The Getaway

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I walked through my house one last time to make sure I had gotten everything packed up and ready to go. After I loaded my jeep with the last duffel bag, I ran back inside to pick out a few CD’s to get me through the five hour trip into the mountains. I was so excited to be on my way to Gatlinburg for a week of hiking, site seeing, and most importantly, rest and relaxation.

The reservations were made six months ago by my best friend David. We were friends in high school, later becoming even roommates in college together. After graduation, we found it more difficult to get together for regular visits. Plus geography put further constraints on our relationship with him living in North Carolina, and I in southern Tennessee. The last time I had physically seen him was two years ago at Christmas time at his family’s home. We chatted almost every night though, keeping the lines of communication strong between us.

Even though David and I were very close, we had never had a romantic relationship. I admit, I had a crush on him in school but being a devoted student but I never made any moves to further our friendship and see where it would end up. Sometimes, more often than not I regretted not making the first move, and yet was fortunate that our friendship flourished as well as it had over the years.

It was David’s idea to rent a cabin for Thanksgiving weekend. Being the frugal as we were, we incorporated our paid holidays from work with our vacation time, giving us a whole week off. It was also the week of my 30th birthday, so the vacation served as a dual purpose and gave us a chance to celebrate.

David had invited his cousin Jack, whom I had met a couple of times over the years. I remember attending David’s family functions, getting caught staring just a little too long at Jack. There was something dark and mysterious about him. He was almost dangerously alluring about him and yet he unattainable. He moved around a lot and also seemed to be a bit of a loner. He was just not the type to settle down. Jack was a logger who primarily worked in the Carolinas, so he was naturally fit, tan and well, damn……I blushed as my thoughts wandered into the vicinity of biting him to see if he tasted as good as he looked.

Jack was bringing someone with him, and I was most assured I hadn’t met her. This turned our week long stay into “couples” vacation. I was still unsure and unable to ask what was on David’s mind when he planned this. When he asked me if they could join us weeks ago, I swear he had an agenda, causing me wonder if we were being paired up for a reason. I decided to pack something fun and sexy just in case we did decide to become close and cuddly. Now that we had paid off our student loans and a bit more free with our time, and since neither of us had dated anyone in a while, why not give “us” a try if it was in the cards. I just made sure the cards were playing in my favor before I reached the cabin.

I stopped at a grocery store once I reached Pigeon Forge and picked up supplies for the next couple days. I figured we would head back into town when the guys arrived, but this way we could survive without feeling rushed. I also picked up several bottles of wine, safely securing them in the back seat of my jeep before heading to the rental office to pick up the keys.

I knew I was going to be the first to arrive. David was going to drive in tomorrow evening and we were still unsure when Jack was going to show up. But then again, that was Jack. Once I reached the cabin, I unpacked the food, selected one of the three bedrooms for my own, and set the wine in the refrigerator to chill. It was just past noon, and I had time to go for a short hike before settling in for the evening. Long drives always made me a bit Anadolu Yakası Escort restless and it would be nice to work out some of that pent up energy.

I packed up my daypack and set of on the winding trail behind the cabin. I had stayed up here in the mountains before, but not this particular cabin. I looked back at it and marveled at how majestic our section of the mountain was. The nearest cabin next to us must be at least half a mile away; nothing but me and nature right now. As I walked, I stopped now and again to observe the wildlife scurrying away at the sound of each footstep. Now that the leaves were down from the trees, it was easy to identify birds nesting in the trees and squirrels collecting food for the winter. There was a slight nippy chill in the air which indicated that we may even see a bit of snow by the end of the week.

It was so easy to lose track of time; by 3:30 on my watch, I turned back and headed to the cabin. I stopped less and made it back just shortly before it started to get dark. I unpacked my gear and took a moment to unpack my clothes before taking a long, hot shower. I checked for messages, which there were none, and poured myself a glass of wine and took it to the deck out in back. “Oooh, “I exclaimed to myself. I had forgotten all about the four seater hot tub. I inspected the dials and knobs, set the thermostat to 100 degrees and turned on the jets. That should be ready to enjoy in about half an hour.

And that is exactly what I did.

