The Capture and Sale of Sam Pt. 05

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Note: All characters in this work of fiction are 21 years or older. Trigger warning–this story contains homophobic slurs.


Sam had just been fucked hard for the first time by his new owner, Master Sergio. Sam’s pussy was incredibly sore from the multiple reamings he received from his Master’s 9-inch cock. Not only had his Master fucked him, but he also emasculated Sam by taking him ‘out of commission’ with the cock cage, which now tightly confined his 7-inch penis. Sam was sitting defeatedly in his pink jockstrap, trying to cover his metal cage. The Master left him alone and empty. ‘Now what?’ Sam thought.

Sam was a pretty, muscle boy, attributes which previously allowed him to snag any babe he wanted. He loved to fuck pussy and thought he was adept at it. In truth, Sam could never get enough of it. He felt lost with the cage weighing down his penis. Master Sergio referred to Sam’s cock as a ‘clit.’ Sam blushed when he thought about that. How demeaning was that? He was a stud, not some bitch! Even though his penis was average, Sam was proud of it and his physical prowess in bed.

And when his Master insinuated that Sam might be tempted to fuck some other faggot as further justification for the cock-cage, Sam thought that was ridiculous. There was no way he would ever fuck some dude. He only fucked beautiful girls! Master Sergio’s words reverberated in Sam’s head. “I want you to focus all your effort and sexual energy on your cunt. That is your true sex organ,” the Master had educated him. How would Sam ever get used to the idea that his ‘pussy’ was now his primary sexual organ? As the words echoed in his head, Sam’s ‘clit’ swelled within the metal cage.

Suddenly, Sam’s thoughts were interrupted by a man who barged into the room. It was the senior security guard for Master Sergio, Lucio. He was the guard who had pleaded with the Master to ‘train’ Sam. “Up on your feet, puta!” he bellowed.

Sam stood immediately at attention. He knew to show proper respect to Lucio. The man was intense and scared Sam. Lucio was formidable, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds. He had dark hair and brown eyes and appeared to be in his early 40s. He was in excellent shape, muscular, and strong.

“Pucho,” he said to Sam. “How was your christening with the Master?” Lucio asked, his eyes bearing down on Sam, his nose inches from Sam.

“Sir, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced,” Sam replied. Of course, Sam was truthful in his response. The sexual experience with Master Sergio was indelibly etched forever in Sam’s brain.

“I am sure it was, puta,” Lucio smiled at escort bursa him. “Tell me, did you enjoy losing your cherry?” Lucio continued to tower over Sam.

“Yes, Sir,” Sam answered. He thought it best to reply to Lucio with answers he thought the man wanted to hear. “The Master is a wonderful man.” Sam recalled how brutally he was fucked by Master Sergio multiple times the previous night.

“That’s excellent to hear, bitch. Now I want you to turn around, bend over, and grab your ankles, slave,” Lucio instructed Sam.

Sam slowly did as he was told. He knew better than to ask any questions of the bodyguard. When Sam had assumed his position, it pleasantly presented the globes of his strapped jock ass to Lucio.

Lucio was easily enthralled by this American boy. Lucio had trained many faggot slaves for the Master. Yet, there was something different with this one. His beauty was unparalleled, his demeanor relaxed and captivating. When Lucio saw the sublime buttocks, lust overcame him, and his cock swelled.

“Damn!” Lucio admired. “You have a nice set of sweet cheeks, faggot.” He swatted them playfully. Sam gulped, unsure of what was transpiring. He tugged and pulled at the straps of Sam’s jockstrap. Lucio began to part the muscular buttocks and probe the boy’s anus. “Mmmm. Some of the Master’s cum still lingers. He must have fucked you real good!” Lucio fingered Sam’s cunt working and massaging the abused hole. Sam moaned in pleasure, all the while assuming the flexed position.

Sam knew to stroke the man’s ego. “Your touch feels so fucking good, Sir.” Lucio massaged the boy’s prostate invoking Sam’s pleasure center. “Oh yessss, Sir!” the boy moaned.

Lucio was impressed with Sam’s restraint and self-control, holding his flexed position, the boy grabbing his ankles. ‘He’s a newbie and needs so little training,’ he thought. ‘I’ve never met a boy like this.’ He continued his exploration of the slave’s cunt with his fingers. ‘Damn, I wish I could fuck you,’ Lucio thought.

“I have a surprise for you, pucho,” Lucio said. With this announcement, Sam felt something hard and cold lodge inside his anus, filling him up.

“Ohhhh, God!” Sam moaned. “What was that, Sir?” he asked Lucio. The sensation was heavy inside him. Sam was unwavering, maintaining his position as instructed. Lucio was impressed with this ‘straight boy.’

“You will see soon enough, bitch,” the man replied. Lucio slid the jockstrap down to Sam’s ankles and told him, “You won’t need this anymore.” Then he tugged on Sam’s neck chain, pulling the boy back upright. He turned Sam around, and they faced each other again. Lucio was tempted bursa yabancı escort to kiss Sam’s full lips, to explore his mouth with his tongue, but he held back.

