The Experience Room Story 04 Pt. 04

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Chapter 4 — The Salon

My arrival at the salon is perfectly timed. The esthetician has just finished up with his previous customer and he escorts me to his chair, first offering to store my bags under the counter. I would expect to have a female doing this job, but this isn’t the first time that I have seen guys working in salons, although I have never had a guy doing my nails. When I sit down in the chair, I notice that there is a slight vibration. When I ask him about it, he smiles and says, “The chairs in our salon all have the massage feature in them. Our customers are treated to a gentle massage as a free part of our service. I can turn it off if you want or adjust it to a different speed if you wish.”

He has such a nice smile, even if his teeth are a little uneven. And I am enjoying the gentle vibration, maybe a bit more than I should, since the center of the vibration seems to be in the back of the seat. We discuss what I would like done with my nails, finally deciding to do them white with a silver pattern overlaid on them. As we have been talking, I have been watching his face and from time to time, have detected the hint of a lisp. As he begins to work on my right hand, filing the edges of my nails smooth, I catch sight of a wire running on the outside of his lower teeth just above the gumline and something dark-coloured behind his teeth. He is wearing a retainer and that explains what is causing the lisp.

While he is concentrating on my nails, I have a chance to examine how the wire is shaped to match the contours of his teeth. When I look closer at the material behind his teeth, I think that I see something metal embedded in it along with a couple of metal loops pushing against the back of his teeth close to the molars. He applies a coat of white polish to my right hand, then shifts to the left side and does the same.

“While we are waiting for your fingers to dry, how about I start on your toes?” he asks.

I am feeling very relaxed by this point, the vibrations having increased and decreased in cycles, the intensity gradually increasing and becoming more pleasurable. I don’t say anything, just nod and extend my foot towards him. He lowers his stool until he is about level with my knees and takes my extended foot, unbuckling the strap around my ankle and slipping it off my foot. He places my foot on his lap and files the edges of the nails smooth, then applies a coat of white polish to match my fingers. After he places my foot on the footrest of the chair, he slides over in front of me and I extend my other foot for him to work on.

Up until now, I have kept my knees together, but in my relaxed condition, they spread just slightly and a little of my upper legs becomes visible from his vantage point. His gaze begins to shift between what he is doing with my foot and what is visible higher up. It takes a while for me to notice where his eyes are looking and when I do, I bring them back together. When he has finished applying the white polish to my toes, he returns to my hands.

Doing the silver overlay takes more time as he has to use a fine brush to do it. He first puts a small dark-grey square box design in the middle of each nail, doing one hand and then the other, then paints a silver line across the nail and over the middle of the box. This time, when he goes to do my toes, I place both feet on his legs at the same, keeping my knees together, although I do pull my skirt up above my knees so that I can watch what he is doing on my toes. As he is finishing the last toenail, he asks me, “Would you like to add a bit of bright colour to the design? It will definitely make them stand out if you do. I have quite a selection to choose from if you are interested.”

I take a quick look at my toes and decide that some colour would be nice. He is right, a bright colour will make them more noticeable. I ask, “What do you have available?”

Rather than answer me, he stands up and turns the chair around until I am facing the mirror. The top of the counter is covered in a rainbow of colours, Bostancı Escort all neatly sorted by colour and shade. Beside the bottles is a plastic half-moon box with the top open slightly. I can see just a hint of metal the same colour as the wire on his teeth. I lean forward to take a closer look at all the different colours available for me to choose from and feel my breasts shift inside my blouse, becoming slightly more prominent. I catch his reflection in the mirror and see that he is watching me and has noticed my breasts shift forward. With the position of my body in the chair and the vibration increasing slightly, my barely covered crotch is pressing down on the seat of the chair, my body is already in an increased state of sensitivity, and seeing him watching me is all that it takes for my nipples to begin to harden.

I return to looking at the array of colours to select from, finally settling on a shade of bright purple. As I reach for the bottle, my finger bumps into the lid of the box, flipping it open. Inside is another orthodontic device that I at first think is a retainer.

“It’s called an expander. I am actually supposed to wear them both most of the time, but I find that it is too hard to speak properly with both in at the same time. They are supposed to expand my jaws so that I can get braces to fix my jaw alignment.” He has a bit of a blush beginning to creep up into his face as he is explaining it to me.

