The Breeder Pt. 10

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Author’s Note: This story contains a mated pair of horny werewolves enjoying sex during pregnancy, as well as some spicy flashbacks. All characters are 18+. It is not necessary to have read the previous installments in this series, however, doing so may give you some background on repeat characters. ©WednesdaysCoffin2022. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides without prior authorization in writing from the author.

Her lover suckled hungrily at her heavy breasts, imbibing her motherly nectar like a pup suckling at the teat. She whimpered. Her pregnant body beneath his much larger frame, undulating atop the mattress as a desperate need flourished. Each moist caress of her pebbled flesh was heavenly torment, her muscles constricting, spine arching as the frantic lust raced throughout her body. And yet, Melanie was able to swim through the fog to focus on her underlying concerns about her current condition.

“Will it hurt?” She managed to eke out these three simple words before her pink lips formed a large “O” of pleasure.

The Alpha continued to drink from her breast as he massaged her sensitive mounds, inspiring the she-wolf to squirm. Though she attempted to touch two fingers to her throbbing clitoris, it was no easy fete considering her enormous pup bump. In fact, she was so far into her pregnancy that she was unable to see the chiseled features of her lover’s face when, earlier in their lovemaking, he paused to press his lips between her thighs.

Breaking away from her sore nipple with a loud pop, he smiled regretfully. “I’m so sorry, my sweetness, but it is very likely that it will, yes. Birthing a pup is not easy, but I will do my best to keep that beautiful smile pressed to your scrumptious lips as you bring our precious one into this world. I promise I will not leave you alone for a second.”

Melanie kept her eyes shut tight as she focused on the sensation of the Alpha’s teeth gently placing pressure on a swollen nipple. Giving up her attempts to touch her nethers, she allowed her fingers to instead travel through the silky softness of her partner’s raven locks. “I just want to be able to see my feet and to be able to embrace my wolf. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to run free, and I miss the grass beneath the pads of my paws.”

Autumn. Oranges and yellows painted the woods as her paws carried her through the landscape. Free from the confines of the white room and able to exercise her wolf for the first time in months, Melanie felt a tattoo of joy raising each strand of her fur toward the heavens, towards the goddess.

Waiting patiently, the large Alpha and his hunger loomed nearby. Patient and loyal, he would continue to worry the underbrush with his paws until she presented herself to him. Unlike the males back home, he and his pack showed the utmost respect to she-wolves. A delighted and willing captive, she felt the magic chain that linked her heart to the big wolf’s, but she still intended to draw out every second of his torment.

“I know, little one.” He smiled ruefully as he continued to feast on her lactating mounds. Once full yet perky, they had grown heavy as her pregnancy advanced. Over the past few months, she had complained often of back pain and soreness, but it was only recently that her body had begun to produce viscous colostrum. It was, of course, the body’s way of preparing her to nourish their little wolfling, but it smelled intoxicating and he found himself dangerously addicted to the taste of her impending motherhood.

He had done this, his wolf decreed. He had filled the young she’s womb and inspired her body to grow with an heir. Just a little thing who had stumbled onto the pack lands accidentally, her body had reacted to his very presence…

bursa eskort Her entire body felt his arrival as he stepped into the small white room and shut the door. Power and lust detonated inside the cage of her flesh as she stared at this pack’s Alpha. Rather than evoking fear, like her native pack’s Alpha, this wolf exuded sensuality. A body sculpted for lustful pursuits, the finest porcelain was sliced at harsh angles to invite worship of everything above, and below, his carved Adonis belt.

“Here’s how this is going to work.”

His voice was stern, matter-of-fact, and invited no disagreement. It was, too, a velvety soft caress to her virgin sex.

But she remained hesitant, back against the plain white wall. It was the same position she had been in since the Beta had locked her inside this room, informing her that any she-wolf caught trespassing on their property would be subject to ‘community service’–these last words had made him snicker–with the Alpha himself. Whatever happened, it was better than what awaited her at home: an auction that would end with the loss of her freedom. Mind racing through the visages of all the hungry, wanton males back home, Melanie shuddered.

