The Descent Ch. 16

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Cam was absolutely tanked. His equilibrium was way off kilter, his motor functions were slowed and sloppy, and his mind was fuzzed by the copious amount of alcohol he had imbibed that evening. All that being true, however, had not prevented him from following his ex-lacrosse teammates down the hall. They hadn’t noticed him as he’d been skulking back and they were too captivated by the prospect of fucking his mother, but even if they had it wouldn’t have mattered to Cam.

In his current state, he likely wouldn’t have been able to do much ass-kicking, but he wasn’t averse to trying anyways. Instead, however, they had entered the guest room at the end of the hall and closed the door without so much as looking back. Cam lingered in the hallway awkwardly for a few minutes until he heard the unmistakable sounds of intercourse through the door even from a few feet away. He walked gingerly toward the door and pressed his ear against it, feeling a strange mix of emotions bubble up within him as he listened.

He could hear his mother gagging and moaning and two male voices uttering sexually aggressive messages against the backdrop of slapping flesh. He pictured the scene as a spit roast, with his mother servicing two cocks from two different holes simultaneously. The image in his head was vile, especially so because it was his mother, but the physical reaction that Cam felt did not quite echo that notion. Instead, his cock surged and began to harden beneath his light khaki shorts for some inexplicable reason.

Cam also wrestled with the return of the jealousy that he had felt while watching his mother with Foster, and a bit of his trademark anger begin to rise as well. ‘Why was he feeling this way?’ He asked himself. But there was something deep down that Cam had rarely, if ever, really acknowledged. He was a ‘momma’s boy,’ and that was something that he would readily admit. He had never been ashamed about the love and admiration he felt towards his mother, and how much her approval had really meant to him.

Afterall, what was wrong with loving your mom and wanting to make her proud? But Cam knew on some level that it had progressed into something a little less healthy. He had essentially modeled himself after the ideal that his mother had of a successful, classy gentleman. He was poised and confident and ambitious to a fault, rarely ever crass or impulsive. He was levelheaded and composed, bordering on aloof, but in a way that he believed was an indication of his station in life. At least, these were all the things that he presented to the outside world.

Inside, Cam was a little bit empty. He felt very little for most people and aside from the bump to his ego every time he was praised and recognized for his achievements felt mostly ambivalent about his activities. The one place that he got his real sense of accomplishment and meaning from, however, had been his mother. When he was very young, Cam remembered feeling a distinct lack of interest in almost anything. He didn’t care about friends, or school, or even playing games and sports.

He was sure there was something wrong with him, but being as young as he was, didn’t know how to communicate that or even really understand it himself. But the one thing he did know, however, was that his mother knew what was right. She was so confident and sure of herself, and her strong opinions about how to live was captivating to Cam’s aimless experience of youth. He also loved that she doted on him so thoroughly despite feeling utterly unworthy of attention.

It had begun with something banal, like picking up his room or making his bed in the mornings–but his mother’s approval of his behavior was like a drug to Cam. Additionally, it represented a clear path forward. Even if what he was doing didn’t resonate as meaningful to him, because it was meaningful to his mother it must have been correct. So, it began to go, and by the time Cam had graduated from 6th grade he was using his mother’s approval and guiding touch to develop himself in all ways.

Cam hadn’t really thought hard about it for a long time, because it was no longer very noteworthy as a constant truth in his life. But there was a point at which he realized that he would need to find a wife that nearly perfectly mimicked his mother. His girlfriend’s up till that point had all been either flings to satiate basic needs, or convenience plays to reinforce his social status through connections with athletic stars and prominent members of the school or community. The only real love and connection he had felt, was with his mother.

Cam didn’t masturbate, as weird as that was to all his friends. As early as he could remember he could basically get laid any time he wanted. But the real reason was because he didn’t really fantasize about things. Sure, he appreciated the sight of a beautiful woman, but he didn’t go back to his room and imagine himself with her. But there had been one day in the summer of his freshman year sahibe escort of high school that had confused Cam and subsequently been buried in his subconscious ever since.

