The Daddy Swap

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The Daddy Swap


Special thanks to Tex Beethoven for his editing


All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years or older.


A note on category selection: I’ve posted this at Literotica under the incest category because there is in fact incest in the story. It takes a while to get there, with plenty of other hot sex in between. Hopefully you enjoy the story to last long enough to get there if that’s the main reason you’re reading!

Licks and kisses,



“You know, it’s going to be five years next month,” Max muttered to his mate Travis before taking another sip of his cold craft beer.

“Yeah, it only seems like yesterday, doesn’t it?” Travis replied.

“Hard to believe that something that happened that long ago can still cut to the bone in so many little fucking ways. I mean shit, it doesn’t help at all that Chloe is the spitting image of her mother. Even some of her mannerisms are so like Jenny’s that it tears me apart every time I see them!”

“Mate, I hear ya. I mean even though Alissa isn’t quite a carbon copy of Lucy, those eyes, man, they’re just such an excruciating reminder that she’s not with us anymore.”

“We should go away: you, me, the girls; just fuck off somewhere tropical and drink fruity shit with umbrellas in it until we can’t even think about it,” Max proposed.

“You serious?” Travis asked.

“I think I am,” Max replied, convincing himself as he spoke.

“We totally fucking should, dude,” Travis replied.

Several beers later the two mates were huddled over the computer, booking a holiday.


“Girls, we need to talk,” Travis told the two teenagers as they sat down to eat with their dads.

“Please don’t let it be about the birds and the bees again,” Chloe pleaded jokingly. “That was so embarrassing. I already knew everything you were telling me and I had to hold back so you didn’t know just how much I really knew!”

“No, it definitely isn’t that,” Alissa’s father groaned, imagining the awkwardness of the exchange.

“You know the anniversary is next month,” Max broke in, creating a sudden chill in the atmosphere around the table. “We all struggle with it, so Trav and I decided maybe we should do something different this year and we’ve booked a holiday to Jamaica. We’re getting as far away from here and all those memories as we can, and we’re going to spend a week in a tropical resort.”

“Seriously?” Alissa asked.

“Deadly,” Travis confirmed.

“I don’t know whether I should be excited or not,” Chloe murmured. “I mean, is it right to go away and have, well fun? It would kind of be like celebrating their deaths. That would be too weird.”

“No, don’t think about it like that, honey,” Max said to his daughter. “Think of it as commemorating. We’ll celebrate all right, but we’ll be celebrating their lives, not their death; remembering the good times. We’ll no doubt cry a bit, but maybe not being here so close to where it all happened will help us focus on how lucky we were to have them with us in the first place.”

“I guess if you put it like that…” Chloe agreed quietly.

“I think it’s a great idea!” Alissa chipped in. “It sucks having you two guys basically dead to us for a week every year, so maybe this is exactly what we all need.”

“Well we’ve already booked it, so this was more of an oh by the way, you’re spending two weeks of your Uni holidays with your dads type of announcement,” Travis told the girls with a laugh.

“Suddenly not so fun,” Chloe pouted, though obviously teasing.

“Besides, I’m sure we could find some hot Jamaican boys to entertain us when these old dudes nod off at the bar,” Alissa suggested, adding to the needling.

“Let’s hear it for well-hung Jamaican boys!” Chloe agreed.

“Whoa!” Max interjected. “Maybe some details still need to be ironed out … Like some ground rules!”

“We’re just teasing, Daddy,” Chloe laughed, leaning in and hugging her father.

“Well kind of,” Alissa laughed.

Travis shook his head at his daughter in mock-disgust, but he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close all the same.


“I can’t believe we only have a month!” Chloe bemoaned as she looked askance at the chicken skewers on her plate. It’s like the middle of winter and I suddenly have just one month to get bikini-ready. I mean I know my curves are sexy, but a little trim couldn’t hurt!” She pushed what she considered her fattening meal to the centre of the table.

“Fuck, thanks for ruining my dinner!” Alissa complained, pushing her plate away as well. “Time to hit the gym!”

“God, what have we done?” Travis asked dramatically.

“Something tells me your definition of bikini-ready is a little stricter than it should be,” Max said to the girls. “I mean, there’s not an ounce of fat on either of you, anywhere!”

“You say the nicest things, Uncle Max,” Alissa said to him with a grin.

“He is good, isn’t he?” Chloe escort blog beamed at her father. “No wonder Mum fell for your charms.”

