The Farm Ch. 01

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The first time I visited The Farm I was around fourteen and on a retreat with our youth group. The big, old farmhouse and surrounding property are owned by a local church and rented out for retreats of all kinds. There is no actual “farm” per se, meaning the house isn’t surrounded by fields, but it is very secluded and surrounded mostly by forest. After that first visit, we would generally take at least one retreat per year with the entire youth group, but occasionally some of us would be taken up on maintenance trips. We’d mow the large lawn, cut firewood and maintain the nature trail as well as making sure the interior of the house was clean and ready for the next retreat group. This was all organized by the director of the youth center and was essentially volunteer community service.

As we got older and many of us had been on the retreats and maintenance trips for a number of years, there were times that Dan, the director, wouldn’t accompany us on the maintenance trips. He’d lay out what needed to be done and allow us to spend the night or the weekend up there, sometimes stopping in to check up on us and sometimes not, depending on who was involved. Myself and my three closest friends had helped Dan out quite a bit over the years and he grew to trust us to handle the chores as well as the other volunteers. One spring weekend, he sent a group of us up to handle the usual tasks as well as to air the place out now that the weather was warming up.

We took two vehicles, one being the youth center van, but didn’t take anyone who was technically a “youth” since we’d be staying up there over the entire weekend; Dan didn’t like to do a trip involving youths unless he was going to be there the entire time. In addition to myself and my three closest friends, Jeff, Frit and Ted, we also brought along Brian and Mark, who were twins, and Denise, Sarah, Maryann, Karen and Chrissy. I don’t know whether Dan ever worried about any funny business between the “boys” and the “girls” but I suspect that since he trusted us and he’d known most of us since we were pretty young, he probably didn’t sweat it. This was the first time, though, that he’d sent such a big coed group of us on our own.

We got up there on Friday afternoon and, realizing that the grass was pretty long, I thought it would be a good idea to mow the trail right away so the riding mower could be used on the lawn the next day. Nobody really liked mowing the trail because it was a long, slow trip that had to be done twice in order to mow the entire width, so I volunteered to do it. I didn’t mind the solitude but I also knew that I could use it as leverage to get out of any other difficult or tedious tasks for the rest of the weekend. I gassed up the mower, checked the fluids and started it up. I wasn’t too concerned about what everyone else was up to as I headed into the forest hugging one side of the trail.

I was surprised when, a short way down the trail, I saw Denise walking ahead of me; I hadn’t realized that anyone had left the immediate area of the house. She heard me coming and stopped along the side of the trail to wait for me. I pulled up and put the mower in neutral, not wanting to shut if off in case it wouldn’t start again, and chided Denise for being out on the trail alone. She smiled sheepishly and admitted that it probably wasn’t her best idea, but that she’d wanted to hike the trail and no one had wanted to go for a long walk with her. I told her that I’d be coming back on the return trip if she wanted to continue, but I may have frightened her just a bit because she hesitated. The mower didn’t have much of a seat, but I went ahead and asked her if she wanted to motorized tour of the trail. She smiled, then climbed up on my lap.

I let her steer, which didn’t require much effort, and just kind of held onto her so she didn’t bounce right off of me. The seat had some pretty good springs and despite the trail being fairly smooth, we got to bouncing pretty good as we drove along. The problem, I soon discovered, was with her ass bouncing up and down essentially right on top of my cock, it didn’t take long before I was sporting wood. I knew there was no way Denise couldn’t feel it and was beginning to wonder how I was going to last the entire remaining length of the trail without blowing a load in my shorts when Denise turned and asked if we could stop for a minute. I put on the brake and got us into neutral again as Denise lifted up off my lap then reached down to massage my throbbing tool.

She turned to face me while pulling her shorts and panties to the side with one hand and taking my hand in her other. Seeing her dark blonde bush made my cock throb even more, but when she guided my hand to it and I felt that she was dripping wet, I let out an audible moan. She suggested that, since we were both obviously having the same reaction to this “tour,” Bostancı Escort we go ahead and fully enjoy it. I was all about that. We both stripped off our shorts and underwear, putting them under my ass so we didn’t lose them along the way, then she sat on my lap, still facing forward, with my cock embedded in her hot, wet pussy. I put the mower back in gear and we surged onward.

