The Black Room Musings

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Jason awoke slowly… confused and unsure about what was happening. Was he dreaming? No, he was awake… but what had woken him? Taking stock of the situation, he suddenly noticed the warmth of someone’s breath and the gentle flutter of a tongue along his shaft. Coming to his senses, he lifted the sheet to confirm his suspicions…

Just as he expected – two pale green eyes were staring up at him, red lips gently kissing their way up his already engorged cock. Jason groaned and looked at the clock – 2:00 AM…

“Amy…” he asked – “Did I not just fuck you to unconsciousness less than two hours ago?”

Amy paused her teasing long enough to look up and flash a wicked grin – “Yes, sir, you did…”

Jason’s mind wandered back to the previous evening’s escapades – a lust-crazed, debauched romp that left them both in satiated bliss. Riding one wave of pleasure after another, screaming and moaning incomprehensibly… By the time they were finished, Amy had passed out in a quivering orgasmic heap. And yet here she was, two hours later – ready to go again.

Jason admired the view as Amy resumed her teasing – light kisses, gently gliding her tongue from the base to head, circling the top, and heading back down, only to repeat the process again… Clad in nothing but a lacy thong, she was a vision – with red hair, not the carrot-top orange but a gorgeous strawberry red, that she always kept just short enough to show-off her graceful, slender neck – and just long enough to grab a fistful of… when the situation called for it. Her body was a dream, runner’s legs all the way up to her ass – and curves in all the perfect places… Pale skin, as smooth as porcelain, that always smelled of an alluring blend of grapefruit and rose.

But those eyes… Her eyes would always be his favorite feature – sea green with emerald flecks. They were intoxicating. They revealed every emotion that she endeavored to hide – they burned with her anger, glowed with happiness, and steamed with lust. And those lustful eyes were now glued to his own as this unbelievably Escort İstanbul sexy creature ravished her attentions upon his engorged member.

Suddenly, Jason was pulled from his reverie as Amy deftly took him in her mouth for one long, lurid suck. He involuntarily took a gasp of air at the sensation. Slowly gliding back up and releasing him from the warm moistness of her mouth, she gave him a sly grin, relishing the fact that she was bringing him such pleasure.

“So,” he said, trying his best to put on a stern demeanor “what is so important that you had to wake me at this hour?”

“Well, sir,” she replied “I’d like some more…”

“You’d like some more?” He asked, playfully mocking… “More what?”

Another cock engulfing suck… Another gasp. “I’d like some more of you, sir…”

He wasn’t about to give into her that easily – “You, know, it’s so early… I guess I’m still just a little fuzzy… What exactly do you want… you cock-hungry little slut?

Locking her eyes on his, a look of wanton lust on her face, she replied – “I want you to fuck me, sir…”

Jason groaned as his hard member twitched at her request. The filth that could escape the lips of this seemingly sweet, innocent angel never ceased to electrify him… She knew this, and she proceeded to capitalize on it.

“I want you fuck me. I want you to bend me over and have your way with me. Please, sir… Please take me… I want to feel you inside me.”

Her desires made known, she then returned to her sucking, driving her mouth quickly down onto his erection, and then slowly withdrawing it, teasing the tip with her tongue before repeating.

Jason closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation… This woman was amazing.

His desire building, he longed to return the pleasure that he was receiving. Reaching up, he guided her body around, her lips still wrapped around his cock, until her hips were straddling his face… Gliding his fingers under the cloth of the tiny thong separating the globes of her glorious ass, he gently pulled it to İstanbul Escort Bayan the side and revealed her most intimate of places. His mouth inches from her pussy, he took a moment to savor the view. Her puffy lips were already swollen with desire… Her clit peeking from its hood, longing for attention. A small tuft of strawberry red hair, neatly trimmed, topped it all off. Not enough to be intrusive, but the perfect amount to prove that she was a woman, not a mere girl, as well as a true ginger.

Amy liked to tease, so Jason decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. He began with light kisses on her inner thighs… getter ever closer to her slit, and then retreating. She was squirming above him lowering her pussy closer and closer to his evasive tongue, desperate for a release.

Still playfully sucking on the just the tip of Jason’s member, and fed up with his teasing, she decided to up the ante. She opened her jaw and in one smooth motion she sank down to fully engulf his cock, skillfully deepthroating him. Jason moaned at the sensation of her throat muscles massaging the tip of his dick. Damn, she was talented… As a reward, he lightly grazed his tongue along the lips of her pussy until he finally reached her needy clit… Amy groaned around his cock as he began lightly tracing circles around it. He moved from clit to pussy, greedily lapping at the juices of her excitement before returning to her sensitive little nub to resume his circling.

He felt her withdraw from his cock as she focused on the sensation of his tongue’s assault on her clit. With one hand she stroked his cock idly, and he knew intuitively that the other had moved to pinch and tease her nipples as she knelt on his face. Everything ceased to exist for Amy as she sped toward her orgasm…

As he hummed into her pussy, she begged for release…

“Oh, yes!! Right there! It’s so good… Please make me cum!” Her words enflamed Jason and he unleashed his tongue in flurry of strokes upon her ever more sensitive slit. Sensing her impending orgasm, Anadolu Yakası Escort he grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy close… Clamping his lips upon her clit, he sucked with abandon… Her pleading turned to obscene and unintelligible screams.

“Fuck! Yes… Yes!! There… Right the… Plea… Fuck!!”

He reached up and grabbed her tits, pinching each nipple almost to point of pain… as she went over the edge…

“Fuck! Aaahhh! Baaabby, I’m… I’mmmm… Coming!!”

And then it was only screams as a massive orgasm overtook her… Jason returned his hands to her bucking hips as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. Her hips clamped around his face as she simultaneously tried to pull away and grind her pussy ever closer. He held tight, his lips still locked around her clit, sucking mercilessly. Finally, he relented his sucking and moved to lap at her pussy, her juices overflowing and covering his face with her scent.

Her orgasm subsiding at last, Amy collapsed forward between his legs on the bed, flush with exertion. Jason smiled at the obscene view offered up to him. This incredibly sexy woman, face down and ass up, right in front of his face. Thong still pulled to the side, her beautiful pussy glistening and dripping with pleasure.

Suddenly, he became aware of his own erection once again. He was rock hard… Bringing a woman to orgasm had always turned him on like nothing else. He gently lifted one of her legs and slid out from under her, trying to extract himself from the quivering tangle of limbs. Amy was still gulping air in ragged breaths, her orgasm slowly subsiding.

‘Wow, she may need a minute…” he thought. But then a sly grin crossed his lips. ‘No, on second thought…’

Still recovering, Amy was kneeling on the bed… Her thong-clad ass beckoning. He knelt behind her and tenderly stroked her back… “Baby,” he asked gently “Why was it you woke me up again?”

Between labored breaths, she answered – “I… I wanted you to fuck me…”

“Okay then…” Jason said. Without another word he grabbed a fistful of red hair, tugged her up onto all fours, and immediately sank his hard cock into her dripping wet cunt, bottoming out in one quick thrust. Amy gasped at the intrusion and then moaned in desire…

“It’s my turn now… And just remember – you asked for this…”

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