He had gone out with some friends to a movie and after a pre-movie stop at a local restaurant had started feeling sick. He ditched the movie and came home early with an intention to go lie down when he heard his parent’s voices from the patio. He unknowingly walked over to let them know what had happened and was confronted with his parents making love on one of the patio recliners. They didn’t notice him, as he was inside the house and they were still outside, but he could see them clearly in the waning light of the early evening through the sliding glass door.

He watched a few moments, feet frozen to the floor as his mother rode his father slowly about 20 feet in front of him. His eyes roamed along the silhouette of his mother’s womanly figure as her hips undulated on top his father and she arched her back in pleasure. As soon as his muscles unseized he raced upstairs to his room and dove under the covers. His heart was pounding, and his brow was wet with perspiration but the strangest of all was the blood that had rushed to his midsection.

It was one of those moments in early adolescence that seemed propelled by a mix of confusing emotions and hormones, but Cam knew better at the time and decided to bury it all the same. Now, standing outside of the guest room where his mother was being plowed by a couple of jocks from high school the truth had resurfaced with a vengeance. If it had been a fluke of puberty when he was 14, he could have continued to ignore it. But with the experience last night with Foster and now here, it had become impossible to deny.

His feelings for his mother were far more complicated than he had ever wanted to admit, and in his compromised state of inebriation he wasn’t sure if he had the presence of mind to step away from the door. Before he had time to really consider his options, the door burst open and nearly smashed into his face. He instinctively raised his hand in defense just in time for the two men exiting the room to come face to face with him. They were sweaty and panting, with huge shit-eating grins plastered to both of their faces that immediately went slack when they saw who was there to meet them at the door.

They stammered a moment before simply nodding at Cam and hastily shuffling past him. Cam wanted to smash his fist in their faces and keep doing so until his knuckles were bloody and bruised. Instead, he let them pass and barely mustered any response above a grunt. When they’d disappeared back down the hall toward the party, Cam turned his attention back to the room. His mother was there, laying on her stomach on the bed. It was dark but if he squinted, he could still make out her naked body bent over the edge of the bed and her hand pawing at her crotch from between her legs.

She said something to urge him forward, and he followed his mother’s commands without a thought. Stepping inside the room, Cam shut and locked the door as something in his mind had already decided what was to come despite his conscious mind not realizing it yet. His hands went to his fly without thinking and in mere moments had freed his growing phallus. He heard his mother moan approvingly and stepped forward to straddle her thick hips, noticing how her pussy was oozing the frothy white contents left moments before by the rooms previous inhabitants.

It did nothing to dissuade him from his next action, which was to sink his thick cock between his mother’s quivering labia and into the very womb that he had once exited during his birth. He gave no more thought to that debauchery either, and instead let the momentum of the moment and perhaps the last decade push him ever forward. Instead of wrapping his hands around her waist to stand at the foot of the bed and thrust himself down into her, Cam allowed himself to fall on top of his mother.

As he lowered himself down, he noticed his mother’s unsteady gaze try to search his eyes for something, but he didn’t know what it could have been. They were committing one of the obscenest sex acts two people could and Cam could not feel much of anything. But again, his physical response revealed something deeper that he had not realized when a tear ran down his cheek and onto his mother’s face. It fell just above her upper lip, and she hastily lapped it up and smiled, beckoning him further with the loving expression that he had missed so much over the last two days.

As Cam humped his mother furiously, he gave in to whatever emotional response his body needed, and let his tears roll down his cheeks. Between deep, wet kisses his mother continued to lick the tears from his face as they fell, and Cam sunk deeper into impossible pleasure. He loved the sensation of his mother’s warm, nude frame beneath him and the dampness of her skin. sahibe escort bayan He loved the taste of his mother’s mouth, even if it had the indelible marks of tobacco and alcohol and cum.