There is something about seeing this unusual device sitting there that is stimulating me. I don’t know if it is the vibrations from the chair, the excitement from my shopping trip or just that he is a good looking guy who is in close contact with my body, but the idea of seeing him wearing both devices at the same time is working on my body. Seemingly of its own accord, my hand picks up his upper expander and I begin to examine it in detail. As I reach out to pick it up, I arch my back slightly, which brings more of my stimulated pussy into contact with the vibrating seat and pushes my bra-less breasts forward, stretching the fabric of my blouse and highlighting my hardening nipples. From the corner of my eye, I see him looking at me in the mirror, watching me looking at his expander.

“Would you do something for me? Would you wear both of them for me while you are finishing my nails?” The blush on my face matches his, although I don’t know if mine is more from the embarrassment of asking him to wear them or the excitement and stimulation I am feeling at the thoughts running through my mind.

While I am waiting for him to answer, I turn the expander in my hand, looking at the variety of wires and adjustment points on it. The wires on the outside are shaped to pull his teeth together, while the wires on the inside are doing the opposite, pushing other teeth apart to create room for movement. There are two adjustment points, one in the back to widen his jaws, and one in the front to push his front teeth forward slightly to create room to bring his canines down and in. He must have had his expanders for a while already, because there are gaps between the sections of his upper plate.

I look at his reflection in the mirror, trying to check out his upper teeth but he is just a little too far away. With my free hand, I pick up the bottle of polish that I have chosen for my nails and push against the counter slightly, turning the chair to face him. I extend both hands to him, the retainer in one hand and the bottle of polish in the other, my body still leaning forward. With both hands extended this way, my arms are pushing against the sides of my bra-less C-cup breasts, squeezing them together and creating a considerable amount of cleavage in the front of my blouse. I watch as his eyes go from my face to my chest, pause there for a bit, then to my hands.

He hesitantly raises his arm and takes the retainer from my hand, looks at it for a bit, then opens his mouth and inserts it. It takes him a couple of tries before he has it inserted correctly and I watch his mouth, fascinated the Ümraniye Escort whole time. Once it is in place, I get a good, although very brief, view of just how complicated the top retainer is. I watch as he moves his lips up, over and around the new wires in his mouth, trying to find a comfortable resting place for them. Finally, he seems satisfied and reluctantly looks at my face, then his gaze travels down to my chest, pausing briefly, and then to my other hand, the one holding the bottle of nail polish.

“Ish thish the colour thash you wanth me to uthe?” he asks, with a very evident lisp. His face starts to turn pink as he blushes. “If you aren’th thure, I can thuggetht thumething elthe.”

Listening to how the upper retainer has altered his speech causes an unexpected reaction in my body. I feel my nipples become completely erect against the fabric of my blouse and know without looking that they are creating visible bumps. I lean back against the chair and smile at him. “I am sure that I will be happy with this colour or any other colour you choose. I will leave it up to you.”

His gaze moves up my arm, then to my chest were it pauses and then to my smiling face. He sits down on the stool again and slides up beside me, taking my hand in his to begin applying the next layer. He takes a very fine brush and begins to add a ring around the grey box that the silver wire goes over and then underneath the corners of the box with a little bit of colour showing along the top and bottom edge, creating a three-dimensional effect. It looks as if the bright colour is holding the wire in place in the box.

I can tell that he is very focused on what he is doing. His lips move up and down as he works on my hand, the wires over his teeth appearing and disappearing as his expression changes depending on how satisfied he is with how his work looks. As he progresses, the smile becomes dominant and I am treated to extended periods of time that I can examine his teeth. I am fascinated by how the imperfections in his teeth are more evident with the expander in place. The small gaps created by the pressure of the expander are more visible, especially where space is being made to move the canines into.

He finishes with the one hand and scoots around to the other side to work on that hand. My view of his face alters and I am able to see the other side of his mouth better. His teeth on this side are slightly different in how the jaws align top and bottom. The top teeth on this side are slightly twisted and tipped in just a bit, resting on the inner edge of his bottom teeth, and this is more evident with how the wire of the retainer is shaped to adjust the alignment and create space between the top teeth on this side.

