The Aunts Ch. 02

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We were finally on the cruise. We had gotten on the boat that morning, and while certain people had taken every delay as a personal affront, Aunt Cathy and Stephanie, the rest of us were all on and in good spirits. I had been in close proximity to my Aunt Cathy and cousin Stephanie for about three hours straight. That had been two hours and fifty-five minutes too long.

Everyone had gotten situated in our suite, while my two female cousins, Lily and Stephanie had gotten their own room. I was jealous and pissed off about that. My mom had hugged me and told me to lose the attitude and that she’d wanted to be near me on what would probably be our last family vacation. That had made me feel a little guilty. We hadn’t talked much since the incident in the hot tub.

But I was still aggravated those two got their own room and I had to be locked away only twenty feet from Aunt Cathy’s snoring. Life wasn’t fair.

We’d all hung out together for a while and eaten lunch and explored the ship. It was huge, with an arcade, gym, slides, a zip line, and basically a mall inside. I hoped it was big enough to get lost in on those days I wanted to avoid some people. After a while everyone wanted to go do different things so I explored by myself for a while. It wasn’t long before I saw my cousin Stephanie surrounded by a few guys around her age. You knew she was loving the attention.

My cousin Lily was with her, but didn’t look too comfortable. She saw me and gave me a wave and a smile. She wasn’t as pretty as Stephanie, but she was nice. I waved backed and I could see Stephanie look my way and say something to her. Lily turned red and looked away from me.

I flipped Stephanie the bird and walked away from her offended look.

I cruised the ship for a while and looked around, played in the arcade and played mini golf. In the late afternoon I saw my mom and my Aunts sitting out by one of the pools, drinking from pineapples with the tops cut off.

They all had bathing suits and two of them were gorgeous. My Aunt KK had a one piece navy suit on that was cut high on her large hips. It covered her big butt but it also accentuated her curves. She had a flat belly and large breasts. A lot of the guys on the pool deck were staring at her. Her ass was huge and in a couple of spots there was some cellulite. She dropped something and I watched her bend over to pick it up. Suddenly Aunt KK’s ass was bent over and it looked perfect. Her large cheeks smoothed out and it looked like a melon that you wanted to sink your teeth into.

My mom was there in a bikini as well and I looked at her. I remembered our encounter in the pool and my cock started to stiffen. Her large breasts pressed against the tight material of her top and her freckles shone in the sun.

My Aunt Cathy was there in a one piece and besides her titties looking like someone could use them for floatations if we sank I didn’t notice her that much.

I moved off to find something to do.

As night fell I was wondering what everyone was up to. I wanted to find my mom or Aunt KK gaziantep escort bayan and see if I could score a drink.

I started to look around the ship but before I could find them I got a text from my Aunt Cathy telling me to come to one of the clubs fast, that there was an emergency. Great. These people couldn’t even take a vacation without creating drama. There was about fifty night clubs onboard so I found the one she named and headed that way.

When I got there I saw my Aunt KK and my Aunt Cathy hovering over a booth towards the back.

Aunt KK looked great in her club outfit. A tight fitting black shirt and skinny jeans that accentuated her curvy ass. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She hadn’t said much too me since the night of the party but I was hoping to change all that while on the cruise.

My Aunt Cathy was read faced and looked pissed.

I saw my mom sitting in the booth looking, well… plastered.

I was shocked. My mom wasn’t a big drinker so I didn’t know what to do. “She’s been drinking since we got on board,” my Aunt Cathy said. “I told her to slow down. Now she’s too drunk to stand.”

My Aunt KK gave me a look that said, what are you gonna do about old mother hen here and shrugged at me.

I looked at my mom, wearing a tight shirt and tight jeans as well. “I’m ok,” she said in that way drunk people do, waving her hand at all of us.

“Take her back to the room,” Aunt Cathy ordered. “Before she gets any drunker and throws up everywhere.”

I looked at Aunt Kk and then Aunt Cathy. “Why don’t you guys do it? You let her get like this.”

Aunt Cathy sneered at me in that same way Stephanie had done when I’d flipped her the bird. “Because we’re having fun, and we’re staying. Now take her to the room so she can sleep it off. We’ll come check on her later.”

I huffed sigh and looked at Aunt KK. She rolled her eyes and said, “Please, she just needs to sleep. We’re having fun. Just put her in bed and then come back and I’ll slip you a drink. Ok?”

Well at least Aunt KK knew how to ask nicely.

We helped my mom up and I threw her arm over my shoulder. She could stand and walk so that was at least something. She smelled great and I wasn’t sure I’d ever noticed her wearing perfume before.

I got her to the elevator and the people inside gave us funny looks.

“I’m ok,” my mom whispered in my ear as I held her up. “Really.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m just gonna help you get into bed and we can do it all again tomorrow.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms tighter around me. I liked my drunk mother if I was being honest.

We got to the suite and I got her into the bed she’d be sharing with Aunt KK. It was a in a room by itself. I was sleeping on the pullout sofa. No bed for me. I helped my mom to the bed and sat her down on the edge.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Yep,” she said. “Perfectly fine.”

I doubted that. She was drunk.

“Lay down and I’ll tuck you in,” I said.

“Awww, just like I used to gaziantep eve gelen escort do you.”

