The Fireman’s Cousin

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Hi my name is Charles and I’ve been a firefighter for the city of Philadelphia for almost nine years. For the last three of those years I’ve been involved in a sexual relationship with one of my first cousin. A relationship that doesn’t involve vaginal intercourse at all, it is mostly oral with occasional anal. There is also quite a bit of petting and masturbation as well as other things we do to pleasure each other.

I think a quick statement of my views on the art of felatio would be helpful here, because oral sex is what my cousin and I engage in most often. I have always broken blowjobs into the following four categories.

There are the blowjobs you get when you talk a girl into sucking you off that don’t really want to. Although there is something to be said for the small victory of getting her to do something she really didn’t want to do, it’s usually not her best effort.

Then there are the blowjobs girls give to please you. They may want to thank you for something special you did or there may be something special they want you to do. Sometimes they’ll give you a good blowjob to encouraging you to give them a call after you’ve picked them up at a club, you know give you a little taste of potential good times to come. There is real effort here and excellent head is usually given.

Better blowjobs are given by girls that are just in the mood to suck a dick. Just like us guys sometimes get the urge to eat pussy; girls sometimes just have a desire to have a dick in their mouth. Granted, most girls rarely feel this urge, but when they do they give a really great blowjob.

However the best blowjobs are given by girls that simply like to suck dick. I don’t know if they’re born this way or just developed a taste for dick or what. They are rare, but I’ve been lucky enough to have met a few over the years. It was a bit of a shock to find out that Mary Ann was one of these girls; she gives great head because she really enjoys sucking dick. Mary Ann enjoys sucking as much as fucking.

I would have to put my pussy eating efforts at a strong number two. When I eat pussy it is only to give pleasure to my partner. I do enjoy pleasing my partner, but can’t say that I enjoy eating pussy as much as fucking pussy.

Next let me take a second to try and explain why I’m posting this for all to see. I was the guy you knew back in high school that always told everyone what he was getting sexually and from whom. If a girl was putting out to me everybody know about it. I made a lot of girls very popular. High school was great and I got more then anybody else I knew of. Those were the days. But who can I tell about getting blowjobs and butt fucking my cousin, certainly not my fireman buddies.

After high school I joined the Army and enjoyed it very much, but didn’t want to make a career out of it. The ten points they give veterans on the fireman’s test makes all the difference, just about all Philly firefighters are veterans.

I was still single when I started with the Fire Department and think it’s the best job in the world. We also have the best work schedule, four days on four days off. How can you beat it, I hang out with my fireman buddies and we have a ball. Firefighters become very close; we live together, eat together and hang together. So of course I share my sexual conquests with them, but to a somewhat lesser degree from my high school days.

For the first few years in the Fire Department, I hung out with my fireman buddies in the single bars of the greater Philadelphia area. Every summer we’d rent a New Jersey shore house for the season and every winter a place in the Pocono Mountains. During this time I searched for my perfect woman, a tall, blue eyed blond with long legs and huge breast.

I never did find my perfect woman, but I had a lot of fun looking and did find a few that were close. Some didn’t have the blond hair or blue eyes. Others were very pretty blonds but short. I think most men have an image of their perfected woman in their mind that they never find. But I did finally meet Helen. Helen was a tall blond with bright blue eyes, with the face and build of a runway model. She could well have been a model if she would have pursued it. She had everything I wanted in a woman except gigantic breasts. After a few years of dating and a year engagement, we were married and are still happily married today. I’m still very much in love with my wife, but as you would expect, the sex isn’t what it was when we were dating and just married. It isn’t as hot and it isn’t as often. Receiving oral sex from Helen has almost stopped completely.

You may also wonder how I can say I’m in love with my wife while having a sexual relationship with a cousin and casual sex with girls I meet in bars. Easy, I love my cousin as a cousin, we do what we do just to pleasure each other; it’s just sex, like the sex I have with the girls I occasionally pick up at clubs.

