The Girl – Stories: Mission 8

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To say the pipe was long would be an understatement. It was a horrible, claustrophobic experience. They were completely immobilized, rolling along a dump pipe in total darkness. Lilly tried not to think about tons of earth above her, just waiting to bury her alive, stopped only by the thin wall of the pipe. She was thankful that the other girls at least weren’t screaming in fear. It would be unbearable in the small space.

But it was early for her to say, as she heard a girl upstream get a total panic attach. First she thought it was just hysteria, but then she understood that there was water in the pipe, and it was getting higher. This explained why the board was wet when she was laid on it. The water soon covered her hair, and then started to hit her nose and mouth. Lilly lifted her head, and tried to keep her mouth above water as long as possible. But then she had to take a deep breath, just before the water filled the whole pipe. In the complete darkness she tried to discern how long is the flooded segment, but could not see anything. She rationalized that they would not pull the girls through this if it would drown them. But her mind was now beyond reason. She panicked and trashed in her binds, trying to get out, but they held tight. This caused her to loose breath even quicker, and soon she was running low on oxygen. Then, just as suddenly as it started it finished, and the water quickly receded, allowing the girls to inhale putrid air. Half of them coughed water out, and the girl directly above her felt like she passed out.

Thankfully the distance from the water to the surface was much shorter than the distance from the barn to the water, and soon Lilly saw dim light emanating from the end of the pipe. After a couple more minutes she was pulled out of the pipe, and unstrapped.

She was now in Mexico.

They were in a wide ditch, with the pipe sticking out of the dirt wall. The naked girls, all still in their heavy binds locking their wrists to their collars, were lined up against the opposite wall. Beside them the other kidnapped people, were searched. “No sense in searching naked girl.” she thought to herself.

Further down the ditch, a big truck was standing. The biggest difference Lilly could see was that the men here carried assault rifles, and other arms.

— “OK. Let’s move” — said one of the man in Spanish.

Both the girls and the other people were marched into the truck. The girls were attached by their collars to low hanging bars in a kneeling position, and the “hostages” as the redhead called them, were sat behind them in threes, with their hands tied to each other behind their backs. It was an efficient way to immobilize them. Lilly was in the back row.

— “You think your family will pay for your ransom?” — she tried to start a conversation awkwardly with the man directly behind her.

— “Ransom?” — the man in the blindfold whispered with a tone of pity in his voice — “Child. Don’t be naive. We’re heading to The Camp.”

Lilly did not know what that meant. The man felt this through her silence. He lowered his voice even further, so only she would hear.

— “Cartels control people by kidnapping their loved ones and taking them to one of The Camps.” — he said — “If your family is in the US, you feel safer. But the Cartels can get to them there also.”

— “Hostages” — she said, remebering what the ginger dog-girl said.

— “Yes. My father is a police chief. He send me to study in Atlanta.” — he said, clearly frustrated — “And these bastards got to me. Even on the campus.”

— “So it’s not about ransom.”

— “No. It’s about making sure my dad will not misbehave.” — he said — “They’ll keep us until we’re useful.”

— “And kill you if your family would cross the cartel.”

— “Oh, no. That would be too merciful.” — said the man — “They torture or even maim the hostage. That’s usually enough to change the mind of even the most stubborn.” — he explained — “Believe me, nothing weakens somebody’s resolve like a hand of his beloved daughter delivered in a box.”

Lilly shivered.

— “You see the girl with the blue dress?” — he said to drive the point in — “She’s a daughter of a senator. I know her from TV.”

— “Can’t he, you know, stop being a senator?” — Lilly asked naively — “She would become useless for them then.”

— “If he wants to see her raped on camera, or worse …”

Lilly went silent. But before she could say anything, they were distracted by the truck crossing some bumpy terrain, and then entering a smooth read. As the truck started to move smoothly, bursa eskort the two guards who sat in the back, started to walk among the tied victims, so further conversation was out of the question.

