The Best Head of My Life

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Group Sex

I remember it like it was yesterday. That’s largely because I took notes the morning after. Didn’t want to forget any of the important details. Not when it’s, hands down, the single, solitary, BEST blowjob I’ve ever been gifted with.

Not good. Not really good. Not above and beyond the call of head. Some sexual moments, when they happen, are so sublime you think “I need to write that up for I must document this. A record must be made.” This was one of those moments.

I wasn’t sure I really believed in the kind of head that grabs you, makes you hyperventilate till you’re ready to pass out, and nigh paralyzes you. I believe in faeries. I’ve met one. His name is Brent and he’s got rainbow wings tattooed on his back. I even met a Hobbit in Seattle. Short bottom-dyke who absorbed more flogging at an S&M party we attended than one might have ever expected from someone of her size. But a head-spinning kind of uber-blowjob? An honest-to-God “Dear Penthouse”, floating on air kinda moment? That’s a unicorn of a different color.

Or it was until Saturday night, October 11, 2003, ’round 9:00pm. That was the night I got the best head of my life. From my wife, M.

Lemme ‘splain.

We’d gotten back from dinner at Mr. Sushi on Lakeshore. A little sake’, some maguro, a little of the fresh aji, all with an industrial strength dose of WASABI! Don’t ask me why, but that green acid burn that claws through my sinuses, mapping them out for me in great detail, that cloud of aromatics that feels like some emerald dragon clawing and thrashing its way from the base of my skull forward over the scalp…but that’s a hell of an aphrodesiac.

We were celebrating the fact that it had been 8 years since we met at that tattoo convention in Seattle. I even did a verbal aikido on the woman who, all smiles, introduced herself with “I don’t approve of tattoos and don’t want my kids to grow up getting any. What do you think of that?”


Long story short, I went on the charm offensive, confused her, and really seemed to fry a few of her wires when I told her that yes, we were married, 5 years. AND tattooed. Nope, even that annoying git didn’t bring the evening down. Kenny served us up the usual magic and M & I came home with very happy bellies. I can remember it in detail…

Sitting on the couch, I crumble a little of the Covelo green from up around Mendocino County and pack it into the little souvenier pipe we picked up in S.F. Chinatown, a wonderfully decadent aesthetic. Meanwhile, M lights a little of the Nag Champa incense and sticks it into the bowl of sand.

We each have a couple of bowls and start to make out on the couch. It feels so very high school, but I love making out on the couch. Maybe because I did so little of it back in high school, I feel I’m making up for lost time.

M smiles as I leaned in to kiss her, her soft mouth open to meet mine. She often holds the first one in that beautiful, pillow-like moment between pulling away and pressing home, neither one nor the other. I felt my mouth wanting to collapse into hers.

Her tongue gently probes along my lips and mine plays gently across hers. I love kissing her. From time to time she lets me kiss other women, a fact I appreciate to NO end. And Burning Man has made that somewhat convenient. But there is no one at all I like kissing as much as M. It’s partially the way she frames my lower lip with both of hers, partially the full softness of her lips, but largely it’s because she’s my wife and that by definition is DAMN sexy!

After a while we agree it’s bedtime. After freshening up and brushing our teeth, we move into the bedroom where I get to watch her undress. Every night I lie on the bed and watch her pull her shirt up over her head. I lean in and kiss her just-more-than-a-handful breasts, once each, and watch her finish undressing.

M’s feeling a little chilly and I suggest she try on a robe. Out of the closet comes this red butt-length kimono-style robe with a yellow dragon stitched on the back. I don’t know why, but this is suddenly the SEXIEST thing she could have imagined putting on. I can’t even remember where it came from originally, this is its first appearance. And it’s got me REALLY hard as she crawls back into bed.

M kisses me some more as our hands begin to rove up and down each other’s bodies, the feel of the cotton pleasant as I run my hands up her sides, over her breasts. I roll over and load another pipe, which I pass to her. Smoking in bed is its own kind of sexy. I knew a girl in high school who found alcohol on a guy’s breath sexy. I’m big on the taste of ganja on my lover’s kiss.

My left hand starts to knead one of her butt cheeks as my tongue caresses her breast, being ever so gentle with the nipple. She’s quite sensitive there and too much, too fast can leave her overstimulated, so taking it slowly, being with the Zen of the moment, that is the path to joy. Firm but gentle strokes of the hand, wide, slow licks with the tongue. Gentle, soft techniques İstanbul Escort are the order of the day. And I know this. But events are such that I am about to lose all sense of focus, control, and calm.

