The Demise of Innocence Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The next few days were different for Jim and Sabrina. That first sexual encounter took place between them happened on a Wednesday morning, it was now Sunday afternoon. Jim had noticed, although he didn’t know if anyone else had or not, the fact that Sabrina seemed to be seeking out his opinion more frequently. She asked him what HE thought she should wear to work Thursday and then Friday night she asked HIS opinion on what she should wear that night to a party. Finally after going to her room three different times that night to change her clothes, each time coming out to ask Jim how she looked, she finally decided to wear her newest pair of Old Navy Jeans and a skin tight short cropped shirt that showed off her tanned stomach and naval jewelry. She always looked gorgeous when she put any effort at all into making herself look good, with her beautiful long and straight flowing dishwater blonde hair and her long and slender body. Even though she was 18 years old, working full time now and paying for her own car and insurance, she still had a certain young girlish silly teenage mind set about her. Jim was very proud of her, she was so responsible for her age.

Jim was hoping there wasn’t a noticable difference in the way he was treating Sabrina. Maybe it was all in his mind. Maybe he just felt like things were different now, and they were, but was anyone else noticing? He thought for sure his wife would say something to him on Saturday when Sabrina was washing her car because he did feel that he spent a little more time with her on Saturday than he usually did. He suspected that comments coming from his wife were forthcoming.

“Oohh shoot.”

“What’s the matter Sweety?”

“Come here for a second Jim, look at this stuff on my car. What the the frick is this stuff, I can’t get it off?”

“Alright, hold on a sec.” Jim said as he casually walked in the direction of where Sabrina was bent over. He could not help but notice how good she looked in cut-off jean shorts, especially with her young toned and nicely tanned legs, as she stood there with legs widly parted, bending over with her feet set about shoulder width apart. “Holy shit! This little fucking bitch is absolutely killing me, damn she needs to be fucked!” Jim thought to himself as he got closer. He was so preoccupied with looking at the sweet spot between her spread legs that he hadn’t noticed that she too was watching him, looking over her shoulder to see if he was checking out her ass. Indeed he was.

As he strolled by her and stood there, he purposely brushed his hand against her bare upper thigh, she didn’t react at all. At that point they both knelt down and looked at the area Sabrina was concerned about. “It’s not that big of a deal Sabrina, it’s just tar, I have some mineral spirits that I can use on it to get it off.”

“But won’t it mess up the paint?”

“Oohh no, no…don’t worry Hun, it’ll be ok I promise. It won’t take me but a few minutes, chill out Sweetheart, Stepdad is gonna fix you right up.”

Both stayed kneeling down, Sabrina seemed more at ease. She always liked it that Jim always seemed to have a remedy for just about anything. In all honesty she really wasn’t that worried about her car anyway, she knew what was on it, she had seen Jim remove this same sort of gunk from his and her mom’s car before. She was wanting his attention. Jim had his sunglasses on and when he thought Sabrina was looking more intently at the tar he tried to get a glimpse of her thick lipped meaty pussy. What a surprise, not only did he see the great divide nestled between her young thighs and tucked away in her skimpy little shorts, but he noticed her pubic hair sticking out of the sides of her shorts too. Even though she had the mind set and youthfullness of a teenager, she had the anatomy of a full grown woman meaning she also had sexual needs that she knew Jim could help her with.

After there first sexual encounter a week ago they both wanted to be near each other, perhaps even talk to each other about what they had shared together last week. Neither one of them knew what to say or how to start the conversation, plus privacy was an issue for them too. Jim was now making excuses to see if Sabrina needed anything when he went on an errand, he just wanted to be around her. And likewise with Sabrina, she wanted to be around him too. But Jim was a married man, a man married to HER mother no less. Opportunity presented itself again the following Tuesday.

“Sabrina, are you running late sweetheart, it’s 7:30?”

“I know, I don’t feel good.”

“Aww, what’s the matter Kitten, is there something I can get for you, maybe a glass of juice?”

“No, it’s my legs, Emily and I rode our bikes yesterday because we thought we could use the excersize. I guess we must have rode about 20 miles. Today I’m feeling it!”

