The Artifact-part 6

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I had made a science of designing sexual adventures by now, and enjoyed some of the hottest sex that I could ever imagine using the small, black alien artifact. Absolutely anything was possible sexually, and it was all gone after the fantasy trip, with no loose ends, and I was set for another incredibly raunchy adventure at my descretion.

I had been concentrating far more, recently, on my social endeavors, and though I had a large circle of good friends, I could never, never tell them of the artifact. A thousand reasons would keep me from doing this, one of which would involve the government and national security. If the government ever found out about this thing I couldn’t even imagine what the consequences would be. This must remain a secret as long as I lived.


I began another ‘carnal safari’, as I sometimes called it, and lay on my bed rested and prepared. I had no idea at this time exactly what the adventure would be, but I knew it would be hot beyond my wildest desires. I was really there, physically, doing these things, it was exactly the same as real life, and one couldn’t tell the difference while there.

I arrived at the endless hallway, and walked leisurely, stroking my 11 inch dick as it protruded from my pants fly, and the cum was draining out noticeably. My peter had grown in real life, and this was due, I assumed to the infinitely more intense orgasms, and extended manipulation that I had been experiencing.

I searched for maybe thirty minutes this time, driving the cart slowing along the dimly lit corridor, curious to see what was out there. It was mind boggling. Finally I came to a
section that seemed to be dedicated to ‘femdom imprisonment’, and I found a large number of doors dedicated to this genre.
I walked slowly, reading several of the doors and came to one titled: ‘nurses of pain…punishment hospital’.

My guts churned with anticipation because I craved something like this but didn’t have the courage to go for it. I had no idea just how intense it would be. I knew how deceptive the artifact could be, and I carefully pondered the possbilities as I sat in the comfortable cart. After a long thought session, and considering all possibilities, I got up and slowly opened the door.

The ante room had many femdom pictures on the walls, and I stepped inside to look at some of them. I parked my cart in the doorway so that the door couldn’t close, and looked carefully at the obscene photos. I could see that this was a very intense area, and the expressions of pain on the faces of the male prisoners was witness to this. I just knew that I wouldn’t have the courage to do it and stood there regretting my cowardice.

I read a description of the prison facility…trying to find out more about the area, and what could be expected. A sign read:

Male political prisoners are sent to this unique, and well hidden facility. The pretense is that they are mentally ill and a danger to society…the truth is that they are sent here to be punished, and to further the science of the study of pain. They are used for research here…pain research…to test new kinds of devices…to develop more effective and exotic techniques of extracting information. The methods used here are not horrific or babaric…but are highly sophisticated, and designed for unique kinds of discomfort.

I knew I couldn’t do it and started to push the cart back a bit to exit the room when the unthinkable happened…the cart went into reverse gear for no apparent reason and shot out of the door frame into the wall on the other side of the hallway.

My mind exploded with fear as I desperately tried to catch the heavy door before it closed but it was just a second too late and it slammed with a terrible thud, locking me irretrievably inside. I was beside myself with fear and looked around desperately, trying to figure a way out of this.

I knew it was too late though and sat in a chair holding my head. My mind raced from thought to thought, as I sat there, and suddenly I calmed down, realizing that I could not be physically or permanently harmed in my real life, and that the effects of the trip would be erased when I left. I suddenly noticed that I was becoming very sleepy, and tried to stand, but just slumped over on the long wall seat, and fell into a deep mist.


When I awoke, I was riding in the back of a van, shackled to the wall, along with four other male prisoners. We drove through a set of large steel gates, and entered the high security facility, driving for several minutes more before we stopped at a special loading dock. I now understood the prison, and why I was here. It was all very clear to me now.


My entry into TH-1, as this facility is called, was made possible because of my political views…which means any viewpoint not deemed acceptable by the powers that be. There were supposedly several of these covert hospitals…mental hospitals as they are called officially…three or four male units, and the same number of female units.

I arrived with four other males…all of us tightly bound and fastened to the inner walls of the van. When the door opened several female guards quickly removed us and marched us single file into the reception unit. They were attractive women, and each wore hand restraints, shock devices, and the usual baton and sidearm.

Once inside we were handcuffed individually to overhead eyebolts and had our clothing cutoff and pulled from us. Every stitch of our clothing was incinerated, along with our shoes…and we hung there with our shackled feet flat on the cold floor wondering what awaited us.

We were not allowed to speak at all, or to watch the other prisoners or guards…and had to remain silent, our eyes focused straight ahead.

Two nurses came in and began to give us each injections in the penis. They worked together…one holding our limp members outstretched, and the other forcing the needle in and injecting the contents. Each male in turn tried to move away but those who resisted were slapped in the face until they remained still.

A few droplets of blood were on the floor, but actually very little, and the pain was not severe. A male naturally abhores an injection in such a place…and we were all quite agitated by the time they finished. The nurses walked among us afterward stroking our hardening weiners, and soon we all Sex hikayeleri stood there with major, and intracable hardons.

Cum was dripping from our rock hard dicks as they bounced up and down involuntarily, and it was a strange sight to behold.

Then they took cotton swabs, and soaked them in iodine, and slid them up our dickholes , deeply coating the tender inner surface causing groans of pain from each of us. The stinging sensation was sharp and my eyes watered as I trembled and tried to remain still.

They moved the tips in and out deeply several times as each of us grunted and jerked and finished with a final shove leaving the imbedded swab deep inside our sensitive cocks.
Finally they tied a strap tightly around our elbows so that our arms were held upward and taught…and took us, one by one, to another room.

The remaining prisoners had the unpleasant task of listening to what was going on behind the other door, the even, sexy female voice, and the yelps and groans of pain.

