The Best Things Come to Those Who…

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My story starts 10 years ago when I was still in high school. I came back from Christmas break and there was this beautiful girl in my class. She looked like an angel. Her brown hair and blue eyes and that smile drew me to her like a bug to a light. We began talking and became great friends over the next year and a half, till our graduation. I wasn’t the coolest person in school, but I did play football and had several friends. However, when I got up the nerve to ask her to our senior prom her answer didn’t really surprise me.

She simply said, “NO!” I had heard that before. Well we remained friends, and I went off to college in South Carolina. While in school we kept in touch with regular phone calls during my freshman year. Then they stopped. Oh well I figured it was just like any other high school friend they are great to have for that time but then it is over. She did manage to call me a couple times when I was home for a holiday or two. But time passed and I stopped hearing from her. I picked up through the grape vine that she was married so I tried to stop thinking about her, but it was hard. I met several women while in college and came close to getting hitched a few times but something just wasn’t right.

So time went by and I graduated college and after a very nasty breakup which involved a house I had bought, but that is another story for another time. So I called my parents and they opened their arms like always and let me come home till I got back on my feet. I was working as a manager at a local auto parts store. Not the life I had dreamed of. Anyway I ran into her at the store one day. I wasn’t even going to speak because I wasn’t sure if she remembered me. Well she must have because she spoke first, “Hey there stranger, how are you?”

“Hey, I’m good, you look great!” as I think to myself, “Who is this adorable little girl with you?”

Apparently she read my because she said, “Honey meet mommy’s friend from high school, you know the one I told you about?”

With the cutest grin I have ever seen she looked at me and said, “Hi Eugene!”

She knew my name, needless to say this little 2 yr. old impressed me. So we chatted there in the store for a couple minutes and I found out that she was still married, not happily but married. So I şahinbey escort told her to call me and maybe we could get together sometime or at least catch up over the phone. We talked almost every night while her husband was out running around screwing anything that walked and doing every drug in our town. Well he found out that we had been talking and got pissed so I stopped calling her because I didn’t want to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. During this time, I had gotten pissed at my boss and decided to join the Navy. I have a degree in marine science so I figured I could go in and become an officer. Instead I decided to choose a job in the intelligence field. Shortly after joining the Navy I received a letter from her and I wrote back. My letter never reached her, thanks to her step-dad. So another year and a half goes by without me knowing she hadn’t received the letter. Then one day I get a call and it’s her. We begin to talk and after a few minutes I found out that she was going through the big D. I thought here’s my chance, then I thought better and decided that I didn’t want to be the rebound relationship so I didn’t mention my feelings for her again. But then she asked me a question I will never forget, “Are you interested in dating anyone?”

Boy was I, I had waited 10 long years to hear her say something along those lines. So I answered, “I guess I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. What do you say we get together when I come home on leave in a month?”

“Sounds good!”

We began talking every night for about 3 hours. She told me all about how she had constantly thought of me while she was with him, and why she turned me down for my request to prom. Her mom wouldn’t let her so I understood. I did feel better when she told me how much she liked me when we were in school and how she wanted to grab me and hug me in the store and tell me she loved me when we saw each other two years prior in the store. Needless to say we didn’t wait till I came home to start our relationship. I wanted to tell her that I loved her for the first time face to face but she wanted me to tell her then. She won I couldn’t help it, it just came out one day on the phone.

I know you all want an erotic story, and trust me I am getting there just one hell of a lead up just so you know what all I went through waiting on her. So anyway the time was getting close for me to fly home and she wasn’t going to be able to come see me because she had to work. Then my mom and her started planning and got her off work on that day. So here I am walking up the terminal and they are waiting on me at the security check point. She was hiding but her daughter, now four, couldn’t wait to see me and was peeking around the corner. So I knew something was up. I got there and hugged my family and her daughter and then turned around and saw the face of an angel once again.

It was difficult for me to not take her right there in the airport because she looked so good. She was more beautiful than I remembered. Her eyes seemed bluer and her hair lighter and sexier, and then there was her body. Wow did she look good. Her breast caught my eyes and I tried not to look because I didn’t want my family to catch me looking but I couldn’t help it. She was pure beauty. We were on the road all of about 15 minutes before I reached over and grabbed her breast and kissed in the back of my parents’ van. She just looked at me and told me I was bad. I smiled because I know I am.

We stopped for dinner and got caught up on the last few months of things that had happened. When we arrived home I told my parents I was taking her home and we left. We got to her house and got her daughter to sleep and went to her bedroom. We were laying there kissing and getting to know each other’s bodies. I began kissing my way down to her breast but she grabbed my head looked in to my eyes and with two words told me what she wanted, “Fuck me!”

How could I resist an order like that so I crawled back up and plunged I with a smile like I never had on my face. I was in pure heaven. It was the wettest, silkiest, warmest pussy I had ever been in. I made a mental note to make sure I tasted that thing before the night was up. Now I hadn’t had sex in about two years so I didn’t go for the long haul but those 5 minutes were the hottest sex I have ever had. I looked into her eyes and told her I loved her as I exploded deep into her. I fell, exhausted, next to her and began kissing her again. It took about 5 minutes before I was hard and ready for more but I wanted to taste that pussy so I began to kiss her neck and ears and then worked my way down to her beautiful breasts. First one then the other and I spent a long time playing with them. Then I began to go back up to her neck and told her to turn over. I kissed my way down her back to her as and kissed it all over dipping into her crack and even reaching my tongue down to her pussy and teased it.

Then on down her legs and back up to her neck and then I turned her over again and went back to her breast then I began the trip down. I got closer I could smell the smell of a well fucked pussy waiting to be eaten. I blew on her clit and then kissed on down each leg and then back up the insides or her thighs getting closer and closer. Then I reached her pussy and began kissing it lightly as if I were kissing her. Staying away from her clit as long as possible. Slowly my tongue snaked its way into her lips and deeper till I was tasting the sweetest pussy I have ever eaten. Her juices were flowing like a river and drank up as much as I could. I started eating her like a Texan eats bar-b-que. She was moaning and starting to squirm so I knew she was close and then I attacked her clit with no mercy. She got louder and wetter, if that was possible and then without warning gave me another order, “Get up here, NOW!”

Once again I didn’t wait long to fulfill her request. I was in her I a split second but instead of charging fast I began kissing her, making love with long slow strokes. We had sex for about 30 minutes and kissed almost the whole time. I once again looked into her eyes and told her I loved her as I filled her pussy with another load. As I got off her she wasted no time taking my shrinking dick into her mouth to start the recovery process and before I knew it we were fucking again. I got tired and pulled her up onto my lap and we set there with my dick in her pussy just talking and kissing and enjoying each other. During the next 3 weeks we had sex every night. It was kind of hard to get on that plane on the 12th of May, but I did it knowing that I was going to see her again as soon as Uncle Sam lets me. I plan on asking her to marry me sometime this November, and I look forward to wonderful sex every night of my life. I waited 10 years and now I have the best thing. Glad I waited. Oh yea if this story gets good review I may tell you about our truck ride to the airport.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32