The Cardinal Sin

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The clerical error which led to a cardinal sin.

The new Bishop arrived and was taking over from the old Bishop who had been transferred to a much larger city. As he was leaving, he shook hands with the new Bishop and said his final words, “Find yourself a good housekeeper. It will help to make your stay here more enjoyable.”

The new Bishop dwelled on the words and asked his assistant to explain what the old Bishop had meant. The assistant reluctantly explained that the old Bishop Paul had a housekeeper that he had taken with him to his new Bishopric. “I am not sure but I have a very strong suspicion that she was his mistress. He never actually told me in so many words, but I’m almost positive that he was having sex with her. I think what he was trying to tell you was that it was a good idea to try and find a housekeeper who would be your mistress at the same time.”

“I find it hard to believe that he actually did that but if that was his advice, I should listen. Maybe it is a good idea? What do you think?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know. I have no experience of such things.”

“I have never been with a woman. I don’t know where to start. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Well, there is a woman who is a widow, Rosa, who comes into the church a lot and helps with a lot of things. Perhaps you could talk to her.”

The assistant introduced Rosa to the Bishop saying that the Bishop wanted some advice and perhaps she could help. After some brief formalities the Bishop said, “What I’m about to talk to about is totally confidential. You must never mention a word to anybody. I will deny that this conversation ever took place. Is it clear?”

Rosa could not imagine what he was going to talk about. “Of course.”

The Bishop repeated in detail the conversation with his assistant and simply said, “What is your advice? What do you think?”

“The first thing I have to say is that if you are asking whether I want to be the housekeeper, the answer is no. I’m happy to be a helper but I don’t want to work anymore. I know that you are a man of the cloth and have never had sex, or at least I think you haven’t, so the first thing to know is whether you are interested in sex.”

“You’re right. I never thought of that. How would I know? I wouldn’t find out until I went to try, would I?”

There was silence as Rosa thought about it for a moment and said, “I would like to help you in what you’re about to do, but you must never tell anybody. I will deny it under oath. Is that clear?”

The Bishop wondered what she was going to do that would elicit such a response. “Of course.”

Rosa was in her early 60s and had a reasonably good figure considering that she had had three children and took good care of herself. She stood up and removed her cardigan and then her blouse and her brassiere revealing two sagging breasts with prominent nipples. She released her skirt and let it fall to the ground and then pulled her panties down. She did this while facing the Bishop whose eyes were literally popping out of his head at what he had never seen before in his whole life and had never even imagined.

“Why are you doing this? I never suggested this. What are you doing? How will this help to answer my question?”

“There is no point in me giving you any advice, if you do not react positively to the sight of a woman’s body. There is only one simple way to find out. I show you mine and see whether you have a normal male reaction?”

The Bishop was stunned by what had happened and stood transfixed, as if he had seen the Holy Ghost. His brain had gone into overdrive and was seemingly powerless to resist what she did next. Rosa removed his surplice and then garment after garment until he was standing naked with only his shoes and socks on. Rosa looked at his penis to see if there was any reaction but there was none. His penis was hanging in shock. Rosa was really keen to see another penis since her husband had died. She knew that he needed to have an erection if he was going to have a mistress. Her hand reached out and took it gently between her fingers. She was well experienced in these matters and her thumb and forefinger did what they had done many times before with her husband before he died. He had long ago lost the ability to get an erection without manual stimulation and she enjoyed watching to see how the Bishop would react. Nerve pathways that had lain dormant for decades were suddenly being reactivated and the blood slowly pumped into his penis making it longer and stiffer. Rosa kept playing with it because she enjoyed it and she was also enjoying the look on the Bishop’s face as he looked down at the results of her simulation. He had not had one of these for decades. The Rosa did not need to know any more and stopped.

“It works. It is very nice and hard and I’m sure you will be able to please the housekeeper. Be sure to be gentle with her. You can get dressed now.”

They both turned away from each other and got dressed feeling slightly sheepish and embarrassed at the same time.

“Why did you do that? I didn’t ask you to do that. You could Anadolu Yakası Escort have asked my permission.”

