The ‘Buddy’s Ex’ Taboo

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Tim had always found Sarah hot. That was never in dispute. When he met her 4 years ago through his sister Mandy, he immediately put her near the top of the “hottest women I’ve ever met” list.

He hated her. That was the problem. His best friend Steve hooked up with her and she went from “know-it-all bitch” to “know-it-all turbo-bitch” over night. After putting on a happy face for 3 years of their relationship, Tim was glad when they finally broke up a few months ago. Now she had eased back into “know-it-all bitch”, which was a little more tolerable. Sarah’s beautiful features were obvious to Tim immediately. Gorgeous blonde, wavy hair just past her shoulders. Amazing, fit body. Incredible blue eyes. She had big, pouty lips that just begged to be kissed, and he often thought of them as perfect cock-sucking lips. Her beauty definitely made her presence a lot more bearable.

Three sights combined to make him lust for her more than any woman (and it killed him because he hated her!). Two summers before, Tim had seen Sarah in a bikini when she was over for a barbecue. Wow. Her ass was the most perfect ass he had ever seen. He knew it was nice, but the way it looked in that bikini bottom when she walked, or stood, or bent over, or reached up, or…you get the picture. That was one. He also got her first true look at her taut white belly in that bikini. That was two. The following autumn, a group of them were drinking together and Sarah wore no socks and had a weird kind of blue toenail polish on. When he was alone with her briefly, he mentioned the weird color and for a few minutes they talked exclusively about her feet. He got to look at her beautiful feet throughout the conversation without it being rude, since that was what they were speaking of. Those 2 situations always stuck out in his mind and he jerked off about her often. Sarah, for the time being, was living with his sister, Mandy. As such, he was forced to see her on occasion, and still be friendly with her. That being said, she was his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. Forbidden territory. So he was forced to be civil to her, AND he couldn’t touch her.

One day, Tim was in the neighborhood and dropped by his sister’s place. Sarah answered the door. She wasn’t exactly dressed to kill, wearing a thick, baggy wool sweater, blue jogging pants, and no socks. Her hair was a little frazzled, she wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her eyes were a little red. She had been crying.

“Hi Sarah!” he said, cheerfully, “Is Mandy around?”

“She’s working all day.” she replied. That was when Tim made a huge mistake (though it turned out ok in the end!).

“What’s wrong?” he asked. Inwardly he punched himself. The words slipped out.

“Oh, Steve’s just a big asshole!” she complained, fighting back more tears. Tim almost responded with ‘oh, ok, well, see ya later!’ but thought that was a little insensitive.

“What did he do?” he asked, sighing inwardly. Not only could he not stand her, but he was turned on like crazy looking at this beautiful woman who was dressed down like this. Just seeing her sexy, full lips made his cock move slightly in his jeans.

“It’s cold out,” she said, “come inside.” She stepped aside. He walked in, shutting the door. He wondered how he was going to get out of this boredom. He would keep his shoes on, and make it clear that he wasn’t staying.

“I made coffee,” she said, “take off your shoes and sit on the couch and I’ll bring you some.” So much for that plan. Well, at least she was great eye-candy. It would give him something to think about when he jerked off later.

Sarah sat next to him on the couch, whining about how Steve was just over and how he wanted to fuck her. She was upset that he was with someone else, having sex all the time, and she got nothing. She was upset that he tried to use her for more sex. Sarah wasn’t getting laid and it was so hard to turn away the man she loved when he came by to give her some. She felt used. She felt worthless. She broke out in tears right there on the couch beside him.

‘Great’ he thought, ‘she’s hot, she’s horny, she’s vulnerable, and I can’t do a thing about it!’

He put his arm around her and she cried into his shoulder. He tried to fight his hardening cock – he gets turned on when girls get emotional. She put her arms around him, holding him tight as she cried. With his free hand, he stroked her blonde hair, not saying a word. She was comforted by his touch, and it was that moment where she began to realize that she was becoming wet.

