The Gypsy Chronicles Ch. 07

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It was two a.m. on a Saturday night and while I sometimes got calls at this time, I was not usually impressed with them. Reaching across to the bedside table cursing under my breath I grabbed my phone and my heart sunk.

Gypsy! All manner of thoughts going through my mind about what might be wrong in the second and a half between seeing her name and saying hello.

“Are you still awake?” says an obviously tipsy Gypsy.

“I am now, is everything O.K?”

“I thought I would come around,” she said slurring a little.

Thinking she is driving and wanting her off of the road and somewhere safe as soon as possible, I tell her “No problem.”

“In a cab around the corner, be there soon,” with that she hung up!

“Oh O.K. then,” I think, not that I had any chance to refuse. Dragging my tired ass out of bed, I went to the shower. It had been a beast of a day, hotter than the hobs of hell and I had just thrown myself in bed when I had finished writing up a report for a client at midnight. I felt like I could smell myself, never a good thing.

I was in the shower when I heard her banging on the door. I hadn’t locked it but she didn’t try to get in.

“I’ll be right there.” I shouted.

All dried off with a towel around me, I followed the noise to see Gypsy filling a glass from a half-finished bottle that had been in the fridge. Turning around she raised her glass to me while I just stared. There, a sleepy look in her eyes, her magnificent assets emphasised by the classy low cut ankle length black dress she was wearing stood, a thing of beauty.

“So to what do I owe this pleasure?” I asked.

“I came to see you,” she said pouring me a glass, Maltepe Escort barely managing not to spill it. “I wanted to see you.”

Walking from the kitchen towards me, a little unsteadily, she passed and placing the glasses down on the coffee table, she sat on the sofa.

“Come here,” she said tapping the cushion beside her.

Slightly amused at her drunken state, I sat down beside her, cheersed, clinked glasses and looked at her as she took a sip and placed her glass down.

Without a word, she turned towards me, put her hand on my knee and slid it up my leg while looking sleepily in my eyes. Reaching over with her other hand she undid the towel and took my flaccid dick in her hand. With a sigh, somewhere between resignation and disappointment, she bent down and took me in her mouth.

“Now this is worth getting up in the middle of the night for!” I thought.

She had me hard quickly enough and kept moving her head up and down sliding my dick to the back of her mouth and out again. I would have happily just let her do that for hours. But then she started that thing with her tongue. It’s like it moves in the reverse to her head as she goes up and down. Her tongue trailing as she lifts off and drags behind as it goes down, all the while swirling around my dick.

Pulling off with a pop, she grasped me in one hand stroking me up and down while she took one of my balls in her mouth, rolling it around and swirling her tongue over it, she kept the stroking up. Probably in the interest of fairness, she moved on to my other ball and gave it the same attention before letting it slip out of her mouth in a sloppy manner before taking my İstanbul Escort dick in her mouth again.

With my hand on her head and her bobbing up and down I was very happy.

“Ahhh, Gypsy, just like that, oooooh, harder, suck it harder,” and she did.

Without warning she slid her mouth up my dick until I slipped out with a wet sounding pop again.

Standing up, she bunched her dress in her hands until her pussy was on display, “did this lady ever wear panties these days?” I thought.

Climbing on to the sofa, kneeling with one leg either side of mine she grasped my dick and guided it in to her, sliding down until I was totally in. With my hands massaging her tits through the thin material of the dress, I felt her nipples harden. Looking up, her eyes were closed and there was a contented look on her face as. She sat there feeling me inside her with her pelvic floor muscles treating me to an awesome dick massage.

Slowly with her hands behind my shoulders leaning on the back of the sofa, she started to raise up and down. Moving slowly as if enjoying every millimetre of me sliding in and out, she kept this up for quite a while, the only sounds being both of us moaning.

Stopping every now and then to give me a kegel muscle squeeze she leant down to my face so we could kiss, all the while with me delicately massaging her tits.

Speeding up the pace she really had me going. With her raising faster and almost falling back on to me I was coming closer and closer to orgasm.

“I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come,” I panted,

“You better return the favour,” she said looking me in the eyes as she raised and lowered herself, Anadolu Yakası Escort me raising up off of the sofa to meet each downward thrust from her, faster and faster.

“Arrrrrrghh! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop, Don’t stop!” ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHH, YES YES!”

I felt my seed pumping in to her as she continued up and down until she stopped, squeezing the last bit out with her pelvic floor muscles. I pulled her down to me to kiss while I remained inside her.

Pushing her away I gestured for her to get off of me, getting up I guided her back to sit on the sofa and kneeling between her legs, slid her ass over so that I could eat her out.

There was no need to take my time, I knew she wanted to come now. Sticking my tongue between her pussy lips, I tasted her juices mixed with mine. Maybe not everyone’s idea of fun, but it always makes me happy!

My thumb playing with her clit as I drank our juices and tongued her pussy, I could feel her writhe around.

I’m fairly good these days at identifying when Gypsy is about to come but this one took me by complete surprise.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCK! She ground herself in to my face as the waves of orgasm overcame her.

Pulling away and looking up she was panting and smiling at the same time. Slightly slapping me on the face, more a couple of taps, she said “way to go stud.” It’s her ironic little pet name for me at such times.

After using my towel to wipe her down and dry up the juices, I leant in and gave her clit a kiss causing a shiver.

Standing up I took her hand, walked her to the bedroom, unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor, undid her bra and guided her in to bed.

Hanging her dress up, getting a clean change of clothes that she kept at mine, ready for the morning, I thought about getting in beside her. I decided that another quick shower would be a better idea. If only because I wanted to be at my best if Gypsy woke up horny again. Morning sex is my favourite!

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