The Chosen Pt. 04B

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Note: (All characters are at least 18 years old.)

New Worlds: Part 4B

Lisa pulled into an empty parking space next to Matt. The apartment complex wasn’t the nicest, but she really didn’t care and got out and walked over to Matt. He took her hand and led her to his run-down abode.

Once inside, he took her parka and hat from her head. Then tossed them on the chair by the door.

“You want a glass of wine or a beer?” He asked her.

“Sure, whatever you are having,” Lisa replied and followed into the tiny kitchen where he got two beers and opened them.

She took a drink and then just smiled at him, “Thanks!”

Matt returned her smile, “You’re welcome.”

Matt led her to his sofa, and they sat down facing the TV. Matt liked her profile, shoulder-length hair, and the way her legs and thighs looked in her black tights. The knee-high boots with a ring of fur around the tops were also a nice touch.

“I like your place,” Lisa told him.

“It’s a dump,” Matt laughed, “But thanks just the same.”

Lisa laughed too and drank some more beer.

“Has anyone ever told you how sexy you are?” Matt asked.

“Once or twice,” Lisa giggled.

In Matt’s little apartment, the pheromones filled the air around him. Lisa kept smelling the strange scent, and it made her want him even more. Lisa was turned on just sitting next to him. Part of her mind kept telling her how wrong it was, but the urge for him just wouldn’t let her get up and leave!

Matt sat his beer down on the coffee table and moved over to her. He took her beer from her and set it down as she watched him with big beautiful brown eyes. She couldn’t resist him as he came over and kissed her on the lips. Lisa’s body tingled all over as they kissed. A long deep kiss involving their tongues were swirling around each other.

Lisa felt hot all over, and her crotch felt as damp as her nipples were hard.

“Come with me,” Matt told her after the kiss and grabbed her hand.

“Where?” She asked, standing up next to him.

“My bedroom.”


Lisa couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she couldn’t seem to stop either. Once in the bedroom, they kissed again, and then she helped him pull her sweater over her head and stood there as he removed her bra and began to fondle her beautiful round breasts.

Lisa was so hot for him and undid the buttons of his dress shirt. They kissed again, and her bare boobs felt so good against his hairless chest.

“Take the rest of your clothes off for me,” Matt told her.

Lisa smiled and sat down on the bed as Matt kicked off his shoes and started pulling his slacks off. He was down to his boxers as Lisa pulled off her leggings and was sitting on his beds in just her panties.

She started to pull them off as Matt came over, “Let me help you.”

Lisa grinned and laid back on the mattress as Matt pulled her panties down her legs and over her feet. He tossed them on the floor and looked down at her. Lisa had nicely trimmed bush and swollen pussy lips just for him.

Matt pulled off his boxers and stood there, looking down at Lisa’s naked beauty. He began to stroke his cock to its full size.

Lisa sat up to look at him closer. She’d never seen a man like him in her life! He looked like a bronze God! Every muscle in his body well defined as a bodybuilder. Not a trace of hair on his body, and all of his body was a warm golden tint.

Matt’s transformation was complete. He was fully ascended, and his penis had even reached the nanites programmed instructions. 10 inches long and two inches thick with bulging veins to feed its size with his blood supply.

Lisa’s breath was taken away, looking at it. She’d never seen such a huge cock, and even his testicles were huge! Matt’s pheromones coming from his body made her want him so badly that she spread her legs and started rubbing her wet pussy.

“I want you so badly!” She told him, “Take me… please!”

Matt stepped forward until the big mushroom-shaped helmet of his cock was in front of her lips.

“In time,” Matt replied, “I want you to suck my cock first.”

Lisa didn’t even hesitate, she put her right hand around the thick shaft and took the huge tip into her mouth. She ran her tongue around it and sucked at the same time.

“Mmmmm that’s it, suck it hard for me.”

Matt’s wishes were Lisa’s commands. She sucked harder and stroked him at the same time. Lisa was having tiny orgasms from just sucking his cock. She desperately wanted to feel it inside her, but Matt wasn’t ready yet. He pushed her flat on her back and spread her lovely legs wide apart.

Getting down on his knees on the side of the bed, Matt put his face between her thighs and sniffed at her musky pussy before spreading the lips wide apart with his thumbs. Then he went after her clit with his tongue.

“OH MY GOD!” Lisa moaned loudly as her pussy got licked like she’d never felt before.