Sarah had been horny a lot lately, not getting any action, but with this handsome man holding her, comforting her, she began to get even more aroused. She couldn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort help it.

For a half hour, she whined about this, and whined about that. Tim was great about it, listening to her, comforting her. She felt so warm in his arms, and she began to relax. His attitude about her softened somewhat. She was so vulnerable he couldn’t help it. He also couldn’t help his arousal. He had to get of there. Not only was she his buddy’s ex, but she was his sister’s roommate. A smaller taboo, the latter, but a taboo nonetheless. Besides, could he live with himself if he tried to kiss her and she shot him down? She would be even more unbearable to be around!

It turns out Sarah took the option away from him anyway. While her face was buried in his shoulder, she noticed there was a larger than usual bulge in his jeans. The slight tingling in her crotch grew much more demanding. From there, she couldn’t stop glancing at his lap. Twice she caught herself actually start to reach for it! She looked up at him with beautiful, red-rimmed eyes. Her face was two inches from his, her breathing had deepened, along with his. Her heart was pounding. She realized she needed him. Needed to be touched. Needed to be loved. Needed to feel comforted. She slowly brought her face to his, her lips pressing against his softly. Their lips smacked quietly, and she kissed him again. Sarah kissed Tim a third time, this time opening her mouth. They exchanged tongues, Tim hesitantly, Sarah eagerly. She eased herself onto his lap, straddling him as the kiss became more passionate. His hands caressed her back as her tongue went far into his mouth.

She began to grind herself against his bulge, shooting tingles of desire up her body. Heart pounding, he slowly slid his hands down her back, making their way towards that perfect ass. The ass that he jerked off about so often. The ass he wanted so desperately. His hands cupped her ass cheeks over her jogging pants, squeezing them. Everything else was forgotten now. All he wanted was her. All she wanted was him.

His hands slid up under her sweater, caressing the naked skin of her back. He discovered that she was braless, and he nearly blew his load in his pants right there. His senses were overwhelmed. He was finally kissing those dream lips. He was finally touching that soft, beautiful skin. He slid his hands back down, this time sliding them into her loose pants, into her panties, and over her bare ass. Now he was finally touching Sarah’s gorgeous, perfect ass. He couldn’t believe it!

She was breathing heavily into his mouth, grinding herself against him. She wanted him more with each passing minute. Tim slid his hands up her back again, this time taking her thick sweater with them. She broke the kiss, raising her arms and allowing him to take off her sweater and throw it on the floor.

His heart stopped. Before him was a perfect set of perky tits. They weren’t all that big – a B cup perhaps – but they were amazing. Firm, with hard nipples and light pink areolas. She was kissing at him again, and he broke his stare, kissing her back with fiery lust. ‘smack smack smack’ their lips kissed loudly, sloppily as passion overtook them.

Sarah suddenly broke the kiss, pulling his shirt up over his head and dropping that on the floor as well. They came together as one, kissing, caressing. Her naked upper body was pressed against his and he was conscious of her naked breasts touching his hairy chest.

By this point, she was his. She knew she was very wet, very turned on. She was used to sex daily, and suddenly has gone 3 or 4 months with nothing. Her pussy was aching, needing something inside desperately. She was breathing laboriously, tongue exploring his mouth as she rubbed herself against him. Sarah allowed herself to be laid down on her back on the couch, and Tim lay on her between her legs.

He was in control now, and she needed that. Her legs were open, feet flat on the couch as they kissed. He broke the kiss, and began to kiss down her cheek to her neck. He could hear her breathing in his ear. Her breath was shaky, and he knew just how badly she wanted him. He gently bit her earlobe, and his hand reached down between them and stroked her crotch over her thin pants.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, subtly writhing her crotch against his hand. He kissed down her neck, sending shivers up her spine. His lips gently grazed over her chest to the small slope of her breasts. His hand never stopped stroking her pussy, and he could feel incredible heat through her clothes. He kissed and licked around her areola, his tongue flecking across her nipple, teasing her.

