The Drive Home

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It was a warm, balmy Saturday night as the young, 30-something couple drove home after a dinner out. They had enjoyed a few drinks and a good meal at their favorite BBQ restaurant and they were both a bit buzzed. The windows and sunroof were open allowing the warm night air to caress them as the Eagles Hotel California came from the CD player of their new black Nissan Maxima. It was 1997 and they had recently bought the sleek sexy car for her and she loved the looks she got from men as she drove it. After dinner, she had asked her husband to drive because she had something in mind that would require her hands to be free as they drove home.

The woman, a cute blond with a strong resemblance to a young Meg Ryan, wore a blue flowered summer skirt and white top that showed her small, firm breasts off nicely. She had purposefully worn a sheer bra and thong panties that evening, not only because they made her feel sexy, but also because she hoped to tease her husband a bit with her nipples showing through her thin sweater top. Several times during dinner she had noticed men at nearby tables were having a hard time keeping their eyes off her tits. Her normally jealous husband had also noticed, but tonight his jealousy seemed to fuel his arousal. Halfway through their meal she had casually mentioned to him that the fabric of her tiny panties was softly rubbing her pussy lips and making her wet. This sexy revelation combined with the attention she was receiving from other men had worked so well that she noticed his cock growing hard in his shorts. She gave it a quick rub under the table which caused him to squirm in the booth next to her.

Normally she wasn’t this bold in displaying her interest in sex, but things had cooled a bit lately with her husband and she was hoping to light the fire again tonight. Now as they made their way home through the darkness she couldn’t help reaching over and caressing his cock through the fabric of his shorts. He jumped at the contact not expecting her advances since it was normally him who had to initiated sex, and while he had responded favorably to her sexually charged comments at dinner, he assumed it would be up to him to move things along after they got home.

She was pleased that he was obviously hard now as she stroked and squeezed him while he drove. By no means was his the biggest cock she had ever been with; he was an average length, but much thinner than the rest. Now through the layers of underwear and shorts it felt almost as thick as the one she had enjoyed last prior to marrying him. That one had been a tight fit in her pussy and she remembered how the big thick white cock had stretched her open as the large head pushed into her. She’d only had it a few times, but it left a vivid memory all these years later. She was content with her husband’s cock these days though and there were even a few upsides to its slender profile. Early on during one of their first times fooling around before they were married, she’d discovered she could take his entire slim shaft into her mouth, deep throating him much to their mutual pleasure. And she’d been willing, and even excited to occasionally take him in her ass since his dick was so slim. Something she’d never done with any of the others.

Thoughts of the big white cock and her husband fucking her ass helped to increase her arousal as she continued to stroke his dick in the car. Her nipples had hardened even more and she couldn’t İstanbul Escort resist rubbing them through her tight top. “You’re in quite a mood, aren’t you?” her husband asked appreciatively, hoping she would continue her touches.

“Mmmaybe” she said playfully, dragging her fingernails along the shaft of his fabric encased cock. “Too bad the girls are home tonight, I was thinking it would be nice to feel your cock in my pussy.” As if to fully demonstrate the thought, she reached down and pulled the hem of her skirt up revealing her lace thong which had worked their way between her rounded lips. She stroked the spot where her clit was under the fabric of her panties with one finger and gave his cock head another squeeze. He groaned noticeably and squirmed in his seat trying to increase the pressure of her hand on his cock.

She continued teasing them both for several blocks, the street lights illuminating the interior enough as they passed for both of them to grow even more aroused by the scene in the car. Emboldened by the dark and turned on by what the flashes of light exposed, she freed her husband’s cock from his shorts and underwear, taking it in her hand and lifting it so that it stood straight up. She knew exactly how to touch and stroke him to maximize his arousal without risking him cumming too soon. She had always been very good at this and had perfected her technique with all the cocks she had touched, sucked and fucked through the years. It was less than half a dozen at that point, but she had enjoyed each one even though the guys hadn’t always turned out to be the best choices.

“I have an idea” her husband said as he pulled off the road into a dark driveway that led into a cemetery on their way home. Not far off the road, they headed toward an area of darkness far enough from the few street lights nearby that it provided them with the privacy he was looking for.

She knew exactly what his “idea” was and even though she was thinking the same thing, she wasn’t a big fan of screwing in a car. She’d had far too many banged up knees and thighs from doing that with guys over the years including the long, thick cock she had reminisced about earlier. At least they’d had enough sense then to get in the back seat so she could straddle him, pumping up and down on his over-sized dick until he came in her, moaning loudly and squeezing her tits. She’d never been able to come from just fucking him or anyone else for that matter, but she’d still enjoyed the times she had that big cock in her mouth and pussy very much.

“Pull into that dark spot over there, I have an idea too” she said pointing to a corner that was a little way off the street. He parked the car so that it was parallel with the street, but with the front of the car in shadow. She still had his cock in her hand and she gave it a few more long full strokes, stopping only when a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip, glistening from the dim light outside.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked knowing what his answer would be. Of course he wants to fuck me she thought; who wouldn’t? Even I’m turned on by how sexy I am tonight.

“Hell yes I want to fuck you” he said through gritted teeth, “Climb over here and sit on my dick.” She had another idea though and much to his surprise, she opened the car door and stepped out into the warm summer evening. He watched through the windshield as she walked around to the front Bayan Escort of the shiny black Nissan Maxima, kicked her sandals off and lay down on her back on the hood of the car, propping her heels on the front bumper and slowly spread her legs.