I’d known Denise for a long time, but we’d never had sex before. In years past we’d played truth-or-dare and made out as a result of that, but had never been in a situation where we might have hooked up, particularly as we had gotten older. She was a bottle-blonde with a nice round ass and pretty large tits. As we cruised along on the mower, she wasn’t riding me, just enjoying the same bouncing sensation, but quite a bit more. I slipped my hands up under her shirt and cupped her jiggling tits through her sports bra before pulling it up and over them. Her nipples were hard against my palms as I caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her bouncing tits.

She did an admirable job of keeping the mower on a straight path as we cruised along, though I could hear her moaning over the sound of the engine. I was enjoying the feel of her pussy wrapped around my tool, but since she wasn’t really fucking me, I was able to enjoy it without feeling like I was in imminent danger of cumming too quickly. Denise, on the other hand, came for the first time shortly after we were in motion again. It seemed like whenever we hit a bumpy section, she came again pretty easily. Eventually, I dropped one hand down from her tits, despite how much I was enjoying them, to stroke her clit as we rode. It wasn’t long after that when she seemed to be cumming almost continuously. When I realized that we were getting pretty close to the end of the trail, I eased the brake down in the hopes of fucking her hard until I came, then getting dressed again for the remainder of the trip.

Once we were stopped, Denise did ride me hard briefly, but she was practically out of her mind from cumming so much and couldn’t take anymore. At her suggestion, we both hopped off the mower and got away from the spinning blades before she dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my rigid shaft. I ran my fingers through her curly blonde hair as she engulfed my cock in her hot mouth. She didn’t bother with any slow, teasing build-up, knowing that I was already as hot as she had been. She sucked my cock voraciously, her head bobbing up and down and her hands gripping my ass. I moaned as I felt my long-delayed orgasm rapidly building. She was a really talented cocksucker, though her task wasn’t too difficult, being as worked up as I was already.

She removed her hands from my ass and, while one gently fondled my balls, the other pumped the base of my cock as she was sucking it. I was moaning louder as my cock began to swell and my orgasm swiftly approached. Finally, with a cry that I was glad was drowned out by the mower, I started spewing into Denise’s mouth. My orgasm seemed endless and Denise never let up in her enthusiastic attention until I was clearly spent and beginning to soften. She stood and told me that she expected that we’d be getting together regularly after this as she raised her shirt to fix her bra. Before she had a chance, I reached out to caress her tits, not wanting her to hide them away just yet. As I ran my hands over her fleshy globes, I told her that I agreed that we were just getting started. I let her pull her bra back in place, then handed her panties and shorts to her and began to slip into my own briefs.

While we dressed, Denise never stopped talking about how hot a ride it had been. When she confessed that she needed to share the experience with someone, I was glad that she asked me who I’d consider to make the return trip with. I’d secretly had the hots for Maryann for a long time, but we’d never so much as kissed, much less fucked on a riding mower. She had long, dirty-blonde hair and was thin with small, perky breasts and nice ass. I told Denise that if she could talk Maryann into it, to have her meet me right up the trail; I’d be going to gas up the mower again.

I wasn’t counting on Maryann being there; I figured my experience with Denise had been a fluke and, hell, I’d just gotten laid and blown, so I wasn’t complaining. I topped off the tank and cruised back over to the trail. As I got out of sight of the house, I was stunned to see Maryann waiting a little further ahead. She beamed as I got closer and, when I stopped, she told me that Denise had explained that this was not a ride to miss. Just to be sure she knew what she was getting into, I asked her if Denise had explained exactly what was going on. Maryann nodded her head eagerly and asked if she should take off her shorts. I smiled and shook my head, telling her that we’d want to Kadıköy Escort get a little bit further from the house first. I had her climb up onto my lap and take control of the steering wheel while I got us moving again.