He loved his mother’s pussy most of all, as it gripped his cock with the warmth and wetness of a well-used cunt and a woman that knew how to use it. Cam ground his hips into his mother and dug his cock as deeply as he could, enjoying the enveloping sensation of his cock being swallowed up by her hungry slit. Sharon pressed her ass up as she arched her back, trying to assist her passionate son in reaching the deepest regions of her canal.

“You’re such a good son, now make mommy cum,” she panted in-between ravenous kissing.

Cam may have fashioned himself a gentleman, but he was a very experienced lovemaker. Even drunk off his ass, he knew how to drive a woman to climax and quickly went to work as his own orgasm began to build in the base of his scrotum. His mother seemed like the kind to want to be dominated, so he pressed her face into the bed and picked up his pace. Cam frantically began slamming his length into his mother’s cunt while pressing Sharon’s face into the bed.

He knew that he was well-endowed and thrusts this powerful were a mix of pain and pleasure for most any woman, but his mother was freshly fucked and clearly a recently awoken whore. As he pinned her down and fucked her harder and harder, he felt relief at being able to go full force without having to hold back. Most of the women he slept with at school were still young and relatively inexperienced and needed a much gentler touch. His mother was no such woman and responded positively to his increased ferocity.

“Give mommy your cum, fill me up baby,” she shrieked before descending into a series of unintelligible moans.

Feeling his mother’s womb convulse around his rigid prick sent Cam tumbling over the edge of his own orgasm, an uninhibited series of mind-numbing ejaculations that seemed to explode from his cock with tremendous force. Feeling her son pump her full of his fertile seed sent Sharon into another orgasm as her fingers blindly manipulated her clit. Simultaneously her finger brushed up against Cam’s shaft as it continued surging inside of her and she enjoyed the sensation of him emptying himself into her with each powerful convulsion.

“I’ve wanted this since I was a kid, I just never understood it,” Cam panted, half to himself and half to his mother.

Sharon waited a few beats until her heart stopped racing before being able to form a coherent response.

“I probably would have been very unwilling to do something like this back then, but I would have been stupid to resist. Your place is back with the woman who gave you life, my pussy is yours baby. It always has been, it just took us 20 years to realize it and find your back,” she purred.

Cam could feel his cock already hardening again at the thought of fucking the very same hole that he was birthed from only 20 years earlier. He was balls deep in the place where his life began, and he finally felt what he had always hoped to feel with another woman; home. It didn’t take long before he was back to thrusting and his cock was as rigid as it had been. This time, however, he flipped his mother on her back so he could look into her eyes properly as they made love.

He also took it much slower and enjoyed every inch of her gorgeous body, running his hands over every curve with care and love. He suckled her thick nipples, the same ones that he received nourishment from as a newborn. He longed to taste her again, wishing that he could drink from her like he once had. He ran his hands across her stomach, now flat but once his home for 9 months while he formed and fed off his mother’s energy. Eventually he found his way back to her mouth, kissing her deeply with dancing tongues.

He felt as if he wanted to fall into her and Sharon seemed to intuit that, welcoming his tongue deeply into her mouth and suckling it like she was trying to swallow him up. Cam enjoyed this immensely and plunged his tongue willingly into his mother’s hungry maw, allowing her to devour it with passion. On the precipice of another orgasm, Cam cradled his mother’s head in his hands and looked deeply into her glassy eyes.

“I love you mom, don’t ever leave me alone again,” he pleaded.

“I didn’t leave you darling, I was just waiting for you to come back to me. You will always be my good little boy,” she whispered.

Cam let himself collapse in her embrace as they wrapped each other up tight and he began to release yet again. This time he felt like he was emptying himself fully, and he even felt the need to suck in his stomach. It felt like every drop of his virility was being milked from him by the willing canal of the woman who gave him life. He relented to it, encouraged it even, as he felt every ounce of tension finally drain from him as his escort sahibe balls emptied.

“That’s a good boy,” Sharon whispered lovingly.

