The Club Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — One Year On

Conclusion To The Clan: After each member of The Clan finished his story, he would swear the others to secrecy. No one wanted their relationship with their mother known outside the group, and no one wanted the details of their first time with their mothers known either. But, each member knew the gravity of the secrets they were being privy to, and besides, they had their own story to keep secret. Once Jack had finished his story, it was well into the early hours of the morning. They all thanked each other, and promised to logon again in one month. However, before they finally signed off, it was Jack who led the procession of thanks to Jeremy. All the members were happier then they could remember, and they all had their clever friend to thank. Each set of mother and son were true couples, as each had found their soul mates. So for the next year all twenty members would logon once a month to talk with each other, help were they could in their most taboo of relationships, offer advice and discuss any issue they found to be of interest to The Clan.

During this one year period all the mothers had joined their son and lover on line with the others. It had begun with them wanting to thank Jeremy for providing the impetus for their perfect relationship with their son. However, like their sons, they soon began to regularly talk with each other. New and firm friendships began to develop between couples. Sometimes it would be just two couples, but soon others would join until all twenty couples were more like an extended family. Not surprising really, as where else could they go for mutual support, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on in tough times. Let’s face it, no relationship between humans is perfect, not even these relationships, but more then surviving the initial ‘honeymoon’ period, their relationship grew, became strong, very strong. Mother and son alike found themselves not only satisfied by the other, but more often than not, euphoric. Jeremy had hoped this would happen, and now after five years he had another idea.

Prologue To The Club Jeremy had been searching the internet for something quite specific, and it had not been easy. What he was looking for he knew before he began would be buried deep, for only those who were serious. Then after six solid months of looking he found it, and tonight he would tell The Clan of his find. Nowadays, The Clan was not just the sons now, but also all the mothers, and they loved being part of the whole. This night as the twenty sets of lovers sat before their computers, logon to their own website hosted by Jeremy and Jenny they listened. They listened to the young man who had always been the leader; at least he had been of the male members, because Daniel’s mum Julia was the leading light for the mothers. Everyone was watching Jeremy and they could see by the look on his face that he was excited, so they wondered what he had. Benny and Bev, Daniel and Julia and Bobby and Ruth knew.

“Ok everyone, I have been searching for something that last six months, and now I’ve found it. I’ve been looking for people like us. Those who are in taboo relationships, just like us… and I’ve found them. Well, one group of them, and they call themselves ‘The Club’.”

“I bet one of the men dreamt that up. You guys always have to give things a name,” Julia said and all could hear the mirth in her voice.

“Yeah, but mum, that’s our job, haven’t you read Genesis,” retorted Daniel.

There was light laughter by all, owing to the double edged association with the Bible. Genesis had Adam naming all the animals, and the other books of the Torah have The Clan’s relationships as forbidden. Society always seemed to reminding them how much their relationships were against the laws of God. The levity helped.

“So who are they and what do you have in mind?” Sonja asked.

Sonja was sitting with Corey, Carol and Nathan. They were all living together in a new house, like two best-of-friends, old-married-couples. They were four very happy people. Both Sonja and Carol would still thank Jeremy every now and then.

“I’m suggesting we join them. They are made up of mothers and sons, father and daughter.” Jeremy replied.

“Now there’s a twist. Fathers and daughters.”

Everyone laughed, loudly this time as Little Josh said this, and his mother who was still bigger than him gave him a kiss and a hug. He could always make her laugh and brighten her day. Beth too, was still giving silent thanks Jeremy, because she was so in love with her son, who was still the gentle soul she had fallen in love with. Jeremy was laughing to, out of sheer relief mostly; because he wasn’t sure how the others would receive his suggestion they open themselves to others. But he could hear in their laughter their desire to be with people like them.

“So do we want to meet these people?” he asked expectantly.

There was a resounding ‘Yes’ from everyone.

“Then here’s their website, go on and check it out. I’ve made arrangements for us all to meet The Club on Friday night at 6.00pm, if escort bayan gaziantep everyone can make it?”

Again he heard a resounding affirmation from everyone. There were even ‘You bet’ from a few pairs of mothers and sons.

“Ok, their address is on the website, and I’ll meet you all outside. A James will meet us outside and sign us in. So mum and I’ll see you there on Friday night.”