Jim escort forumları felt the need to massage her legs, wanting to make her feel better. No one was home at the moment besides him and Sabrina and this could possibly be another innocent replay of last week. Walking into Sabrina’s room Jim thought: “This could turn into a replay of last week. And if not, then maybe we can at least talk about it a little.” Jim already started to feel the stirrings in his groin that a man gets when he is about to leap on his innocent prey.

“Scoot over sweetheart, let me see if I can make it feel better for you. Where is it bothering you, right here?”

“Yes, oohh yea right there, ooohh, oooohh, easy, easy Jim, whew!”

“My goodness pumpkin, how far did you say you two rode?”

“Probably about twenty miles.”

“I can tell, my gosh the backs of your legs are tight.”

“I know, I know…gosh, will you rub the backs of my calves too?”

“Ahhh no problem.” Jim said. As he continued rubbing her backside, he couldn’t help but think of last week, he continually rubbed the backs of her thighs and calves, applying just the right amount of firm pressure. “You know Darlin’, this sort of reminds me of last week.” Jim said as he continued massaging all of her legs and inner thighs, making her seem limp like jelly. Rubbing a female down was at the very top of Jim’s list. He was good at it and he knew he was good at it. He never failed to get a woman to respond sexually once she was on her stomach and he began rubbing her ass and thighs. “Like mother like daughter” Jim thought to himself, “I guess she takes after her mom in that she likes getting her ass and legs rubbed.”

“Oh Jim, if you only knew, I have been thinking about what happened between us last week ever since it happened, it’s all I can think about, I really want to talk about it soooo bad, I was going to say something to Emily but I thought it might not be a good idea.”

“Well, thank goodness you haven’t spoke to anyone about it. You know, it’s just like anything else Sabrina, you know I have always been here in the past and right now isn’t any different, is there something you’d like to discuss with me? Is it regarding what happened between us last week? Believe me Honey, it has occupied my mind almost day and night too.”

“Really? Well…I know that what happened last week excites me to no end. I know it’s not right and it’s not like I have trouble getting boys to ask me out, but…”

“But what sweetheart?”

“Well…can I ask you something?”

“Sure sweetheart, you know I’ll try to answer as honestly as I can.” Jim had raised Sabrina’s tee shirt so that it was just above her panties, giving him not only a full view of her gorgeous young body, but also allowing his hands the total freedom they needed to give his Princess a really good massage.

“Yea, I know…Um, I feel sooo stupid asking you this…do you think what we did last week would be considered like incest?” This caught Jim totally off guard. “Wellll, I um…well no not really, not if you think about it, like I said before, we’re not related by blood, only by a piece of paper, how do you feel about it?” Jim asked.

“Well I have heard that incest is like really freaky or something and that only weird people do it, people with problems. But you’re right, we’re not really related. I um…” Sabrina hesitated, Jim noticed she had spread her legs more widely as their conversation continued.

“What Sweetheart?”

“Jim? I um…gosh I don’t know what to say, um…can you tell me what the difference is between cunnilingus and fellatio? I have seen those words in some of your Playboy magazines, I just didn’t know for sure what they meant. I think they mean oral sex, is that correct?”

Yes, yes it is sweetheart.”

“Mmm that feels good.” Sabrina said as she wiggled her ass a little in trying to really get into the massage she was recieiving. “Ok, so what’s the difference? What is cunnilingus and what is fellatio, what’s the difference between the two?”

“Ok…cunnilingus is…Um, well…remember last week, when I said I wanted to kiss you and I began kissing your vagina?”

“Um…yeees?” Sabrina said with a knowing grin.

“Well, that’s what cunnilingus is. Cunnilingus is when someone performs oral sex on a females vagina.”

“Soo, fellatio must be when…?”

“Yes sweetheart, when someone performs oral sex on a man it’s called fellatio.”

“Mmm, I see.” Sabrina said. She seemed content with the answer, in fact she seemed content with the massage she was getting to because as the two of them were talking she had now spread her legs so that each of her feet were on both sides of her bed, allowing Jim to massage as much of her as he felt comfortable with.

“I gaziantep escort forum wonder what it’s going to be like for me to perform fellatio. Like when I get married, if my husband has a dick as thick as yours, I might not be able to do it.” Sabrina said as she raised her head and turned to look toward Jim. “Don’t you remember what the dentist told me when he had to give me that root canal? He said I had one of the smallest mouths he had ever seen and that it was hard to work on me, trying to fit the instruments inside my mouth plus his hands, he said he had a tough time.”

