The Green Room Ch. 07

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If you’ve ever been to a music festival, concert or bar with live music you have noticed just how many people seem to use the performing acts as a backdrop to their romantic make-out session, then this survey probably won’t be too surprising to you. According to a survey by sex toy retailer Lovehoney, plenty of people are having sex at outdoor festivals, at concerts, in bar restrooms. The poll, surveyed 1,100 music lovers and found that 53% of them have had sex at a music festival, a concert or other live music performance.

So what is it about live music that seems to turn so many of us on? Auralism is the answer – auralism means that you are aroused by sound that simple. How this looks, though, can vary from person to person. Live music provides an amazing atmosphere, great sex and great music go hand-in-hand, and sexual happiness can be found where ever the mood strikes.

Scientists have found that the pleasurable experience of listening to music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain important for more tangible pleasures associated with food, drugs, and sex. The new study also reveals that even the anticipation of pleasurable music induces dopamine release. The same is gaziantep lezbiyen escort the case with food, drugs, and sex cues.

All coming down to the perception of pleasure, stimulating chemicals in the brain our biggest sex organ. For example, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack ranked as the best bet for getting people in the mood. But it’s not necessarily because the songs are particularly sexy, but rather they represent the promise of dirty dancing. The mere recall of a sensual scene associated with a song, a first kiss, first dance, or the mental images that lyrics may conjure. not so subtle in the case of Marvin Gaye “Lets Get It On”, is enough to spark arousal.

So it follows that live music watching musicians perform their songs strutting around the stage would cause a dopamine release in the brain spurring an explosion of sex. The green room is the space in a theatre, comedy club, music venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before, during, and after a performance when they are not engaged on stage. Green rooms typically have seating for the performers, such as upholstered chairs and sofas.

There escort gaziantep lezbiyen is no one accepted theory as to where the term “green room” got its start, but it’s been in used for centuries. A private space where actors, musicians or speakers can go before, during or after a performance to be away from the crowds, these secluded areas have gained a reputation for various shenanigans. They can serve as anything from silent temples of preparation to rowdy dens of ill-repute.

Often, there are food and drinks in the green room, couches, and rock posters on the wall. It’s where the night’s producers will find the talent and tell them when there are five minutes to go on. It’s a place to relax without the eyes of audience members glaring on me. It’s also a place to go after the show to decompress and come down from the high from my performance.

The moments before a performance are crucial for tuning instruments or just spending time screwing around with band mates, groupies and other hangers-on. Getting my mind in the right place whatever that means to each performer and what they require before hitting the stage and gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar performing for the audience.

I find them terrifically useful, not only for gathering my thoughts and warming my voice but for a high-maintenance bitch like me to have a sacred space in which to change from attorney arguing legal theory in court to performer helps immensely.

There I was on the sofa in the green room at the Crystal Corner naked in the throes of an earth shattering orgasm, Tina between my thighs face buried in my red pubes, tongue deep inside my wet pussy. My three band mates watching the intimate moment with voyeuristic intent. Recovering my senses I realized there cocks were in there hands, stroking away.

I dropped on the floor crawling in front of Jim flicking the head of his gorgeous cock with my long tongue before taking him in my mouth. Sucking down the hard shaft finding a rhythm Tina right next to me sucking the other two alternating her hand and mouth between two cocks.

I felt his veins pulsing with blood, rock hard, a wonderful feeling sucking Jim’s hard cock. Bopping, slobbering, like a good little rock slut. His hands in my long red hair bucking his hips the depravity of living a rock and roll fantasy.

Two hungry sluts sucking three hard cocks, how do I get my self in these situations? Jim’s first squirt of warm goo hit the back of my throat as I milked him dry with my hand savoring the taste of his warm gift. Turning to kiss Tina whose sweet face was cover in cum. Tonight’s show would be fun I was now in the right frame of mind now.

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