“It certainly couldn’t have had anything to do with that face,” Travis teased.

“Bastard,” his friend retorted amiably.


“Welcome to Jamaica!” The bus driver proclaimed as the travellers boarded the resort’s shuttle bus. The girls stared out the window, absorbing their first sights of the island country as the driver turned tour-guide and began rattling off continuous facts about his home and pointing out scenic spots on their way to the resort.

The journey wasn’t too long, which they were all thankful for, given the lengthy travel and multiple stops required to get there from Sydney, Australia. They were dropped at the entrance to the resort with their luggage and proceeded to the front desk to check in. Chloe and Alissa let their fathers take care of the formalities and used the time to look around a little.

“Okay girls, off to our room,” Max announced, pulling their attention back to immediacies.

“Rooms, right? You do mean rooms as in plural?” Chloe asked her father.

“Well, suite actually,” Max replied. “We got a really good deal on a three-bedroom suite, so we’re all sharing.”

“Three bedrooms?” Chloe probed. “Dare I ask how many beds there are and what the proposed sleeping arrangements are?”

“I know for a fact that you and Alissa are more than happy to share when you have to pay, so I’m sure you won’t mind it on this trip. And there are four beds, so you can relax on that front.”

“Looks like knickers on the door then,” Alissa said to Chloe.

“Think they’ll be able to deal with it?” Chloe asked her friend.

“Probably not, but they’re big enough and ugly enough,” Alissa laughed.

“Dare I even ask?” Travis half-asked.

“About what?” Alissa asked innocently.

“About knickers on the door,” he replied.

“I’m sure you can work it out,” his daughter teased in reply.

“Spell it out for me,” he said mock-patiently as they arrived at the door to the suite.

“Okay, you asked for it. If there are knickers hanging on the door to one of our bedrooms, then don’t come in, because someone is getting lucky. That works for you guys as well. If you pick up someone nice, just hang some underwear on your door and we’ll leave you to it.”

“Yeah, like we’ll leave you well alone,” Alissa laughed.

“Told you we should have paid for an extra room,” Max laughed to his friend.

“Naah, it’ll be a non-issue,” Travis replied. “If one of our gals look like they’re hooking up, I’ll go over and introduce myself, let the boy know I’ll be just outside the door listening and he’ll disappear like magic!” Both dads all but collapsed in laughter at the horrified looks on their daughters’ faces at the suggestion.

Max pushed the door to the suite open and they piled inside to check out the rooms. The living room had a balcony overlooking the resort’s pool and the beach beyond, with similar views from two of the three bedrooms. The girls lamented the fact that theirs was the room without a view.

“Well, we’re not here to spend our time inside anyway,” Max consoled them.

“Easy to say when you get to wake up to a view,” Chloe moaned.

“Well, if we’re not supposed to stay inside, I’m getting changed and going for a daiquiri,” Alissa announced.

“Now that is the right attitude,” Travis beamed at his daughter.

The two girls rolled their luggage into their bedroom, happy to see that although it didn’t have a view, it did have sufficient space for them to put away all their clothing and it had its own connected bathroom. There was a queen and a single bed and they agreed to work out later who slept where before digging into their luggage to pull out their bikinis.

Chloe turned around just as Alissa pulled her green bottoms up and nestled the thong between her butt cheeks.

“You’re wearing a thong!” Chloe accused her in shock.

“So?” Alissa replied, turning to face her friend. Chloe was wearing a white triangle-cupped bikini top with black bottoms that tied high on each hip.

“Well I just assumed that as we’re here with our Dads, thongs would be off-limits,” Chloe lamented. “If I’d thought you were going to wear one, I would have brought one too!”

“Oh, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” Alissa laughed. “Shit, with your tits and ass, I need to expose twice as much skin just to have a chance of attracting any attention at all!

“You do not,” Chloe said to her friend.

“Well it’s too late, ’cause this is what I’m wearing. Besides, I need at least some sun on my body, look how uneven my, tan is!” Alissa said in a manner Chloe recognised as final.

“Oh well, I can’t wait to see your dad’s reaction at least,” her friend laughed.

“Are you kidding? When you walk out there with those tits bouncing around he’ll either be looking at the ceiling to avoid bulging his crotch, or thinking he’s getting away with gaziantep escort blogu a sneaky perve.”

“Ali!” Chloe exclaimed as if scandalised by the thought.