The combination of Maryann bouncing on my lap, the fact that it was her and the knowledge that she was aware of where this ride would lead had me rising again in no time at all. In the meantime, though, I pressed the fingertips of one of my hands against the front of her shorts in the region of her clit so that she would feel additional stimulation as we bounced. When I was certain that I was good and hard, I brought the mower to a stop and Maryann hopped down. As I watched, she dropped her black shorts to her ankles and peeled her tank top over her head. My eyes goggled as I took in her thin figure clad only in a bra and, what turned out to be, thong panties. She smiled shyly at my obvious appreciation, then popped open her bra, revealing her perky tits. I stared openly at her hard nipples until she started sliding her panties down. I watched as her panties went lower and yet no bush came into view. Her panties dropped down her legs to her ankles to join her shorts as her smooth, shaved lips were exposed to the forest air.

While she picked up her clothes, I stripped mine off, my rigid cock springing out and pointing in her direction. She stared as openly at my cock as I had at her body, which made it throb even more with desire for her. We got our clothes arranged, I sat on top of them and she positioned herself much as Denise had, reaching between her legs to guide my cock to her pussy. As she lowered herself down onto my shaft, we both groaned; her pussy felt tighter than Denise’s yet was equally slick. With my shaft embedded, I put the mower back in gear and we started to roll, my hands going right to her tits. I had stared at her tits so many times that I couldn’t believe that I finally had them in my hands, and in such a surreal setting. Like Denise, I was impressed with Maryann’s steering, especially as I heard her moaning and felt the first shudder passing through her body.

Since we were both completely naked, my hands gradually moved down from her tits to her waist and around her ass, exploring all of her smooth, exposed flesh. Eventually, after another orgasm or two, I slipped a finger between her smooth lips to press against her clit. As we bounced on, my finger stimulated her to the same level of agitation that Denise had experienced. I brought the mower to a stop again and pushed her slightly forward over the steering wheel, fucking her hard with my hips smacking against her ass. As I felt my second orgasm finally beginning to really well up, I reluctantly pulled free of her sweet pussy and she hopped off the mower. I followed her until she stopped and kneeled, taking my stiff cock in her hand and jerking it while sliding her lips down my shaft.

Her talents rivaled Denise’s as she bobbed her head up and down on my tool, drawing my orgasm ever closer. She continued to jerk my throbbing rod as she darted her tongue out to lick my balls briefly. As her lips closed over my shaft once again, I was right on the verge and was shortly blowing my load down her throat. She sucked me dry before letting my shrinking cock fall from her mouth. Standing, she gave me a big hug and we pressed our naked bodies together. According to Maryann, Denise had been right about the intensity of the experience; she, too, wanted to make sure this wasn’t the last time we were naked together. She asked if there was something between me and Denise and I answered only the same that was between us, nothing more. She smiled and squeezed me again.

We got dressed and I was confident that I’d be seeing her naked again very soon. She rode the rest of the way back to the house with me but, as I put the mower away, she dashed off to compare notes with Denise. When I was done, I grabbed a tall, cold glass of iced tea and was pleased to find the hammock vacant, hanging in the shade. I lay there sipping my drink and reflecting on what I had just experienced. I don’t know how much time passed before I was joined by Sarah. The hammock was big enough for both of us, so she climbed on at the other end and looked at me for a minute before telling me that she felt left out. She’d clearly been in on the conversation between Maryann and Denise, but the thing about Sara is that she is an avowed virgin. She makes no secret of the fact that she is saving herself for her wedding night, so I told her straight out that her chastity is what left her out, not my lack of interest. She responded by saying that just because she was saving herself didn’t mean she didn’t get horny. I told her that if she was open to other things that didn’t involve fucking to satisfy her carnal desires, I’d be perfectly willing to help her out. She Göztepe Escort thought for a minute before responding that oral sex didn’t have the intimacy of intercourse and that was part of what she wanted.

