The Betrayal Ch. 03

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Neha stood at the kitchen counter and sipped her drink. She couldn’t contain her excitement. Hari was right. Things were different now that he lived with them. It had only been a couple weeks since the honeymoon, but Neha was starting to see how they could manage.

It was still new, chancing glances at him whenever her mother was occupied, but they were establishing a system. It wasn’t quite a routine, but Neha was delighted to have him in her life. They were already spending far more time together than they would have been able to otherwise.

Her mother was finishing her breakfast in a hurry. It was the weekend, which were the busiest days for the flower shop. For Neha and Hari, it was a window of opportunity. It was difficult to act like she wasn’t thinking about him. All the ways that he would touch her as soon as Asha was out the door.

Hari was reading by the window, but he stood up to walk Asha out. Neha looked away and started to wash dishes when he leaned in to kiss her mother. Neha didn’t want to see. She wanted to live the fantasy that he was hers, and that his marriage to her mother meant nothing.

It was a demonstration of his love for her, Neha. It was the only way they could live together. Not everyone would have taken such a risk, but he had. Neha told herself that there was clearer affirmation of their love for one another, and he had been so sweet upon moving in. Doting and supportive.

They had already had a couple of close calls. It was so difficult to keep their hands off of each other until the weekend. Only a few days before, Neha had been unpacking the last of the boxes when she felt his kiss on her neck, his fingers on her hips. She hadn’t moved, not knowing where her mother was in the house. He’d pulled away just in time. Asha rounded the corner. Hari was already across the room, delving into another box. Neha had been left trembling with desire. She loved being teased and receiving any attention from him even if it was perilous.

There were nights when Neha was still left restless. He couldn’t leave Asha’s bed every night. On those nights, Neha found herself listening for them, but heard nothing. No moans of rapture or ragged groans. She wondered if her mother had ever made a move on Hari or if he was the one who instigated everything on their honeymoon.

She still had nights where she lay awake without him, asking such questions. However, none of them compared to the distress she had felt during their honeymoon and right after they had returned. The silence that she heard every night in the corridors soothed most of her anxiety-ridden doubt.

Neha scrubbed the dishes. She heard the door shut. Her mother had left for the flower shop after the kiss on her cheek. Neha heard footsteps. Hari’s footsteps but she didn’t turn around to greet him. Instead, she waited.

She’d worn a long kameez for him with cotton leggings underneath. It was casual enough to wear around him while her mother was home, but still showed off her figure, especially without the constrains of a bra. He reached under the hem and tugged the band of her leggings. He kissed her neck like he had before when they had almost been caught.

“I thought you said we should wait a few minutes,” Neha said with a grin that he couldn’t see. They’d talked about how waiting 5 minutes after her mother had left was wise, just in case she forgot something and came back.

“You’re irresistible. How could I possibly?” Hari responded. She laughed but her breath caught when he reached under her leggings, teasing the edge of her panties.

“Breaking your own rules,” she scolded him. Playful, breathless.

“You like it, I know you do,” Hari told her. She gasped as his fingers made contact, compelling her sweet cunt. She leaned into him, feeling his firm chest on her back. She started to yank her leggings down, but he shook his head, his lips grazing her jaw from behind.

“Not until I say,” he told her. His fingers claimed her, dragging her panties to the side and indulging in her wetness. She turned toward him, leaning back as he readjusted his position and his fingers sprang further up inside of her.

Hari loved watching the expressions fly across her face, the escort bursa range of her abandon. Her back was wet from the edge of the sink, but she didn’t care. Neha’s braid snaked around her neck and over one shoulder down the side of her breasts. Hari leaned in to kiss her while her eyes were closed from the pleasure.

She grew louder as their kiss mirrored the rhythm of his fingers inside of her. Neha barely registered that he was pulling her away from the sink. They tumbled down the hall in each other’s arms, stripping each other down.

It was a game. Who could strip more of the other person’s clothes. Neha giggled. She was in nothing but her kameez by the time they reached the bedroom. Hari was in his briefs. Her grin was triumphant. Hari wanted to humble her.

Hari climbed over her, grinding against her, but when she moved to kiss him or reach into his briefs, he pulled away with a taunting smile. In rebellion, she started to touch herself. Her fingers desperate and unhinged. Hari pulled her hands away.

“You can’t always get your way,” he told her.

“Oh, really?” She said, reaching for his cock again. He evaded her grip and held fast to her wrists, bringing them back by her head against the sheets.

“Yes. Really,” he emphasized. She struggled but to no avail.

“But you like giving me what I want,” Neha said.

“Ahh, not nearly as much as I enjoy teasing you,” he told her. He had a short beard as he hadn’t shaved since moving in. It made him seem older than he already was, which excited Neha to no end. A dirty idea came to her.