I was down half a bottle of wine already, perhaps making up for a little dehydration I had acquired from my walk. I was feeling warm and fuzzy and not particularly wanting to ruin the buzz I had going on. Since I was alone, I would just enjoy my evening and sleep it off tomorrow before the boys got here. I stripped down on the deck, because after all, it was dark now and still no evidence of a cabin in sight on this side of the gorge. It was uncommon for them to be rented during the holidays anyway, and knowing this in advance, I was not shy to skinny dipping in the privacy of my own deck. Slowly I lowered my body into the steaming water and set the remainder of the wine in the bottle on the edge with my glass. I just sat there in a relaxing daze as the steam from the water’s edge danced with the crisp night air. Perhaps the wine was getting to me as well. That was of little concern to me as I poured the last of the bottle into my glass and slowly sipped off the rim.

I set the glass down and turned around facing the overlook, spread my legs apart so the jet could flutter a stream of water between my legs. “Mmmmmm…..” I hummed as I gently rocked my hips up and down. I had all night to achieve a release, so for now I was going to seduce myself and focus on a little foreplay. I knew how I liked to be treated. I was just studying the goose bumps raised up on my forearms when I heard a noise behind me and the light to the deck flipped on. I yelped and hollered, “Shut it off!!” before even inquiring as to who my intruder may be.

Ahhhh….Jack! “Damn!” I cursed. I heard him snicker behind me but he was a gentleman about shutting off the light before approaching the side rail of the deck. My head now resting on the cement in front of me, I was hoping he hadn’t noticed I was naked. Maybe…just maybe the water disguised that one important tidbit. My head swam in confusion as I sucked down the last quarter glass of my wine. After which I turned to Jack and said, “Hey Jack….you are here early!”

I could see his devilish grin reflected off the moonlight but he nodded and told me how he had just finished up a job closer to the cabin than his home, so he left earlier than expected, and not surprisingly, managed to forget the courtesy Bostancı Escort of a phone call. He informed me that he got the key from the rental box and made himself at home. “I took the bedroom in the front, if that’s alright. I saw your stuff in the middle room, so figured it was between Dave and I.” I waved him off…that was the least of my concerns at the moment. Here I was sitting butt naked and drunk carrying on a casual conversation with someone I hardly knew. It was when he declared that he was going inside for a moment to get his suit to join me is when my mind started to race. How was I going to get out of the tub? Grrrrr….. I turned around and sat back on one of the reclining seats, pulling my knees up to my chest, waiting for his return.

I had no time to fret about it, so I just played it off. I mean, we were both adults, right? Jack came back outside, but before coming close to the tub, he asked, “Do you want the light on or off?” but before he could finish, I shrieked, “OFF!” Even I giggled at my own over assertive behavior which made him laugh.

I squinted as he climbed into the tub. “Good…bathing trunks”, I noted.

“Here, give me your glass,” he said and I offered it without hesitation. I took a sip and savored the new flavor; one that he must have brought with him because I couldn’t identify it on my own. As we soaked, our conversation picked up, discussing a wide variety of topics from wine to football, and even upcoming plans for the holidays. As we talked, I could feel my body relax. My legs stretched out across the bench but I still stay low and tuck an arm over my breasts to keep them from bobbing up to the surface and revealing myself. I had caught myself a couple of times and moved quickly to readjust myself.

Jack refilled my glass one more time; the last time I swore to myself. I was going to turn to mush if I kept up this pace for sure! I took a sip and turned to set it down on the deck, but as I turned back, I could feel Jack’s presence beside me. Startled, I jumped, but he rested a hand on my thigh to steady me. I began to protest, not wanting to make this situation any more awkward than it was, and yet, that part of my conscience was arguing quite loudly with the side that wanted to jump into his lap and start fucking him right there.

“Wait,” he said quietly. “Hear me out first, and if you want me to go afterward, please; I will go like this never happened.”

I nodded and listened to what he had to say. I couldn’t help but focus more on his fingers which softly stroked my inner thigh while he spoke. “I can see that I interrupted something when I came in. If I promise not to join in on that….just assist in bringing you pleasure, will you let me?”