“Oh come on, even your own dad cops sneaky looks at your tits and you know it.” When Chloe failed to deny she was right, Alissa just gave her a grin and bounced out of the room. Chloe quickly followed her. Their dads had already changed and were sitting on the couch waiting for them.

“Right, off to the bar!” Max declared.

Chloe left the suite first, and Alissa smiled to herself as both their fathers’ eyes followed her bouncing bum out the door. She made as if to wait and be last, but her dad said he wanted to make sure the door was securely shut. Max at last walked out after Chloe, so she followed him.

“Alissa!’ Travis exclaimed as he turned from shutting the door and went to follow her.

“What’s wrong Daddy?” she asked, oozing charm and turning to face him, knowing she’d was presenting her butt for Max to enjoy.

“That swimsuit,” he replied. “A bit revealing, don’t you think?”

“Nope, it’s perfect,” she replied and dashed a quick couple of steps past Max to take Chloe’s arm and strut down the hotel corridor. They left their dads in their wake, neither of them saying anything. Travis knew from long experience that any further discussion would only make Alissa more determined and possibly even more brazen.

They arrived at the bar and ordered daiquiris all round before taking up residence on sun-lounges around the pool.

“I hope you at least have a lot of sunscreen on that bare ass of yours,” Travis muttered to his daughter.

“You know, in all the excitement of getting out here, I actually forgot to put on any at all!” Alissa lamented, quickly digging through her bag but finding none, “Can I borrow yours, Chloe?”

“Of course you can,” her friend replied, already in the process of pulling her sunscreen from her tote to apply it on herself. Chloe started rubbing sunscreen into her arms and Alissa took the bottle and squirted some into her hands before starting with the front of her legs, before coating her stomach. “Can you do my back for me, Ali?” she asked when she’d done most of her front.

“Sure can,” Alissa replied. She moved to sit behind her friend, straddling one leg either side of her, and started rubbing the cream all over her back as Chloe finished off by covering the exposed portion of her chest.

“Huh, you keep doing that and there could be explosions all around the pool,” Alissa whispered in her ear. It seemed like every bloke around was watching Chloe rub the cream into her tits.

“Imagine if I took the top off,” Chloe giggled in reply.

“Spare me, please,” Alissa joked. “You’re done. Now you can do me.”

“When you say it like that it sounds so dirty,” Chloe teased.

“You’re terrible,” Alissa laughed.

She moved from behind her friend to sit on the lounge in front of her and enjoyed the sensations of her friend’s hands slathering her in sunscreen.

“Make sure you get under the straps and everywhere, you know how easily I burn.”

“Of course, honey,” Chloe replied, having done it for her plenty of times in the past. “Want me to do this butt too? It’s pretty white!”

“Just so that all those boys will get to watch you rubbing my ass, yes. Maybe they’ll notice your tits aren’t the only attractions around this pool.

“Oh don’t worry, you’re getting plenty of looks too,” Chloe tried to reassure her friend.

Alissa lay down on her lounge and Chloe squirted some sunscreen onto each of her butt cheeks. She deliberately faced away from their fathers so she wouldn’t have to know how they were reacted as she slowly worked the sunscreen into Alissa’ moon-pale buttocks. She was acutely aware of how much attention she was garnering around the pool though, and milked it for all it was worth, ensuring that her hand went under the thong and pulled the tiny triangle in the front tight against her friend’s pussy.

“You did say to make sure I got under the straps,” she explained to Alissa when she gave a little yip of surprise.

“Well yeah, but I guess I didn’t think of that bit as a strap,” Alissa laughed.

When she had exhausted all reason to continue, she gave Alissa’s butt a playful slap and announced that she was done.

“How many boners do you think there are around the pool right now?” Chloe whispered to Alissa with a giggle.

“About as many as there are cocks, ya dirty perve,” Alissa retorted, also whispering. She squished her legs together, acutely aware of the fact that Chloe had managed to get her quite wet in the process of teasing everyone else.

“I think we might need to barricade the main door tonight,” Max said to Travis quietly enough that the girls wouldn’t hear.

“I know what you mean,” Travis replied. “I mean God, they’re adults, but they’re our daughters. If they carry on like this much more, it’s going to be hard to watch. I think I need another drink!”

“Grab gaziantep escort sitesi me one while you’re there, mate; a local beer though. I don’t think I can do this sugary shit.”

“No problem.” Travis walked the ten steps to the bar, ordered, received and returned. “Could be hard to get used to having to hike so far for these,” he joked, handing Max a Red Stripe.

“What about us?” Alissa complained when she realised her father had returned without getting her a drink.

