The Awakening of Donna and Ryan

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This was to be their first official meeting; they had been planning this for months, but as so often happens life just seems to intercede. Donna first “met” Ryan on the internet six months ago. After breaking up with her last disappointment she began to spend time in internet chatrooms talking about the subject that seemed to dominate her thoughts most, sex. Donna was an above average looking woman, accomplished in her chosen career, but always felt as if she had never lived the life she wanted. Donna had dated her fair share of men and enjoyed the company of men, but she always felt that there was something wanting from all of her relationships. Despite what most experts would call a very healthy sex life with all of her boyfriends, Donna always felt unsatisfied. She knew why, until now she had not dared to do anything about it.

Donna wanted to fuck all the time. She loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth, her pussy, her ass, and she could never feel like she had gotten enough. Donna had always felt odd because of her desires, she felt as though she needed to keep them hidden. Her need for sex intimidated the men she had been with. She was raised by her parents to be a good girl, and wanting to fuck everyone she met made her feel like a bad one. After the split with her last beau she decided she couldn’t keep her secret anymore, she couldn’t live her life without exploring what she felt she had been missing. That’s how she met Ryan.

Ryan had been talking to women on the internet for years, he had built up a stable of them, friends, cyber lovers, even a few real life lovers over the years. Ryan was by no means an unattractive man, but he never felt comfortable meeting women, he always felt he had to keep himself hidden. Ryan was hypersexual, he couldn’t get enough sex, he would have sex with women or men, as often as he could get it if he could. Ryan always felt confined to a role in life he wasn’t fit to play, he would watch porn and dream about the sexual freedom in those videos.

For the months Ryan and Donna had been chatting and emailing they had explored their most wild desires together. They had both talked about their desire for sex with groups of people, of gay sex. Ryan had taken the role of master and had dominated Donna, and she had done the same to him. Much of what they had shared over the cold impersonal world of the internet they had shared with other people, but there seemed to be a magic between them, each had a way of finding exactly how to most excite the other and bridge that gap between them. Because of their growing closeness they had chosen to finally meet each other for a weekend of what each hoped would be that something different they were looking for. They had no idea what was in store for them.

Sun Palace campgrounds was the location they had decided upon spending their first weekend together. They had read about it online, it was a nude campground that each had heard had a liberal policy about sexuality on the grounds. Ryan had all the camping equipment already so they thought it would be a fun way to spend some time in a completely new environment and each was excited at the opportunity to see a bunch of tits, pussy, ass and cock running around if the magic they hoped for didn’t happen. Ryan picked Donna up at 9 in the morning that Saturday. He came to the door, rang the bell, and waited for the door to open. Ryan had seen pictures of Donna but he could not have expected a more beautiful creature than what opened the door. At the moment the door opened and Donna appeared Ryan was taken aback by this gorgeous woman, momentarily stunned he pulled a bouquet of flowers out from behind his back and handed them to her. She giggled and kissed his cheek and told him thank you.

“Come in, let me get some water for these, they are lovely, Thank You very much.” She said.

“You’re welcome, a beautiful woman always deserves beautiful flowers.” Ryan replied. “Are you all ready to go?”

“Yep, I have a bag packed, though I don’t know why, look where we’re going!!” Donna said, laughing .

“Good Point” agreed Ryan. “You look incredible Donna, Ataşehir Escort I knew you were a beauty, but your pictures don’t even come close to the truth!”

“Awww thank you sweety” Donna whispered, and she pulled Ryan to her and kissed him deeply, slowly sliding her tongue into his mouth. After the kiss had ended she looked at Ryan and said “I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is pleasantly surprised.”

Gazing at Ryan Donna noticed a hint of a bulge in his pants, and she could feel herself beginning to relax and get that usual excitement she felt talking to him online. “This is going to be a wonderful weekend.” She thought to herself.

Ryan picked up her bag and carried it to the car. Walking back to the house Ryan couldn’t keep from staring, her hair, long and brown, flowing around her beautiful face. Her body was statuesque, with perfectly proportioned tone, her breasts amply filling the very light sundress she wore. Her legs seemed to never end. And Ryan could tell his cock liked her as much as he did. “Easy boy” he thought to himself. Ryan escorted Donna to the car, opened the door for her and closed it behind her. As he walked around the front of the car, Donna couldn’t help but notice that the bulge she admired earlier had grown.

They chatted about work, and about things that had been going on with them as Ryan drove to the campsite, about 2 hours from where Donna lived. About halfway there Donna could feel that familiar need inside her, she wanted cock. While Ryan was talking about work, Donna reached over and began rubbing him through his pants, feeling his bulge swell in her hand. “mmmmmmm, someone is happy to see me!” She said. Working his cock harder and harder through his pants, rubbing, and squeezing and caressing his dick.