She threw her body on the bed and I pulled the covers down to cover her up.

“Wait. I can’t go to sleep with my clothes on. I won’t be comfortable.”

I guessed that made sense.

“Wait a second,” she said as she threw the covers off and stood up.

Before I could stop her she’d unbuttoned her jeans and slide them down.

She was wearing black lace panties that were almost see through. The panties hugged her curvy hips as tight as her tan skin. Before I could process that I was staring at my mother in panties, she pulled her top off too.

Now she was standing in front of me in nothing but her black, shear panties, and matching bra.

Her bra was doing it’s level best to hold her breasts in but it looked like it was about to pop. Her breasts were pushing up against it like they were aching to be free. Her tummy was flat and tight. There might have been some extra on it but it looked beautiful to me. I looked her up and down and she watched me do it.

“Wanna know a secret?” She said.

I nodded. I couldn’t speak.

“I was planning on showing someone this tonight.”

I gulped.

“Your damn father, doesn’t ever do anything with us, go anywhere with us. Doesn’t do anything for me other than fill up the bank account.”

She had a tear in her eye.


“I shouldn’t be telling you this.” She wiped away the tear with a finger. “But damn it I was gonna fuck someone on this cruise.”

I gulped again.

“Guess I needed to get drunk to do it. But I’m too drunk. And no one wants an old lady with three kids anyway.”

She sat down on the bed and sniffled.

“Mom,” I finally got out. “That’s not true. You’re amazing.” I sat down beside her on the bed. “I think you’re beautiful and any guy would be lucky to have you throw yourself at them.”

She looked at me like she couldn’t believe what I’d just said, then laughed. I felt relief wash over me. She tucked her head into my shoulder and it felt natural so I put my arm around her.

“You really think so?”

“Of course I do. I think you’re beautiful.”

“I’m sorry I told you I was going to fuck someone. You didn’t need to know that.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I didn’t need to know that,”I said with a laugh.

She laughed and looked at me and before I could stop myself I said, “I’d be happy if I were the guy you fucked.”

She must have been extremely drunk because she kissed me. My own mother. She kissed me right on the lips. Her lips tasted like cherries and were the softest lips I’d ever felt. Before I could process that I was kissing my own mother I felt her small tongue reach out and dart into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue on hers like I thought I should but honestly I had no idea what I was doing.

She turned to face me more and kissed me harder. I felt her hand slide up my leg and under the shorts I was wearing. gaziantep evi olan escort Her hand went under my boxers and found my already rock hard dick.

Her fingers felt light and cool and delicate as they squeezed me. Then suddenly her whole hand was gripping my cock hard and she was pumping it up and down.

I didnt’ want to break our kiss but I couldn’t help myself and I stood and yanked my shorts down. My cock flew at attention and almost whacked her in the face as it popped out.

My mom gasped.

She wrapped her hand around and it and began to stroke it again. She looked up at me with her green eyes and said “Remember the hot tub.”

How could I forget.

I nodded.

“I wanted to do this then.”

She delicately wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock.

It was warm and wet and a spasm went through my body. My mom began to move my cock in and out of her mouth, going a little bit further each time. Deeper and deeper she went until three quarters of my cock was in her mouth with each bob of her head. My eyes rolled back in my head and my body wanted to shoot a load of cum into my own mother’s hot, wet, mouth.

Before I could do that there was something else I wanted. I wanted to do it now because I wasn’t sure I’d ever get the chance again. I pushed her back on the bed and laid down next to her. I clawed at her bra and she helped me by pulling the straps down and then the cups off her breasts.

Her large tits popped out, her big pinkish-brown nipples staring at me. Before she could protest, and not that she would have, I popped one nipple into my mouth while my other hand groped her other tit.

“OH,” she moaned as I sucked them.

My cock was rubbing up against the smooth skin of her thigh and I knew it was the smoothest skin I’d ever touch. I thrust my hips back and forth as I sucked her nipple and plaid with the other one, fucking her thigh for all I was worth.

“Yes,” she moaned again. “Oh yes.”

She pulled my head away from her nipple and kissed me again. In a scramble of arms and legs she reached down and took off her panties. I couldn’t see anything but her and the anticipation of feeling my very sexy mothers pussy wrapped around my cock was about to make me explode.

“I need you inside of me.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I thrust up against her and could feel her wetness get all over my cock. I couldn’t find the entrance to her body in my excitement and began thrusting wildly. Her large breasts were bouncing and she was reaching down for my cock, grabbing it in between my thrusts. She pulled her legs back and my cock lined up with the entrance to her pussy, the head right there at the source of her wetness.

“Where are you guys!” Aunt Cathy called from outside the door and in the hall way.

We must not have heard her come in.

In an instant I was up and pulling my shorts up and my mom threw the covers over her naked body.

Aunt Cathy burst into the room and I stood there panting.

“What’s wrong with you,” she demanded.

“Nothing, just trying to get her situated.”

My mom had her eyes shut tight and stood there not knowing what to do.

“She just needs to sleep it off. Come on, let’s go.”

I stood there not knowing what to do and my Aunt Cathy impatiently waved her hand at me.

Leave it to Aunt Cathy to ruin the best experience of my life.

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