Jim smiled, only responding to her with, “Uhuh.” as he continually worked her legs over real good, slowly inching his way up to her crevice. Sabrina was being very responsive to the attention she was recieving from Jim, not only in her bodily actions but also mentioning that: “She wished they could relive what happened between them last week.”

“Sabrina, I think we better stop this, I’m getting hard as a freaking rock Honey.”

“Mmmm, you think I’m cute don’t you Jim?

“Well, yea, but I think that would be an understatement.”

“Really, do you think I’m hot?”

“Sabrina, believe me sweetheart, you’re going to make someone a very nice wife one day.”

“Whew, let me get up Jim.”

“You sure Honey?”

As Sabrina got up and left Jim sitting on the edge of her bed she noticed his erection beneath his sweat pants. She walked over to the mirror and began brushing her long blonde hair. “Jim?”


“I want to kiss you.”

“I don’t know Dear.” Jim said. “I know we have gotten pretty intimate with each other, probably more so than what we should have, but I’m not sure we should be kissing.”

“Ohh pleease? I mean gosh Jim it’s not like either one of us are going to run and tell mom, and besides, that’s not the kind of kiss I was talking about.”

“You mean you want to?”

“Yes.” Sabrina said before Jim could get the words out of his mouth, playing with her hair and fixing it up in a pony tail as she walked toward where Jim was sitting on the edge of her bed. “Can I? I mean, would you show me how? I want to pretend like it’s last week again.” Sabrina said with a sad pouty look. “Couldn’t we pretend like we’re married? Don’t you want to?”

Jim’s penis was so hard now, he felt like he hadn’t been this hard since he was Sabrina’s age. He saw by the look on her face that she was serious, she was not acting out of love or kindness or even appreciation for Jim’s willingness to be so open with her. She seemed to want to learn more about sex and about how to please a man. Yes, the look on her face was serious, the look of someone wanting so desperately to seek both guidance and acceptance. The room was silent for just a few minutes, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of a ticking clock and the birds singing outside Sabrina’s bedroom window. Jim layed back on Sabrina’s bed, his arms stretched up and his hands claspped behind his head, his legs were spread and his feet were resting on the floor. Sabrina moved closer to him, standing between his legs, nervously toying with a piece of lint on Jim’s sweatpants. Obviously Jim was horny, Sabrina couldn’t hardly keep her eyes off his concealed hardness.

“Sabrina? I want to see your breasts Baby.”

“You do?” Sabrina said nervously, “But they’re small.”

“Oh, no Baby, don’t worry about having small breasts Precious, a real man appreciates a woman for more than just a large set of breasts. A real man appreciates all of the womanly charms the female anatomy has to offer.”


“Yes Sweetheart.” Jim said as he raised himself up so his face was within inches of Sabrina’s large over night tee shirt covered breasts. “Really Baby, please? It’s ok Hun, you’re so sexy to me, I want to feel all of you Sweetheart.” Jim continued saying as he wrapped his arms around her waist, cupping and massaging her petite ass cheeks in both of his large hands as he continued flattering her and showering her with words of seduction. He inched his hands up the small of her back, rubbing her backside, slowly working his hands around to her sides until he finally felt the tender youthful breasts of the young woman standing before him, his wife’s daughter no less.

“Ohh Precious Girl, here, let me raise your shirt Baby.”

Sabrina didn’t move, nor did she say anything, she just continued looking down, she was not real proud of her breasts, she knew they were smaller than most of her girl friends, but Jim was making her feel good about herself. She raised her arms up enabling Jim to easlily raise her shirt.

“Ohhh yes.” Tim whispered. “Here Sweetheart, watch me.” Tim said as he licked her nipple. “See? Watch me.”

“Mmm, that feels good.” gaziantep escort forumları Sabrina whispered.

“See what I’m doing, see my tongue? Mmmm…”

Taking Sabrina’s nipple into his mouth he gently sucked it, pulling it with his teeth, holding her tit with his hand, giving her the attention that a sexually hungry woman deserves.

“See” Lick a little and suck a little, lick…and suck…lick…and suck, MMmmm yes, look at that nipple, mmm, mmm, mmmmm, see how it’s grown? If you want to suck my cock this is how I want you to do. Here.” Tim said as he laid back down on the bed. He lifted his ass up and pulled his sweat pants down to reveal his hairy torso, thighs, cock and balls. “C’mon Baby, it’s ok.”