On the trail, Emma was making good time. The snow was packed and fast, and Tom was taking photos and loving the ride. He escort bayan couldn’t get over how amazing it was to be pulled by such beautiful dogs! They had such teamwork, and power. He could feel the sled surge every time Emma yelled “Hike.”

Stephen was having a slower trip because the snow-pack was deeper, and the trail not as packed as the Northern run. Emma had reached the 7-mile point, and Stephen had only made it 5 when the storm suddenly blew in.

It had started with heavy wet snow but quickly escalated into a freezing cold ground blizzard with winds gusting to 30 Mph. Visibility was next to nothing for Emma and Tom. Stephen was more sheltered, but he turned the team around and headed back home with the wind at his back instead of the secondary cabin. He wasn’t too worried about Emma. He’d taught her how to deal with things like this.

Soaking wet, Melanie was shivering and had her whole body covered from the storm. She prayed that the old man would get them back alive. Tom wasn’t fairing much better, but the storm didn’t seem to bother Emma. Her nanites protected her skin from frostbite and kept her temperature regulated. Her dogs knew the trail well, and they arrived at the secondary cabin 30 minutes before Stephen and Mel made it to the main cabin.

Tying off the dogs, Emma led Tom into the small cabin and started a fire in the woodstove.

“You better get out of your wet clothes,” she told Tom, “Gramps probably has some clothes that will fit you. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Where are you going?” Tom asked.

“I’ve got to take care of the dogs.” She told him, and he shivered as she left in a gust of wind and snow before she slammed the door shut.

Tom threw some more wood in the stove and hunkered down, warming his frozen fingers.

When Stephen made it back, he took similar steps. Getting the fire going and offering Melanie a huge flannel shirt of his.

“Sorry, this is all I have, but you better get out of those wet clothes and hang them up there to dry.”

Melanie followed his gaze to the hooks in the wall beside the wood stove. She just shook her head okay as he left to put away the dogs.


Back in Minneapolis, Lisa was moaning and sometimes screaming out loud as Matt fucked her doggy style. Driving his hard penis in and out of her little pussy for at least 10 minutes straight. Lisa was having multiple orgasms. Some more significant than others as the biggest cock she’d ever felt continued to stretch her vagina to accept all 10 inches. Her legs felt week, and she was relieved when Matt flipped her over onto her back.

“You have such a nice tight pussy,” He told her, grabbing her legs with both hands by the back of her knees and pushing his monster dick back inside her wet cunt.

“OH MY GOD!” Lisa groaned as Matt pushed her knees forward all the way to her boobs. Then he began to thrust hard once again.

“I’m going to cum!” She heard him grunt at last.

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, he went as Lisa screamed out from the pleasure and pain. Matt buried his cock balls deep and began shooting his load against her cervix.

Lisa looked up at his face above her. His eyes looked like they were on fire, and he let out a howl like some kind of animal. It would have scared her except for the pheromones in charge of her body. Instead, all she could feel was the hard spurts of warm semen inside her.

Lisa arched her back and screamed out loud as the biggest orgasm of her life shook her whole body! Matt’s huge cock deep inside of her continued to throb and spurt as he howled out loud again and released her legs. Lisa wrapped them around his narrow waist and dug her nails into his back as she shook and moaned under his weight.

When Matt finished, he pulled out and walked on his knees up to Lisa’s head. His cock was wilting, and the tip was covered in thick cum. It was still leaking as he wiped it on her lips. Tiredly Lisa opened her mouth and took it in. Sucking it gently as Matt milked it dry into her warm mouth.

Lisa fell asleep after he left her sprawled out on his bed. Her legs still wide apart and her pussy leaking cum down the crack of her ass. Matt sat down on the couch, feeling relieved and finished the two open beers while Lisa took a 30-minute nap.

When Lisa woke up, the “Rapture” had partially worn off. She awoke with a start and was confused for a few seconds about where she was. Lisa wondered why she was naked and in a strange bed?

By the time she got to the bathroom, she had remembered Matt and how he had been the best lover she’d ever had. After using the toilet, she got a washcloth and cleaned her crotch and thighs of all the dried cum.

Matt had heard her get up, and after 3 beers was ready to go again. He headed for the bathroom with his pheromones in a cloud around him.

“Hi,” Matt said when he found her in his bathroom, hanging up a wet washcloth.

Lisa had been planning to get dressed and leave. But as soon as Matt came over and kissed her on the lips, her lungs escort bayanlar filled with more pheromones. Almost immediately, her body reacted to the surge of hormones being released in her bloodstream. Her nipples hardened, and her clit tingled and felt hot.

