The Balcony Ch. 01

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Each day he walked past her house on the way home from work, heading for his apartment near the bottom of the hill. She lived on the second floor, and seemed to spend most of her time in the afternoons on her balcony facing the street, as she was there almost every nice day. Sometimes she was carefully watering her flowers, others, sitting at a small round table, reading or sipping what appeared to be iced tea. On hot afternoons it looked awfully good, and so did she. Often he could faintly hear the sound of a radio playing, usually smooth Latin jazz. Occasionally she was hanging over the balcony railing, peering up or down the street. That seemed odd, since it is a very quiet street with very little going on. He was usually the only pedestrian in sight. But he enjoyed that view of her because he could see her breasts hanging slightly as she leaned, obviously very well developed, under the tee shirt or tank top she usually wore.

Not once did she ever make eye contact with him or even seem to notice his presence, though he walked directly beneath her. Since the street went down a fairly steep hill, he could see directly onto the balcony most of the way down the walk, until he was 60 feet or so from the house. There was only a wrought iron railing surrounding it, offering a complete view from the floor up. The days he enjoyed the most were the ones she sunned herself on the chaise at the far end of the balcony, lying flat and seemingly oblivious to anything on the street, even though it offered a direct view of her for those that might care to look. He cared to look very much. She was never naked, but always wore either a light teal or hot pink bikini on those days, and appeared to be well oiled up for protection from the sun. Since she could not see him then, he could stare as much and as long as he wanted, and of course his pace always slowed considerably.

Sometimes she was face up, wearing an eye shade, her breasts standing firm under the little patches of cloth. Other days she was face down, always with her legs spread slightly so he could see the tiny strip of material that barely concealed her pussy, and didn’t cover her hard smooth ass in the least. On those days his breath would catch in his throat as he caught sight of her when he came around the corner three blocks up the hill. Without a conscious thought he could immediately feel a slight swelling in his briefs. Lately those days seemed to happen more frequently. The only time he would avert his eyes were the rare times a car or pedestrian passed. As the weeks went by he began to fantasize about her, picturing her without the bikini, in different poses, and wondering what she was like to be with. She certainly added a little excitement to his life even if she had no idea he was alive.

Each day he walked past her house on the way home from work, heading, she supposed, for an apartment in the building he turned into near the bottom of the hill. She had admired him from the moment she first saw him, about her age, pleasant looking, and, she thought, quite muscular, though it was hard to tell under his work clothes. As she was terribly shy, she never let him see her glancing at him, but often hung over the balcony so that after he passed she could watch as he walked. She fantasized that he could see a little of her exceptional figure in that pose, and though he never really seemed to pay attention, she had caught him glancing at her from time to time. She always tried to find something that would be revealing without being obvious, and never wore a bra, preferring the natural look for him. As time passed she started to think more and more about him, imagining what it would be like to talk to him, and wondering what his life was really like. Was he married, did he have someone, or (she almost dared not think) was he like her, alone and often a little lonely.

At first she had simply read a book or enjoyed the afternoon, sipping her tea and listening to the music of the small radio playing inside her door, her Latin heritage showing in her choice of music. Occasionally she would maintain a bit of a tan by sunning herself for an hour or two during the quiet part of the day when the sun was directly on the balcony. It occurred to her he might be looking at her then, even though she could not see him, and little by little she tanned more frequently. The truth was, which she would never admit to herself, she began to really ache to meet him and talk to him, but she had not the vaguest idea how that could happen, and would not even allow herself to think of actually approaching him.

Friday the 13th there was an employee meeting at his company. Work stopped two hours early and they all met in the main lobby. Fortunately there were only mundane subjects discussed, most of which had been thoroughly ground in the rumor mill long before the meeting. As a result, it ended half an hour early, and the employees were allowed to leave with full pay for the day. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and, as always, he looked forward to his walk home. It had become the highlight of his day. His face dropped, however, as he rounded the last corner and realized that she was not on the balcony. It was the first time all summer he had not seen Ümraniye Escort her there, and he wondered if something had happened or she had moved away.