Donna unzipped the jeans Ryan wore, and to her pleasant surprise noticed he wore nothing underneath, his cock bounced out of the hole in his pants easily. Stroking his cock lovingly she leaned over and licked slowly up his shaft. Ryan’s moans became clearer at the touch of her tongue. Swallowing his cock in one smooth motion she could hear Ryan gasp, then she could feel his hand on her head, guiding her motion. Sucking hard on his cock, one hand squeezing his balls through his jeans Donna worked Ryan from top to bottom, over and over, feeling him guide her. Eventually with an explosion and a loud moan Ryan filled Donna’s mouth with hot, steamy cum.

“That was wonderful baby!!” Ryan said his eyes still glazed over from his orgasm. Gazing over at Donna Ryan reached over to touch her leg. Sliding his hand up her freshly shaven skin he reached the end of her dress. Continuing his caress, firm yet gentle, he slid his hand up towards Donna’s now soaked pussy. To his surprise, Donna was wearing nothing underneath, and he could instantly feel her wetness.

Rubbing her mound firmly, Ryan slid fingers along both sides of Donna’s slit, pressing slightly harder and harder until he could see the reaction he was looking for on her face. Pressing his fingers together over her clit, gently giving it the attention she had been aching for. Donna’s juices began flowing more heavily, her cunt dripping onto the car seat. She parted her legs for Ryan to continue his exploration. Ryan began spreading her open with his fingers, up and down he ran them over her swelling cuntlips. Finally, after his fingers had been coated with Donna’s juices, Ryan slid a finger inside her, deep into her pussy. Fucking Donna hard with his finger, the sound of his hand in her wet cunt filling the car drove Ryan crazy, the harder he fingered her, the harder he wanted to. Donna was grinding herself onto Ryan’s hand, her cunt squeezing hard against his finger until she could feel the inevitable release. Her breath coming in quick gasps, moaning as she came, her body quaking in the seat before she finally collapsed into it.

The remainder of the trip to the campgrounds consisted of idle chat between orgasms. As they reached the campgrounds the excitement between them was palpable. They got their instructions and directions from the main post Kadıköy Escort and found their site easily enough. After setting up the tent and unpacking their supplies Donna and Ryan decided to go for a stroll, to see the grounds and just enjoy being nude in the sun together. Holding hands they decided to wander around towards the far back end of the campground. As they strolled up what appeared to be an old walking path Ryan thought he heard some laughter very faintly in the distance. “Did you hear that?” he asked ” I think I hear someone laughing, I thought we were all alone this far out.” The laughter continued and Donna thought she could tell where it was coming from.

“I think its over that way, let’s see what’s happening!” she said with a wicked grin.

Taking Ryan’s hand Donna silently led Ryan through some brush and trees far off the path towards the sound of the laughter. The sound was getting louder as they snuck through the woods. They could see an opening in the trees so they slowed down and looked for a place they could see from and not be seen. Spotting a group of trees near the opening they silently, slowly moved towards them, looking to see what might be happening in the clearing ahead. As they reached their hiding spot Donna and Ryan were shocked at what they saw. In the clearing was a group of what had to be at least 15 or more people performing all types of acts with each other. Donna’s hand instinctively reached to grab Ryan, and began to stroke him while she watched this going on. Ryan was kneading Donna’s tits and kissing her shoulder, never taking his eyes off the clearing.

The first thing Ryan noticed was a woman in what looked to be her late 30’s early 40’s being fucked in both her pussy and ass at the same time. She was moaning and purring at the feel and he could tell, she was loving it. While Ryan stared at the woman getting double fucked Donna was looking at several women playing with each others pussies in front of a pair of men. What really caught her eyes were the men were playing with each other for the women to enjoy! One of the men was talking to one of the women, telling her what to do.

“Suck on her nipple baby” he would say, and she would do, then she would tell the man what she wanted,

“Kiss him stud, slide your tongue down his throat.” And the man would readily respond. After gentle petting and rubbing the woman finally told the man, Donna assumed was her husband, to suck his partners cock. “I want you to swallow him baby, suck that fat cock for me.” Donna watched in ecstasy as the man did as he was commanded, he knelt over and swallowed his partners cock, and began sucking him like a pro, up and down his head went on that fat dick, she watched as it shone in the sun from his spit.