They drove without stop until late. When they stopped, they disembarked everybody in a wide clearing in the forest. There was another truck waiting for them there. Everybody was allowed to piss or take a shit. The hostages, one by one were allowed to wash themselves and change in a small wooden cabin, as the water through which they were pulled in the pipe made their cloths stink. They were all given the same green jumpsuits, and looked even more like prisoners.

The girls were washed with a cold water from a hose, and a hard brush. All the men took turns with the brush, having a go at their young bodies. After that the girls were secured, laying on their back to the ground. But Lilly and Maryanne were separated.

— “What’s your names?” — said a man sitting by the campfire.

— “I’m Brenda, and this is Berry, sir.” — said Lilly, before Maryanne would say something that would land them in trouble.

There was at least eight men in the camp, and Lilly knew all of them wanted a piece of them.

— “I think we need some entertainment.” — the man said, gesturing one of the other guys to unfold a foam mat on the ground, and pointing the girls onto it.

The two girl knelt on the mat, with their wrists still in shackles beside their necks, they intertwined their hands and started to kiss passionately. Marianne took on the dominating role immediately, and Lilly surrendered to the assault of her mouth. The men stirred in their seats, and soon one of them risen and undid their binds, releasing their hands and necks.

That was when the real action started. Marianne caught Lilly’s hands behind her back with one hand, and used the other to viciously maul her underdeveloped breasts, all while keeping her tongue deep in Lilly’s mouth.

— “Can someone give me something to tie up this little cunt?” — she said to the men, whole holding Lilly’s hands.

Someone threw her a piece of string, and Marianne quickly looped it over Lilly’s wrists a couple of times, and then tied it off really tightly.

— “Now, slut, show the men how you like it.” — she said, shoving her knee painfully between Lilly’s legs.

This made Lilly groan in a mix of pleasure and pain. After the girl did it two more times, she could not resist, and the men saw her move her hips and grind her pussy on Marianne’s thigh. Just to drive the point across, that Lilly is a pain loving slut, Marianne pinched Lilly’s nipples between her fingers, and started to repeatedly shove her knee between Lilly’s legs, and just as she intended, made Lilly explode in a massive orgasm in front of the eager crowd.

Only after her orgasmic bliss subsided, Lilly realized this could easily blow her cover, as she was supposed to be this inexperienced, innocent girl. But when she looked around, she only saw lust.

— “My turn.” — said Marianne, and pushed Lilly onto her back. She then straddled her, pinning her shoulders with her legs to the ground, and without a minute for Lilly to prepare, she sat her moist pussy on Lilly’s open mouth.

Soon the erotic scene had the men stand up around them, and soon after, Marianne was giving one guy a hand job, and another a blowjob. She explained to them, that they need to cum in her pussy, as she intended to feed their seed to Lilly (“Brenda”) afterwards.

— “I want all the cum end up in this slut’s cunt or tummy” — she said, commanding a weird level of respect in a gang of kidnappers and rapists.

While rubbing herself on Lilly’s face, she made three men come on her tits, before she decided she needed a change in position.

She laid down on her back, lifting her ass with a rolled mat, and directed the man she was most recently sucking off, to enter her pussy. She then caught Lilly by the hair, and made her lick all the cum from her tits. Lilly dutifully did that, kneeling over Marianne, with her ass in the air, and soon her ass got the attention it deserved, as one of the men, with a big cock, grabbed her hips and started to shove his cock into her tight hole.

This distracted Lilly from her licking duty, which made Marianne lift her head by the hair, and slap her hard across the face.

— “Don’t doze of on me, kid.” — said Marianne in a harsh tone — “I know your brains switches off when you have a big dick in your cunt, but you have other stuff to do.” — she reprimanded her, and pushed her face back against her cum bursa merkez escort coated tits.

The comment caused laughs from the men who understood English.