As he walked, somewhat downcast, down the hill she suddenly emerged onto the balcony. He didn’t realize, of course, that she planned her afternoons around the time he normally came by. In her hands she had a small tray with a pitcher of tea and a glass full of ice cubes. Surprised by her sudden appearance, he stopped and stared at her. As she stepped down onto the balcony she glanced up the hill and immediately saw him standing and looking. She had the sudden feeling of being caught in the act, and as a result missed her footing. She fell in a heap on the balcony, her forward motion throwing her tray against the outer railing, the pitcher clanking against it and shattering on the floor. The glass went completely over the railing and smashed on the street below.

For a moment he could do nothing but gasp at the sight, and she was paralyzed with pain from a hundred places, her head having hit the large planter in the outer corner of the balcony, her knees slamming into the hard surface, and her left ankle firmly wedged under the bottom rail of the wrought iron railing. Without thinking he ran forward the hundred feet or so to her house and yelled up, “Miss, miss, are you all right”? As a reply he heard something between a sob and a moan. He said, “Can I help, are you ok?”

A very weak voice with a trace of Latin accent replied, “No I don’t think so, I can hardly move and my foot is stuck somehow.” He looked up and saw her bare toes sticking past the edge of the balcony, and realized her slipper was lying on the sidewalk beside him.

“What can I do”? he said.

“4 1 7 2 5.”


“4 1 7 2 5 – the code.”

Suddenly he realized she had an entry code just like his apartment. He ran in the entryway and up the stairs, mumbling the code to himself. Punching it into the little keypad he still managed to get it wrong the first time, and had to cancel and re-try. Thankfully it worked and he slammed open the door, running through the little apartment to the balcony. He almost shuddered at the sight. She was lying on the floor turned to face him, foot firmly wedged and leg twisted, tears streaming down her face. At least he didn’t see any blood, although there was a big red welt on her forehead, and the knee he could see was badly skinned. Muttering words of encouragement he looked at her ankle and realized the fall had forced it into the small space. Tentative pulling only elicited a loud gasp and moan from her. Glancing desperately around he noticed the small bottle of suntan lotion inside the door. He poured the greasy liquid over her foot and ankle that was outside the rail, and slowly and gently started working it back through. He could hear her groaning but she didn’t scream, and suddenly it slid all the way out! She gave out a big sigh of relief and rolled over to untwist her leg, looking up at him.

At that moment he realized he was with the girl he had fantasized about all these months. At that moment she realized she was staring up at the man she wanted so desperately to know. Neither moved. Then they both did. He reached down and caught her under the arms and lifted her in one motion, without even thinking. She pulled her legs under her and pushed up at the same time. It hurt incredibly for her, but at least she realized nothing was seriously injured, other than inevitable scrapes and bruises. She half stood, leaning against him, his arms still holding and supporting her. Little by little the waves of pain subsided and her head cleared.

“I think I need to get inside and sit down.”

She discovered her ankle was extremely tender and put her arm across his broad shoulders, leaning into him as he helped her up the step. The apartment, strange to him, was quite dark, the hum of an air conditioner running someplace in the back, soft Latin jazz playing on the radio by the door. “Over there – the couch,” she said, pointing to the far wall.

He helped her over and she slumped down on it, half sitting, half lying. Since this was not a “tanning day” she was wearing blue denim cutoff jeans and a halter top (she had just gotten it and had planned to lean over the railing for him that day). He turned on the small lamp on the end table, the dim light was enough so that he could see her to assess what damage was done.. Both knees and one elbow were scraped and dirty, the welt on her head had grown larger, and it was obvious her ankle was very sore. He was relieved it wasn’t much worse. Without asking he went and got ice from the fridge and two wash cloths from the closet in the bathroom. he soaked one with cold water and wrapped the ice in it, then put hot water on the other. Returning, he set the ice pack on her forehead and reached to wipe the her knees with the hot cloth. Her hand grabbed his arm.

“I can do that.” She reached for the cloth but he ignored her and gently started wiping first one knee clean, then the other, very aware that he was touching her smooth legs, although tending carefully to the job at hand.

“I’m Lari,” she said.

Her voice startled him. It was İstanbul Escort first time she had spoken to him when not in great pain.

“Dan,” he said turning to her. She was staring at him. He stared back. Suddenly it was awkward. “I’ve seen you,” he said.

“Have you?”

“Well only…” He stopped. “I wanted to meet you.”