“I want to do a good job, I want to make you shoot again.” Sabrina said. Over all she didn’t talk very much during this intense moment, she didn’t know what to say, but she was very eager to play along with the game.

“Remember how I showed you? Wrap your hand around the base Sweetheart, now lick it, lick my cock Precious, lick it up and down the shaft, make it wet, make it slick with your spit.”

“It doesn’t taste like anything, this is not bad, I like this. I have heard some girls get caled a whore or a slut because they sucked two or three different guys cocks. This doesn’t make me a slut does it?” Sabrina said as she licked and stroked Jim’s firm member.

“No Precious, just because a woman actually likes to fuck and suck cock does not mean she is a whore, not at all. All it means is that she is comfortable with herself and that she enjoys her sexuallity.”

“Do you want me to suck you?” Sabrina finally asked.

“If you’re ready Sweetheart, yes I do. Lick the head Baby. Mmmm, Ooohhh yea Baby. Ok, just plop the head into your mouth like you would a sucker but be easy.” Sabrina did as Jim told her, looking up at him as she did so, seeking his approval. Keepin her hand around the base of his shaft as she did so.

“Mmmm yes, now try going a little further down….Ohhh yea, ok back up Baby. That’s it…now back down as far as you can and come back up, just keep pumping me with your mouth. Uhuh, a steady rythm, a steady in and out pumping motion, all the way down…ok now all the way back up….down….and back up…..back down….up …..and back down…twist your head on the down stroke. Ohhh fuck!”

As Jim watched this innocent girl suck his cock, he couldn’t believe how incredibly beautiful she looked with his cock in her mouth, she was doing exactly as she was told to do, she wanted to please him so badly. He took one of his hands and ran it through her hair, holding her head in his hand as she continued up and down his cock, twisting her mouth in the opposite direction with each stroke.

“Are you going to shoot? Sabrina said breathlessly as she removed her mouth from his cock. “My mouth is getting tired.”

“Almost Princess, tell you what, just suck on the head but jack me off like you did last week, pump my cock with your hand as you suck the head. Sabrina twirled her tongue around his head in one direction slowly, then the the other, as she began to suck slightly harder, pumping his hardness with her hand…..she continued sucking, keepin him in her innocent little mouth.Ooohhh…uhuh….yes!…..Oh baby yes! Ok baby, I just felt the sperm break loose out of my balls, the faster you stroke the faster I’m going to cum.”

“I want to watch you shoot again.”

“Ok Sweetheart, yes…..Oooohhhh yes…here it….Gggrrrrraaaagg!!!! Hhmmppphh!!!!

Sabrina removed her mouth and pumped Jim’s cock in her tiny hand. “Yes Jim, shoot it!” With that said Jim splattered Sabrina’s neck….”Oooooaaaaggghh” Jim said as another shot fired out, this one much stronger and flying over her head.

“Oooh Jim, shoot it out!” Sabrina said as the rest of Jim’s sperm continued flowing from his cock and onto her hand on down to his hairy balls.

“Oooo man! Whew!” Baby, why don’t you run to the bathroom and get us a wash cloth? When Sabrina came back with the wash cloth her instincts took. She wanted to taste him, she wanted him to watch her, to make sure she was doing it right. Jim felt a sudden surge again as she cleaned his hardness, lapping all his cum into her mouth. Finally she had excused herself to go clean up, but …….Jim wanted to clean his cum from her hands… he grabbed her fingers and asked her to lay next to him. He kissed the cum from her face and lips….sucked her fingers as he massaged her naked breast with the other hand. Sabrina laid next to Jim like an angel of mercy arching her back from the touch of his hands stimulating her hard nipples. She took it upon herself to finish cleaning Jim up as well, softly cleaning his slowly deflating member.

“I swear Jim, I LOVE that we are able to do this. This really means a lot to me.”

“Me too Precious, me too.”

To all of those who responded to the first chapter, thank you very much. I am a total amateur at this stuff but find it to be very enjoyable (when time allows, lol)…I’d like to be able to add two more chapters if possible, or at least one more anyway. I think Jim needs to be inside of Sabrina, don’t you?

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