Soon after Lilly was finished with her cleaning duties, her mouth was filled with another dick, and the orgy continued in different configurations for the next few hours. The only constant was that it was Lilly who was getting all the abuse, and fetching all the cum from Marianne’s pussy with her tongue. Marianne was also choosing which men she wanted to fuck, while Lilly had no say in which men fucked her. By the end Marianne felt well satisfied, and Lilly felt well and truly used. They laid on the mat, tired after the finally, involving Marianne forcing Lilly to lick her to an orgasm. Marianne finger was lazily tracing Lilly’s body, and gathering globs of cum from her skin and feeding them to her. Lilly’s hands still tied behind her back. The men were exhausted, and most of them were already asleep.

— “Nice show.” — said one of the men standing above them — “Now, back to your bed.” — he said leaning down and fastening the collar with shackles on them.

He then led them to the place where other girls were sleeping, and secured them to the ground.

— “You didn’t thank me for all the cum I acquired for you.” — said Marianne, when the guard left.

— “I’m sorry, Ma’am.” — said Lilly — “Thank you very much. It was very generous of you.”

— “That’s better.” — said Marianne, smiling in the darkness.

— “And thank you for allowing me to lick you to an orgasm.” — Lilly continued, while dozing off — “You were delicious.”

— “I know.” — the girl responded, and they both fell asleep.

Hard decision

— “You.” — said one of the men, kicking Lilly in the side — “Wake up, lazy whore.”

Lilly opened her eyes. She could feel dried cum and pussy juice on her face, legs and tummy. It was still very early, the sun didn’t rise yet.

— “I have a task for you,” — said the man unbuckling her collar and shackles — “Time to earn your keep.”

— “Of course, sir.” — said Lilly thinking she will be made to prepare and serve breakfast.

But the man led her to the place where the hostages were kept. The senator daughter, the man in the truck told her about, was awake, and keeling in a corner, her eyes blindfolded and her hands tied behind her back.

— “Help her wash.” — said the man to Lilly — “And if you let her escape for her binds, I’ll whip your back, till you bleed.”

— “Yes, sir.” — said Lilly, helping the girl to her feet.

She led her to the small cabin. Inside she enjoyed the small moment of privacy.

— “Don’t worry.” — said the girl — “I won’t make much trouble. I don’t want you to suffer because of me.”

— “Thank you, Miss.” — said Lilly — “My back looks already like a crosswords puzzle.”

The girl went silent. She did not know if Lilly was joking or honest.

— “But let’s not worry about that now.” — said Lilly — “We have your beautiful body to wash.”

The girl went red from embarrassment. Lilly undid all the buttons of the girl’s jumpsuit first, and then moved it down her shoulders, exposing her naked torso.

— “Wow.” — said Lilly in awe — “You have some nice breasts. Can I kiss them?”

The girl was really surprised by the question, but felt really hot in the situation. Lilly decided to interpret her silence as compliance, and landed two kisses above both of the girl’s nipples. As the girl did not protest, Lilly gave her breasts ten more kisses, finishing with a small tongue flip of her nipples, which were at that stage very erect.

— “Done.” — said Lilly, making the girl realize that while distracting her, Lilly untied her hands, and retied them above the jumpsuit’s sleeves, allowing now for the jumpsuit to be taken off easily.

— “Hey, you tricked me.” — said the girl in a mocked indignation.

— “No. I just really wanted to do that” — said Lilly slipping the jumpsuit all the way down, exposing a beautiful dark, smooth body of the young Latina. — “Just as I want to do this.” — she said giving the girl’s crotch a slow long lick with her tongue.

The girl gasped, and she instinctively supported herself with her hand grabbing the sink, and thrusting her hips forward. Lilly took this as a good sign, and grabbing her ass with one hand, shoved her face between the girl’s thighs, and started to munch on her pussy. The girl moaned and risen into standing on her toes, as Lilly expertly licked her clit. Lilly bursa sınırsız escort used her other hand, to lift the girl’s legs out of the loops of the jumpsuit, which was bundled up on the floor. She then stopped her licking, making the girl groan in disappointment. She led her into the shower, and turned the water on. All while fingering the girl’s pussy very slowly.