I looked at him warily, unsure if I even wanted to go there. All the while, his fingers crept upwards, now resting between my thigh and my shaven crotch. Oooh, how I ached for this! I was in no shape to be making good decisions right now!

“Just lay back. Close your eyes and relax. If at any time you wish to stop, I will stop. I just want to….” But that was all he had to say, because his voice was as intoxicating as the wine I had been sipping on all evening. I was hypnotized and falling into a trance. My legs spread apart as his fingers stroked my smooth lips. He took his time seducing them before slipping a finger between my velvety folds. I moaned as he rubbed me back and forth, working his finger in a little deeper. I peeked and could see him concentrating on my face as his thumb found my swollen nub and rubbed along the base. His touch was gentle and caressing, as he felt his way through my delicate anatomy. When I emitted a gasp or a sigh, he worked harder in that one area until I squirmed. There Erenköy Escort is something to be said about someone physically touching you as opposed to a vibrator or the flicker of water across your skin. It is much more sensual and personal when the person giving you pleasure is only a heartbeat away.

“Now, I would like to try a different position if I may, “he whispered as he pressed his body close to mine. “Come over here,” he said as he took my hand and pulled me across to the bench on the other side of the tub. Instinctively I reached over just to feel if he still had his trunks on, and rubbed up against his hardness. Jack pulled my hand away and muttered, “Unless you want that out, I suggest you keep your hands off of it, alright?” He then he nibbled on my neck before pulling me into his lap and guided me to straddle his thighs. “Now rise up, get off my cock. Yessss…like that,” he uttered as I raised my body up out of the water. I felt my nipples burn and pucker as they hit the frigid air. Jack pulled me forward and sucked one of them into his mouth as one of his hands flatly rubbed across the front of my pussy and two of his long fingers plunged deep inside of me.

I arched my back and sucked in a deep breath when his movements were no longer gentle, but forced. He pressed deeper as if he were searching for something in particular. And when he found it, I emitted a cry so uninhibited, I could hardly control myself. Jack released my nipple and moved onto the other one which was now numb and aching for his attention. His middle finger rolled around in tiny circles across my g-spot, careful not to push or dig too aggressively at it. My hips bucked and I even tried to sit down, but he refused to relent, forcing me to finish what we had started. My breathing now erratic, and my gasps becoming whines, he must have sensed I was close to an eminent release. That was when he bit down on my throbbing nipple just enough to stretch it out. The distraction from my pelvis was just enough before he rubbed me furiously; I had to grab onto the sides of the tub to hold my balance.

As the rapture of my orgasm weakened my muscles as well as my mind, I fought to regain my breath. Jack released his tight grip on my breast, but rested his cheek against it as my body worked its way from the putty state he put it in. I was so relaxed and warm; I couldn’t move. I had to though, or I felt that Jack would want more from me. More that I was unwilling to give at this point because my focus, even while I laid here naked in Jacks arms, was on David.

I pulled away, crouching in the middle of the tub to stay warm. I had lost all sense of time and had no idea how long I had been in there, but I was wrinkled up like a prune. I was lost for words, unsure if “Thank you” was appropriate.

Even I wasn’t that intoxicated to know that would have come out awkward. Had it not been for a movement out of the corner of my eye, I probably would have said something foolish, but instead I jumped as David pulled himself away from the doorway. He stood there holding a towel and opened it up for me. I paused, not believing my eyes that he had arrived early as well. Unsure now of what sort of trouble I had gotten myself into, I still remembered it wasn’t like we had been dating. I just hoped that I hadn’t ruined the whole week after all this.

I meekly crawled out of the tub and let David wrap me up with the towel. I just couldn’t meet his eyes.

“I warmed her up for you, just like you asked!” Jack snickered as he taunted David with what he had witnessed.

I could not contain my surprise as I whipped my face around to meet David’s. He rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, “I said, warm the cabin up. NOT her!” but his tone was playful as he tightened his grip on the towel, and pulling me close. “You are you warmed up, aren’t you?”

I nodded and grinned shyly.

“Well, let’s go inside, maybe you can come and spread some of that warmth,” he whispered as he pulled my body close and kissed me.

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