I realize this sexual relationship with my cousin is escort numaraları hard for most people to understand, that’s why I would never tell any of my fireman friends, and I really, really miss not being able to tell. I would love to tell them about this pretty and very busty girl that loves sucking my dick and lets me cum in her mouth and on her face and tits. Tell them how I fuck her in the ass and between her big tits. If she wasn’t my cousin I’d even show them some of the videos we’ve made. They’d be amazed. Posting this on the net isn’t anywhere near as good as showing photos and telling my buddies in the bar, but it will have to do.

I’m going to give you a little of our background and try to tell you how this all got started, it may help you understand if just a little.

My cousin Mary Ann is a year and two months younger then me. Being near in age we were fairly close growing up in this big, mostly Italian family. Mary Ann always had what I would call the typical short and busty Italian body. This meant she would look very sexy in tight or low cut outfits and fat in loose and baggy clothes. My Uncle Tony would hit the roof if Mary Ann tried to wear anything that showed off her sexy body. This meant poor Mary Ann had to wear loose and baggy clothes till she got married. Even after she was married she was careful about what she wore around her father.

As we got older we saw less and less of each other as we preferred to be with our friend outside the family. We did still see each other at the bigger family affairs like Thanksgiving, and some birthdays. Sometimes I would bring a girlfriend, whoever I’d happen to be dating at the time. But Mary Ann always brought Tom, the only guy I ever remember her going out with.

Tom was and is a nice guy, who just couldn’t get enough of Mary Ann when they were dating. He was also very bright and became a student at one of the University here in Philly. He graduated with some kind of engineering degree and they got engaged shortly afterwards.

I liked Tom and Mary Ann, but didn’t see much of them when they were first married. Mostly just at family gatherings. Their first house was nearby, but I had only been there a few times. When we did get together, Tom mostly talked about his job, which sucked because I don’t have an engineering degree and didn’t understand or care what he was talking about and found conversation with him very boring.

That’s how it went for the next few years. They did of course come to my wedding, but outside of family events we rarely saw each other. In fact I hardly ever saw any family members, I was to busy running around with my firemen buddies. Hey, we’re firemen and that’s what we do.

I did know that Tom and Mary Ann had a huge house built somewhere in northern New Jersey, but had never gotten around to visiting them. I was told by family members that Tom had become a big shot in his field and was making big bucks. How much is big bucks I couldn’t tell you, but I was glad to hear Tom and Mary Ann were doing so well.

When my baby sister Donna got married Helen and I sat next to Mary Ann and Tom at the reception and it was nice. We hadn’t seen or talked to each other for at least a couple of years. You could tell that Mary Ann and Tom were really glad to see us and Helen and I were glad to see them as well. Although Helen and Mary Ann didn’t know each other very well they always seemed to get along great and have a lot to talk about.

During the many conversations of the night, a minor back injury I suffered fighting a fire a few years ago came up. I have completely recovered, but still use the bad back routine to get out of chores around the house. One of the treatments at the comp clinic was soaking in a hot tub. When I said how wonderful this made my back feel, Mary Ann and Tom told me I had to come visit them at their new house. It turned out they had two hot tubs, one in the master bedroom and another in the back yard next to the pool. They were very enthusiastic about it and persisted till Helen and I agreed to visit them the following weekend.

The trip to Tom and Mary Ann’s new house took about an hour. It was well off the beaten path and very exclusive. Their new three story house was gigantic, it seemed like a mansion compared to the northeast Philadelphia twin that we live in. The front was light brown stone with four white dormer windows sticking out of the roof. I don’t know how many rooms there are, but it’s a bunch. I remember thinking it was to much house for just the two of them. Tom and Mary Ann probably would never have any children, they assumed there was a problem, but never bother to find out with whom and had already decided against adoption. They just figured it wasn’t to be.

We pulled into their driveway and Mary Ann came running out the front door in a one piece bathing suit smiling and waving with her big boobs jiggling all over the place. As we watched gaziantep escort bayan numaraları Mary Ann bouncing around Helen commented that Mary Ann must have the biggest boobs in the family. I agreed with her and you have to remember this is a family filled with short busty Italian women. It was then that I started to realize that Mary Ann was very lonely. She hugged us both and told us Tom was in his office working as usual.