Lucio noted the cock cage affixed to Sam’s penis. “Every faggot’s clit should be housed in a cock cage. It is the natural order and a thing of true beauty.” Lucio reached down and tugged on the metal cage. “Mmmm, precum, you horny little bitch.” He smiled at Sam.

Sam was blushing, embarrassed, and humiliated. He smiled back at Lucio. Sam’s penis was swollen and uncomfortable, oozing precum. His anus was throbbing from some foreign entity. Lucio brushed Sam’s cheeks with his strong hands and rubbed his lips with his fingers.

“Now it’s time for me to take your training to a new level,” Lucio said. “I’m going to take you on a tour of the hacienda.” He grabbed Sam by the chain and led him out into the hallway from the bedroom.

Sam was mortified to be hauled away in his naked, denuded, caged state for all the staff to witness. He was paraded about the grounds by Lucio. Lucio announced to other passersby that he was training Master Sergio’s “American Slave.” Sam received stares, glares, leers, and laughs from others.

Just when Sam thought things couldn’t get any worse, the foreign object in his rectum suddenly started to vibrate intensely. “Oh, my God!” Sam blurted out. Waves of pleasure overcame him as the vibrator stimulated his prostate relentlessly. “Oh, Sir! Mr. Lucio! What’s happening? Please stop!”

“Nonsense, puta. This butt plug is a vital step in helping you focus your energy on your cunt,” Lucio reassured Sam. “It is a key to your future here with Master Sergio. You must learn to center your attention squarely on your pussy, pucho.”

Sam could barely process Lucio’s words as he was pulled by his chain while the vibration continued in his rectum. The boy was in sexual ecstasy, his prostate on fire. His cock was fighting the confines of its cage, trying to break free, spilling copious precum. “OH FUCK!” Sam uttered. Various spectators watched him, laughing. Sam wondered if any of them were family to Master Sergio. “Oh, my God!” the boy wailed.

Lucio commented, “Aren’t you a sight, pucho? You act like you have never used a vibrating butt plug before!” He laughed and continued to haul the boy through the grounds.

Lucio observed that Sam was handling the plug much better than most slaves-in-training. Many previous trainees had been unable to complete their ‘tour,’ requiring Lucio to stop or remove the vibrator. But not this American! He soldiered on with Lucio towing his chain.

Sam couldn’t help bursa escort but moan in ecstasy from the anal stimulus, “Oh God, Sir. Please! It’s too much! May I have a break, please, Sir?” Lucio ignored his pleas and led him onward to their destination.

Finally, they reached the training room and entered; Lucio locked the door behind them. The room was unlike anything Sam had seen before. It looked like an S he could do this with men. This was his third time going down on a man. Sam serviced the cock, bringing Lucio to a magnificent orgasm within minutes. At the same time, he received pleasure from his g-spot from the vibrating butt plug but could not come to his own orgasm.

As Lucio released his second eruption, Sam swallowed the cum hungrily. “Oh fuck, puta. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cocksucker as good as you!” Lucio howled.

When Lucio’s cock was extricated from Sam’s mouth, the boy uttered, “Thank you, Sir, for fucking my mouth pussy and letting me swallow your cum.”

Lucio pulled Sam up by his chain and kissed him passionately. He never kissed slaves, but he was overcome with emotion. Lucio’s tongue intertwined with Sam’s, eagerly exploring the boy’s mouth. The American tasted sweeter than he imagined. “You’re welcome, boy,” he whispered into Sam’s ear. Lucio embraced him tenderly. “You are exceptional, my boy.” Sam felt warm and safe in Lucio’s embrace.

Lucio powered off the butt plug and told Sam to assume the position. He removed the device and wanted so eagerly at that moment to fuck the boy. Lucio knew that such activity was forbidden as only the Master could fuck Sam. He pulled Sam back upright. They stared at each other momentarily, a bond forming between them.

“Your training is done for today. Perhaps the Master will want to see your progress firsthand later tonight,” Lucio said.

“Yes, Sir,” Sam acknowledged. He suddenly felt empty without the buttplug. He was confused as he thought Lucio might fuck after retrieving the plug. Sam thought that perhaps Lucio didn’t desire him that way and was strictly just a trainer. He wanted to ask the man but didn’t think it was proper. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Let’s get you back to your room, boy,” Lucio said. He quickly dressed and then led Sam away. On their journey back to his room, Lucio was less forceful and more tender in his approach.

He deposited Sam in his room without any words exchanged. Lucio seemed in a hurry to leave Sam after their session was done. Sam wondered why the man was eager to leave him.

Once again, Sam was alone and more confused than ever. Why did he have these feelings for Lucio? Why should Sam care if Lucio desired him or not? None of it mattered anyway because sex slave Sam belonged to Master Sergio. He was the Master’s property. And feelings had no relevance for a sex slave.


Thank you for any comments, feedback, or story ideas. I appreciate you reading and rating my stories.


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