I can feel my body responding to the visual stimulation, which is evident as I look down at my chest and see the bumps created by my nipples in the front of my blouse. Even with the inner lining on my blouse, there is just not enough material to completely hide how hard they are. It also doesn’t help that I am arching my back slightly, trying to keep more of my pussy in contact with the vibrations coming from the bottom of the seat. I can’t remember being this turned on without either myself or someone else using their fingers on me.

He sets my hand down on the armrest to dry and slides around to in front of me, preparing to work on my toes next. My skirt is still resting just above my knees and I have a good view of him as he adjusts the height of the stool. He doesn’t go quite as far down this time and when I place my foot on his legs, my back of my knee doesn’t quite rest against the front of the seat. My ass shifts forward slightly and I feel the material over my pussy become tighter and the outer lips of my pussy part, allowing the fabric to slip between them, placing pressure directly on my excited clit. Without even realizing it, I let my knees separate just a little.

The smile on his face gets wider, exposing more of his teeth to my view and I get a better, if more distant view of his teeth Kartal Escort and the wires running over them. He takes my foot in his hand and begins to add the same ring design to my toes that he did on my fingers. He seems to be taking longer to do my toes than my fingers took. The way that he is holding my foot seems to be more sensual, almost a massage.

I watch as he finishes painting the ring on the last toe on that foot, then extend my other foot and place it beside the first one, waiting for him to work on it. I don’t realize it, but when he positioned himself this time, he placed himself directly in front of me and if my knees separated any more, he will have a good view between my knees. With both my feet in his lap, and my body responding to both the visual stimulation from his mouth and the vibrations from the chair, my knees spread more than I am aware, giving him an unobstructed view between my legs.

His hands remain steady as he works on my second foot, although it does take him more time to complete the design. It isn’t until both his hands begin to massage my feet and I finally notice where he is looking that I realize just how much I am showing to him. It takes me a moment to analyze my situation and then decide how to react. My body responds faster than my mind and my knees shift apart a little more, giving him a better view. We stay like that for a few moments until my brain finally takes control and I bring my knees together, ending the exhibition that I have been giving him.

I don’t know what to do, but he takes matters into his own hands by raising his stool, rolling over to the counter and selecting a bottle of clear polish to finish off my nails with. His hands have a bit of a tremor as he works on first one hand and then the other. This time, when he lowers the stool to work on my toes, I cross my legs at the knee and extend my feet one at a time for him to work on them, although I do take my time when I switch feet, possibly allowing just a brief glimpse between my legs. So that all the coats of nail polish on the fingers and toes can cure properly, he slides a machine on wheels in front of me that has places that I can insert my hands and feet to cure beneath a blue light.

He leaves me alone for a few minutes while they all cure completely, then returns to remove the machine. I am surprised when he sits down on the stool again and lowers it, reaches over and picks up one of my shoes. When he picks up my foot and places the shoe on it, he gives my foot a quick, gentle caress as he fastens the strap around my ankle. I place my foot on the bar at the front of my chair, slowly cross my legs, making sure that he gets one last look underneath my skirt, and extend my foot so that he can put on my other shoe for me.

The vibrations coming from the seat stop as he lowers the chair and I stand up. As I straighten up, I become aware of just how deep my panties have slide between my pussy lips as I feel my lips come together around the fabric between them, leaving them uncovered. The material covering my ass isn’t much better, having become trapped between my ass cheeks much like a thong.

He takes my hand and curls the fingers over so that they line up and I can see the design. It is then that I get my first good look at the design he has done on nails. The three-dimensional effect is amazing, looking as if the colours really do weave over and under each other. When I put both hands together, it dawns on me that he has painted a set of braces on my fingernails complete with bright coloured ligatures.

“Tho what do you think? Ith it wath you were ethpecting?” His lisp is driving me crazy.

I give him a big smile and run my tongue over my slightly uneven teeth before replying with, “You have more than exceeded my expectations. It is exceptional work. You are a true artist.”

After we walk to the front so that I can settle the bill, I pass over a vent in the floor just outside the front doors and the air flowing out of it blows up my skirt and against the moisture coating my pussy lips. The sensation of the air, combined with the aroused state that I am in, causes my whole body to spasm slightly and I have a micro-orgasm as I leave the salon. I lean against the outside wall until I am in better control of my body, before trying to walk through the mall.

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