The Downfall of Donna Reed Ch. 4

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She handed me back the cell phone and then knelt in front of me. She very gently reached for the wrist of my right hand, the one buried deep inside my pinkness, and pulled it toward her face. She directed my hand to her lips , opening wide and sucking my glistening fingers into her warm mouth. She closed her eyes as she sucked deeply on my fingers, a slight moan escaping from deep in her throat. After cleaning them thoroughly, she looked at me and said, “I should introduce myself, I am Carolyn. I heard your cries and thought something was wrong and came to help you. And it appears I was correct, you DO need me!”

She was a lovely woman. Very tall and elegant, she had an incredibly capable air about her. Seeing her kneeling before me, with her face nearly level with my wet pussy was very erotic. I had never fancied women before, never even gave it a thought, but now, the most sensuous feelings were coursing through my body. My fingers were still tingling from her mouth. I watched her as she looked me over, taking in the distended nipples, the shaved and dripping pussy, the cell phone still in my hand.

“You should tell Michael that you are ok,” she said. I put the phone to my ear to hear my darling man whispering sweet things to me and offering me total understanding if I wished to dally with Carolyn.

I sat there, not sure what to do. This lovely lady was kneeling before me. I could see her pretty brown eyes twinkling as she watched me. Her mouth was a soft peach color, all shiny and wet-looking. She was running her gently rounded fingernails, the same peach color as her lips, up and down my legs and inner thighs. As she smiled, her tongue slowly licked her lips, as if anticipating something delicious. Her voice was mesmerizing as she told me how lovely she found me.

Carolyn said I had a pretty pussy, a tantalizing pussy. Until this day, the only person to see me naked had been my husband. And he found those words obscene, the sex act itself was almost İstanbul Escort more than he cared for. I could never imagine Jim telling me I had a pretty pussy or waiting to hear me tell him what I wanted. Carolyn was running her fingers up my tummy, playing with my belly button, moving higher still. She cupped my breasts in her hands and just looked at them. Her thumbs started rubbing over the smooth skin and I could feel my nipples tighten and pucker for her.

She smiled and gave me a knowing look. Her fingers started lightly pinching my nipples, and scratching them. I was enjoying it so much. I could hear Michael telling me anything I did was ok, telling me I could tell him what she was doing. But I couldn’t. I held the phone in a daze, just enjoying her touch on my nipples, my breasts. Carolyn started talking out loud, a sexy commentary of what she was doing and what she planned to do. I held the phone closer to my chest so Michael could hear what she was saying. I was incapable of speaking.

I was lost in the gauzy feeling of lust. I thought Michael had taken me places I had never been. I thought the feelings he had aroused in me were so special, because it was Michael. Now those feelings were running throughout me. I felt as if every nerve in my body was alert and aching. My heart was pounding, I was amazed she couldn’t see it. I could feel her warm breath on my breasts and I found myself leaning forward to assist her somehow. But she didn’t need my help. I watched as Carolyn wet her already shiny lips and leaned forward, totally engulfing my right nipple with her mouth. Her eyes drifted closed as if in absolute ecstasy.

Her mouth moved slightly as she sucked my nipple deep into her warmth, licking it and shaping it with her talented tongue. Just as I thought I could feel no greater pleasure, her mouth moved slowly to my left breast, leaving a trail of warmth as her tongue slid to my other needy nipple. God, was this me? Was this Anadolu Yakası Escort Donna Reed, naked in a public dressing room, being made love to by another woman, moaning and begging for more? I could hear Michael’s voice, but it was so removed from me and what was happening. I held Carolyn’s head against me as she suckled and laved my nipples with her hot tongue.

Without warning, I felt the heat gathering in my center. I wasn’t even aware of it, I just knew I wanted her to continue forever. Suddenly, I felt myself coming. I came so hard and so fast, crying out and panting. As my heart slowed, Carolyn looked up at me and said I was a very good girl. She was so pleased I had come so easily. I was leaning against the wall, breathing a little rapidly still, when her mouth returned to my nipple. I immediately leaned forward, saying her name and growling deep in my throat.

The pleasure of her mouth and tongue were so overwhelming, I didn’t immediately notice that her fingers were moving down my tummy. I realized that something was tickling me and then it stopped. The next sensation I felt was that of a skilled, slim finger massaging my aching clit. I believe I completely stopped breathing for some time. The touch of a finger, not my own, on my clit was incredible. My husband had always been a missionary position guy, straight sex, no frills like oral sex or even foreplay.

For the first 24 years of our marriage, I thought that was how everyone had done this. My sweet Michael made me aware of more. Because of him, I found the sensuousness of touch and slow foreplay. I had my first orgasms with him. I thought I had learned my body well because of him. Now, I had to rethink my entire outlook. These feelings were here, inside me, to be released by many people, not just Michael. This loving woman was making me feel so excited. Her finger was circling my clit, slowly at first, then faster. I could feel my hips thrusting toward her, wanting Kartal Escort more, but not sure what that was.

Carolyn looked up at me. Her lips were swollen from sucking on my nipples. She withdrew her finger from my clit and licked it with her sweet tongue. I heard a disappointed sigh escape my lips. She smiled at me and then placed both hands between my thighs. At first, she just rubbed my naked little pussy, feeling the smoothness and the dampness escaping from within. I didn’t realize what she was doing, but I loved it. I felt my thighs falling open, allowing her easier access. Her hands stilled, holding my pussy as if it were the most precious thing in the world.

She straightened and kissed my mouth, sweetly and deeply. Then, while I was still savoring her lips on mine, she lowered her mouth to my pussy and covered the slit with her lips. It felt like a kiss. A soft kiss at first, just barely touching me. As my excitement grew, so did her courage. I felt her tongue darting in and out, a French kiss on my pussy! Then her tongue centered on my hard little cock, my nubbin. She licked and sucked it until I thought I would go crazy. I had my head thrown back, those little sounds coming from my throat, wanting something…something. She slowly worked two fingers into my hot pussy, moving them in and out as my hips thrust against her hand. I could feel it, a massive orgasm, building inside me.

My toes throbbed, the heat moved up my legs and came to rest RIGHT THERE, right at the tip of her tongue. My fingers moved into her soft hair as I held her in place, calling her name and pressing her into me as deep as possible. This orgasm was everything. I could feel my pussy clasping her fingers, throbbing against them, pulling them deeper. I heard myself, almost crying with pleasure. She held her face in place until my fingers loosened on her head and I stopped pulsing around her fingers.

We were just looking at each other and smiling when there was a knock on the dressing room door. It opened slowly and a man entered, closing the door behind him. I was aware of how this must look and wondering what would happen now. The man smiled at us and said, “Hello, Carolyn. I’m Michael. Thank you for taking such good care of my Rachel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32