She kissed him hotly and grabbed his semi-hard penis. Rubbing the big tip on her clit as they kissed. Matt led her back to his bed, and she was more than willing as he laid her down on her back with her head hanging down over the edge facing him.

Lisa had an upside-down view of Matt’s hard penis that was headed for her mouth. She opened her mouth and took his cock as his hands grabbed both of her boobs tightly. He started to face fuck her mouth as he squeezed and played with her nipples. Sometimes leaning over to rub her pussy with one hand.

Lisa could only let out muffled grunts as Matt’s huge hard cock fucked her mouth like a pussy. The tip threating to go clear down her throat. The only thing stopping him was her gagging when he went too deep.

Matt tired of it after a while and told her to get on her hands and knees agaom. Lisa jumped up and got on her hands and knees doggy style as Matt grabbed a bottle of anal lube from his dresser.

“Spread those nice butt cheeks wide for me, babe,” He told her as he coated his dick with lube.

Lisa did what he said without a word. Her face turned to the side resting on the mattress, and both of her arms stretched back, holding her butt cheeks wide apart.

“Mmmmmm,” Lisa moaned as Matt squirted lube on her anus and then slid his finger up her tight little hole.

When it loosened up, he slid two fingers up her but hole stretching it open wider. With his ring and little fingers sliding up her wet vagina at the same time.

Lisa began to moan when she got double penetrated by Matt’s fingers. Then she got up on her palms and started groaning loudly when Matt’s big hard cock slid all the way up her tight ass.

“OH MY GOD!” Lisa yelled as Matt grabbed her hips and began to fuck her up the ass hard and fast.

Lisa kept yelling and screaming loudly for the next several minutes while Matt ravaged her ass with his huge hard cock.

He wrapped his arms around her tummy and picked her up off the mattress with his cock buried deep in her butt. Spinning around, he laid back on the bed with Lisa’s back against his chest. Then he started fucking her butt again with his right hand rubbing her pussy and his left squeezing her left boob hard.

“AH AH OOOohhhh GOD!” Lisa kept yelling in between moans and high pitched squeaks.

Matt finally shot his load up her butt, rubbing her clit hard and fast at the same time.

Lisa let out one long scream and came so hard she lost control and squirted like she was peeing several times as her whole body shook like she was freezing to death.

Matt rolled her off him when he was done and stood up.

“I’m going to take a shower,” He told her, “I think you better get dressed and get home before your husband misses you.”

Lisa looked up at him with a smile and glassy eyes, “Whatever you say!”

Lisa didn’t even remember driving home. When she got there, she unloaded her bags and headed for her bathroom for a much-needed shower. The effects of the “Rapture” had been wearing off, and the more it did, the more she couldn’t believe what she’d just done!

She had no clue why she had done it. All she could do was hope no one ever found out.


Tom was still sitting by the stove when Emma came back in. He was surprised that she didn’t even seem cold. He figured since she was used to the climate and he wasn’t was the difference.

“You okay?” Emma asked him.

“Yeah, still cold, but we are safe…right?”

Emma smiled and began stripping off her wet clothes, “This storm should blow out tonight, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to spend the night.”

“I wonder if Melanie is okay?” Tom said.

“I’m sure gramps got them to safety,” Emma replied, pulling off her wet shirt, “He may have gone back instead of coming here. We can call pretty soon and see what’s up.”

Tom was taken aback as the girl didn’t seem to mind stripping in front of him. He watched in fascination as she ended up in her bra as she pulled her jeans off. She hung her wet jeans and blouse on nails in the wall by the stove. Tom couldn’t help but stare at her.

Emma turned around and saw his mouth open.

“What you’ve never seen a woman in her underwear before?” She kidded him.

“Uh, yeah, but I didn’t expect to see yours.”

Emma laughed, “This is the wilderness, you get to see all kinds of things.”

Tom was still staring as she winked at him and went over to a wall of shelves and started digging for something to eat. Tom tried hard not to stare, but Emma was drop-dead gorgeous!

“Damn!” Tom thought, remembering seeing her wet panties stuck to her pussy, “A smooth little shaved pussy at that.”

Emma found a big can of beef stew and dumped it in a black pan. Tom watched her again as she bayan escort brought it to the stove and put it on top. Emma looked fantastic with a tan that most people would die to have.

“She certainly isn’t modest!” Tom thought, “Good thing, Melanie isn’t here to see this.”