“Baby, I’d love to feel your mouth on my cock.” I love being married and I find my wife extremely beautiful and incredibly sexy. I find her sexy BECAUSE she’s my wife. I find her sexy because so much of the message we get culturally is “You’re not supposed to find your wife sexy, that’s what affairs are for” and I like going against the grain. I find her sexy because the cover of frickin’ Newsweek reads “No Sex Please, We’re Married” and I ain’t goin’ out like that! There’s just something about seeing your cock disappear into your wife’s mouth that, well, it’s indescribable and wonderful and incredibly fucking hot.

With a smile, M kisses me on the lips, scoots down, and begins gently stroking my cock with her hand. “Wait,” I say. “Let me get my glasses so I can watch you”. She smiles and rolls her eyes at me like she does when she’s amused with me, and kisses the uncut head.

I put my glasses on and prop up my pillow a little as I see her tongue circling around the tip of my cock. Her hair is cropped close on the sides, a little longer on top with gorgeous bangs hanging down just over her left eye. Its natual dark blonde is henna-red tonight, a coloring that really plays well off her creamy pale skin. Her slender body drapes across my thighs, the red robe hanging open, almost hiding her breasts but letting the nipples peek out.

I lean back on my elbows and watch as M’s mouth and tongue lick wet circles around the uncut head, one free hand playing with my shaved balls. We’ve discovered that keeping me bald ’round the wobblies is a perk as M’s got an acute sense of smell. She loves the way I smell and keeping the cock and balls denuded keeps my…ahem…”natural musk” from getting too aggressive. Smooth, the whole unit smells “fresh, clean, and masculine.” Ooh, baby. In addition, M not being a fan of a mouthfull of fur, keeping my balls shaved gets them attention from her tongue & mouth and that ain’t nothin’ but a good thing!

I feel the wetness of her mouth, her hand wrapped around the hardness of my cock, and close my eyes and think “It doesn’t get any better than this.” And then it happens.

I can’t remember if I felt it or heard it first. But suddenly my eyes shoot open wide. I realize I’m feeling something I’ve never felt before. I feel a pleasure I’ve never felt before. I almost can’t identify it, it’s familiar, in a way, but also wholly new. What is this?

And then realization dawns on my. M is working my cock like no human mouth has worked it before. I can hear her mouth. I can hear her suck me, loudly. It’s a wet sound, the sound of my cock sloshing around in her saliva-filled mouth, the sound of her tongue swabbing forcefully around the head of my cock. It sounds just a little bit sloppy, like too much saliva spilling out the corners of her lips. It’s a beautiful sound, a cock-hardening sound. It sings to me of lust, of excitement.

But it keeps getting better. I’m dizzy. My head is spinning and I’m dizzy. I haven’t been drinking, I’m hyperventilating. My arms are thrown out to the side and my hands are grasping at the mattress. I’m absolutely stunned. My cock is alive with the wettest, loudest, most intense pleasure I’ve ever known and I can barely process the stimulation. I realize that I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m lying back. I’m missing it!

I open my eyes and try to hold my head up but I barely can. I’m too weak. Every ounce of energy in my body is literally being sucked out my cock. It’s become this swirling vortex of pleasure, sapping me of all strength. But I get my eyes open.

It’s fucking beautiful! M has one fist wrapped around my cock and her head is jackhammering up and down and up and down on my cock like she’s some manner of exquisite fellatio machine. This is not the wife I know and this is not the same blowjob I’ve been getting for 5 years. I know she’s got a strong gag reflex, but from what I can see she’s slamming her head down on my cock like it’s an urgent imperative. Her head is pounding up and down so fast and my own head is shaking so much, I can’t see straight. And I’m so weak, I can’t keep my head up and THUMP, back down to the pillow it goes.

She sucks hard. M mashes the head of my cock around in her mouth, really going to town on it. And all I want is more. “Suck that cock! Suck it! Work it! Get rough with it! Oh God! That’s so fucking good!” I’m on the verge of babbling, I’m almost incoherent. I’ve expected it to stop by now. But it keeps on going. I feel like I’m pinned to the bed with pure pleasure and it keeps going on. It’s never gone on this long before.

M’s hand is jerking up and down on the shaft as her mouth lavishes wet, vigorous adoration at the top. Her jerking it has got the foreskin sliding up and down on my knob independently of her mouth adding a deleriously Anadolu Yakası Escort wonderful counterpoint massage to the one her lips and tongue bathe it with. Many times in the past I’ve had that testosterone-driven thought of “I’d love to grab her head and fuck her mouth!”

