The English Teacher

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Eleanor was in charge of acquisitions for the library, but took her turn at the circulation desk like others on the small staff.

“Robert! How nice to see you. Gretchen said you would be home this summer.”

The day was warm, and she wore a flowery summer dress in shades of yellow. Years ago, when she was my eighth grade teacher, I had a terrible adolescent crush. Now, after a marriage and a divorce, she had some lines in her classic features, and showed the effects of ten years of life in a small town. Tall, elegant, aloof. She was trim as always, but not in play. Her body language said ‘not available.’

“Eleanor, you are a vision for my eyes. I come with an invitation for dinner. Mother says you must interrogate me about my foolish desire to finish an English degree.”

Her smile was as quick as I remembered. “Oh yes, I certainly must dissuade you from that. Look what has happened to me, a single woman in a small town library with no prospects whatever!” The smile drifted into a momentary sad expression that said a lot.

“Then we can duel in front of Gretchen about life and love and the great American novel.”

She reached out her hand to press mine. “You are the same young man who teased his teacher in the eighth grade, aren’t you?”

I tried for a grown up male look with a challenge in it. “And you are the same beautiful woman who stirred me up in more ways than one.”

The hand smacked my arm. “I see you have learned some grown up tricks. I will be there at six thirty. With wine.” She turned to the man waiting with a book.

I jogged home the short two blocks, and changed for a more serious run. Mom, alone for several years, had a long list of house chores, but they could wait a little longer. I hugged and kissed her and was out the door. Running was my time to think. I’d spent much of the past year reading American novels, absorbing the uniqueness of our approach to an originally European genre. Americans were brash and idealistic about their great continent and its treasures. Europeans thought, in their cynical ways, we were hopelessly naive. And wrote counterpoint works full of irony and dissipated characters. At least they did until Faulkner and Hemingway and Woolf plumbed new depths.

I picked up the pace, substituting hard breathing for novelistic meanderings. I grinned to myself and looked at the watch. Three miles, time to turn around. Ever since humans developed consciousness, their minds had been at war with their bodies, never more so than when calling on them for a burst of energy to win a race. Now there was a good conundrum for the Darwinists.

My thoughts turned to Eleanor. She and my mother were good friends. Without men in their lives, they found things to do together and shared a common sense of the foibles of small town life. But neither was adventurous enough to do something about their quiet existence. I wondered what I could do to add spice and excitement.

Gretchen was sitting on the patio next to her new pool, sunning and reading a book. I leaned down with a sweaty kiss. Her arm went around my neck and the kiss deepened.

“Your father used to give me sweaty kisses. I would beat on him for being an uncouth rogue. He wouldn’t say anything, just haul me off to the bedroom for sweaty sex and make me scream.”

“If we weren’t closely related, I would be hauling you off myself.”

She pulled my hair and said, “You are a dear, Scott. I am so glad you are here. How long can you stay?”

I didn’t answer, but dropped my shorts and washed in the outdoor shower before taking some laps. The pool was gorgeous, with black tiles in the bottom marking the lanes for laps. I had done a few when she turned up in the next lane, matching my strokes.

We rested at the edge and she said, “I called Eleanor and told her to come for a swim and a sandwich at noon. Perhaps you should greet her like this. She needs a man, but pickings are slim here.”

“Cassie has won my heart. I don’t chase skirts anymore.”

“You are incredibly handsome. The young girls call you a stud, don’t they?” She pressed herself against me and I pulled her tight. She needed a man too, and the pickings were even slimmer.

Even in the cool water, I was hard and she felt it. “Imagine, an old lady getting you aroused. I’m flattered.” She wiggled and I reached down to grip her behind firmly and pull her hips to me.

I whispered harshly in her ear, “See here, Gretchen, if we are back in school and you tease me, there is only one result.”

She drew back but her tongue traced my lips again. “I admit it, I was a terrible tease, but your father put an end to it. On our second date, I let his hands have my bare tits, and then tried to shut him down. It didn’t work. I lost my virginity that night, and loved him for it.”

I pulled her wet head to my chest and said, “I think I would have liked to know the coed Gretchen.”

“But you have me now. Older and wiser and loving my grown up son.”

I dried off and went to see about my email. escort gaziantep She said she would fix some sandwiches if I made a nice fruit punch with some sparkling wine in it at the last minute. She hadn’t bothered with clothes, nor had I, so we returned to the patio and lotioned up, relaxing in the warm sun.