“Really? I .. I saw you walking…” He put his hand on her cheek. Then bent and kissed it – if he had thought he never would have had the courage. Her hand suddenly tightened on his arm. He pulled back and looked at her … and kissed her on the lips. Momentarily she stiffened, then relaxed and met him, her hand sliding to his shoulder and pulling him to her. Suddenly they knew each other. His lips pressed harder, moving on hers. He heard a soft cry or moan in response, as her lips parted. His tongue met hers deep in her mouth as their arms wrapped around each other, his gently for fear of hurting her. Gradually her body pressed harder and harder against him. His hands ran down her sides and one slid over the short cutoffs onto her thigh. The touch of skin sent electricity through both of them, and they ground their bodies against each other while maintaining their unrelenting kiss. Her hands were raking his body as she moaned into his mouth. She could feel the hard muscles through his clothing. The pain of her fall was forgotten by both of them. His fingertips ran up and down her thigh, sliding up under the leg of her shorts as he delighted in touching her smooth skin. As she lay under him she pressed her breasts into his chest, her nipples hard and longing to be touched. At last they tore their lips apart, gasping from the wave of sensations rolling over them and lack of breath from that prolonged kiss. Their hands could not be still, running up and down each others bodies, as they stared at each other in the dim light.

Softly he said, “Did you know that I’ve been watching you every afternoon on the way home?”

“I saw you look a couple of times, and I hoped it wasn’t just an accident, but I didn’t dare believe you were interested.” she whispered. “I waited for you to come down the walk every day and tried to give you something to look at so you would notice me.” she smiled.

“Mmmmmm it worked!” he murmured, sliding his hand between them and slipping it under her halter, finding a firm breast with a rock hard nipple at the tip. She groaned, arched her back, and pressed herself into his hand, panting slightly.

“Did you know I watched you walk all the way to your apartment every day? Thinking how good you looked in a set of work clothes and how much better you might look without them.” She whispered against his cheek as his hand softly kneaded its prize.

“I never even suspected,” he whispered back, “or we might have met long before now.”

“If only I had known that,” she gasped.

Suddenly he realized why he was here, and recoiled a little, exclaiming, “Oh damn, you practically killed yourself and I’m manhandling you and crushing you into this couch!”

“And don’t you dare stop!” she ordered. “Now that we are together I’m not giving you any chance to back out.”

“Backing out is the last thing I have in mind,” he chuckled, “but I don’t want to hurt you any more than you already are.”

“Everything I feel now is just like I want it,” she said, “except that I want alot more of it.”

“Lari, you don’t have to ask me twice,” he said, and lifted himself slightly so that he could undo the two buttons of the halter top and open it wide, staring at the gorgeous peaks that jutted up at him.

She raised her arms and he slipped it completely off of her. “Fair’s fair,” she said and began undoing the buttons of his shirt.

Soon that was on the floor with her halter, and the tee shirt as well. He lowered himself gently to her, and the skin of their bodies met for the first time. Gasping in unison they squirmed against one another, wanting to feel as much as possible of each other. Her rock hard nipples grated against the soft skin of his chest. Once again their lips locked and his tongue dove deep into her mouth, swiftly met by hers. Dan pulled himself completely on top of her, pressing her body down into the soft couch, and they rocked slowly against each other. Their breathing was ragged as once again their lips parted, allowing his to slide down the side of her neck and across her throat, kissing, nibbling and licking as he went. Pushing her hair aside his lips trailed up the other side of her neck, and found her ear lobe, which he eagerly sucked into his mouth, his warm breath in her ear.

Lari moaned and ground herself against him, urging him on. He obliged as he kissed down across her shoulder and slowly slid his tongue down till it started up the rise of her waiting breast. Instead of going straight for the prize his mouth slowly kissed across the top, nibbling and teasing with his tongue as he went. His hand found the other breast and softly he ran his fingers around it, ever nearer but not yet touching the outer ring of her nipple. She was writhing in the ecstasy of his touch and the agony of waiting as he teased and played with her. At last, at the same moment he slid his lips down Anadolu Yakası Escort over one hot hard nipple and seized the other in his fingertips, his lips sucking, kissing and pulling as his fingers squeezed and twisted and stroked. Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps, no longer able to speak nor needing to. Her nails were making red trails up and down his back. His teeth clasped the base of her nipple and he pulled against it. Both of them were shaking from the overpowering sensations of the moment. Lari could feel his raging hard cock pressing down on her already soaking pussy, only the last of their clothing separating them. Slowly she rolled her hips to feel him more completely and to urge him on.

