The Follower

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“Stalking” is not a word I like. It sounds — bad. I really like the word “following”. I’d been following Sandy for a year, now. Her name was Sandra and I knew she didn’t like to be called Sandy, but that was who she was to me, Sandy. In the first six months she’d gone on one date. The guy must have been a real dud, because she hadn’t gone out with him again. She had not gone on a date since then. I was looking forward to changing that.

During the first six months I’d established her pattern. She is so dependable and so regular. Monday through Friday she gets up at 5:45 and leaves for her office at 6:30. It’s a 20 minute drive to the pool company she works for, so she’s always 10 minutes early. She always gets home at 4:35. Tuesday evening she goes grocery shopping. Wednesday evening she goes to church. Other than church service Sunday morning, she stays home.

After about seven months I’d finally gotten into her home on the pretext of a service call for the water company. It had taken several months to put together everything necessary to pull off the deception. She sat trustingly in the living room while I ‘investigated’ the pressure problem in her bathroom. I put two miniature cameras in the bathroom and two more in her bedroom.

Friday morning I’d watched from my computer as she woke up, stretched and headed for the bathroom. Switching camera views, I held my breath as she tossed her nightie onto the floor and climbed into the shower. She’s even more beautiful than I expected. Her tits are full and very firm, her stomach flat and her pussy is shaved smooth. I almost cum just watching her shower and dress. I’ve been enjoying that time every morning for nearly five months now.

For the next several days the evening had been very predictable. She’d come into the bedroom immediately when she got home from work and changed into jeans and a tee shirt. At 10:30 she comes back into the bedroom and undresses, pulls on the night gown and goes to bed. I enjoy watching her dress and undress, and it is exciting to watch her when she goes into the bathroom to pee.

Thursday evening is the first time I find something to get really excited about. It’s 11:00 before she comes into the bedroom and it’s obvious that something is different. She’s breathing hard and she practically tears her clothes off. Falling on the bed she squeezes her tits for a few minutes before she starts rubbing her cunt. Several minutes later she grabs a vibrator from the compartment on her headboard. She pushes it deep into her pussy and works Anadolu Yakası Escort it in and out for almost five minutes before she cums. She lays on her back, legs spread, the vibrator still sticking out of her cunt for several minutes as she catches her breath. Then she puts the vibrator away and pulls on the gown and goes to sleep.

It’s a weekly ritual. Thursday, and only Thursday, she masturbates. And watching her, so do I. She cums and so do I.

It takes me several months to figure out how to hack into her cable account and find her viewing log. I go to the log for the past Thursday and find that at 10:00 she’s switched to channel 154. It’s the first time all week she’s viewed anything other than standard network. Opening a channel viewing guide I find the 10:00 slot for that channel is a cop show. I guess I’ll have to watch it this week. It’s hard to imagine a cop show getting anyone that excited, but I don’t have any other explanation.

For the next several days I enjoy watching Sandy shower and dress in the mornings. Thursday evening at 10 I turn my TV to channel 154. According to the guide, detectives Mondue and Berst solve a murder. As I watch the show I learn that Mondue is Karen Mondue, a petite redhead with a very pretty face and an incredible body. Her partner, Berst, is Hank Berst. He’s a young looking guy with an athletic build and an engaging smile.

They start putting the pieces together very quickly and at the half hour mark have figured out that the next door neighbor killed the teen age girl because she wouldn’t fuck him. The scene in the interrogation room fills nearly ten minutes as Karen sets the guy up and Hank pushes him into confessing. Pretty much your normal cop show, but it’s running nearly 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

And then I get the answer to my question. Instead of a celebration drink at the local bar, Hank and Karen head for her apartment.

They barely get the door shut before he has his tongue in her mouth and his hand on her tit. Within minutes he has her clothes off and she’s pulling his shirt off. Somehow they manage to keep the camera from showing her tits, and then the camera is showing his back, just slightly below his waist. And you can see the top of her head moving back and forth. You never see his cock, or her mouth on it, but it’s real obvious. After several minutes, he groans and pushes her away. And then the camera moves to her back. You can see just a hint of a gorgeously firm tit and the top of his head moving ever so slightly as Pendik Escort he is very plainly eating her cunt. For several minutes she moans and groans and begs him for more. Finally they get into the bed. He’s on top, with the sheet pulled up almost to his waist. As he slowly moves up and down you get an occasional glance of the side of her tit. And then they both cum. Over and over they cum. As the camera fades they’re laying side by side talking about how much it turns them on to solve crimes.