Mary Ann gave us a quick tour of the house and it really was something, especially the master bedroom. The master bedroom had it all, a fireplace, big canopied bed and a huge master bathroom complete with a hot tub. After the tour Helen and I changed into our swimming suits and sat at one of the umbrella tables on the patio by the pool. Tom came out, said hi and then went in to get into his swim wear. Mary Ann got a bottle of wine and glasses and I sat sipping my wine while Mary Ann and Helen set out some snacks.

While they were going back and forth bring out little trays of food, I was checking them both out in their bathing suits. They were very different, but both had very attractive hourglass shapes. Helen is tall, blond, and thin. Maryann is short, brunette with lots of very sexy curves.

Tom came out and we all got into the heated swimming pool. Helen just stayed on the pool steps getting just her feet wet like always. She can’t swim and is very light so she soon headed back under the umbrella to get out of the sun. The rest of us splashed and swam around the pool having fun in the warm water. An hour or so later, Tom got out, fired up the grill and started cooking with Helen. While Tom and Helen were getting some chow ready there really wasn’t anything for me and Mary Ann to do, so we got some more wine and then slipped into the spa to soak in the hot swirling water.

Looking back, this was really the start of this new relationship between us. While we sat talking Mary Ann was unconsciously (I think it was unconsciously) rubbing her leg against my leg, I on the other hand was very aware of it and found it very arousing. When I finished my wine, Mary Ann offered to get me another. I thanked her and checked out her nice round butt as she walked to the tables to get it. As she walked back I watch her big boobs jiggle with every step. When she got back in the spa and bent over to give me the wine, I very obviously looked down the top of her swim suit and told her she had a really great set of boobs as a joke. I thought she might hit me on the head and call me fresh or something, but instead she laughed and shook them for me. When she sat down she was smiling from ear to ear and her nipples started showing. Now as we were talking she was rubbing her leg against my leg and her boob against my arm. I didn’t know if she was aware of what she was doing, but I was starting to get a hard on. Luckily Tom called us to eat before I became fully erect and I was wearing baggy swim trunks. How embarrassing would that have been, getting out of a hot tub with your cousin with a hard on in front of your wife and her husband.

While we were eating, Tom asked how my back felt after being in the hot tub. “Great.” I told him “The hot water really relaxes my back muscles.”

Then Tom started telling me to come and use the spas whenever I wanted to. Mary Ann started saying how everyday she’s here alone and would really enjoy some company. On top of both of them, Helen started telling them how much I complained about my back at home.

“I only complain when you ask me to lift something heavy.” I joked, but what else could I do but agree to come and soak in their spas. Mary Ann just stared at me smiling after I had agreed to come and use the hot tubs. Again the realization of Mary Ann’s loneliness became very apparent to me, but nobody else seemed to be noticing it.

I started wondering if Tom had a girlfriend at work or something. While we talked he hardly even looked at Mary Ann while I was trying my best not to stare at her chest. I’ll never understand why married men get involved with girlfriends. Hey there’s nothing wrong with getting a shot on the side, but to get into an emotionally committed relationship with another woman is just stupid.

The day soon turned into early evening and we all had a good time swimming and talking by the pool and soaking in the hot tub. Occasionally Tom would slip up and start talking about his work and Mary Ann would tell him to stop. He’d apologize and we’d all laugh and remind him we had no idea what he was talking about. It was easy to understand why he was so valued where he worked, Tom was not just brilliant but passionate about his work.

Somewhere around 10:00pm we decided we should start to head home. Tom and Mary Ann thanked us for coming and Mary Ann made me repeat my promise to come and use the spas. She also had me explain what my work schedule was so she could figure out what days I would gaziantep escort numaraları be off and kept smiling at me. I was really starting to believe that Mary Ann was hitting on me right in front of Helen and Tom. In fact I expected Helen to say something about it on the ride home, but all she talked about was their gorgeous home.

