The Enchantment of Juliet

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It was a well know fact, whenever Malcolm traveled abroad for business, Juliet was certain to be at his side.

Malcolm and Juliet spent the first twenty-five years of their marriage, wandering the cobblestone streets of Paris, holding hands crossing the bridges of Amsterdam, and kissing as they floated along the canals of Venice.

They were a young 27 when they began their lifelong journey together, and Malcolm believed he had the perfect arrangement. He disliked traveling alone, and Juliet loved exploring new places.

Their twenty-sixth year together, all of Malcolm’s hard work finally paid off.

At 53, he became the new Vice President of Marketing. His traveling didn’t stop because of the promotion however, it actually became more frequent.

The following year Malcolm asked his wife to join him on an unscheduled trip to Spain.

Juliet said no.

That was the first time she refused to join him. She told Malcolm she loved him deeply, and would miss him anytime he was away. Yet she had grown weary of all the traveling and preferred to remain at home.

Malcolm understood. A long distance flight every few weeks is rather bothersome for most people. He just never considered Juliet most people.

True to his heart, prior to every departure for the next two years Malcolm asked Julia to join him. Invariably she declined.

On the last night before his departures, Malcolm would always spend the entire evening at home with Juliet. They were romantic and sensual delights, full of warm hands, hot mouths, and tender touches.

However, Malcolm didn’t mind admitting to a little disappointment when Juliet remained behind. He loved his wife and he was happy roaming the world with her. Malcolm truly considered their journeys together one of the greatest benefits of his career. Traveling for the company took him to the most remarkable places on earth, many historic and all romantic. Just the types of venues, any loving spouse would want to share.

One sunny August afternoon, Malcolm was deep in another budget meeting, two months before a scheduled departure for Shanghai. He decided to extend his travel plans an additional two weeks, and ask his wife to join him in China, despite the fear Juliet would once again decline.

Well it would be better to say he was prepared to plead.

Yet to his marvelous surprise, Juliet accepted immediately. Not only had she agreed to join him, Juliet was actually looking forward to the trip. He found out then, a journey through China had been a childhood dream of hers.

Malcolm was overjoyed as he basked in the delight he brought to his wife’s exotic eyes. They were shaped like almonds, pupils the yellow-green of peridot with outer rings as dark as dragon amber. Whenever Juliet was happy, those eyes would sparkle as brilliantly as the stars in a velvet night sky.

It pleased him, that he was once again able to make them sparkle, watching as she mapped out their oriental itinerary. Malcolm laughed joyously with Juliet tucked under his chin, cradled against his chest, wrapping her with his arms. Happy herself, her mind flipped furiously from one idea to another, laying out plans and sites for their journey.

In typical Juliet fashion, she wanted to update her wardrobe, with a few new pieces for him thrown in. Malcolm didn’t mind the expense; he loved the way Juliet looked. No matter she was shapelier than the usual runway model, he loved her curves. He loved the way she felt beneath his hands, and the way she felt beneath him as he stroked deep inside her.

A professor of Egyptian history, Juliet made sure she was always immaculately, dressed. Suits from Vera Wang, Versace and Anne Klein are just a few names common to her closet.

Despite the professional exterior, Malcolm knew the true Juliet was hiding underneath. He was the one who filled her lingerie with corsets, garters, and anything else he wanted to see hugging her sexy five-six body.

Never one to be shy, Juliet always wore his choices proudly. Not just to please Malcolm, but because she enjoyed the way she felt in her sultry silkies, and the way he looked at her whenever she did. As a result, large portions of her under garments were delft blue, the color he loved most against her creamy chocolate skin.

After a passionate kiss at the front door, Juliet left Malcolm for her shopping fun. He didn’t mind. He had his own purchases to make for the trip, more specifically for the long ride to Shanghai.

This flight was the first one they would take together in a very long while, and he wanted to make sure it would not be their last.

Malcolm believed he had a plan, one insuring a reunion with his old travel companion, or so he hoped. First class cabin space, a rented limousine for their departure, and reservations in several four-star hotels for their stay, he had the details all arranged. However, Malcolm wasn’t finished.

It took him three long nights of searching; a difficult thing to do with Juliet’s constant Escort İstanbul hovering. Even with her repeated disturbances, and his lack of sleep, Malcolm finally found just the right gift.

Flawlessly sized and wonderfully crafted, it had the added bonus of being the perfect, brilliant shade of blue. An over night jaunt with the local courier company, and then wrapping in a tiny handcrafted rosewood box he had already chosen. As his preparations moved toward fruition, Malcolm smiled mischievously, adding a spirited glow to his smoky grey eyes.