Her well manicured hands stroked Bostancı Escort his hair, her eyes were closed as she focused on the feelings that he was giving her. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, sucking it as he ran his tongue over it. She sighed again.

Tim began to kiss his way down her belly, stopping to tease her belly button. He kissed down to the top of her pants, and his hands grabbed the sides of them, gently pulling. Sarah raised her ass up off the couch and allowed her ex-boyfriend’s best friend to slide her pants slowly down her sexy legs. Her panties were white, and there wasn’t a whole lot to them, he noticed as he pulled her pants off first one foot, and than the other.

The beautiful woman lay before him submissively, watching him, chest heaving. He bent between her smooth thighs and kissed her cotton panties directly over the lips of her pussy. “Ohhhh…” she breathed again, bolts of pleasure shooting from her crotch. He kissed the inside of each of her soft thighs, teasing her. She had an amazing set of legs. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he kissed her at the edge of her panties, just beside the top of her leg. Sarah was quivering, she didn’t think she could take much more of this. Tim put his mouth on her pussy, over her wet panties still, and began to run his tongue up and down it.

“Oh God.” she whispered, reaching down between her legs. She grabbed the back of his head and began to rub her pussy against his face. She needed so badly to be touched.

His heart was pounding with desire, his cock was straining painfully at his jeans. He took his time though, wanting both to extend this amazing experience, and to tease her. He continued to rub his mouth and tongue against her slit over her panties, driving her insane. By now, she was rubbing herself against him to the point where she was nearly hurting him. Finally, he could wait no more to see that pussy. Much as he had always disliked this woman and hated to admit, but he knew damn well that he had masturbated about seeing the very sight he was about to see, hundreds of times.

He slowly reached up, his fingers touched the side of the crotch of her panties. Tim slowly eased Sarah’s panties to one side, heart in his throat. Gradually the most beautiful pussy he had ever laid eyes on came into view. Two swollen, pink lips were pressed together, glistening with moisture, surrounded by curls of light brown pubic hair. He kissed her naked slit for the first time, causing her to gasp. His tongue snaked out, and he slowly licked from the bottom of her cunt lips up to the top, his tongue nudging her sensitive clitoris.

“Ohh!” she moaned a little louder as bolts of electricity shot from her pleasure spot. He grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled. She raised her ass up off the couch and he slid the skimpy material down her smooth legs. She pulled first one foot, and then the other out of her panties and he dropped them on the floor with the rest of their clothes. Sarah was now completely naked, laying before him with her legs spread.

He bent between her legs and put his mouth around as much of her pussy as he could, his tongue darting inside, tasting her delicious nectar. She squirmed beneath him, her hands running through his hair as he sucked her swollen lips into his mouth. Tim slid his hands under her beautiful ass as he ran his tongue up and down her slit. She could feel the beginnings of an orgasm as she subtly writhed her hips up and down off the couch. His tongue nudged her clit, and she gasped.

Suddenly, he sucked her clit into his mouth and circled his tongue around it as fast as he could. “Ohhhh!” she moaned, writhing more frantically. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks tightly as his tongue took her closer to the edge.

“Oh God!” she cried, unable to breathe as an orgasm hit her full force. She curled her toes as her entire body seemed to go up in flames. She was conscious of the inner walls of her vagina pulsating as Tim continued to eat her out mercilessly. Her hands were forcing his face right into her cunt, she had no control over what she was doing as she had her first orgasm that wasn’t self induced in nearly 4 months.

Finally, the intense feelings subsided and her thighs relaxed their grip on his head, her hands also released him. She was gasping for breath, and Tim was as well, he nearly suffocated against her pussy! He had to get inside her. Everything else in his life, in the world, was an insignificant blur. He had to get inside her.

His hands fumbled with his button and fly, and he forced his jeans and underwear down his legs, unleashing his 6 inch cock. He pushed his jeans, underwear, Erenköy Escort and socks off, becoming completely naked, manhood standing at attention. Sarah lay before him beautifully, sexy legs spread wide, feet flat on the couch, waiting for him. Her naked chest was heaving, causing her breasts to jiggle as she gasped for breath. Her blue eyes were locked on his rock hard member as he crawled up the couch towards her. She watched him get into position, and he grabbed his cock.