“Oh really … daddy? Are you going to punish me, daddy?” The naughtiness was ruined by her giggle. He grinned at her attempt.

Then, he moved against her again, his cock protruding against his briefs. With one hand, he held her arms above her head for leverage and brought his length along her thighs and against her kameez. The other moved along her leg. Every pass brought her kameez up. Inch by inch, her legs, thighs and at last her pussy were exposed.

Hari gazed into her eyes. She whimpered. His lips were so close. He refused to kiss her and she refused to beg. Hari loved the look in her eyes. How much she needed him and respected him.

She was completely ignorant to his deception which only made him harder. She truly thought he loved her. It was the ultimate compliment. His facade was seamless. He watched her give in, her hips lifting every time he moved against her. Her thighs spread wider and his briefs were soaked with the evidence of her ecstasy.

Neha could see something behind his gaze. She couldn’t interpret it, but it excited her none-the-less. It was a recklessness that she wasn’t used to seeing in his aloof and professional demeanor. She kissed him then, catching him in his ascent up her body.

She expected him to move away as he had before. To chastise her for her boldness, but he surprised her by following the current of her tongue. She pushed against him again. His grip tightened on her wrists so she wrapped her legs around him.

His briefs were thoroughly saturated with sweat and the excitement that fizzled between them. Hari was so erect, that he was almost in pain. His restraint was cracking. A first for him. He’d been with many women, but none had brought him to this.

He didn’t want to admit it. That Neha was in fact irresistible. At the beginning, she was just like the others. Needy and easy to manipulate. Now, he wasn’t sure how to keep himself in check. It wasn’t like him to take as many risks in a job, but she brought that out of him.

This time, when she struggled, he let her go free. Permitted her gentle hands to reach between them. He panted when she caught hold of him, staring into her eyes. She was so considerate. Rubbing along his entire length.

She let go, pushing him onto his back. He grunted but did not resist. Not when her hands tugged his briefs off his legs, and not when her mouth greeted the swollen head of his cock. Her tongue was satiating his need, but just barely. His cock was straining against the arousal he harbored for her.

She sank her mouth down on his head and he arched against her. Her eyes were aglow with the power she had over him. Fascinated and brimming with pride as her lips bursa merkez eskort exerted pressure against his sensitive skin. She was only taking a quarter of his cock into her mouth. She was a quick learner. It was exhilarating torture.

“Deeper,” he told her, in an effort to employ his professor tone. The patronizing fatherly cadence that inspired her subservience. He didn’t want her to know that she was slipping through his web of control. She listened, spiking his arousal even further.

Her sucks were loud and flirtatious. Hari loved every stroke of her tongue and tug of her throat, but his need to be inside her was overwhelming. Hari sat up. Neha was a tigress, gazing up at him. He tried to pull her toward him but she refused. Instead, she smothered his cock with more sucking, treading down, down, down.

Her lips brushed the hilt of his cock. Hari’s testicles were slippery. There was no stopping her, not physically. Negotiation was all that was left. Hari said her name. She looked up at him, flicking her tongue against his veiny prick.

“Neha, come here,” Hari told her. Her tongue pulsed once more. He hissed as her lips closed on his head and pressed firm on his desire. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” She propped her head up. Her lips detached from his length and extended into a mischievous smile.

“Would if I do?” She tested him. “I want to taste you.” She was so sexy, biting her lip, inches from his cock. Her bottom lip dragged against the lower ridge of him, and he resisted the intake of breath that would have given him away. He was supposed to be the one in charge, not her.

“Mmm. I don’t believe you,” he told her.

“Maybe you don’t know me very well,” she told him, bringing her lips down on him again. Her fingers massaged him. Her tongue joined in. Hari used all that was left of his willpower to pull her off of him and into his arms.

She giggled and acquiesced to his advances. Thrilled by his fingers digging into her ass. His whispers in her ear. She sat on his lap, a leg on either side of him. He pulled her onto him, and her confidence dissolved into rapture.

He plunged into her from below. He didn’t let her move an inch, instead prolonging the pressure and exploring the range that his cock could explore. Neha yelled out, which sent tremors of apprehension through both of them. Would if the neighbors heard and reported to Asha?

Neither of them possessed the ability to retreat. They were inseparable. His cock flaring inside of her. He pushed her onto her back. Her pussy fluttered, muscles contracting. Hari knew she was close. He knew exactly how to fuck her. Within moments, her pleasure was an unsurmountable maze.

Neha’s eyes were ablaze with the euphoria. She contained her moans this time. Only her labored breaths gave away the intensity of her completion. Hari did not slow down. He couldn’t stop until his own arousal was appeased. He groaned into her shoulder, clutching her arms.