As far as he was concerned, Malcolm was packed and ready to head to Shanghai. He rubbed his hands together wickedly, thinking about the next stage of his plans.

Their final night at home, Malcolm wove a magical evening for Juliet.

He began with a picnic dinner on the lake, in a cabin cruiser he borrowed for the occasion. With the wind streaming through the curls of her brown hair, and the sunset highlighting her face, Malcolm had never seen Juliet any lovelier.

Yes, they had grown old together, their temples now touched with the delicate feathers of gray, but to Malcolm’s eyes she was still the vixen he married.

Stretched out on the forward hull in soft cinnamon shorts and beige sailor top, Juliet laughed when she realized Malcolm was watching her from the helm. The luscious length of him had her body pulsing, leaving her breathless.

His chin square, mouth generous and decidedly masculine, with a nose formal enough to called patrician, Malcolm was rakishly handsome. Tall and as deeply tanned as a pirate, his black hair ruffled in the evening wind. Caught in the breeze, the crisp white linen shirt molded over the toned muscles of his body. Unbuttoned nearly to the waist, the waving edges taunted her with glimpses of the tight dark hairs Juliet loved to tease.

Malcolm and Juliet lingered on the lake as the sun slowly sank into the horizon. They lay on the deck together, talking and laughing, the stars beginning to twinkle brightly above.

Lulled by the gentle waves rocking their boat, Juliet cradled deeper into Malcolm’s arms. She was warm and soft beside him, bringing an ache to his body as her full breasts pressed into his side. Relishing her touch, Malcolm pulled Juliet closer, dipping his head to savor the delicate flurry of her breath against his skin.

He marveled as Juliet watched him through hooded eyes, his mouth finally sliding over hers. Moaning slightly, Malcolm nibbled her lips, still sweet from the fruit of their dessert. He teased the satin seam with his tongue, begging her to open, and allow entry to the heated well of her. Tender fingers stroked her soft face gently, feeling the blood pounding in her veins beneath the line of her neck. Her passion whispered to him, calling to Malcolm, demanding he satisfy her need.

Caught in a spell woven of sun, of wine and his unique male spice, Juliet succumbed willingly. She moaned into the heat of his mouth, hand sinking into the softness of his hair, wrapping the black strands around her fingers.

Juliet turned in Malcolm’s arms, pouring her very soul into the kiss. Heat raged through her system, tightening her breast, and hardening her nipples as she sought so much more lying on that deck. When Malcolm pulled her closer, Juliet flamed, a wild fire out of control. She was nothing more than raw need, craving his touch and her husband’s slow relaxed exploration of her body.

But disappointment loomed. Juliet’s wish would remain unfulfilled.

Malcolm fought his own rising passions and eased away. Juliet clutched at his shoulders realizing her yearnings would go unsatisfied. A whimper squeezed from her throat as she laid there, the echo of his kiss in the hammering within her heart. Juliet opened her eyes, the desire she saw burning from Malcolm’s face lit another overwhelming flame inside her.

He told Juliet it was time to go home, reminding her they needed to pack. She nodded weakly, misunderstanding the slow wicked smile creeping across Malcolm’s face.

Crossing the threshold, Malcolm and Juliet laughed and played as clothes flew across the room, and while suitcases filled. With the last bag locked and taken to the door, a hopeful Juliet prepared for bed.

Malcolm drew a steamy bath, brimming with bubbles and scented with jasmine. He called to her when all was ready, one of his most charming smiles softening rugged features. Juliet wore her own smile as she walked into the bathroom, now aglow with white pillar candles scattered over the marble countertops.

The gentle pirate gathered Juliet in his arms, hands at the waist of her robe, tongue sweeping the warm curve of her throat. He swam in the heady sensations, in the full moist silk of her lips, in the velvet of her tongue as it tangled with his own.

Juliet sighed softly and Malcolm claimed that sigh, drowning in the heat streaming from her skin. Strong hands slipped beneath the linen ties of her robe, adrift along Juliet’s İstanbul Escort Bayan sides, flicking tight nipples as they passed.

Malcolm’s fingers crested the silky skin of her shoulders, the cloth a faint whisper falling from his hands, a puddle of saffron fabric on the floor.

He deepened his kiss, molding her curves to his body. Beneath his trousers, Malcolm’s sex was full and heavy as he rubbed against her cleft.

