The Djinn Pt. 03

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Big Dicks


This story contains sexual content between a male and futanari, shemale, etc. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. All characters referenced are 18 years old (or older). Thank You and Enjoy.


As the Djinn’s cock softens and slips from Ethan’s well used hole, she once again kisses the boy, reaffirming her dominance over him. As the Djinn rolls off of the boy and rests on her side, she poses the question to her charge, “You ready for another magic trick lover boy?”

Ethan responds simply with a puzzled look on his face, until he notices it with his own eyes. The Djinn’s member, almost inhuman in its size, begins to shrink back to nothingness, and where there was a cock and balls, there is now a womanly vagina and clit. The Djinn, following Ethan’s eyes, grins at his noticing of that.

“Well lover boy, that wasn’t what I was talking about, but I guess that does count as a magic trick.”

With a confused look, Ethan responds to her, “Not what you meant? Then what do…” Ethan’s voice trails off as he begins to feel pressure deep inside his belly.

As the feeling of pressure increases, the Djinn brings her hand up the boy’s belly and gently massages it around the belly button.

“You see little Ethan, all of us Djinn have our little quirks, although I think a more proper term in today’s lingo is ‘fetish’. Some of us have a thing for virgins, anal, and even knocking women up. Hell, we even have one of us that likes to set a herd of bulls on a woman, and let them have their way with her, sexually that is. If you haven’t noticed, we Djinn tend to be a little perverse. In any case, do you know what my personal ‘fetish” is little Ethan?”

Ethan, with the typical ‘too much information’ look on his face, replies to the Djinn’s query, “Umm, sprouting a dick and fucking a boy in the ass?”

A little taken aback by the fact that he answered, the Djinn replies, “Well, yes I guess that is true, but not what I was getting at. You see, the fucking is a means to an end. What I really like to do is knock up boys, and watch their belly swell with my daughter, and eventually watch them squeeze her out of their poor, abused assholes.”

As the Djinn’s statements sink into his addled brain, his brain once again registers the increased pressure in his abdomen. Looking down at his still flat belly, his brain finally processes the ‘fetish’ the Djinn shared with him.

With a look of fright in his eyes, Ethan finally responds to the Djinn, “You mean, I’m pregnant?!?!”

Breaking into a fit of laughter, the Djinn responds to the boy, “It’s about time space cadet. I was wondering how long it would take for you to catch on to it.”

As Ethan’s pulse begins to speed up to the speed that it was when the Djinn first penetrated his asshole, Ethan starts to frantically plead with the Djinn, “Please, No! I can’t have a baby…I’m A BOY!! And besides that, I didn’t wish FOR THIS!!”

As the Djinn starts to rub the boy’s belly, she simply smiles and answers calmly, “Well little Ethan, or should I say baby momma, your wish was ‘I wish for somebody to love’. However, you failed to specify when, where, or under what circumstances. As such, I decided that the person that would love you be our daughter, that is growing by the minute in your little belly. Although, it won’t be little for long.”

As his brain registers the increasing pressure in his abdomen, he looks down to see his now flat belly now sporting the slightest of bulges, and it growing ever so slightly bigger by the minute.

Smiling to herself, the Djinn enjoys the look of disbelief on the boy’s eyes, so reminiscent of the others that had the opportunity to release her from her lamp. Taking her hand, the Djinn rubs the boy’s belly, the beginnings of life deep within.

“You know Ethan, there is one other thing that I absolutely love to do to a boy when he’s pregnant. Do you know what that is little momma?”

With the look of disbelief still present in the boy’s eyes, Ethan simply responds with a shaking of the head.

Laughing the Djinn responds, “Well, I hear that husbands like to fuck their wives when they’re pregnant. mobil porno Well, let’s just say I like to do the same thing, so to speak.”

As the Djinn’s hand slides down to grip Ethan’s cock, his belly starts to obstruct his view of his lower extremities. It only takes a few strokes by the Djinn’s hand to get Ethan’s cock rock hard and ready for action.

As the Djinn painstakingly takes her time with his cock, the Djinn starts to goad Ethan with her words, “So tell me my little baby momma, have you ever had any fantasies about fucking a pregnant woman? Have you ever watched videos of a woman at full term fucking the very cock that made her that way?”

As Ethan looks down at the Djinn’s grinning face, his view of her hand jacking his cock slowly disappears behind his growing belly.

As the pressure in his belly increases, he responds his baby daddy, “YES!! I even saw one where a man was tied down, and the woman rode him until she squirted all over him. She looked to be full term with TWINS!!” the last parting coming out as a groan as his belly lurched in the first of many growth spurts.

As the Djinn rubs the swell of her charge’s belly with her free hand, the Djinn responds, “Oh really. Things have certainly come along in modern times haven’t they. Well, that sounds like fun little Ethan.”