Just as she was saying that she guessed she was out of luck, I told her that there was a way to get about as close to fucking as possible, without actually doing it. I definitely piqued her curiosity. There was still a fair amount of daylight left and I knew that once the sun started to set, we’d all gravitate toward the kitchen to start making dinner. I also knew that with the sun still up, the house was probably empty. I got up off the hammock and had her follow me inside and upstairs. There were six bedrooms in the house, five upstairs and one downstairs. Of the upstairs five, one was a single, two were doubles and the last two had multiple beds. I led Sarah to the single then closed and locked the door behind us. I turned to Sarah and my cock was already rising as I looked at her. She was very thin with small breasts (we called them mosquito bites), a freckled face and long, straight light brown hair. She wasn’t exactly somebody who was typical fantasy fodder, but I was definitely interested in seeing her naked.

I confirmed that she was certain that this was something she wanted to do, then started to undress. She started to do the same, but more slowly as she watched me, obviously staring at the bulge in my briefs when I dropped my shorts. I watched her reaction as I pushed my briefs down and my once-again stiff cock popped out. She still hadn’t managed to get her t-shirt over her head as my briefs hit my ankles, so I could see her hard nipples pressing against the thin material. I reached out to help her and we managed to get her t-shirt off, revealing that she was braless underneath. She didn’t really need the support for her small, perky breasts, which were topped with small, but amazingly hard nipples. I reached for the button of her shorts and she allowed me to open them and let them drop to her ankles. I took hold of her panties next and slid them down her long, thin legs, exposing a trim bush the same color as the hair on her head.

Seeing her naked was making my cock throb, and I definitely would like to have fucked her, but, knowing that wasn’t going to happen, I was content with something over nothing. She looked at me inquisitively, since I was the one with the plan, so I had her lie on the bed and stuck two pillows under her ass. Kneeling between her spread legs, I placed my cock between her legs, rubbing the length of my shaft against her slit. I then had her squeeze her legs together so that my shaft was trapped between her smooth thighs and held against her slit. In this position, I started to fuck her thighs, much as I would fuck a big-breasted woman’s tits, while my cock slid up and down against her clit. She sucked in her breath with a slight cry and gave me the immediate impression that this was something she was happy with.

The smooth skin of her thighs combined with the lubrication leaking from her slit and coating the underside of my cock made for a different, but highly pleasurable feeling. As we got into a rhythm, Sarah turned her lower body to the side so that her legs were both on one side of me and I was now fucking the horizontal space between her thighs with her pussy lubing up the side of my shaft now. This also revealed her ass to me, so I ran one of my hands over her smooth cheeks. I couldn’t kiss her in this position, so I couldn’t give her total intimacy, but she didn’t seem to be complaining. I couldn’t resist removing my hand from her ass and reaching forward to brush it over her hard nipples, which I would love to have been sucking on.

The longer I “fucked” her, the more lubrication she seemed to be producing. After a bit, I flipped her legs over to the other side of me, completely coating my cock and making fucking her thighs very slick. Not long after I repositioned her legs, a soft cry escaped her and she began to shake as she came. I was really enjoying this new experiment; I was naked with Sarah and essentially “fucking” her while she was able to remain a virgin. I saw a lot of potential for this. Meanwhile, my cock was beginning to swell and my orgasm was building as I continued to pump my cock between her slippery thighs. I was fucking harder, feeling ready to cum, when Sarah had her second orgasm and flooded my cock with even more lubricant. A few more minutes of sliding between her thighs and I began to spew onto her belly.

Once I was spent, Sarah spread her legs and released my cock, saying that she would have been more than happy to finish me off with her mouth. As I crawled up to lay next to her, I replied that I had enjoyed it that way, but that I expected to take her up on using her mouth another time. We made out for a few minutes as I played with her nipples some more, but when we started to hear activity in the house, we got up and started to dress again. We made out again before peeking out the door to make sure the coast was clear then headed down to the kitchen to help with dinner.

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