Everyone was still chatting about The Club some hours later, even Jenny was still on. For his part, Jeremy had phoned ‘James’ as soon as he finished what he had to say and The Clan members had all agreed. After the phone call he sat in the lounge listening to his mother talk with the best friends she had ever had in her life, as they talked, laughed and generally were excited about Friday night.

The Club

The next Friday night at 5.55pm found all of The Clan members in a car park along side what looked to be a sports club; it could have been the local footy club as far as anyone knew. The twenty couples gathered together, and their excitement was electric. Thirty-eight pairs of eyes looked to Jeremy for direction, but he just smiled at them. Everyone knew better then ask him ‘What happens now?’ as he would have told them if had wanted to. No, tonight he wanted their excitement and expectation to rise. Suddenly, the door to the nondescript club building opened and a handsome man of about forty-five stepped out. Following him was a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, and she took his arm as she stepped next to him. Everyone in The Clan thought, father and daughter couple, and they were right.

The man stepped forward straight to Jeremy, held out his had and introduced himself.

“Jeremy, I’m James and this is my daughter Deni.”

The two men shook hands and there was a meeting of like minds between them. They instantly liked each other. Jeremy smiled broadly, and the guys from The Clan couldn’t help but notice as did Jenny. Jeremy rarely smiled like that, and he never faked it. He turned to his mum.

“James, Deni, this is my mum Jenny.”

James and Deni shook hands with Jenny and before Jeremy could introduce the others James suggested they all go inside, rather than attracting unwanted attention to themselves. Everyone nodded their agreements, and more than a few of them looked around for prying eyes. This had become part of their normal body language around ‘outsiders’. They all entered The Club, which looked inside like the ordinary sports club it did from the outside. James and Deni led them all to what looked like a broom closet. James opened the door and disappeared inside and Deni followed, as did Jeremy and Jenny. As each of the others moved close enough to the ‘broom closet’ they saw a stairwell leading down.

At the end of the stairs was the real Club. A large comfortable lounge met their gaze. It was as big a basketball court, with a long bar down one side, twenty or so tables and chairs arranged in small clusters and a dance floor. The floor was carpeted, except for the dance area. Milling around were about forty couples; mothers and sons, fathers and daughter. They all turned as The Clan entered and applauded with big warm and friendly smiles. Most of The Clan mothers were moved to tears, as was Josh and Beth hugged him tightly. She just loved how tender her Little Josh was. The Clan walked into the centre of the large room, and the couples of The Club came up to meet and greet the new couples. Introductions all round, and then members of both groups broke off as couples found others they found themselves attracted to — platonically that is, and they sat at one of the clusters of tables to swap stories and get to know each other better.

Jeremy and Jenny sat down with James and Deni, along with Jeremy’s three closest mates and their mums; along with two other father and daughter couples, Bob and Beth, Alex and Jamie. The seven couples had hit it off immediately. After a few minutes of light talk Deni looked at Jeremy and asked,

“Can we go first,” and she indicated her and her father.

She asked Jeremy because he had that affect on people, they naturally took him for the leader, no matter who was with him. He grinned at her like an indulgent brother and nodded. The other three mother and son couples were all ears.


Ending and Beginnings Janet Ivy left her home never to return, leaving her husband of nineteen years for another man, one who was more like her, confident, ambitious and ruthless. James Ivy came home that night and soon read of his wife’s departure in her letter, he was devastated. With a cool head as always he rang their eighteen year old daughter Deni, and broke the news. She wasn’t concerned for herself but she was for her dad. Deni had spent most of her life in boarding schools, and every time she came home she had to reconnect with her parents, or at least her dad, her mother was always cold and aloof. Subsequently, Deni and her dad were close, not like father and daughter, more like friends. bayan gaziantep escort

As soon as her father had told her Deni’s mind was made up. She would pay him back for all the time and effort he had spent with her; the games, watching videos and DVDs together. Taking her out for coffee, and the many other things he had done for her too numerous to mention — and of course that one special time. She would move out of the house she now shared with 3 of her girl friends from Uni and move back into her father’s house. He resisted, she insisted and two days after her mother moved out, Deni moved in.