He quickly got out of the car and moved around to the front where his sexy, and very horny wife was laying on its warm hood as she lifted her skirt up again and pulled her panties aside. “Let’s do it out here” she said with a smile, slipping her top and bra up over her tits, exposing them to the night air. She ran her hands over her small, upturned b-cup breasts, cupping and squeezing them together. She shivered at the touch as her nipples hardened in the cooling night air. Not normally one for hard pinches, she quickly discovered that tonight her arousal was actually heightened by a little rough touching and she found herself pulling on her nipples as she lifted her tits toward the dark night sky above her. She pulled firmly at her breasts, her reddening nipples moving in small circles in the air as they were tugged around, nipped between her fingertips. Abruptly she let out a louder intake of breath and her body jerked slightly when one nipple slipped from her grip.

The headlights of a car passing on the road nearby suddenly seemed to light up their activities. They both knew they were mostly hidden from view based on where they had parked, but the thought that anyone looking closely might see what they were doing as they drove by made it even more exciting than if they had stayed in the car. The look on her husband’s face as the light shone on him was one of pure lust. He stood transfixed watching her play with her beautiful small breasts which were capped with dark pink nipples and aureola. He was holding his cock straight out toward her waiting pussy through the fly in his shorts, stroking it slowly. He fisted his throbbing cock for several minutes, taking in the scene as his sexy wife rolled her skirt up so that it was nothing more than a belt wide strip of fabric around her waist. She appeared nearly naked now with her skirt rolled up and her sweater and bra pulled up around her neck. It wasn’t the most glamorous look, but it was extremely hot to see his wife so horny and exposed as she lay on the car hood in a public place with her legs spread wide.

He stepped forward, pulling his shorts and underwear down so they dropped to his ankles, finishing what she had started in the car. He figured there was no time and no reason to stop and take them off, plus it felt sexier and even a little dirtier to feel them slide down his legs to his shoes as his slim cock and balls were fully exposed to the night air.

Placing his hands under her knees, he pushed them up and out, spreading her even wider while he positioned his cock head at the opening of her waiting pussy. She reached down and pulled her panties aside again exposing her wet pussy as she felt his cock head make contact with her wet pussy lips.

An image of the thick white cock stretching her tight pussy open once again flashed through her mind as her husband’s smaller dick slipped easily into her slippery pussy. He leaned forward and pushed all he had deep into her as he began to thrust his slim cock in and out of her. His hands covered hers on her naked bouncing tits as he pounded himself into her while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He fucked her hard and fast, the car moving Eskort a little with each deep thrust. They were both moaning and grunting as they fucked on the car for anyone passing to see.

Reaching down with one hand she circled her husband’s cock with her fingers as it slipped in and out of her pussy. Her wetness coated his shaft and she slipped a wet finger up to touch her clit which was hard and tingling. She rubbed it quickly, timing her circles with the thrusts of his body. She began to feel the stirrings of her orgasm as her husband continued to fuck her, nearing his own peak. She used her legs to pull him hard against her with each of his thrusts, willing his cock to give her what she craved as he pounded it in to her. His cock teased her toward release and she pinched her nipples hard again heading toward what she had wanted all evening; a deep, hard orgasm.

Just then another vehicle passed throwing a bright light on them briefly. Turning to look, they were amazed to see a school bus with young high school aged girls in each window staring directly at them. Time seemed to stand still as the scene registered in her mind. She could feel her husband’s cock pulsing in her slippery pussy as she made eye contact with each of the passing faces. It was the local girls swim team returning to the aquatic center nearby from a swim meet. Her husband gasped out loud, but continued thrusting knowing they were being watched by a dozen young women.

The bus slowed to make its turn into the swim club parking lot down the street, the headlights continuing to illuminate the couple fucking on the car. It was close enough that they heard murmurs of surprise through several of the open windows and the squeal of one of the girls as she said “Oh my god, look! They’re doing it right there on the car.”

Feelings of pure lust, mingled with the thrill of being exposed to so many eyes, coursed through the woman as she lay panting on the car hood. Her husband groaned, signally the start of his orgasm as he stared at the passing bus. “Oh fuck” he said through gritted teeth, “I’m coming…” They came at the same time as he flooded her wet pussy with his hot cum. Her muscles tightened and relaxed again and again, rhythmically milking him as she continued to squeeze her breasts and pull at her nipples. What felt like an electric shock pulsed from her pussy bringing yet another wave of orgasm as he pounded her tight pussy as hard as he could. The faces in the passing windows watched intently as the husband’s thrusts slowly ground to a halt. In an instant the bus was gone, leaving the couple alone again in the dark warm night air.

His cock softened as he stood between her quivering legs and it slipped out of her pussy as she lay there nearly naked. As his cum and her juices flowed out of her, down the crack of her ass and on to the hood of the car between her legs she couldn’t help thinking that this this was going to leave yet another mark on her favorite black car.


As Meagan and Katie shared a shower after the swim meet they exchanged knowing glances as they soaped their firm bodies. Like all the girls on the school swim team, they had completely shaved their body hair making their skin glisten all over. The sight of the couple screwing on their car had sent a tingle through their pussies and they both knew what they wanted to do on the way home. “Any chance you can give me a ride?” Katie asked as she rinsed the soap from her shaved pussy.

“I’d be happy to” Meagan said with a smile, “but I might need to stop and check under the hood on the way.”

“Sounds good, but don’t you mean the top of the hood?” Katie said grinning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32