He slowly ran the thick, mushroom head up and down her hot, sopping wet slit. The sensation sent bolts of desire up her body. She desperately needed to be penetrated! He stopped at her entrance, holding it there for what seemed like an eternity.

He wanted to cherish this moment. How long had he wanted to shut her up and fuck her? Now he was about to realize his dream!

His gaze met hers and held it. He pushed forward. The pink lips opened for him and he slowly eased into her heat. Her eyes closed, wincing. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed. He was halfway inside her. He pulled back slightly, and then pushed himself forward again. This time, Tim’s entire penis slid into Sarah’s needy vagina.

“Ohhhh yesss…” she moaned, arching her head back as he filled her up. He lay on top of her and his searching lips found hers. They kissed passionately, Sarah sending her tongue eagerly into his mouth. She was gasping for breath as she kissed him, and she felt pure pleasure when he began to slide his organ in and out of her ever so slowly.

She felt so hot around him, so tight. Her feet erotically caressed up and down his legs as they made passionate love on the couch. Their lips were smacking loudly as they kissed with urgency. Her pussy was so snug, he was in heaven. He broke the kiss, unable to hold back for much longer. He held himself up on his arms as he thrust into her a little harder.

He looked down at the goddess before him as he screwed her. Her head was arched back, her eyes were closed, she was whimpering softly. Her smallish breasts were bouncing up and down with each of his thrusts.

Sarah was feeling wonderful, and she could feel that familiar sensation forming in her crotch again. She lifted her leg up onto the back of the couch as he continued to fuck her. Her foot slid back and forth along the back of the couch as Tim’s thrusting grew more powerful. In and out his hard pole went, driving himself into her harder and harder with each thrust. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her moans grew louder, her other foot raised up in the air was now flailing helplessly behind him.

The amazing sensation in her pussy was growing exponentially, ready to explode. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she cried, orgasm building. “UNH! UNH! UNH! … … … OHHHHHH God… UNH!” Sarah came. Her orgasm was all consuming, far more powerful than when he went down on her. She was shaking, she was helpless as Tim continued to piston in and out of her hungry twat. Her heart felt like it would burst, every limb was tingling. Her nails were clawing at his back, she had trouble breathing.

He was kissing at her mouth, but she had no strength to kiss back. The couch was squeeking every time he slammed into her, but the noise was buried by her cries. Finally, she came back to earth, able to think coherently again.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her, smiling. Her lips found his and she kissed him urgently, as if giving thanks. Her tongue shot far into his mouth just as his penis went far into her vagina. “Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” she moaned into his mouth as he jackhammered in and out of her helpless body.

He was losing it. She was just too hot for him to hold out for long. He had been fucking her for just about 20 minutes, normally he had a lot more stamina, but this woman was incredible in every way.

“I’m cumming!” he grunted, breaking the kiss. Her feet flailed in the air behind him as he thrust into her a few more times rapidly. Tim slid his cock into her cunt, holding it there deep inside her. Her arms and legs fell around him, holding him close.

He moaned, dick jerking inside her. A long, hot load of cum shot violently out of his penis and into her needy vagina. She pressed her lips against his, kissing him as another river of his seed flowed out of his manhood and into her. He moaned into her mouth, shaking, as his organ continued to spasm, shooting more sperm into her accomodating pussy.

Finally, the onslaught slowed to a trickle, and he was left gasping for breath, collapsing on top of her. She squeezed him tight with her arms and legs as the last of his cum dripped into her. They both lay on the couch silently, catching their breath as he softened inside her.

“Ohhhh… I needed that!” she moaned. “That was fun!” she added. She was smiling at him, he kissed her full lips. Their lips smacked a few times, kissing as they recovered. Tim guessed she wasn’t so bad after all!

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