Caging the beast raging inside, Malcolm scooped Juliet up and carried her to the waiting tub. He lowered her slowly, whiskers scratching her fevered skin as the warm water lapped gently. The ethereal glow of the candles cast the room in shadows and mystery, aiding Malcolm with his sensual endeavor.

Her damp skin glistened in the candlelight as Juliet relaxed among the bubbles, eyes closed as if deep in ecstasy. She writhed slowly as Malcolm bathed her sensitive breasts in lazy languid circles, the bath sponge filled with her favorite soap, the fragrance of rose cloaking them both.

Storm gray eyes locked in a heated gaze with her green-amber ones as Malcolm sank his soapy fingers into her hairless cleft. Juliet threw her head back as a long ragged moan rushed from her; a tender smile blossoming on Malcolm’s face.

He bent low, trapping a swollen nipple in between his lips. Malcolm suckled long and hard, his mouth intensifying the long slow feel of the stroking fingers as they swam through more than the wetness of water.

Juliet’s inner muscles clamped onto the invading lengths, stroking him as he thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew. Malcolm hummed, his breath a low churning whistle as he changed the angle of his hand.

Her eyes went liquid and molten hot, her hips flexed as she succumbed to the sensations Malcolm raised inside her. Deeper and deeper he thrust, while Juliet arched her nipple further into his mouth. Fingers buried in his inky black mane, she gripped his head, urging Malcolm to continue. Her whimpers begging for the release Juliet only found in his touch.

With a final loving pass of his tongue, and thumb, across hypersensitive flesh, Malcolm placed a single gentle kiss on her brow. He stood, remarking on the lateness of the hour, and left Juliet to her bath.

Chuckling low at her exasperated huff, he shut the door. The cool wood felt good against his back, pausing as he did to calm his racing heart and raging erection. Vowing not to fall prey to his own unsatisfied urges, Malcolm sucked in a lungful of air and moved on.

Juliet sat in the warm embrace of the claw footed tub, fingers trailing up and down her hot swollen labia. Feet braced on either side of the swan neck faucet, she spread her knees, offering herself to the candlelit air. Need hammered away at her, spiraling hotter and tighter with each fingertip pass cresting her clit. Pressing harder, her fingers delved into her pulsing slit, replacing Malcolm’s thicker ones.

Sinking lower into the fragrant bubbles, she drew teasing concentric circles on her areola, pinching her nipple at the spiral’s end. But, no matter how deeply she pushed her fingers, or caressed her willing clit, nothing duplicated the fluttering feel of Malcolm inside her.

Truly frustrated, Juliet tried to finish her bath, despite the ache deep in her core. The luscious heat she felt under Malcolm’s tender ministrations, were now a sizzling torment as the water lapped at her skin. The soft saucer shaped sea sponge, a teasing rasp spilling suds over the fine grained texture of her heated skin.

Dry mouthed, pulse racing, with limbs no stronger than overcooked noodles, Juliet joined Malcolm in queen sized bed. But his back turned. Malcolm was feigning sleep, a smile hidden by the curve of his pillow. To a sleepless Juliet, the rosy blush of dawn pierced their bedroom unusually early the morning of their flight. No matter how obvious her hint, Malcolm would not join her in the shower. Instead, he patiently waited, listening as Juliet tried to ease her growing ache. Knowing his wife well enough to predict her failure, he smiled, lighting a tea candle beneath a chalice filled with rose oil. Naked, he waited on the bed, toying with the undergarments, he had chosen for their travel.

Juliet emerged, grimacing at her husband, another frustrating bath done. Malcolm once again stripped the robe from Juliet and laid her face down on the flowery peach bedspread.

Wickedly, he straddled her legs, strong hands working the warm slippery fluid into her skin. Fingers skillfully kneaded and massaged her shoulders, loosening the muscles of her back, teasing the flesh of her hips and buttock.

Juliet purred, woman content, when Malcolm leaned into his work. With slow, educated fingers he pressed delicious circles into the warm expanse of her skin.

Painfully, unimaginably erect, his cock rocked in the warm divide of her rear. Malcolm breathed in deeply the heady musk of her arousal, delighting in the oily slide of his heavily veined shaft Anadolu Yakası Escort riding along her taut round globes.