During the next work week I thought about Mary Ann on a few occasions and talked myself into believing that it was the wine that had me thinking she was coming on to me. When my days off rolled around again I figured I’d stick to my usual routine and do enough work around the house to keep Helen happy, then go hangout with my friends.

On my second day off, Mary Ann called around 9:00am and asked me why I hadn’t come over yesterday. I didn’t know what to say so I told her my back still felt great from being in the hot tub when we had visited. She said great, but I could hear the hurt in her voice, so I told her that I was busy today, but I assured her I would make it tomorrow. She sounded better after hearing that so we said goodbye.

On the ride to Mary Ann’s house, I started thinking what a pain in the ass this had turn into. I also wonder how many trips I’d have to make before I could stop without hurting Mary Ann’s feelings. I really didn’t want to declare my back healed, it got me out of to much work at home. I would just have to play it by ear till I worked it out.

When I got to Mary Ann’s house around 10:00am, she again came running out to meet me in the driveway. This time she had on a two piece bathing suit that was a little more revealing. Not a bikini or anything real skimpy, but with a body like hers there was a lot to see. She hugged and kissed me hello and was just beaming she was so glad to see me. We sat in the kitchen and talked for a while then I changed into my swim trunks and we got into the hot tub by the pool, and again as we talked she did a lot of touching and rubbing against me with her legs and breasts.

We started talking about the wedding and I started making fun of some of our relatives. We were both laughing having a good time and the harder Mary Ann laughed the harder she would push her big boob into my arm. At one point she laughed and pushed so hard it knocked me sideways a little.

“Hey careful there,” I said “you’ll hurt someone with those big boobs of yours.”

Her hearing me say she had big boobs again brought a smile and a look to her face that really surprised me.

“What, you didn’t know you had big boobs?” I asked her jokingly.

“They’re not that big.” she said smiling shyly.

“Are you kidding?” I asked. “You have the biggest boobs in the family.” I told her. Mary Ann laughed at that and asked if I really thought so. I assured her it was true and this made her giggle like a little girl.

It felt a little weird talking to my cousin about how big her breasts were, so I told Mary Ann I was getting hungry. She offered to cook me what ever I wanted, but I told her a sandwich would be fine. I watched her as she got out of the spa and dried that sexy body off with a towel. When she caught me looking she smiled and told me she would be right back with some lunch and walked her sexiest walk as she smiled at me over her shoulder. I sat in the hot tube alone for about five more minutes telling myself to stop having dirty thoughts about my cousin, but at the same time I knew it sure felt like it was going in that direction.

I got out of the spa, dried off and sat at one of the tables on the patio. A few minutes later Mary Ann came out with a tray of sandwiches and a bottle of wine. I didn’t think anything about the wine, hey were Italian we always have wine with meals. We ate, drank and talked. The truth is we were enjoying each other, but the sexual tension was still there.

When the wine was gone Mary Ann went and got another bottle. I remained her that I was driving and she told me to have just one more glass. She poured the wine and we talked some more. I sipped my wine, but Mary Ann finished hers rather quickly and poured herself another. What the heck I thought, she wasn’t driving or anything. We talk about our family, the wedding and other things. We were laughing and joking with each other, when out of the blue she asked me if she had nice boobs or were they just big boobs.

This really caught me off guard so I try to laugh off her question by saying I’ve never seen you topless. Without hesitation she reached around her back undid the top of her bathing suit and took it off. I just sat there staring at her perfect breasts and I mean they were perfect. Identical twins that got bigger as they came away from her chest and then turned up. When she squeezes them together there is a little space in the cleavage that just screams insert dick here. Her nipples were hard and her areolas were light brown and slightly bigger then silver dollars. Her nipples were as thick as the end of my thumbs and sticking out about an inch.

“Well?” she asked smiling, but there was a great deal of uncertainty in her voice.

“They’re great.” I told her, “Just perfect.”

“Do you really like them?” she asked with a voice that was begging for sincerity.

I told her they were beautiful and she should be very proud of them.

“Well at least somebody likes them.” She said with relief in her voice.

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