“I think you can manage to get your own. You’ve already shown us how grown up you are.”

“You could still be a gentleman,” Alissa reproved him, standing up to go to the bar.

“Well aren’t you making my bar popular!” the barman grinned at her as four guys appeared from nowhere in her wake. “I’m Henry, and I’ll be happy to be at your service!”

Alissa shook the hand he offered, “Alissa,” she replied with a smile. “Can I have two more of those lovely daiquiris please?”

“You might want to go a little slower and just have one at a time,” Henry advised her, his big grin showing off a set of lovely white teeth.

“Oh don’t worry, one is for my friend,” she laughed, waving a hand in Chloe’s direction. She turned to her and called out, “Hey Chloe, come and meet Henry.”

Chloe looked over and smiled, then stood up and sauntered over, swaying her hips deliberately. Alissa resisted the urge to shake her head at the wanton display, especially when she heard muffled groans from the guys lining up along the bar.

“Is that an Australian accent?” The closest of them asked her in a distinctly American accent.

“Sure is, mate,” Alissa replied, rewarding him with a smile.

“Well hey, I’m Randy,” he replied, offering a hand for her to shake as Henry turned to mix a couple of daiquiris.

“You’re not serious, are you?” Alissa replied, laughing.

“Um, yeah, of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?” he asked, clearly on the back foot and confused.

“Hey Chloe, this guy’s Randy,” she told Chloe as her friend joined her at the bar.

“I bet they all are,” Chloe laughed.

“I’m sorry, I think I missed something,” Randy replied.

“Um yeah, right. Sorry, but clearly you don’t know what randy means in Australia,” Alissa giggled.

“Oh,” he said, his face colouring. “I guess not. What does it mean?”

“In Australia, randy means horny,” Chloe explained with a laugh.

“Oh my God, seriously?” he replied, somewhat horrified.

“‘fraid so,” Alissa replied.

“Dude, you totally need to go to Australia then,” one of his friends laughed from beside him at the bar.

“This is John,” Randy introduced his friend.

Alissa and Chloe introduced themselves as Henry placed their drinks on the bar for them.

“I’d offer to buy you both a drink,” Randy offered, “But given it’s an all-inclusive resort, that would seem a bit lame.”

“Well thanks for the thought anyway. Where are you from? Like, clearly America, but more specifically?” Alissa replied.

“We’re from Montana, here to escape the winter. But wait, doesn’t that like make it summer in Australia?”

“it does indeed,” Chloe replied.

“So why would you come to Jamaica in the middle of your summer?”

“Long story,” Alissa replied, the change in her tone enough of a clue that Randy didn’t pursue it further.

“Well, we should just be glad you were good enough to come light this place up for whatever reason!” John announced.

“So is it just the two of you here?” Chloe asked the boys.

“Yeah, just us. We work together on a drill rig that’s down, so we decided to escape the cold and come find some sun. How about you girls?”

“Here with our dads,” Alissa replied, cringing at how lame that sounded, “Which is part of that long story about why we’re here.”

“You wanna join us over there on the other side of the pool?” Randy asked the girls.

“Sure!” Chloe replied. She and Alissa gave their fathers the bad news they were deserting them, grabbed their totes and strolled around the pool to sit on some lounges near the guys.

“Watch out for those daiquiris, they creep up on you,” Max warned his daughter.

“You know, I don’t quite know how I’ll react if I walk into our suite and see knickers hanging on their doorknob,” Travis mused as the girls sauntered off, drawing everyone’s attention with them.

“We could always beat them to it: pick up a couple of chicks and hang some jocks on the door,” Max suggested.

“Or, failing to actually pick up any chicks, just hang them on the door anyway,” Travis laughed. “Though that would likely just send the girls somewhere else for their fun.”

“I think I’d prefer to pick someone up first. And you’re right. I mean if they do decide to do anything, it’s unlikely to be in our suite anyway, so we’ll both be free to do whatever.”

“Yeah, but we both know how likely that is this week,” Travis sighed.

“Too true,” Max replied. “Besides, it seems that most of the babes around here came with someone anyway. Must be time for some local rum. I mean we’re on an island after all!”

“Damn straight, let’s do it,” Travis replied eagerly. They went to the bar together.

“Two Bacardis please,” Max ordered when Henry turned to them.

“There’s no Bacardi here mon,” Henry replied, clearly disapproving.

“What, isn’t this Jamaica?” Max questioned.

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