Releasing Ethan’s cock from her hand, the Djinn lowers her dripping cunt over the boy’s cock, and lowers herself onto it. As her dripping cunt envelopes the boy’s cock, he gives a great groan as his belly suddenly experiences another sudden spurt of growth, now resembling the belly of a woman in the middle of her second trimester.

With her finally mounted on the boy’s cock, she begins to ride him in earnest as her cunt leaks fluids all over the boy’s lower extremities. As Ethan’s face start to turn a shade of red from the whole experience, the feeling of deep pressure surges, and then relaxes with the growth spurts that happen inside his belly (now womb).

With the Djinn riding the boy’s dick, she gets a top class view of the boy as he moves through his paces. The dark line down the middle of the belly so often associated with pregnancy begins to appear, slightly at first, and then more pronounced.

Giving a great lurch up, Ethan screams out as he both cums inside the Djinn’s cunt, and another great spurt of growth causes his pregnancy to progress further. Getting a slight reprieve from both cumming and growing at once, Ethan gets his breath before the inevitable will happen again.

Frustrated with the boy, the Djinn groans her disapproval at not even being close to cumming on the boy’s dick. “You know Ethan, by the time that I’m finally able to cum while riding your cock, you will have probably already given birth, and our daughter will have started high school. That be as it may, I think I’ll take a little liberty with your cock. If you haven’t noticed, I AM a bit of a size queen after all.”

With that, the Djinn dismounts the boy, and takes his cock in her hands, and begins the rub her cunt juice all over his dick.

Ethan, only able to see to top of the Djinn’s head over his growing belly, asks the Djinn, “What are you doing?”

The Djinn simply responds, “I’m making your dick bigger you airhead.” As the Djinn rubs the boy’s dick, she begins to utter a chant, the likes of which have not been heard in centuries.

As Ethan’s nerves register a burning sensation in his cock, he begins to feel to tell-tale sign of another impending growth spurt in his belly. As the tide approaches, he cries out from the pain of his belly growing in size again, approaching his third trimester, and the surge of electricity and resulting burn from his cock.

As the Djinn goes silent, she releases her charges cock, and raises up to ride him again. “I think that’ll do very nicely. You will have a little adjustment to do, but I think you will find your new size appealing.”

As the Djinn lowers herself on Ethan’s larger cock, she lets out a groan of approval at his new size, “Ahh, that’ll do a hell of a lot better than what you had before boy.”

As the Djinn begins to once again ride Ethan’s cock, her cunt begins to pour nectar all over the boy’s lower extremities, alman porno soaking both the boy’s cock and his ass. Groaning out to the world, Ethan cries out as another inch is added to the boy’s belly, the life within threatening to burst forth.

Never missing a beat, the Djinn makes sure and rides the boy especially hard, loving the feeling of his cock tensing violently deep inside her cunt with each growth spurt. As the growth spurt slows, the Djinn relents and slows down her riding.

Surveying her work, what was once a normal young man now appears as a young man, ready to burst with life from within. She sinks down on the boy’s cock, and remains still as she runs her hands up the boy’s gravid belly. The signature dark line running the length of the belly is on display, in addition to the boy’s once normal veins.

Feeling how tight the boy’s skin is, she feels the child moving within, eager to make its entrance to the world. Stopping at Ethan’s popped-out belly button, she takes her thumb and rubs it as if it was her own clit, eliciting a groan from the boy. Laughing at his reaction, she runs her hands higher until they reach his chest.

Where there was a normal chest, now existed A-Cup womanly breasts, and getting closure to a B cup size by the minute. Rubbing the tender flesh around them elicited the slightest bit of milk from them, which the Djinn promptly scooped up with her fingers, and tasted to see how much longer it was going to be before Ethan was ‘done’.

The Djinn, upon tasting the boy’s milk, concluded that time was very short now. Feeling the gurgle of the boy’s belly, the Djinn resumed riding the boy, loving the feeling of riding a charge when he was growing.

It wasn’t until the boy mimicked the appearance of a woman over due by three weeks until the boy ‘dropped’. The Djinn both felt and saw his belly give a great lurch as the orb that once pointed toward the sky shifted ever so slightly, signally that the birth was very near, and that she would have to cream all over the boy’s dick soon.

Incidentally, while fucking a man while he was squeezing a baby out of his ass was also a favorite fetish of hers, her need to cum was too great. When the boy’s belly had ‘dropped’, the Djinn sped up her actions, eager to cream herself before the boy gave birth to their child. As she furiously began to hump the boy’s cock, she began to feel the stirring inside her reach critical mass.

Deep inside the boy’s womb, his body signaled it was time for the baby to leave its mother, and the first of many contractions began in the boy’s lower extremities. Feeling the boy’s muscles contract set the Djinn of, and she let out a howl as her cunt let lose a torrent of cum.

The Djinn had always been proud of the fact that she was a squirter (dick or not) and promptly hosed the boy down with her own cunt juice. As her cunt releases its torrent of cum, the Djinn’s body once again seizes up as the event racks her body to its core. As she regains control of her muscles, she hips jerk uncontrollably, still being affected by her orgasm.

