The Game – Introduction

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Contains many different themes including gay, cuckold, exhibitionism, and more. No characters described are minors / under the age of 18, and the events described are fictional despite any events they may be based on.


I’ll start out with that I’m just an ordinary red blooded American male that comes from a small midwest town that nobody has ever heard of. I’m attending a small community college located in a small college town located just outside a large metro city. I played sports growing up, but didn’t excel so no paid scholarships for me. I hold down a part time job at the college helping with janitorial duties every evening after class to help with the costs of tuition and boarding.

Fortunately, my living arrangements is staying in the dorms where I share a room with Jay. Before moving in together, we’d never met, but we both came from pretty much the same type of community, another small town, but closer to the east coast. And just like me, Jay played sports, but again, no scholarships, and we both worked after class for the college.

Jay and I hit it off almost immediately and we pretty much spent most of our time together when not in class or working. We quickly found we had the same interests and neither of us had a girlfriend, but we both were very interested in the opposite sex. In fact, sex actually became our main interest where we would spend hours talking about our past sexual experiences. Speaking for myself, many of mine were a bit exaggerated, but I’m sure his were as well.

One particular evening, we had called it a night and both were lying in our beds. Escort Fikirtepe Jay was telling me about when he and his old girlfriend were having sex one time. He was such a good story teller and was very descriptive as he described her so it was easy to picture what he told in my mind. The more he talked, the more excited I became and was thankful that the room was dark as I my cock was rock hard. The more the story went on, the more I felt the need to get a release of the pressure building within. I timed it perfectly so as he spoke, I quietly slid my boxers down below my butt and balls and uncovered myself from my blankets. Looking around the room, it was pitch dark as I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. So I grabbed my hard cock with my hand and began to slowly stroke it as he continued with his story.

Cautiously, I tried to only stroke it when he was talking as I didn’t want him to know what I was doing just across the small room from him. Jay continued with his story and was telling me how this girl he was fucking wanted him to fuck her ass. He was saying how he was pressing his cock up against her little asshole and how she was squirming around as he pushed. Hearing this, I was getting very close to exploding and could feel my cum building up from my balls. He then explained how his cock head had just pushed by the outer ring of her ass and was slowly getting past her inner ring that would allow him fully inside her. As he pushed, the skin encircling his cock eventually stretched enough to allow his cock to slowly slide in. He continued to push in until his balls were Sancaktepe escort against her tight little pussy in which he said he then began to piston in and out of her tight ass.

I was now to the point of no return and was pumping my hand on my cock as though it was my cock in her ass. I could see her asshole wrapped tight around my cock as I fucked her mercilessly. I could hear her in my mind telling me to keep fucking her as I pumped harder and harder and squeezed my hand tighter as I imagined her asshole would do during her climax. I felt the cum rising from my balls and the base of my cock began to burn with my eruption at a point of no return. Suddenly, the light of a flashlight lit me up! Me lying on my back, my cock pointed straight in the air, and now my cock spurting load after load of cum into the air and across my chest, stomach, and face. I tried to cover up yelling at him to shut it off, but he laughed telling me don’t worry about it and then said that he thought it was hot. He then shut off the light as I lie there covered in cum and my cock going limp eventually lying across my balls with cum dribbling out the end linking my cock to my sack.

I was pissed, embarrassed, yet, I felt good with the after feeling euphoria of just having sex. Jay kept apologizing and eventually offered to allow me to watch him jerk off. Being so pissed off, I told him I wasn’t interested and that I just wanted to go to sleep. Jay then said to at least wash up and clean myself off as it was never good to sleep in your own cum, in which he chuckled as he said it. This sent me over the edge üsküdar escort bayan in which I then told him that it was his fault and that he should clean it off for me.

The next word I heard was “okay”. I then heard the sounds of bare feet on the linoleum floor coming near me and I feel the bed move with Jay sitting down next to me. I feel his hand on my cock as he runs his finger tip along the end of my cock scooping up the cum dribbling off the end. I then feel him move on the bed sitting down on my legs and eventually feel him lean forward eventually grabbing my limp cock with his hand and putting it all in his mouth. The warmth of his mouth feels great and I can feel my cock beginning to harden again. “Not so quick, big boy” he says as he releases it from his mouth. Jay then begins to lick my balls cleaning off what had dribbled there. Once he was done, he asked if he could turn on the light in the room as he wanted to keep cleaning. Go ahead, I responded in which I felt him get off the bed and heard him walk to the light switch.

When he turned the light on, I saw that Jay was completely naked. I never considered myself gay, but have to admit, he was looking good. Jay was my size in about every way, and I mean every way. We were both about six foot tall, 180 pounds, yet not overly muscular or slim, but not fat. I then noticed his cock. Jay was completely shaved down there and his uncut cock was hard as a rock. His balls hung behind his cock like a bag with two dates inside and were hanging low.

Jay walked back over and resumed where he was sitting on my legs. He then leaned forward and began to lick the cum off my lower stomach, then up to my chest and eventually, licked some from my cheek below my eye. “I’m sorry” he said. He then kissed my cheek, got off the bed, and walked towards the light switch as I watched his tight ass walk away, and the lights went dark.

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