Deni arrived early evening with her bags and her father was delighted to see her. After she put her bags in her old room, she came out into his kitchen to be with her ‘dad’ — that’s who he had always been for her, not ‘father’. They looked at each other and James said,

“You didn’t have to you know?”

“Yes I do, how do you feel?” she asked concerned.

“Funny thing is that how that it’s been a few days I don’t miss her, but I’m lonely in this house by myself, rattling around on my own. It’s really good to have you here, and my, don’t you look hot.” Deni would only accept that from her dad. She was dressed in a tee-shirt and tiny low hip riding jean skirt and runners.

“Oh, and nice panties,” he added, to which Deni looked down to see for herself, but there was nothing showing above her low skirt.

“Got you” he said.

And this started off their edgy one liners trying to out do each other; a game between them that had developed a few years ago.

“Well I don’t mind exposing them to you,” she fired back.

“Ooh, you’re exposing yourself to me; I’d like to see that.”

“Just a minuet and I’ll do just that.”

Her dad waited a second or two and then said,

“No, I missed it, can you do it again?”

“I’ll leave my bedroom door open for you later then.”

“You never looked when I leave mine open.” He sounded upset.

“I did, but you were on top of mum.”

“No that wasn’t me.”

“I thought your butt looked better then that.”

“Not as good as yours does.” He smiled at her.

“So you have been looking,” she said in mock horror.

“Only on the internet.”

“You found that site,” again in mocked horror, this time her mouth opened.

“Yeah, the site’s address was on a toilet wall.”

“Have you been cruising for cheap thrills again?”

“Yeah, but you weren’t there.” He was quick.

“No, because I was around the back being humped by two street guys.”

That brought a big smile to his face and she grinned back at him.

“With your normal clientele then, how were they?”

“Not as good as you I hear.” She fired back this time.

“Well there’s no one to stop us tonight.”

“No,” agreed Deni, “I hated the way she stopped us, ‘too crass’, ‘a father and daughter shouldn’t talk like that,'” Deni mimicked her mother.

“You do look hot,” observed James again, “or is that sexual harassment?” he asked.

“No, that’s not sexual harassment from you,” Deni answered with a smile.

“No, but if you were naked and I was hitting you with a stick it would be.” James offered.

“You wouldn’t hit me with a stick,” his daughter said knowing her dad’s loving nature.

“You’re right, if you were naked I wouldn’t hit you with a stick.”

“No?” She asked with a wicked smile. “What would you hit me with?”

“Anything you wanted if you were naked in front of me.” James stared at his daughter and she couldn’t respond. Both were feeling very hot.

“Got you,” he said. “And I really wish I did,” James had decided to kick this up a level now. Deni couldn’t help but smile and said,

“Oh yes, you certainly have.” And James knew there was something in that.

“Hell, I don’t remember that. I’m sure I would because you look soooo hot,” he emphasized again.

Deni pick up his vibe and she had so desperately wanted to the next level too. This was exactly what she had wanted for two years.

“Yeah, but what are you going to do about it,” she asked, crossed her arms and spread her feet as a challenge. ‘Ok sweetie, you asked for it and I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb’ James thought and formulated his answer just right.

“What am I going to do about it?” he asked setting up what was coming next.

“Yeah, what are you going to do about me being soooo hot,” this time Deni stuck out her beautiful chin and moved her left hip out.

“Are you sure you’re up to it?” he asked his daughter returning her grin. Deni was loving where this was going and hoping her dad was up to it.

“I’ve been up for it for two years,” she replied and her smile faded a bit, and this told James that his daughter meant it.

“Well in that case I wait no longer. I’d reach up underneath your little skirt, fondle your bottom and then pull down you panties,” he paused to see the effect on his daughter, her eyes widened and were glistening, and gaziantep bayan escort her smile returned.

“Then, I’d lift up that little skirt of yours and take a long look at – what I expect is — that gorgeous pussy of yours,” ‘there’ he thought ‘I’ve said it and there’s no turning back now.’ No, Deni was looking enthusiastically at her dad, seemingly waiting for him to continue.

“What, is that it?” Deni asked wanting to hear more.

“Oh no, I would then bury my face in your beautiful pussy and lick your clit, making you squeal like a pig on a honeymoon until you came like never before.”