As the Djinn’s body recovers, she releases the boy’s cock from her cunt, and lies on the floor of the antique shop. While the Djinn had cum her head off, Ethan’s dick was still on the edge, twitching as if begging to release its contents. The Djinn encourages the boy as the contractions rack his body.

“Come on boy, I know you’ve seen the movies right? Well, forget all of that crap because their just movies. Just breath through the contractions .”

As another contraction ripples through the boy, he groans out as the child makes its slow descent from its womb down to the point of exit. With Ethan’s naked form on the floor, his cock twitches as another contraction forces the child within closer to its target.

Rubbing the boy’s belly (and sneaking a feel of his recently enlarged cock) between contractions, the Djinn continues to encourage the boy, “You know, you are actually lucky. Not that many men can attest to have given birth. It’ll probably make it easier for you to get a wife now that you can ‘relate’ so to speak.”

Unable to give a verbal response, Ethan simply groans as another powerful contraction alexis texas porno hit his body.

As the contractions continue, Ethan’s strength begins to wane as the amount of energy expelled in recent history has been unlike anything his body has ever experienced, and is likely to ever experience again. Knowing the end is near, the Djinn orders the boy to grab the backs of his legs so she can inspect him.

As she slips her fingers inside the boy’s asshole, his insides clamp down as another contraction hits him.

With a smile, the Djinn slips her fingers out and addresses the boy, “Well my little Ethan, it looks like you are almost ready to push. You’ll need to push like you’re taking a shit.”

Ethan looks down at the Djinn’s face, but her face is once again obscured by his large, and contracting belly. It is only then that he can somewhat make out the size of his new cock. A vast improvement over what he was, it appears to rival that of the most hung pornstars. As the overwhelming urge to push hits him, Ethan bears down and begins to push as if he’s trying to take a crap.

As the child makes its final trip down his birth canal, the head spears the way as Ethan’s insides stretch and contort around it. As Ethan breathes and groans to give birth, the sudden feeling of extreme pleasure both shocks and scares him.

Almost in an instant, his rock hard cock releases its contents all over his body. With the bigger cock came more cum it seems. This is the moment the Djinn loves the most. Nothing ever gets better than a baby’s head compressing the boys prostate as it is forced down the birth canal, and causes uncontrollable orgasm.

As the boy’s body continues to be drenched with his own cum, the Djinn begins to see the boy’s asshole opens like a flower as the baby’s head is forced out.

“Ohh, good news baby momma, we’re crowning down here.”

All Ethan can do is groan as the child’s head stretches his asshole open from the inside. As the head slips from the boy, the Djinn ‘catches’ the child, and the rest of the body easily slides out after the head.

Lifting the child up for its mother to see, the Djinn proudly announces, “It’s a girl!”

With his senses coming back to him, Ethan looks up at the newly birthed child, and notices the appendage between her legs, “But it’s a boy, isn’t it, and why is she so big?” Ethan asks, also noticing that she is the size of a small toddler.

Laying the child down on Ethan’s chest, and letting the newly born child nurse on his small breast, the Djinn responds with a grin, “You see I can only sire shemales, futanari, dickgirls, etc. Although she has a dick, you will see, with time, that she’s all woman. And the size is normal, we Djinn tend to make big babies.”

As Ethan feels his daughter latch onto her breast, eager for sustenance, the new feeling of a newborn drinking milk from his new breasts registers in his brain. Stiffiling a yawn, the Djinn has a couple of minor things to tend to before her time is up.

“Alright little Ethan, a couple of things before we’re done.” As Ethan looks up from his daughter, he takes notice of the Djinn’s appearance, reflecting what would be somebody in desperate need of a good nap.

“The first thing, baby momma, is that your breasts will go away rather quickly. You should be able to wean her in a couple of weeks or so. After that, the milk will dry up, and your chest will look like nothing ever happened, although I can’t guarantee they won’t be a little bit sensitive. The second is that your new dick is yours to keep, and ‘use’ as you see fit. Just try not to ruin too many women with it. Any questions?”

With his brain returning to normal from the ordeal, one question of vital importance crops up, “Umm, how do I explain the fact that I now have a daughter to…everybody?”

As the Djinn’s body begins to fade into smoke, and drift back into the lamp, she simply responds, “Maybe you should say that you met a one of a kind woman, and will never be the same again.”

With those parting words, the last remnants of the Djinn’s body disappeared in a cloud of smoke and are sucked into her lamp. Left in the floor, naked, with a newborn suckling his breasts, Ethan’s startled from his reverie by a voice he had since forgotten about. As he turns his head, he sees the same old man that runs the place.

With an annoyed look on his wrinkled face, he scolds the boy, “Damn it Boy! Didn’t I tell you not to touch anything!”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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