Oh no, no, no. I want nothing of the sort. I want to lie back here and be mauled, to be worked, to be reduced to sensuous helplessness as I become completely suffused in the overwhelming pleasure. My cock may be solid stone, but the rest of me is putty. I am completely at the mercy of M’s mouth. She can do with me what she will. “Oh God, baby! Suck! Suck it!”

It’s everything I ever asked for, all it once. It’s four cardinal points on the blowjob compass: harder, faster, wetter, louder. It’s all of those things, all at the same time and it is THE GREATEST BLOWJOB OF MY LIFE!!! I think to myself that after all the porn I’ve watched, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy fake having as good a time as I’m having right now and they’re getting paid!

Finally, M pulls back before I cum, breathes deeply, and says “My jaw’s getting tired. I’ll need to practice some more, build up my endurance.” She winks at me. I know she’s not big on me cumming in her mouth so this is no let down and I’m not in the mood to complain about anything. No, right now I am the most grateful little boy on this blue/green planet!

I grab her by the shoulders, pull her up to me, and kiss her deeply. Her mouth is warm and soft, like the muscles of an athlete that’s been warming up. There’s no other way to describe it but to say that when I kiss her, her lips feel like they’ve been sucking cock. I can taste it on her kiss and it makes me want to lick deeper into her mouth.

As I lie back once again, I can barely assimilate the experience. It’s almost too much, like pitcher of some sweet, delicious, thirst-quenching drink that I’ve had to drink almost too quickly. M is kissing my cheek and neck, an amazingly pleased grin on her face. I just lie there and pant.

After a minute or so, I have the strength to ask “Where did you learn how to do that?”

She smiles wider. “Right here.”

Again, I’m left almost speechless. One of the first coherent sentences I put together is “I gotta write that up for Remind me to write down some notes tomorrow morning before I forget.” M chuckles and agrees as she nuzzles up under my chin. I lean down to kiss her again. I can still taste my cock on her kiss. Delicious.

“Did you really like that?” she asks me as she snuggles.

“Okay, let me go on record here. Hands down, the single, solitary, best blowjob of my life. Ever. I’m stunned, woman. I’m hyperventilating and dizzy and it’s all due to you. That was incredible.”

M is pleased at how much I enjoyed myself. But “enjoy” is such a limited, inadequate word. Thrilled leaves out so much. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I can remember over the past few years, talking with M about what we each liked in bed. On occasions I’ve said “Ooh, I love it loud and wet like that” and “Mmm, hard like that is good” and “Oh baby, faster! yeah, like that!” But this was everything rolled up into one and played on eleven!

I’ve stopped shaking, but I’ll be glowing for about the next 14 hours and I feel like returning the favor. “Why don’t you bring yourself on up here,” I say to her. M licks her lips as she crawls up until she’s straddling my face, her knees on either side of my head. She leans forward onto the headboard and lowers her deliciously shaved kitty down to my waiting mouth.

The only thing tastier and sexier than a shaved kitty is your wife’s shaved kitty, at least in my opinion. Demonstrating that her oral kung-fu is indeed best has gotten her slick and I gently draw my tongue up the length of her slit, tasting the first dewy drops of her nectar. I begin to lap slowly, long broad strokes of the tongue dragging the length of her labia. I stay away from her clit at this point. M much prefers the soft, gentle, indirect oral attentions rather than the direct clitoral approach. Like with her nipples, she can get overstimulated if approached too directly.

Much as I would love to, I don’t insinuate my tongue too deeply into her cleft, but rather gently wave it back and forth, softly sucking on the lips as I do. I can hear her purr gently above me as her pelvis rests gently on my mouth. Her nectar is flowing gently down my throat and over my chin and I’m loving every drop.

After a while, M wants to lie back. After that, whatever the lady wants, the lady gets! We switch positions and she lies on her back, her legs spread, my pillow under her butt. I lean over to the bedside table, load her a quick bowl, and pass her the pipe and lighter. Because the only thing sexier than a naked woman toking on the ganja pipe is going down on said woman while she’s toking.