Amanda was finally alone to pursue her plan, but first she had to make an even more egregious spectacle of herself. She walked over to the coffee table in the middle of the expansive living room and tapped out some coke for all to see. Without so much as a glance at who was watching her, she took out her little glass straw and bent over suggestively. She felt her labia split by the tiny shred of fabric of her shorts and knew that whoever was directly behind her was getting a full show.

She paid it no mind and instead began snorting the mound of coke like she was a shop-vac. She went back and forth between her two nostrils until there was nothing left, standing up and sniffling proudly while looking around. Almost everyone in the room was actively staring or actively averting their eyes, unsure of how to react. She pulled down her bra a bit and let her heavy tits fall out, revealing her areola and nipples as the men in the room practically salivated.

The women, who were of no consequence to Amanda, shot daggers at her and their revulsion at her wanton display was practically written on their faces. The men, however, were all warring with themselves on who was going to approach her first. But once one of them stepped forward, it seemed like the proverbial seal was broken. In only moments there was a crowd of drunk, horny 20-year-old men pawing at her from all angles. She felt their hands groping her tits, ass, and even a few kissing her neck.

“Who wants to get a blow-job from Cam’s little sister?” she called out plainly.

The men who had formed a circle around her immediately began unsheathing their swords, cocks springing out of boxers and from behind briefs in varying states of engorgement. Amanda wasted no time, dropping to her knees in the middle of the room and grabbing one with either hand and taking another into her mouth. She pumped and stroked two cocks while working another down her throat and soon noticed a few more spring up around her. There must have been at least half a dozen men vying for attention or waiting their turn.

Amanda began splitting her attention in a more equitable manner, sucking off one for half a minute while pumping another two with her hands. Before long one of them had started ejaculating while she stroked him, and she quickly turned her mouth towards him and took 3/4’s of his load down her throat. The first shot had landed on her left cheek and temple, but Amanda made no effort to wipe it away. She wanted to be covered in cum by the end of this.

Returning to a previous cock she picked up her pace and allowed the man to grab her face and start face-fucking her. It took only about a minute before he was pumping his load down her throat while she gagged and drooled all over the floor. She did her best to swallow it down quickly before taking another cock into her mouth. Only a few moments later she felt a jet of cum splash just above her eye and she turned to it just in time to get another just above her lips.

She managed to wrap her lips around the surging cock head in time to gobble up the rest of his load, promptly swallowing it and going to work on another. It seemed there were more men stepping up all the time too. Every time one would finish and exit the semi-circle, another would take its place. At some point Amanda lost count, swallowing at least five successive loads of cum and taking plenty more to her face. Her entire face felt sticky and wet, and her mouth and throat were coated in the familiar film of cum.

It did nothing to impede her, however, and she continued sucking and pumping the cocks that came her way. A black guy started spraying cum in her hair and the side of her face while another began cumming in her mouth. Amanda lamented not being able to swallow their loads simultaneously but enjoyed the sensation of being painted and filled with cum at the same time, nonetheless. Finally, she was down to her final two, and she could no longer even open her right eye, which was plastered closed with a thick glob of semen.

She darted her mouth back and forth between the two men and tried to give them both equal attention while she slurped and throated them both. The right guy grabbed his cock while she was busy sucking off the left one and instructed her to open her mouth. She did as she was told and turned toward him with an open mouth and tongue splayed out to catch his deposit. He leaned into her and shot a series of thick ropes down her throat before it thinned out and began accumulating into a pool on her tongue.

When she was confident that he had emptied his balls into her mouth she swallowed proudly and went back to the left guy. She worked his cock like it was the last thing she was ever going to do, knowing that she looked like the most cock-hungry slut to ever live with cum covering every inch of her face and splattered in her hair and clothes. It ran down her cheeks and she had long streaks of it covering her bra and tits and even down to her shorts. Against her torrid onslaught he didn’t stand a chance and began to dump his load down her throat while she was gagging on his length with his balls on her chin.

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