— “Enjoy the water for a second. I have to do something.” — said Lilly, making the girl bite her lip from anticipation.

Lilly quickly sat on the toiled and took out the GPS tracker from her bum, then gave herself a quick enema. While cleaning the tracker thoroughly, she realized what she has to do. It’s not that some new idea came to her. She had this idea for a long time, she was just pushing it into the back of her head. And now, she knew, that she should do it. Because it was the right thing to do.

She found a condom on a shelf, and wrapped the GPS in it. She then went into the shower, and started to wash herself and the girl.

— “I’m Maria, by the way.” — said the girl, while Lilly was massaging her breasts with soapy hands.

— “I’m Brenda” — said Lilly, deciding it’s better to give her false name — “Do you have a boyfriend?” — she asked while going between Maria’s legs.

— “I have.” — said Maria — “He probably is worried … Ahhh … sick” — said the girl, trying to focus, while Lilly did her magic.

Lilly worked a finger, and then two, into the girl’s pussy.

— “Does he do this a lot with you.” — she asked, moving her finger in and out.

— “Not with his fingers.” — said the girls between moans — “And not with his tongue.”

— “You have to teach him better.” — said Lilly — “Or get a girlfriend.”

— “I should.” — said Maria rocking her hips forward.

— “Did you do anal with your boyfriend?” — asked Lilly moving her attention to the girl’s ass.

— “Yes.” — gasped Maria, too distracted to realize how intimate the conversation became.

— “Did you enjoy it?” — asked Lilly moving her condom-wrapped GPS tracker in and out of her own dripping wet pussy, to lubricate it.

— “Yes.” — moaned Maria — “I like doing it for him. It’s kind of special. Kinky.”

— “Good to hear.” — said Lilly, giving her full attention to the girl’s pussy — “It will be easier then.”

Before the girl had the time to understand what Lilly was saying, Lilly drove her over the edge with her skilled tongue, and at the same time, shoved the GPS tracker deep into the girl’s anal passage. This made the girl come even stronger, and the girl just exploded into a earth shattering orgasm, after which her legs gave out. She limped forward, held only by Lilly, who’s face was embedded between the girl’s legs.

Lilly slowly allowed the girl to sit on the floor of the shower, while turning off the water.

— “I know it’s weird.” — whispered Lilly into her ear — “But I want you to keep this in your ass until you get to The Camp.”

The girl’s eyes were glazed, and she was unresponsive.

— “Do you understand?” — said Lilly, with a bit of a grin — “Will you do as I ask?”

— “Girl.” — said Maria with a dumb smile on her face — “After what you just did, I would do anything for you.” — she turning her blindfolded head towards Lilly — “That was awesome.”

— “Why, thank you, Miss.” — said Lilly — “But I just want you to do one thing. Keep this in, and don’t tell anybody.”

— “I will.” — said Maria, trying to get up — “You are one weird girl.”

— “You don’t know the half of it.” — said Lilly smiling — “Can I untie you to dress you up? Won’t you do anything stupid?”

— “I don’t think I could.” — said the girl — “Even if I wanted to.”

That was true. Maria was so limp after her experience, Lilly had problems with drying her and dressing her up. But finally she had her ready, and they walked outside. Lilly got worried for a second, as the girl was visibly walking bow-legged, and she was afraid someone would realize she had something up her bum, but the voice of the man standing beside the door of the cabin distracted her from these thoughts.

— “She looks like you did a number on her.” — he said to Lilly, observing Maria’s funny walk.

Lilly panicked thinking the man knew.

— “I heard you girls were having fun in there.” — he said, making Lilly realize he was just referring to the obvious sounds of a girl having a massive orgasm in the bathroom.

— “I have my talents.” — said Lilly, licking her lips. She turned around, and walked into the door-frame of the cabin — “You want to call some of your friends, or would you want me all to yourself?”

The man looked at her naked ass as she went into the cabin, undecided for a second, and then walked after her, closing the door.

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