our hips were touching. The only ambient light was at our backs from the kitchen. She started the conversation.

“So, Jack, I remember Jared telling me that you divorced when he was away. Kadıköy Escort That must have been hard. How’s it been since he’s been back?”

“It’s been a lot different,” I said. I continued to explain how my job kept me busy and Jared had been pretty much on his own. He had some buddies from the service and some friends from the several jobs he had held, then lost, but he was still struggling with adjusting to civilian life.

I finished and took a sip of coffee.

“No,” Marcee said. “I mean about you. How’s it been for you?”

“Uh… I guess it’s been O.K. What do you mean?” I responded.

She turned and leaned against me slightly, her breast against my left arm.

“How are you doing? Ever since your wife left and all. How’s the adjustment been for you? You know, you’ve always been alone since I’ve known you. How does that feel?” she asked speaking softly and, well, seductively.

“Ah… Well, sometimes it does seem lonely. For a while just after Jared got back, we’d do a lot of things. You know, to get to know each other again. Then, not so much. Then he met you and he wasn’t around much. In fact, I was glad when he brought you over, ’cause in addition to seeing you, I got to see him, too. I thought you two were good together.”

“Yeah, we were. He’s got some issues, you know. I guess those issues kind of came between us,” she said. “Can you put my mug on the end table, please?”

She handed me her mug.

I leaned over and put both mugs on the end table. When I leaned back she had shifted so she was facing me with her right leg on the sofa and her right foot tucked under the knee of her left leg. She put her right hand on my left shoulder and her left hand began to rub my upper arm.

“So has it been a long time?” she asked.

Playing dumb, I responded, “Has ‘what’ been a long time?”

“I guess since you’ve had a woman around the house,” she said, almost whispering into my ear as she leaned slightly into me.

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” I said and decided to follow her lead.

I turned my head to her, put my right hand behind her head, pulled her to me, and kissed her hard. She kissed back with an open mouth and a probing tongue.

We mixed saliva as our tongues wrestled and my cock got hard. She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself into me.

After a while I broke the kiss, caught my breath, and said, “I think we should fuck.”

“Me, too. Let’s work up to it.”

With that we began to make out on the sofa. My hands quickly found her tits and I was not surprised that they felt even better than they looked. She moaned and purred as I mashed and squeezed them and before long I was pinching her nipples through her sweater and bra.

“That feels so good, Jack,” she said. “It’s been a while for me, too. Harder.”

From the way she was moaning and moving, it must have felt good. I was kissing her neck and moved my hand to get under her sweater. She grabbed it and moved it up to her tits. Her bra must have been one of those half-bras as I could feel a lot of flesh just above her bra cups. I continued my assault of her tits by rubbing and squeezing outside and inside her bra. I grabbed her nipple from inside her bra and pinched hard.

“Oh, god! Yes! Yes!” she cried. “You don’t know how that… Harder! There! Right there!” she almost hollered as I moved Bostancı Escort my hand from one nipple to another, pinching and pulling. By this time her sweater was bunched up around my arm and her tits were almost out of her bra.

“Wait!” she said and pushed me away. With two hands she pulled her sweater off over her head and dropped it on the floor. With one swift movement she unclasped her bra and put it on the floor.

Even in the low light her chest was magnificent. Her tits stood straight out with no sag and, by now, her nipples were hard and swollen. I was struck by the sight and obviously didn’t move fast enough.

“C’mon,” she said and pulled my head down to her tits. I got the message and began an oral assault on her tits, kissing, sucking, and biting. When my mouth was on one side, my hand was on the other. It seemed as if my actions were severe, but you’d never know it by her sounds and movements. Both her hands were pulling my head hard into her chest and she was moaning and groaning while saying, “Oh, god! Oh, yes! Yes!” over and over.

We were slumped down on the sofa. Her legs were splayed out as my pressure and force on her pushed us farther and farther down. This continued for quite some time as I was in tit-heaven and she was clearly enjoying the attention I was ravishing on her.

“O.K., Jack. O.K.” she said as she pushed me away again. She slid off the sofa onto the floor and with one motion slipped her shorts and panties off.

“I’m all worked up now, Jack. Fuck me,” she pleaded as she lay naked on the floor of my living room.

Her legs were wide apart. She grabbed her knees and pulled them up. Her tits glistened with my saliva and her pussy was swollen and wet. I ripped off my clothes as fast as I could, jumped between her legs, and plunged my cock deep into her pussy.

“Uh… Oh, yeah! Uh… Uh… Uh…” she said as I pistoned her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and pulled me hard into her chest. “Uhhh… That… Feels… So… Good,” she muttered between my thrusts. Then, nothing was said; we just fucked and fucked and fucked.

Pretty soon — “Oh, god! Jack! I’m coming! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, right now!” she squealed as her grip on me tightened and her body began a series of jerks and spasms.

“Almost there…” I responded as I continued to plunge harder and harder. Then — “Oh, yeah… Oh, yeah… Oh, god, Marcee…” as I emptied my load deep into her cunt.

In a minute I rolled off and we lay beside each other on my living room floor. We were both spent and breathing hard. We gradually returned to normal and I looked over at her. Her nipples and tits still stood out prominently. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling.

“Marcee, I… I don’t know what to say,” I muttered. “This was just amazing! You are really something! Words can’t describe -“

“Jack,” she interrupted and looked at me. “Thanks for the coffee. Fucking you was so good I’d like to try it again. You think you can work me up again?”

I grinned and replied, “You’re welcome for the coffee. Let’s go back to my bedroom and we’ll see what I can do!”

We got up and went back to my bedroom. I must have done all right, because we fucked the rest of the night.

Early the next morning I made some fresh coffee — real stuff this time — and, before she left, we shared some thoughts about the night. Neither of us could keep the smiles off our faces.

Sometime before noon Jared staggered out of his room. When I told him Marcee had brought him home last night, he said, “Marcee, huh? She’s really nice. Don’t you think so, Dad?”

With that, I had to agree.

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