James saw the effect his words had on his daughter, her mouth was slightly open and her eyes had tears in them. ‘Oh no,’ he thought ‘I’ve gone too far.’

“What’s for dinner?” she asked him.

“I don’t know yet, I haven’t looked in our neighbour’s bins.” This made her laugh as he was always able to do and broke the tension.

James made dinner for the two of them and talked as he did, and talked over dinner and after dinner. Before he knew it, James saw it was 10.00pm.

“Bedtime for me,” he told his daughter and she agreed.

They said their good night and went their separate ways. James didn’t know how long he had been asleep when he woke-up.

“Dad,” he heard Deni whispering imploringly from his bedroom door.

“What is it love?” He was wide awake now.

“I heard something,” she told him.

James got up and walked out of his bedroom, and in the dark he could see Deni with her arms around herself standing in a tee-shirt and panties — even in the dark she looked great he thought proudly.


“In the kitchen,” she replied.

James crept into the kitchen in his boxers, with Deni very close behind and her hand on his lower back. In the kitchen there was no sound, but James had a quick look around in the darkness.

“Nothing now,” he told her.

“But I’m scared,” she insisted.

James looked at his daughter in the darkness and said,

“Even in the dark you look hot, you know?”

“Thanks dad, but I’m still a little scared.” He could hear the genuine fear in her voice.

“So what can I do?” he asked his frightened daughter.

“I don’t want to be alone,” she begged and it tore at his heart.

“Want to hop in my bed?” he offered.

“Yeah thanks,” Deni replied, turned and walked to her dad’s bedroom and he followed.

Deni pulled back the covers and hopped into the bed on the right side, where her mother would have slept, her dad entered the bed on the left. Deni moved over and snuggled into him immediately and said,

“I’m cold, please hold he.” James felt his daughter was shivering and quiet cold,

“You are afraid aren’t you?” he asked her as she turned her back to him and snuggled her back into him, and he draped his right arm around her.

“No, I’m not afraid, just cold.”

“How come you’re so cold?” this was suspicious for James.

“I was standing outside your door for ages trying to think of how I was going to get in your bed.”

James felt his stomach freeze and at the same time he could feel his daughter’s body against his, he could feel her tee-shirt and brief panties against hid body.

“Why?” would all he could ask.

“I wanted to be with you and I was feeling very lonely in a room by myself,” she answered and it all made sense to James.

“Not like boarding school is it?” he asked.

“No, it was so quiet, you can’t hear anyone else and the bed is lonely.”

‘This was new’ thought James, ‘a lonely bed at boarding school, who did she share it with?’ he wondered. He thought he would take a leap here,

“You miss Buffy?”

Buffy was Deni’s closest friend at school, her real name was Cornelia Lemmington-Jones, but the girl’s called her Buffy because she was so tough and nothing frightened her.

“Yeah I miss her. I miss her closeness, I miss talking to her and I when I was little she came into my bed because I was frightened, it was all so scary, and we shared our beds from then on.”

James could hear the little, frightened school girl as Deni honestly told of him of a terrible time in her life made more then bearable by a friend.

“I didn’t know how bad it was,” he told her and his voice wavered and she heard his sorrow for her and felt his body hold her a little closer and tighter.

“Did you have a relationship with Buffy?” he asked her evenly, without judgment in his voice and Deni heard this.

“We experimented a bit,” she replied truthfully.

“Did you like it?” James asked and immediately wished he hadn’t, ‘what if her answers excited him, because his daughter would feel it.’

“I liked how it made me feel, but I’m not gay if that’s what your asking,” and he felt only a little excitement and hoped Deni hadn’t felt it.

“As long as you were ok and you enjoyed yourself,” he said a bit lamely, he couldn’t think of what else to say.

“Are you warm enough now?” he asked his daughter, wanting this conversation to end, so his awkwardness could as well.

“Yes, lovely. You feel so nice dad.”

“Let’s go to sleep then,” he suggested and rolled over, away from Deni.

“Good idea, you might feel more comfortable now,” his daughter said and James thought, ‘oh no, she could feel me,’ and a sense of excitement came back, and then left as he worried about that. Sleep came to both quickly.

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