With his tongue worshipping her peaks, he found it nearly impossible to focus on anything but her sensual honey. “I never thought that a she-wolf could captivate me as you have, my love. And you have done magnificently these past months, proving yourself a graceful example for all of the ladies within the pack.” He paused for a moment to gaze up into her eyes, placing his hands reverently atop her stomach. “You are the most beautiful pregnant she that I have ever laid eyes upon; your body is a thing of the goddess, my sweetness.”

He ran his massive palms over her abdomen, worshipping her glowing flesh as he spoke softly. They had already discussed the future and had agreed that after the birth Melanie would retire from the Breeding Rooms and become his Luna. It would complicate things for a while, as he currently had another she carrying one of his pups, but he would find a way to show respect to that female while taking Melanie as his queen.

And to appease his mate’s kinky fantasies, the Alpha had conceded to her desire to visit the Breeding Rooms from time to time. When he had promised that he would step back from his own activities, Melanie’s expression was crestfallen. She had argued that together they would be perfectly suited to indoctrinate new recruits, providing the TLC necessary to guarantee that the she-wolves who selflessly bore the next generation were treated to intoxicating pleasure.

There had been a swift mention of lying beneath some of the other horny wolves, but he had quieted this plea quickly. She was his mate, the mother of his heir, and he had no desire to share her with any of the other males. Yet the thought made his wolf smirk deviously, licking his fangs at the idea of watching Melanie attempting to take two cocks while swollen with his litter. His cock twitched as his mind played a filmstrip of her petite body made immensely heavy with multiple pups, her breasts steadily leaking their effervescence as she was placed between two of his wolves and used to the point of exhaustion.

“Fuck,” he growled aloud as he returned to suckling hungrily.

His mate grew increasingly feverish with his caresses. Gripping his stiff length in her small hand, she grinned. “Will you seed me one last time, my Alpha? Will you fill my womb and bring me pleasure before I am overcome by the pain of bringing this new life into the pack?” Pausing, she ran a fingernail up her linea nigra, traveling languidly over their pup’s resting place. “I am desperate to feel you inside me while I am still carrying our pup.”

“It might kickstart your bursa escort bayan labor.” He pressed a delicate kiss to her cheek and offered her a regretful smile. “My seed could spur your body’s need to deliver, and force contractions that inspire a violent onset of labor. If this were to happen, little one, you might regret that we did not simply allow nature to take her own course. Are you really willing to risk it, sweetness?”

“I don’t care,” she confessed as she squeezed his erection dangerously tight. “I need to feel you inside me, mate. Your tongue on my sensitive nipples has made my entire sex flame with need, and If we wait, it might be too late once the labor begins. My body is desperate for your touch, Alpha.” Tears of desperation filled her eyes as she began to squirm atop their mattress. “I need you inside of me, Alpha. Please?”

He kissed up the length of her slender neck, blushing against her flesh. “Do you remember our second time together, my sweet? In this very room. Ry and I desperately fumbled to share your walls and seed your gorgeous body, all while bringing you monumental pleasure.” He pauses, kissing the tip of her nose as he chuckles. “I believe we failed at both our goals that day.”

Melanie shook her head slowly as she traced a finger over his plump lips. “You did not fail me, Alpha. You have never failed me.”

Two wolves. There were two wolves inside her walls, vying for dominance in her most sacred space. Jostled, manhandled, and spread painfully, she floated between their warm virile bodies. The Alpha, her anchor, lying beneath her as his massive hands pawed at her flesh and the pair stretched her walls. Each movement burned, her voice little more than mindless yips as she was overcome by the suffocating scent of male.

“Twice the chance to conceive,” one of them said.

Hazy memories danced across the back of her eyelids, images of the Beta roughly gripping her hips as he bounced her atop his thick length. Projected scenes of the Alpha gently pushing her hand away from his cock, of the war that raged inside his eyes as he tried to share her tiny womb with the other wolf. All as his lupine baritone instructed her to tell them how she felt, to graphically detail every sensation traveling through her sex as their two bodies fought for space inside her spongy walls.

Her lover allowed the past to take control as he held his weight off her gravid belly, beginning to place kisses along her collarbone and then down to her right nipple. Still leaking sweet nectar, he relished in suckling at her heavy teats as she mewled loudly beneath him. Swaying her body side to side and cooing at the pleasure of his carnality, she glowed with motherly strength as he worshipped her gloriously rounded physique.