“I knew if I asked for your permission you would say no, but I knew it was absolutely necessary to find out if you would respond to a woman. That’s really what you wanted to know, isn’t it?”

“I’m not sure what I wanted to know. I just wanted your advice.”

“Well now I can give you my advice. If you enjoyed that and you think you would like to enjoy the company of a woman, then go ahead. I can help you as best I can. All you have to do is ask. It really comes down to whether you enjoyed me touching you or not. Yes or no.”

“Yes it did feel good. It could be a good idea. What do I do next?”

“You have to find a housekeeper somewhere who will keep a vow of silence and never reveal what is happening. That’s the first thing. You might find one in the local convent. I know the mother Superior and some of the nuns and I could ask very discreetly on your behalf. What do you think?”

“Go and talk to her. You have my blessing. Let me know how you go.”

Later Rosa would reflect on what happened with much embarrassment. She couldn’t believe that she had done it but rationalised that it was a spur of the moment decision based on a crazy idea that had flashed through her mind. She wanted to prove to herself that she was still sexy enough to turn on a man and here was the opportunity and she wanted to feel a man’s penis and see if you could make it hard. She had often excused other people’s behaviour as being opportunistic – if they could be excused, so could she. That night the memory of the first erection she had touched for a few years kept her awake for quite a long while until she sought relief with her vibrator.

Rosa went to the local convent and spoke to the Mother Superior. They’d known each other for a long time and Rosa swore her to silence. Rosa asked if she knew of a nun who was past menopause and who might like to be the housekeeper for the Bishop, with benefits. Mother Superior thought she knew of one nun who might fill the bill. Sister Linda was an intelligent woman who had become a nun straight after school, basically because her family had always offered one girl to be a nun. Sister Linda had often spoken to the mother Superior about her lustful thoughts and the mother Superior had managed to keep her within the convent. She was a good woman and a valuable worker and liked by everybody and she wanted to keep her.

Rosa asked the mother Superior whether she thought that Linda would enjoy or participate in the benefits side of the job. The mother Superior had no idea. You could only try. She had suggested another nun to the last Bishop and that had apparently worked out. Perhaps this one would. She called for Sister Linda and introduced her to Rosa and explained that there was a job going as the Bishop’s housekeeper if she was interested. Linda was worried that she might not be satisfactory but when Rosa saw her, and saw that she had a reasonable figure and a nice smile and a good personality, she encouraged her to try. She said she would help her if necessary. It was agreed that Linda would be introduced to the Bishop and that Rosa would be there.

As it turned out, Linda was a brilliant choice. She had been playing with herself for years before she became a novice but had never been out with a man. She sneaked her vibrator into the convent when she became a novice but never told anybody. She wasn’t the only nun with a vibrator, but it was known all over the convent that she used more batteries than anybody else. She didn’t know it, but everybody else did, so it was no surprise that the mother Superior thought she would be a natural for the job. Her talents didn’t stop there. She had the most lustful thoughts and had spoken about them with the Mother Superior who was quite embarrassed. The one thing that Linda regretted was that she had never been with a man but now that she was much older, she had given up hope. She was in a convent and even if she left she doubted that she had the social skills to find a man, so it was with great satisfaction that she received the offer.

The Bishop was understandably nervous that he was about to be introduced to the new housekeeper with the idea that she become his mistress. He had no idea how he would introduce the idea or convince her to accept the job. He was used to people obeying his orders, not to trying to convince them to do things that they had been trained not to do.

Linda and Rosa walked together into the room with the Bishop and immediately he cast his eyes over her, he felt the stirrings of attraction. Rosa introduced Linda to the Bishop and tried to explain in vague terms what her job would entail. Linda and the Bishop sparred with words for quite a while without actually ever saying out loud what they meant. Finally Rosa said, “I think you and Linda will get on very well together. The only real unknown is whether Linda is willing to embrace all her responsibilities for the job. I think we know by now what they are. I think before we go on, Linda has just one hurdle Kartal Escort to jump. We have to find out whether she will be a willing participant with the Bishop in the bedroom. Does that sound right?”