Emma came back with a little bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand, “Gramps always has a stash hidden around the cabin.”

“Whiskey?” Tom asked.

“You want a snort?” Emma said and took a big drink from the bottle.

“Sure,” Tom replied, taking the bottle from her and downing a big gulp.

“Mmmm, that makes my insides warm!” Emma grinned, running her hands over her flat bare belly.

Tom could feel the fire in his own belly. Not only the whiskey but having to try not and look at the almost naked young woman. Emma sat down right next to him and asked for the bottle. Tom fought back the urge to touch her beautiful body as she took another big swig.

Just then, the phone rang on the wall. It was an old-time phone that Stephen had laid the miles of wire by himself. Cell phones weren’t reliable, but this old phone system was.

Emma talked to Stephan for a bit and then told Tom his wife, wanted to speak to him. Emma went about stirring the stew and ignoring their conversation. She didn’t much care for married or not, but the alcohol was starting to make her tingle as the nanites began removing it from her blood stream.

Tom returned in time for the stew to be done. It wasn’t delicious, but it was hot, and they ate their fill by the stove. Emma’s underwear had dried out, but she didn’t put any more clothes on. She felt fine in her bra and panties, and Tom didn’t mind eating dinner with the way she was dressed.


10 miles away, his wife Melanie was finishing up her second bowl of chili in front of the fire. Stephen had taken off his wet clothes as well. Except for an old pair of shorts that he’d dug out of a trunk. All of their wet clothes were now giving off steam as they dried around the woodstove. The wind was howling, and they could hear the snow pelting on the front door.

Stephen found an unopened half-pint of Jack and cracked the seal in front of Mel. He took a big hit and asked her if she wanted some.

“I guess?” She laughed, “Does it burn going down?”

“Yeah, that’s the best part,” Stephen said, handing her the bottle, “Takes the chill out of your insides.”

Mel sniffed the open bottle and then smiled and took a reasonable snort. She looked fine for a second and then started coughing.

“Shit!” She choked back, “That’s horrible!”

Stephen chuckled, “You get used to it.”

“I don’t see how,” Melanie replied, wiping the tears from her eyes.”

“Here, try this.”

Mel took the open beer, and it felt nice and cold, soothing her throat.


“Yes, thanks, and you can keep the whiskey. I’ll stick with this.”

“Fair enough.”

They sat down on the small sofa by the fire. Stephen got up and threw some more wood in it as Mel watched him.

“For a guy old enough to be my dad, he sure has a buff body!” She thought, “It must be all the work out here that keeps him in shape.”

She had no way to explain his hairless chest and golden tan. There was just something strange and exciting about him that she couldn’t quite figure out. Let alone the fact that the cold didn’t seem to bother him as he moved around the drafty cabin with nothing on but some old camouflage shorts!


Back at the other cabin, Tom had a few more shots of whiskey and was feeling pretty good about getting out of the storm. He certainly didn’t mind getting drunk with Emma, who was a dream to look at in the flesh.

Tom looked around, and the only bed in the cabin was on the other wall. A small double size bed with a bunch of blankets on it.

“So, what’re the sleeping arrangements going to be?” He asked Emma, “You want me to stay on this sofa, and you take the bed?”

Emma grinned at him, “I think we can do better than that.”

“You don’t have to give me the bed,” Tom replied.

“There’s room enough for both of us,” Emma said, “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

Tom wasn’t sure he heard her right, “Share the bed?”

Emma grinned at him, “You have a problem with that?”

“I’m sure Melanie will if she finds out I spent the night in bed with you.”

Emma looked him the eyes, “She won’t ever know unless you tell her.”

“Well…I don’t know if I should.”

“Suit yourself,” Emma told him, getting up from the sofa, “But I’m going to be really disappointed if.”

“If what?” Tom asked.

Emma smiled at him an unhooked the front of her bra. Then she tossed it behind her next to the stove.

Emma explained as she slowly pulled down her panties in front of him, “After saving you from freezing to death on the trail, the least you could do is make love to me when I need it.”

After letting his eyes rove over her, she smiled and headed for the bed, “It’s now or never.”

Tom sat there in shock for a few moments. He knew he shouldn’t but couldn’t get over how sexy she was, and she wanted him.

He got up and followed her to the bed. He pulled off his borrowed clothes and crawled under the covers where the horny and naked Emma waited for him. She’d had no doubt he would cave in. She’d been right, no man in their right mind would turn her down.

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