I was dozing when a voice said, “Look at this. I’m shocked, simply shocked.”

I sat up to find Eleanor shedding clothes as she walked across the terrace, smiling at mom and me.

“This is very decadent. Your son, ten years later, is making his teacher all hot.”

As she shed the last of her underwear and dove into the pool, I said to Gretchen, “I had a terrible crush on her in the eighth grade, and never got to see that wonderful body.”

“Cassie would complain about her?”

“Cassie is one of those wonderful women who trusts me, but knows I can’t stop admiring the fair sex.”

“How is she?”

“Torn over being away from me, but wanting to be with her parents, since this trip to Europe may be her father’s last. His Parkinson’s is getting worse.”

Ten laps later, Ellie was in the chair next to me, handing over the sunscreen and asking for application.

“Gretchen tells me you have a wonderful girlfriend. May I have platonic application of lotion?”

“Foolish woman. You are every eighth grader’s dream. Even college junior’s dream. There should be a big husky male snatching my hand from you this very minute.”

“Scott, when you walked up this morning, in all your grown up studliness, my girl parts tingled. If you weren’t taken, I would be breaking small town manners and asking you for a date.” Her look was molten and made my cock rise, which we both noticed.

Gretchen brought sandwiches and punch, which cooled the temperature. We talked about the library and how she enjoyed sharing her love of books and language with readers who were similarly inclined.

She explained that after her failed marriage, going back to Berkeley for a library science degree was a refreshing change. She hadn’t intended to return home, but her ailing parents needed her. They were gone, but inertia and the comfort of her job had stifled thoughts of moving.

I put my hand on hers. “I loved the teacher, and I love the librarian. You will always be special to me.”

She looked at a smiling Gretchen and then at me, her face tense with emotion. “Scott, that is the nicest thing a man has said to me in an age. May I have a kiss to go with it?”

She eased into my lap, the flawless warm skin reminding me of Cassie. The kiss was long and emotional. “God, I wish I could poach, but I won’t. See you at dinner.” Clothes in hand, the white rump disappeared inside.

I was hardly recovered when Gretchen was in the same place, another dose of flawless skin bringing back the same memories. She and Cassie had met at Christmas, and liked each other immediately.

“This is sheer torture. Guys my age are always on the lookout for fresh pussy. You expose me to two of the best and expect me to behave?”

I got a frosty look, “So your mother is reduced to being fresh pussy? That’s a new one.”

I jammed my hand between her legs and sampled the pussy. Hot and wet. Probably needy. “This is very fresh and very special. I am going to ask Cassie for privileges with women she approves.”

Gretchen’s tongue was in my mouth and my fingers were exploring her sun warmed tits.

“What if you just take me, like a brute, and we explain later?”

I stood us up and walked toward her bedroom. She slithered out of my arms and said, “If Eleanor isn’t poaching, neither am I. Do you suppose Cassie would actually give you a hall pass?” She giggled in my ear.

By the sheerest coincidence, my cell started chiming in the distance. I ran for it. “Robert! It’s me. We are back. Dad’s disease acted up and the doctor told him to abandon the trip and return for treatment. When can I come over?”

I was walking back to Gretchen and mouthed at her, “Cassie is back.”

“Mom is right here, let me ask her.”

She took the phone, “Cassie, it’s good to hear your voice. He has been pining away. What about a swim and some late lunch?”

After a few more words, she hung up and smiled at me. “That girl has the hots for you, Robert. She is coming right over. I think I have an urgent shopping trip to make. Call me when it is safe to return.”

My Cassie was already in her suit and went straight for the diving board, with a front flip into the water. I dove from the shallow end and came up under her, sliding my hands up to the fine boobs.

“Hey, girl, it’s good to see you.” The kiss was long and hot. She could feel hardness through the shorts. “I missed you.”

We lay against the edge and kissed some more.

“Do you want me now or later?” I asked. I had the top of her suit down and her stiff nipples in my fingers.

“What about Gretchen?”

“Mom had a sudden shopping requirement. escort gaziantep bayan I think she likes you.”

“So if I ran through the house screaming, no one would hear me?”

“I could find her flogger and give you a real reason to scream.”