The only thing that turns me on more than the near porn on the TV is the knowledge of how it’s affecting Sandy a few blocks away and knowing what I’m going to see on my computer in a few minutes. As I expected she’s in her bedroom, stripping in only minutes. As she masturbates, so do I. As she cums, so do I. Now I have my answer. Now I need to figure out how to use it.

That Sunday I go to Sandy’s church for the first time. Before I leave the wonderful people of the hospitality team have fixed me up with an information package and a plastic sleeved name tag that tells everyone that I’m Pat. Within a few weeks Sandy is greeting me by name as if we’d known each other for years.

I continue to study her cable viewing log looking for the last piece of the puzzle. It’s almost a year from the very first time that I followed her that I realize that she never misses a chance to watch a show about modern art. The timing couldn’t be better. A small, relatively unknown, art house in a town 30 miles away, is having an exhibition of several contemporary artists. The show is running for a week.

That Sunday, after church, I manage to turn a pleasant “Hello” into a short discussion about the exhibit. As I expected, Sandy is very interested. Since Thursday is the only evening that I’m not ‘busy’ she agrees to join me for a trip to the art gallery, even though it will mean missing her favorite TV show.

We have a very enjoyable evening at the gallery. I let her do most of the talking, acting as though I really understand and care about the intricacies of modern art. As we’re driving home, I mention the cop show I recently started watching on Thursday evenings. It will be over by the time we get back to town, but I’ve set my DVR to record it. I see Sandy’s eyes light up and I ask if she’d like to stop at my place and watch it with me. She hesitates for just a moment before accepting the invitation.

Back at my place we kick off our shoes and curl up on the couch. Skipping through the commercials it only takes Hank Kurtköy Escort and Karen 22 minutes to solve the terrible murder of a thirteen year old girl. As they tumble into her apartment, kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes, I hit the pause button. Sandy gasps.

“It gets really hot from here,” I warn. “Are you sure you want to watch?”

She draws a deep breath, wiggles a little closer, and whispers, “Yes. Yes, please.”

As Karen drops to her knees in front of Hank, Sandy starts squirming and her breathing gets fast and shallow. I’m having a really hard time not letting her see just how turned on I am. And then Hank and Karen trade places. You really can’t see him eating her pussy, but it couldn’t be more obvious.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” she whispers. I wonder if Sandy is going to cum right there on my couch.

Again I hit the pause.

“Oh, shit, Pat, don’t stop it now!”

“Are you sure you want to watch the rest of this, now?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Wouldn’t you rather go into the other room and let me do that for you? We can come back and watch the rest later if you’d like.” I let my hand move slowly across her thigh and rub her cunt gently through the tight slacks she’s wearing.

“Oh shit, Pat! Do you really want ….”

Do I really want? I’ve been waiting for this for a year! Damn straight I want! Stay calm. Don’t let her see how hot I really am. “Yes, Sandra. I really want to.” I get up and hold out my hands. Slowly she reaches out and lets me take her hands. It is so hard to go slow, but I manage not to rip her clothes off when we get into the bedroom. Still, it’s only a minute or two at most before we’re both naked. She is even hotter than she looks on the videos I’ve been watching for the last several months. She stretches out on the bed and I spend what seems to be a beautiful eternity sucking on the most beautiful nipples I’ve ever seen. And then, slowly I move to the sweetest pussy in town and push my tongue gently into her. For the next fifteen minutes I move slowly back and forth from her clit to her tits to her cunt and back to her tits. Neither one of us is able to keep track of how many orgasms she has and neither one of us cares.

Finally convinced that she will never forget our one evening together, I crawl up beside her and kiss her. She can’t know that Friday my lease expires and my new apartment is on the other side of town. She can’t know that a week ago I followed a stunning young red-head home from an office building to her apartment only two blocks from my new one. She can’t know that this will be our only evening together.



“Do you want me to…?”

“Yes, Sandra, please do!”

She slides slowly down the bed, rolls over between my legs and begins gently licking my pussy.

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