Juliet gave a sexy little wiggle as Malcolm eased further down, pressing himself into the long crevice between her thighs. His warm oil coated hands dipped into the familiar hollow, massaging the sensitive skin of upper thigh, deftly avoiding the weeping valley of her sex. Juliet was panting by the time Malcolm turned her over. Her entire body shuddering with restrained pleasure. She writhed on her back; Malcolm’s cock a pounding weight on her stomach. He watched her pretty breasts dance, mouth watering for the sweet, dark, nut sized nipples.

But indulgence was not part of his plan.

Malcolm dripped warm oil into his hand, some leaking through his fingers to cascade drop by drop over her engorged nipples, taking a criminally slow slide down the curved sides. Oblivious to the torture, Malcolm palmed and kneaded each wonderful mound, delicately rolling the stiff brown buttons with his oil slicked fingers. The tearing plum-tinted crown of his cock beat a stunning tattoo on her clit as he worked.

Malcolm enjoyed the tiny noises coming for Juliet, but his plans pushed her a bit further. Much to Juliet’s chagrin, he dressed her, fastening a blue lace garter belt around her shapely waist. Warm hands gathered a sheer stocking, slipping the rich coffee colored silk over Juliet’s foot.

Braced against his thigh, her foot snuggled his erection, now thick and proud as it stood from his dark curls. His hands smoothed the delicate weave past trim ankles, past the familiar curves of her calf, then up and onto her trembling thigh. Malcolm dressed the other leg just as slowly, charging her body as his knuckled skimmed the damp curls between her legs. Nimble fingers danced among the gooseflesh pebbling the back of her thighs as he reached for the stays attached to her belt.

Malcolm stood patting her thigh. Green-amber eyes darkened dramatically when Juliet sighed longingly. She realized her husband was leaving her unsatisfied yet again, and that nothing but his touch would satisfy her hunger, no matter how hard she may try.

With a tender kiss on her cheek, tucking a blue lace bra into her palm. Malcolm told Juliet they were running late and she should hurry and finish dressing. Asking her to forgo panties, he headed for his bath. In a desperate angry huff, Juliet flung herself down onto the bed, arms out in despair.

Malcolm had the driver fill the limousine with his wife’s favorite flowers, jasmine, lavender and roses in full bloom.

But lost in a cloud of need, Juliet hardly noticed anything during the unremarkable trip to the airport. All she knew was the throbbing, clawing need deeply rooted in her core. All she longed for was release.

After Malcolm’s intimate, yet incomplete attentions Juliet fidgeted in her seat. Legs pressed tight together avoiding the seductive heat, and delicious friction of Malcolm’s hip and thigh. The added pressure along her inflamed slit did little to help Juliet relax.

Laughing softly at the driver’s light joke, Malcolm was fully aware of Juliet’s frustrated state. Pleased with his plan’s success so far, Malcolm twirled his fingers in the riot of curls at her neck. The tender touch sent the tiny butterflies winging about in her stomach and liquid need once again burning along her veins.

When the car finally arrived at the international departure concourse, Juliet was grateful. She stood on the curb quaking, lungs sucking in great portions of air, trying to calm already frayed nerves.

Walking through the airport the damp silk undergarments slid over her swollen skin, like a relentless hidden tongue. Even the shadow of the screener’s security wand skimming over her clothes was enough to leave Juliet quaking.

Malcolm watched his nerve racked wife, a small part of him sympathetic to her troubles, but another deeper part of him strangely pleased.

When finally they settled at the gate for Huang-Chi Airlines, Malcolm presented his gift to Juliet.

Buried in the soft cream nest of tissue paper, a box with a brass inlay top enchanted her. The delicate swirls of white and pale blue along the sides brought a smile to her face.

Juliet turned the box slowly in her palm, struggling to find the opening. Malcolm reached over, cradling her hand in his. With his other, he pressed the twin brass hearts on the top, releasing the lock with a click.

In a rare moment of uncertainty Malcolm’s heart beat frantically in his chest, as he anxiously waited for Juliet to look inside.

Nestled on a bed of opalescent silk, was a Danish blue, lipstick sized, wireless bullet vibrator.

Juliet laughed, her mind awhirl with the whens, the wheres and the hows of Malcolm’s salacious gift.

Her reaction relaxed Malcolm, and he released the air trapped in his lungs. With a hand on her wrist, Malcolm smiled and nodded to a nearby bathroom.

Stunned and surprised, Juliet thought for a moment, tipped her head once and left. By the time Juliet returned, empty box in hand, boarding had already begun. The bit of cool metal felt strange to Juliet as it drifted inside her. She grew damp as the bullet warmed slightly, and then slick as it begin to buzz.

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