“It was not all that long ago,” he acknowledged with a nip at her left peak. “And soon, my sweetness, soon our pup will leave your womb. Then you will beg to be filled again and the cycle will repeat itself.” With this, he pressed a knowing kiss atop her belly. “I’ll have to tie you up in one of the rooms, and allow your gorgeous body to be displayed as I fill you over and over until you swell once more. Imagine how many ways I can find to torment you with this cock.”

Melanie made a contented noise deep in her throat as she began to spread her knees. “Perhaps my domineering Alpha will invite some of his wolves so that I might have several of my holes filled at once.”

Focused on teasing her clit with a calloused thumb as he began to work two fingers into her moist sex, he smirked. “Wouldn’t you like that, you little vixen! Sharing you with the Beta wasn’t enough, hmm? Well, I’m not sure your controlling mate would allow another to fill your womb, but, perhaps, he might görükle escort be willing to share that luscious ass with one of his trusted wolves. Is that what you want, pet? To be held down, dominated, and spit-roasted on our cocks in one of the rooms?”

Her thighs squeezed shut, trapping his hand against her warmth as she whimpered. “I would like nothing more, Alpha. My mate has the most amazing cock and a truly exquisite tongue. For this, and his endless beauty, I gave him my virginity but now I long to experience more. Is my wolf a voyeur? Would he sit and watch as I tried to swallow the length of another, younger male? I believe you have inspired many new kinks, sir. The fantasies I have of being watched, being shared… Being overwhelmed by a pack of rabid wolves!”

The Alpha glanced into her eyes and saw feral desire. Grinning, he licked his lips and continued to plunge his fingers in and out of her constricting walls. “What a slut you are, my little she, dreaming of another wolf’s cock when you are full with the Alpha’s heir. Is this what you do at night when you’re lying heavy atop the mattress, your breasts leaking with the sustenance necessary to feed my offspring? Are you fantasizing about riding the cocks of every male in the pack?”

Slamming her head back and violently attacking the pillows, the she-wolf began to cup her full breasts. Shivering, writhing, she mewled. “Please don’t tease me! My body needs you inside its walls, Alpha. I hunger for your warmth, I’m desperate. Please fill me one last time before the pain takes me.”

Aligning his purpled glans with her entrance, he drew out his penetration and growled as he fought not to bury himself quickly inside her. Careful not to press his full weight onto her abdomen, he placed his hands gently atop her hips and nuzzled closer. “Sweet little Melanie, you feel like heaven. Am I hurting you, beautiful?”

She shook her head slowly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. “It feels amazing. You fill me so perfectly, my handsome wolf. Do you think that our pup will be as beautiful as his sire?”

Gazing down into her eyes, he cupped her cheek tenderly. “I hope that he will be as gorgeous as his mother,” he smiled sweetly.

They were silent for a long spell as the Alpha moved languidly in and out of the she’s body, careful not to bring her harm and hopeful that their coitus would not spark a rampant onset of contractions. She was due any day now but the pack’s doctor had made it clear that provided she was feeling amorous, it was safe to continue to couple up until the moment her waters broke. Since she was experiencing no pain, he felt reasonably safe to gently lavish her body with his affections.

Careful to treat her with the utmost tenderness, he kept his pace measured and only allowed his hips to bury part of his thickness between her walls as he pressed kisses onto her lips. With her fingers tugging at his silky locks, she mewled beneath him as she felt his thumb settle atop her swollen clitoris. “Please,” she whined as she gyrated her hips. “I need more!”

“Careful, little mother,” he whispered against her kiss-swollen lips. “We must not harm the little one.”

“Fill me,” she begged as she writhed wildly. “Shove your cock deep inside my cunt and start this labor, Alpha. I am desperate to feel your entire length against my cervix, to constrict around your shaft and milk you of your seed.”

The Alpha groaned as she taunted him with her Kegel muscles, his eyes rolling back into his head as she fought to break his control. Fighting to break the spell that she held over his body, he reached toward a bottle of oil that he had tossed aside earlier after massaging her enormous bump. Now, as she tried to tempt him into releasing deep inside her walls, he raised that bottle over her body and allowed its content to rain down onto her breasts and heavy abdomen.

“Fuck!” He growled as he stared down at his work of art. “Look at you, glistening with lust as you beg to ride my fat cock.”

“Always,” she winked.

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