The Bishop replied, “I think I understand what you mean, but I’m not sure.”

Linda replied, “I’m not sure what you mean. What do you want me to do?”

The Rosa responded, “If this is going to be a happy physical relationship we have to establish right now whether Linda is happy to go ahead with it. We know that she has a vow of chastity and is a virgin and so this must be quite a shock to her system. The same applies to the Bishop but he has already agreed that he would like to give it a try. All we need to know is that Linda is willing to go ahead and demonstrate her willingness. Does that make sense?”

Linda said, “What do you want me to do to prove that I can do it?”

Rosa said, “I have been married as you know and I understand very well what it is that makes a woman a willing partner for a man. We have to find out whether you will respond positively to his touch and if you do, then it’s likely that you will make a very good housekeeper for the Bishop.”

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to remove your panties and I want the Bishop to put his hand between your legs and touch your bottom. I want the Bishop to put his finger between your legs and touch your little button and if you enjoy it, I think everything will work out. If you don’t like it, we’ll stop now and that will be the end of that. Does that sound okay?”

“Let me think for a moment. I never expected that. Will it hurt?”

“No, it shouldn’t. It should feel nice and if it does, we can go ahead from there.”

Linda hesitated and thought for a moment. Everybody knew this was a critical moment and they left her in her thoughts for a few minutes.

The silence was broken when Linda said, “Okay.” She lifted her habit and pulled down her panties revealing her pubic triangle. Rosa took the Bishop’s finger and led it into Linda’s slit and said, “Rub gently for a little. Linda, tell me if you enjoy that.” Linda reacted with such a start that Rosa said, “I should have remembered. You don’t start like that. You take it nice and gently. Linda, I want you to take your habit off completely.”

Rosa and the Bishop watched intently as bit by bit the habit came off and revealed that, for a woman her age, Linda had a nice figure. Her breasts were in nice shape but not quite as perky as they once were but she still looked attractive.

Rosa took the Bishop’s hands to Rosa’s breasts and watched as the Bishop kneaded them. Linda closed her eyes as this new feeling aroused her whole body so that she could feel herself getting excited in places that hadn’t enjoyed the feeling quite like that ever before. After a few minutes Rosa took the Bishop’s finger back to where it had been and was now nice and wet and slippery and his finger worked its magic. Linda still had her eyes closed and Rosa was worried that if it went on to long she might have an orgasm.

Linda was not entirely surprised that she was enjoying it because suddenly the lustful thoughts that she had been having for a long time were coinciding with some delicious new feelings that were totally different to those from her own finger. She was not sure whether she should show her pleasure on her face or keep it hidden as if it was some sin that she should not be having.

“Linda, you should relax. Just relax and enjoy the moment.”

You could see Linda relax her body and at the same time a smile came on her face.

“Linda, I think you’re enjoying it. Is that true?”

“Yes. I am enjoying it. It’s good.”

“I’ve seen enough. You’ll both get on well together.”

Rosa said to the Bishop, “You can stop now. I think Linda wants to be your new housekeeper. Is that right Linda?”

“Yes. When do I move in?”

When Linda had moved in the Bishop decided that it would be a good idea for Rosa to give them advice on how to make things work. She seemed to be an intelligent, level-headed woman with a lot of worldly experience who could help make a smooth transition to the new arrangement.

One of the first things Linda did was to stand naked in front of the mirror. It was years since she thought about being with a man and she wanted to make sure in her own mind that her body still looked reasonable. The last time she really looked at herself in a mirror must’ve been more than 30 years ago. Her skin was okay, her breasts were not as firm as they used to be but they weren’t too bad. Her pubic hair was a bit of a mess and she decided to trim it and make it look a bit neater. She had no idea what difference that would make to the Bishop who she presumed had never seen pubic hair on a woman before in his life. She was right. If she was going to be the housekeeper with benefits, she was going to look the part.

Rosa came over and simply said, “It’s very important that you get used to each other and that means taking things slowly. I just want the first week for Linda to get used to her Maltepe Escort duties as a housekeeper before she does anything else. I’ll come over in a week’s time and see how things are going.”