She slapped my head and said, “Ok, lover, take me to your bed.”

I put her over my shoulder, caveman style, and paddled the white behind as we ascended the stairs.

I tossed her from five feet away, and she landed spread eagle, laughing at me and the tent in my wet shorts. “Why are those on?”

I slipped them over my erection and they dropped to the floor. He was hard and menacing. “In the novels, it says that if I ravish you, I have to marry you.”

As he buried himself in her welcoming pussy, she wailed, “Yes, love me and marry me!”

She didn’t stop crying for more until I had filled her twice and she had shuddered through several climaxes.

“Damn, I needed that.”

I pulled her in tight, head on shoulder. “Mom and her friend Eleanor have been teasing me. Saying they wouldn’t think of poaching, but they go swimming and lounging with nothing on when I am sitting there.”

“How awful. It makes you hard, doesn’t it?”

“They have nice bodies. There should be males around keeping them in line.”

Her tongue found mine and we kissed again.

“You are not able to do that?”

“You are a witch. I am trying to be honest and all I get is…”

She eased on top and wiggled her sex on my cock. “I think I should give you a license to chase them and do them.”

“What about being exclusive and all that?” I had a tight grip on her muscled globes.

“If I get to watch, you could tell them I approve.” She reached down and slipped him inside.

“Where did your sudden kink come from? Did you and the folks go to one of those Paris reviews?”

She sat up and smiled. “I thought my tits were good enough for you.”

He flipped them over and drove hard. She let out a long “Yessss.”

By the time their breathing was back to normal, she was asleep. He crept away and called Gretchen.

“Hi, the excitement is over. She is having a nap.”

“That bad, eh. You must do good things to her.”

“Next thing, you will be wanting to watch.”

“I do. I do. I’m bringing steak home. Enough for the four of us, her folks too, if they would like to come. You have to be the man and cook meat, open wine, make drinks.”

“Love you, mom. You’re neat.”

I went out to clean the grill. Every part of me felt tuned up and ready for more. My girlfriend was home and loving me and handing out hunting licenses for older women.

Cassie’s folks took a pass because Jim wasn’t feeling well. The doctor had given him a new prescription when they got home, and his body was reacting to it.

Dinner was outside in the warm evening. The steak was rare, the wine was excellent cabernet, and there was a full bowl of salad. The women had tops over bare boobs and gave me sultry looks, inviting pinches. Actually, I felt them up each time I refilled wine glasses, and got low hums. Cheeks were pink and sex was in the air. Eleanor teased me about my writing, saying she knew I had a novel in me since the days I was her student.

I stared at her and said, “You and I will talk. You didn’t teach me how damn hard writing is.”

She answered, “It is consuming. You get recognition for one story. And another. The world is at your door and the publisher wants to know when you will have more. You sit at your desk in the morning, and nothing happens.”

Gretchen said, “They all suffer. Hemingway finally killed himself. I’m not sure I want my son to live like that.”

Cassie had serious eyes and said, “His girlfriend doesn’t want him to either.”

We had dessert inside on the sofa. They grabbed a blanket and crunched in with me. Cassie said, in an accusing tone, “He tells me you have been after him, talking about poaching.”

Cassie was lying on Ellie, rubbing her crotch. My teacher said, “Cassie, he is big and studly. Gretchen and I are just feeling all that maleness. Does he take care of you properly?”

Cassie had her hand inside Ellie’s tank top, exploring. “Why don’t you two hot things have guys chasing you?”

Gretchen was on me and my hands were in forbidden places, making her flinch. “We are high maintenance. Not an easy lay. We want a good cock, and more besides.” Her hand was between my legs. She added, “Someone like Robert.”

Cassie said, “Let’s take this upstairs. We need to talk to him about love, and writing, and great stories.”

She peeled off her top and stood there, massaging her boobs. “There is something in the air in this house that makes me want to be naked.” Her shorts came off and there was bare female underneath. She led us to Gretchen’s bed and turned down the covers. Her stare at me was bold. “Lover, please bring your women some decaf and the cognac bottle.”

When escort gaziantep kızlar I returned with a tray, they were clustered in the big bed, boobs on display. I served and was ordered to the middle, with Cassie on one side, and Eleanor on the other.

“I’m not sure how serious I can be with three incredible female bodies next to me.”