As Donna watched the men play for the women, she began to rub her finger over her clit violently. Rubbing herself harder and harder, arching her back to feel Ryan against her. Ryan had begun to watch a group of about 6 or 7 men and women daisy chain each other, mouths on cocks, pussies, asses. Moaning louder and louder and they writhed on the ground in pleasure. Ryan began to rub his hard cock on Donna’s ass, sliding it over her skin, his precum leaving a trail on her asscheek. As the couple lay hidden, grinding against each other harder and harder they couldn’t keep quiet, Donna lost her balance for a second stepped forward and onto a stick on the ground. The sound didn’t disturb the group before them at all. One of the women who was watching the men did however hear and walk over to where the stunned couple stood. Instead of yelling, or chastising, as Donna and Ryan had feared, she waved to them and invited them over.

Donna and Ryan slowly stumbled over to the woman who introduced herself as Robyn. Robyn grabbed each by the hand and led them through the mass of people over to a secluded spot by a camper, of which there were several.

“So what brings you two out here, you’re not in the campground anymore you know.” She said

“We’re sorry,” replied Donna, “We went to look at the grounds and heard some laughing so Bostancı Escort we thought we were still on the grounds. We’ll leave you guys alone.” She said, praying not to have to leave yet.

” That’s okay dear, I just wanted to let you know” she replied in a friendly, but somewhat flirty way. “As I’m sure you can guess, the more the merrier out here!” She said slightly laughing.

“Does the camp know you guys are out here?” Asked Ryan, still hard from the excitement he was replaying in his head.

“Well, did you notice the one sucking cock?” asked Robyn

“I sure did!” exclaimed Donna

“He’s the owner, his name is Paul, and he’s my husband.” Said Robyn “We’ve kept this part of the grounds private. We have been doing this for the past 10 years, and our group started with just my husband, me and a couple of friends, and over the years we’ve just slowly grown into what you saw today.”

“Its just incredible to see so many people fucking like crazy, I’ve read about it, but I didn’t think it ever happened!” Donna said.

“Honey, we didn’t either, but we wanted it to, that’s why we started doing it!” Clearly you liked what you saw didn’t you?” asked Robyn, now clearly flirting.

“I loved it, it’s so much hotter than I thought it would be.” Donna replied her eyes staring into Robyn’s.

Robyn reached over and began to stroke Donna’s leg, as Ryan had done in the car. Without hesitation she leaned over and kissed Donna deeply. Ryan sat and watched in excited disbelief. He began to stroke himself while the women kissed. Donna broke the kiss, leaned over and took Robyn’s left nipple in her mouth, sucking on it hungrily as Robyn moaned.

While the girls lay together on the couch in the camper, Ryan sat back and watched, stroking his fat cock until precum was flowing steadily down his shaft. The door to the camper opened and in walked the woman who had been getting drilled by two cocks just moments ago. Cum was clearly visible on her skin. “Robyn sweetie, do have a…oh, hi there darling!” The woman said looking at Ryan.

“You gonna sit there and play with that thing or do you want to use it?” The woman said hand rubbing her cunt.

“I’d love to use it…come on over here,” replied Ryan, now getting up from his spot to make room for the woman. The woman sat where Ryan had been and spread her legs, her crotch was soaked, with cunt juice, cum, and what looked to be spit. Ryan was desperate to fuck the woman. Without any delay as soon as she was spread open Ryan plunged his cock deep inside her. He began to pump her tirelessly the moment he felt that pussy juice on his cock. While he fucked her images of the other cocks that had just been inside her filled his mind and drove him harder and harder. The camper was soon filled with the sounds of her moans and their bodies slapping together.

While Ryan fucked this unknown woman in the chair, Donna now had her tongue buried in Robyn’s clean-shaven pussy. Robyn was wet, soaking wet, cunt juice dripped from her pussy as Donna sucked on her clit. Working her hungry mouth around Robyn’s wet pussylips, lapping up the juices that flowed from her. Donna had her fingers so deep inside her own pussy she was almost fisting herself, lost in sexual frenzy. The moans from the four in the camper could now clearly be heard by those outside it, but nobody seemed to notice. One by one each person inside the camper came. After they were done, the looked at each other, Ryan looked at Donna and was amazed at her, she was practically glowing. Donna looking back at Ryan, speechless from her orgasm, just enjoying the waves of pleasure that still pulsated through her. Robyn looked at them both and said,” how would you guys like move a bit closer and get to know everyone?” At that point the woman Ryan had just fucked grabbed his cock and said “I’m all for that Robbie!!”

Once they had gotten themselves cleaned up, Ryan went back to the campsite leaving Donna with Robyn to bring their gear closer. As Donna watched Ryan walk away, she felt she had found the one man who understood her needs, and hoped that this would be the first of many adventures with him. As Ryan walked away he felt at peace, comforted that people really did the way he wanted, and hopeful that Donna would like to share that with him. Both realized that regardless of what happened with each other, they had found a new home.

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