I grab two handfuls of butt and begin licking her again. She continues to purr quietly as I massage her ass and Kartal Escort suck on her lips. But I’m also getting really, really worked up. The energy she’s stirred up in me has got me in a barely controlled sexual frenzy and I begin to lick her more aggressively. Part of me knows I’m losing focus but the louder part of my brain WANTS MORE! I have to taste more of her. She’s so succulent and delicious, with just a hint of tanginess with the power to turn me on like few things in this world. I need to have my tongue deeper inside her, to lick more of her, to…

Then I notice there’s a hand on my forehead and I’m hearing “Whoa, slow down, enthusiasm-boy.” I back off and gently kiss her inner thighs, my beard leaving a wet imprint on each. “Sorry babe, eager and all that.” She smiles and pats me on the head and I’m back at it.

But before long, I’m sucking too hard, licking too fast. I’m so overwhelmed with desire and raw lust for my wife and the desire to work her kitty with my mouth and taste her and drink her down…

She smiles and grabs me by the hair. “Why don’t you just come up here and fuck me.”

Like I said, whatever the lady wants.

I wipe my face quickly on a tissue (M is slightly less enthusiastic for the taste of her own sex on my lips than I am for the converse) and kiss her passionately as I slide the pillow out from under her hips. I grab a quick dollop or three from the bottle of Astroglide at the headboard, give us both a slathering on the working bits, and position my cock at the mouth of her kitty.

I push and enter her, feeling her hands on my shoulders. My lust takes over and I push a little more. Suddenly, her hands are on my chest. “Wait, wait! Ooh, give me a sec, a little eager on the penetration.” She smiles, her eyes closed as she rocks her hips, feeling herself ease into receiving my cock. I apologize, but I know somehow this is not really my fault. I’m the one who just got sucked into incoherence, I’m the one who got the master-level jackhammer blowjob. I’m off my game.

In a few moments, I’m fully buried inside her velvety warmth. I pause there, letting her get accustomed. “Mmmmm…” she says as I gently begin to rock back and forth. Her hands on my shoulders dig in with her fingernails and it’s beautiful!

“Oh yeah, baby! Give me the nails!” She groans, reaches up, and rakes her nails across my back, undoubtedly leaving red furrows in their wake. She pulls her hands around front and claws my chest, starting at the top of the breast bone, drawing down and out. “Fuck yeah, baby! Give me more of that!”

M claws and scratches me as I fuck her with long, steady strokes. She reaches up and pinches my left nipple, which I love to get worked. It used to be pierced, but never really took so I let it heal over. Now it’s much tougher and responds well to the odd twist while fucking. M smiles an evil smile as she sees the grimace on my face as she pinches and holds it between her fingers.

As I lean down to kiss her neck and face, M says breathlessly “You smell so good. So sexy.” Oh MAN, that’s so hot! Sometimes a person just smells right. Everything about the way M smells gets me hot. I can smell the mingling of our sweat and our sex filling the bedroom.

I look down on my M as we fuck and she’s so beautiful. Her pale, northern European thighs are wraped around my swarthy half-breed hips. My cock penetrating deep into the delicious depths of her sex, I begin to thrust hard. The tattoo that wraps around her right arm glistens with sweat. I’d love to see her backpiece, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to go on long enough to get to doggy-style. I hear the wet slap of my balls against her ass and I think to myself “Being married rocks!” I think also think I don’t really NEED to knock the headboard against the wall that loudly, but we do have new neighbors downstairs, may as well say hello.

Finally, I can tell it’s a matter of moments. “Oh God, baby! I’m gonna cum!”

“I wanna make you cum, babe! Fuck me! C’mon, fuck me!”

I collapse down onto her, enveloping her with my arms. It’s times like this when I notice just how much bigger than her I am. I wrap my self around her and hunch my knees up closer, forcing her legs back and out. I squeeze her to me as I feel my balls contract and my cock errupt deep inside her. Her nails continue to claw at me and she holds me tight, kissing my neck and cheek, tasting my sweat as I taste hers and groan.

We hold each other for a few moments before we disengage, my cock gently and wetly withdrawing from her. We snuggle up next to each other.

Oh. My. God.

I’ve told her before that after sex feels like we’re surrounded by a glowing, golden force field, haloing our warm bodies. Up until now, that’s been a metaphor. At this moment, I’m not quite so sure.

After my breath returns to me and my heartbeat returns to something close to normal, M & I talk about it. She’s so thrilled at how overwhelmed with pleasure I was. She tells me that yes, her gag reflex is still intact and no, she wasn’t going all that deep, that it was all work on the head. I’m not quite speechless, just rambling. Mumbling about the greatest blowjob of my life, almost passed out, most incredible jackhammer blowjob ever, kiss me you demon-woman! Stuff like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32