Cassie pulled my hair and said, “We were discussing interesting story lines. You have to have an exciting plot to attract readers. Especially if you are new.”

I said, “If you look at the young adult novels, there is plenty of excitement. Family disasters. Dark rumors about the castle on the hill. Pretty young women hurling themselves on pirates. Or vice versa.”

They looked at me. “I am not a writer of young adult trash, despite my age.”

Cassie pushed me down and lay on top. I massaged her butt and the other women noticed.

“What about a small town tale of intrigue. We could be your advisors. Eleanor will tell you about strange and suspicious men who come to the library.”

Gretchen added her hand to mine on Cassie’s muscled butt. “I could advise you about the sex parts. The husbands cheating on frigid wives. The divorcees shacked up with younger guys because they have discovered they need a hard cock every night.”

Cassie’s head shot up. “What about the private investigators sneaking around in the bushes?”

I said, “What about the kids crying themselves to sleep because their mom and dad just had another terrible fight?”

There was a long silence after that. Cassie put her head down and tightened her grip on me.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t need to say that.”

Gretchen put the light out and burrowed in to me. Eleanor did the same on the other side. Cassie asked, “I’m supposed to sleep up here?”

Gretchen said, “Life can be tough. We are lucky to have Robert.”

There was quiet humming. I wondered about how to write and take care of my women at the same time, and fell asleep.

In the morning, Cassie was on her side between Ellie and me. I nibbled on her neck and she twitched.

I was nice and hard. Cassie raised her thigh to let him grow and he poked up along her cleft. She giggled and Eleanor woke up and turned to us. “You two are bad. I suppose you want some privacy?”

Gretchen’s hand was across me, discovering where my equipment had gone. “He is right up against her sex. How does he get those privileges, Cassie?”

“He is very nice to me. I come every time. I told him he could have sex with you if you wanted. He said you told him you wanted him but weren’t going to poach.” She reached down and slipped me inside. I fondled her boob and pinched a fat nipple.

Gretchen and Ellie went in the bathroom. I whispered, “Should I go after them now?”

She squeezed me and said, “Yes. Do Ellie first. I want to see your cock wet with me go plunging straight in.”

The showered women returned, toweling themselves and looking at the two of us tightly coupled.

Ellie said, “I think he is in her.”

Cassie grinned, “You better come and find out.” She reached out her arms to the sexy librarian, who fell on the bed into a hot clinch. I eased back out of the way and around to their open thighs. Ellie was so busy frenching Cassie, she didn’t know what was happening until my big, hard cock was driving a path into her underused cunt.

“Oh, Robert, yes. Take me. I’m just a lousy poacher.”

Gretchen laughed and climbed on the bed, her beautiful tits bouncing. I reached an arm and pulled her over Ellie’s back. My hand descended on her white rump at the same time I drove hard into Ellie, who was still kissing Cassie. This was a lovely pile of sexy women. I swatted Ellie’s ass and told her to hurry up and come, her friend was waiting. Her cunt was throbbing and another hard swat did it. “Oh yes, that is the best…”

I flipped Gretchen on her back with my cock ready at her entrance. “Yes?” I asked.

“Yes!” We collided hard and fast. She was caught in the moment, and wanted what her friends had gotten. I whispered, “I’ve saved the best for last, now come!”

She screamed and bucked up and I unleashed the firehose, flipping us at the same time. She moaned and shook and took hits from Cassie and Eleanor. “Look at that slutty thing. Have you watched a better climax? That woman knows how to come.”

Cassie sat up and said, “Well, you have poached on my property. What do you have to say for yourselves?” She leaned down and licked some come from my wilting prick.

Gretchen and Ellie were in a clinch, whispering. I also wanted a taste and wormed my way between their twined legs. Cassie joined me and we feasted on the orgasmic bodies.

“Ellie, we have been totally had. Two of them at once. We’ll never recover.”

Breakfast was on the patio, served by Cassie and me. The cougars sat there in workout clothes, glowing.

“Ladies, it’s been a pleasure helping you with your early morning workout. I recommend it every day, if possible.”

“Jerk!” Cassie had my long hair in her fist and I was being dragged away for our run.

“I didn’t say you could do that again. Only the French have menage a trois, and we are four!

“Hey, you saw how fired up they were. Both of them have been on an abstinence diet and it showed.”

“If my mom finds out about this, she will have a fit.”

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