His lips released their captive and he kissed slowly over both breasts, using his hands to hold them steady as he ran his tongue along the bottom of each one. At last he forced himself to lift up off of her and stood staring at her as he undid belt, button, and zipper and allowed his pants to slide to the floor. As she watched him she reached and slowly undid the button and zipper of her shorts.

Before he did anything further, she beckoned him to come closer. As he stood next to her she ran her fingers over that wonderful hard cock outlined in his briefs, already damp with his pre-cum. She lightly stroked and pulled at it, smiling up at him as she teased his iron-like rod, her fingertips making promise after promise – and she intended to keep them! At last she pulled herself up and smiled as she slipped her fingertips under the elastic waist band, slowly easing it down over his hips. Involuntarily she let out a gasp of excitement and pure lust as his cock finally sprang free of its confinement, pointing directly at her. She shoved the briefs down below his knees so that he could step out of them and reached out and grabbed her prize, little fingers wrapping around that hard shaft, squeezing, pulling. It was almost too much for him as he groaned long and deep, closed his eyes and bit his lip.

She pulled hard until he moved so that his legs pressed against the couch, then smiled up at him, eyes shining. She moved towards that swollen red cock head and lightly kissed it. Her tongue followed, first licking the head, then down the sides of the shaft. Her other hand fondled his balls, full and ready, as she slowly eased her lips over the tip. As he stared down at her Dan could not help rolling his hips forward, urging her to take him deeper. Slowly she complied, her tongue wetting his long hot shaft as it slid through her lips, making it slippery. His fists were clenched and shaking as he watched himself disappear into her mouth. As the tip touched the back of her mouth she felt herself start to gag, and the saliva flowed freely, but she wanted all of him — she had to have him! She fought off the feeling and forced the tip to begin sliding down her throat. Somehow she felt that when she had taken all of him he would know that cock belonged where it was. Somehow he knew and agreed. Gasping for breath, she looked and could see about two inches of him remaining to be consumed. Slowly she slid him partially back out, grinning up at him, his cock shiny with her saliva, so she could catch her breath. Her hand had not relinquished its hold on him. Once again she leaned forward, mouth opened even wider, going faster and feeling that slippery shaft sliding deeper and deeper. Ignoring discomfort, she grabbed his cheeks in both hands and pulled him to her, forcing it down her throat and finally, triumphantly, pressing her lips against his groin. Lari felt her chin pressing against his swollen balls. She held him there, looking up, eyes smiling, lips, tongue, and mouth kneading that throbbing rod buried inside her, her throat blocked beyond all possibility of breathing.

Dan was somewhere in orbit, beyond sanity, his entire being focused on the wonderful sensations in his cock. With an almost sorrowful moan she released him, sliding him slowly out of her mouth so she could gasp for air. Still her tongue never stopped circling the slippery dripping tip, teasing and tasting. Dan took her head in his hands and tilted it up towards him. He said to her quietly, “I’ve never felt anything close to that, and if you do it again there is no way I can keep from cumming and I won’t even try.” Smiling, she felt her lungs once again filled with fresh air and the heaving of her chest slowing. As if in answer she gently kissed his tip, tongue swirling against it. Then, quickly, she shut her eyes and engulfed him, swallowing him whole in one long slow stroke. She ground her lips against his groin. His hips were rolling, making his cock move inside her mouth and throat, though she would not let it slide back out a fraction. He was groaning, growling, mumbling, and she could feel him throbbing inside her. Lari squeezed him with her lips and mouth, ignoring the reflex action of her throat, saliva dripping from the corners of her lips. One hand softly massaged his balls, squeezing, urging, asking, demanding! She heard his muttering change to exclamations, then suddenly a single startled oath, and she felt his white hot cum jetting down her throat. Forcing herself not to relent she held him captive as he pumped every drop into her, his hands holding her head hard against him. Finally, feeling lightheaded, she slipped him slowly from her lips, cum and saliva mixing and dripping onto her breasts. Her hands still holding his legs, she could feel him shaking almost violently.

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