His release was unfathomable. It emptied his mind. For a brief moment, he had no reservations about her having power over him. He accepted the impact that she had on him. It was irrefutable. The sheer power of his orgasm could attest to that. It was raw and uncontained. Just when he thought he was done cumming, her pussy contracted and compressed more cock from his prick. When they lay back together, legs wrapped around each other and her head on his chest, he was stunned.

Hari composed himself as the minutes passed. She was a job. Nothing more. He had to focus. The deadline was approaching for a progress update. They were counting on him. Marrying Asha was an accomplishment, but he could only live the lie for so long.

Neha looked up at him, confused. She had never seen him so serious after sex. She kissed his chest, staring up at him. He squeezed her, but the look in his eyes still distant. Neha squirmed against him and onto her forearms.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked him. After a moment, he met her gaze and his expression softened.

“Just- work,” Hari managed.

“Midterms?” She asked him, tilting her head to the side. He said nothing. His chest was heavy. It was getting harder to lie to her. “Didn’t sex help at all?” He nodded, chuckling.

“Of bursa sınırsız escort course, it did,” he said pulling her back onto his chest, his hands moving down to cup the curve of her asscheeks.. “I can’t help if my mind wanders sometimes.”

“I know what that’s like,” Neha said with a sigh.

“What do you mean?” He asked her in sincerity.

“You’re married to my mother. What else do you think I mean?” She told him. They fell silent. He didn’t have any remedies for that. No professor-like advice.

“How long have you lived here with her?” Hari finally asked.

“Since I was little,” Neha said. She shifted, moving off of his chest to lie on her back. He propped his head up on one elbow and stared down at her. “Mom told me that we used to live with his family, but I don’t remember that.”

“So, his family secured this flat for you?” He was falling back into rhythm, like clockwork. He knew how to get the information he needed. It was just a matter of time. He was a master at his craft. He wouldn’t let Neha distract him from what he needed to do. He dragged a finger across her abdomen to her sternum, explored the space between her breasts with a hypnotic pattern. Her dark nipples were hardening under his touch.

“No,” Neha said, shaking her head. “My father did. Mom used to love telling me about how he took her to flat after flat, and only bought this one after she chose it.” Neha sounded far away, wistful. “He was a romantic.”

“But how could he afford it? Most people could only dream of living here,” Hari continued. “I asked your mother if she wanted me to help pay, but she told me there was no need.”

Asha had been very tight lipped about the house, and how much it was worth. He thought back to the conversation with mild defeat. He wasn’t used to being evaded, but Asha was a very private woman. She wouldn’t talk about her husband at all, and any questions he asked her about him were usually met with ‘I’m sorry. I’m just not ready” and “It’s too difficult for me to discuss.” Neha, on the other hand, seemed more than willing. Perhaps because her mother wouldn’t talk about him with her. Hari’s hand moved up to her throat and then stroked her hair. She snuggled closer.

“My father gave us more than enough to live off of,” Neha told him. “We both have an allowance but the house is taken care of.” Taken care of. She said it with such simplicity.

“Let me guess. Your tuition is also taken care of?” Hari asked. She nodded, looking up to him. “So, he left it to your mother, then?” It was more pointed of a question than he had intended, but her trust in him was borderline unshakable.

“Not exactly,” she said, her fingers stroking his chest hair. “He left it to me.” Hari waited for her to elaborate. “Mom told me that he had set aside money since before I was born. He was so excited to have a child. And when he died, all of his money was transferred to the savings account.”

“Did he want a son?” Hari asked.

“No. It didn’t matter to him,” she said. “He just loved me. It was very important to him that he provide for us.”

“So you could buy a fancy car if you wanted but you don’t because..”

“Because I don’t need a fancy car and two because I only get it when I marry.”

The news hit Hari like an arrow, but he remained composed. His team was going to want to abandon ship if they heard about this.

“What did I say?” Neha asked him when she saw the expression on his face.

“Nothing,” Hari told her hastily. “It is just not often that you hear of fathers like that,” he lied.

“I know,” Neha said. “I’m the luckiest daughter in the world.” She sounded bitter. Hari looked at her in confusion. “I know I should be thankful for what he left me, but I wish he was here.”

Hari held her close, then. No more prying. He had all the information he needed. She fell asleep on his chest. They had hours until Asha came home. He could rest with her if he wanted to.

Instead, his mouth was set into a grim line, assessing his options. He wasn’t going to tell his colleagues just yet. There had to be a way to unlock the trust fund. He just needed time.

Should he have married Neha, instead? It would have been impossible. He thought about how lucky it was to hear about her in the first place. Just pure luck.

“Her mom’s a widow,” the student had said. “They live downtown. I don’t know what her dad did but he must have been loaded. People talk about him as if he were a celebrity,” the student had told him. It had been a solid lead and it had changed his life forever.

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