Sure enough in a week’s time, Rosa turned up to find that Linda was a first-class housekeeper who had hidden talents as a cook and organiser. She and the Bishop got on very well together.

“I have checked and you have a very large bath. I want you both to get into the bath and just get used to looking at each other’s body naked. You are not to touch each other. What you are about to do normally takes weeks and months and we want to make sure that everything happens smoothly.”

That night Linda and the Bishop went into the bathroom together. Linda had made sure that the bath was nice and warm, just the right temperature. They were both very embarrassed at getting undressed in front of each other and turned their backs to each other as they undressed. Linda wanted to cover her breasts with her hands and her pubic triangle at the same time but it was impossible. The Bishop also tried to cover his penis and was a little more successful but in the bath their hands moved to pick up the soap and the loofah as they washed themselves. They talked about all sorts of things while their eyes roamed all over each other’s bodies. The Bishop noted to himself that Linda had a nice open face and that she was generally attractive. Linda noted that the Bishop had a small penis. She wasn’t sure if it was small or not but it certainly didn’t seem very big. After quite a time they both got out and dried themselves and went to their own bedrooms to sleep.

The next day the Rosa came and asked how things went. Linda and the Bishop both gave positive responses and said they were getting very relaxed in each other’s company.

“In that case tonight I want you to sit on the floor facing each other with your knees crossed in the lotus position. You will look into each other’s eyes for five minutes and not touch each other. Linda, I want you to reach down and play with the Bishop’s balls for five minutes. They are just under his penis just in case you didn’t know. Bishop, I want you, with both hands, to fondle Linda’s breasts and nipples. You are to keep looking into each other’s eyes while you do this. Linda, then I want you with both hands to play with the Bishop’s penis and see if you can make it stiff and long. You’ll find it a lot easier if you use a little oil. Bishop, I want you to put your middle finger into Linda’s slit and play with that little pink button at the top and do that for five minutes. Keep talking to each other and make sure that you are pleasuring each other. It is very important. You have to get familiar with each other’s bodies. It normally takes weeks for a young couple but I’m sure you want to do it a bit quicker than that. Let me know if there is a problem.”

Linda and the Bishop followed instructions to a T and sure enough the Bishop got a nice erection which amazed Linda, the first one she had ever seen. She enjoyed the feeling of power that it gave her knowing that she was in some way sexually attractive to the Bishop. The Bishop’s finger worked wonders on Linda’s clitoris and she could feel it become a little bit harder and she could feel that she was getting wetter. The Bishop enjoyed the feeling of giving pleasure to another person. It was so much more gratifying than all the religious rubbish he had to put up with every day.

The next day Rosa came and asked to speak to Linda alone.

“Tell me what is happening. Tell me how it’s going. I need to know a little more before I suggest the next step. Before I forget, make sure that the Bishop has a health check. I don’t want him having a heart attack like Cardinal Daniélou who died in Paris in 1974 after being with a young prostitute. That would be terrible. The Jesuits said that he was just delivering money to her but that’s rubbish. You don’t go to a restaurant and not eat. He could have sent her a check. Anyway, the important thing is, everything seems to be going well.”

“Yes everything is going well. I think the Bishop likes me and I’m beginning to look forward to being with him. When I was with him yesterday, he touched me between the legs and it felt really good. It is even better than when I did it.”

“I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the next step and I believe you’re ready to have sex together. The normal way would be with what is called the missionary position where you lie on your back and he positions himself between your legs and then his penis goes into your vagina. I don’t think that is the best idea in this case. For a start, you would be able to see his penis about to enter you and you might be a little bit worried about that. I know I was when I first made love. The second thing is that it’s a bit tricky to get your legs in the right position and I don’t want any complications. I think the best thing is for you to kneel on the bed with your bum in the air and he stands behind you and enters you from behind. You won’t have to do anything. He will be able to see your crack and position his penis so that it enters you easily. You might have to help him find the entrance to your vagina with your hand but maybe not. Don’t worry about it. It might hurt a little – who knows? If it does it will only be for a short time and then you should enjoy it. Do you have any questions?”

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