I was, unfortunately, the last to be taken…and by now I was sweating profusely and trembling, barely able to stand. My arms were aching from my uncomfortable position…and I dreaded the walk beyond the other door. My arms were extended above me, and my fingers still didn’t touch the top of the large metal door as we passed through.

On the other side was a well equiped medical room…and which also contained many wicked looking devices and instruments, whose purpose I scarcely wanted to learn.

A very very pretty blond nurse stood near a stainless steel table filled with hypodermic needles and other instruments…and her face was stern and commanding. My hands were attached to an overhead eyebolt…just as in the other room, but my feet, though still shackled, were strapped wide apart so that my dick and balls were completely exposed. A short metal pole with a thick strap was behind me near my hips, and they pulled the strap around and secured my hips so that movement was impossible.

I was stretched so that my feet were still flat but my body was pulled upward making me completely vulnerable. The guards left and the nurse looked at me impassively as she pulled on a pair of latex gloves. Her words were slow and calculated, and her manner was very professional.

“You are here for an indeterminate length of time”, she said, sitting beside me next to the metal cart…”and I hope this initial induction interview will impress upon you the need for your complete obedience while in this facility”.

“Don’t worry, you will not be permanently harmed here…and this is not a place of medival torture, but you will be introduced to controlled pain…in such a way that you’ll wish you were anywhere else during our research sessions…but will have to endure our rather obscene activities”.

“There are ways that you can greatly reduce your pain here”, she said intently. She roughly pulled the cotton swab from my stinging pisshole, and threw it in a trash receptacle.

“If you suck cock your treatment will be greatly improved and you won’t have to suffer the pain that the others do. Forget about traditional values and habits in this place…it’s a different and isolated world. You think about that while I perform some painful, but necessary tests on you. I just want to impress upon you the fact that cocksuckers here have a much better situation, I assure you”.

“We will brainwash you mentally and physically while you are here…but as I told you our kinds of treatments are not the traditional barbaric and damaging kind that you might imagine. OUr methods are sophisticated and scientific.”

“Now…I want you to hold still as I do a pain theshold test on your penis…if you squirm it will just take longer so try to hold still.” She lifted a long smooth metal rod from the tray and moved it close to my dickhead. The probe had a thin electric cord attached to the end of it and this led to an electric voltage dial on a nearby device. She coated the rod with a clear, jelly like substance, flipped a switch, and held my dick firmly as she began to insert the wicked rod up my pisshole.

I gritted my teeth and shut my eyes as the rod was slowly moved close to my exposed peter. A sharp stinging sensation began the instant she touched the tip of my tender dickhole…and I tensed and pulled against the restraints, trying desperately not to move. Soon I groaned and grunted and gasped as she slid the painful probe in and tears ran from my eyes as the test progressed.

“You’re doing well, but I must take you to the limits of your endurance” She slowly turned up the current until my body became tight and quivering with pain…and I yelled briefly, unable to endure the sharp, needle like torment. She turned the current even higher now and I screamed and pulled desperately against the tight straps. “Please…no please stop”,I gasped , please I can’t stand it…ahhh…ahhh…dam…” I quivered uncontrollably now sweating and screaming periodically…and was on the verge of passing out when she turned the current off.

She removed the firey probe from my urethra…and I slumped back against the restraints…gasping for air.

“You did very well”, she grunted as she pulled her gloves off…”You have a fairly high pain threshold. I must do things like this to you frequently…but as I said before, there are alternatives.

“Pain is a science…and we learn much from subjects like yourself”. She looked at me intently…”We will do things to you that you will not believe, which are painful and degrading, but I’m afraid you have no choice but to endure them…our staff is dedicated, and most of them quite sadistic.”

The guards came in then and unshackled me and led me to a cell where I was given food and water and painkillers. Apparently they wanted the prisoners to experience pain only under laboratory conditions.

I was then taken to a community shower where I was allowed to clean myself, and there were several other males there showering. There were a number of guards watching us closely.

Our feet were shacked at all times and any escape attempt or disobedience on our part was quickly rewarded with a painful zap from an electric prod.

The males all avoided eye contact, and all had erections from either their penis injections, or, as I soon discovered, the constant ingestion of aphrodisiac drugs given daily to each male.

I was taken back to my cell and placed there alone to sleep. The mind control drugs took a lot of the edge off my fear and discomfort, and I slept for many hours.


I awoke when breakfast was brought to me. Breakfast consisted of dogfood which was placed in the large doggie bowl near the toilet. I was made to eat my meal on all fours without using my hands, and drink water from Sikiş hikayeleri another bowl in the same fashion. A guard whacked my ass hard with a flat leather paddle when I spilled some of the food on the floor.

The guards then escorted me to another of the many session rooms and I was subjected to more pain and probing. I was strapped into a chair, legs and hands secured tightly. Fear began to grip me again and the anticeptic metal tray did nothing to ease my anticipation. In front of me was a seating area and video cameras surrounded the chair.

Soon a number of nurses came in with the guards and some of them sat in the chairs while two of them sat near me.

I was trembling greatly now and sweating already, and had been setup in my vulnerable position so fast that I didn’t even have time to react.

My head was strapped to a neck restraint which allowed no movement, and I sat there completely open to them and whatever they had in mind.

One of the pretty nurses beside me spoke quietly…”This prisoner has received basic indoctrination and will now be prepared for computer analysis.” Several leads were attached to my skull and neck and were connected to an interface to allow entry of physical data into the computer.

They gave me an injection which contained a powerful aphrodisiac, and as my dick became rock hard again, they began their sordid work.

Dispite constant instructions to remain quiet I yelled in desperation to them, sweat pouring from me as I squirmed against the restraints.

“Please…I’ll do anything…I’ll suck cock, anything!”

The nurses roared with laughter…and the torture nurse held my head with her hand and slapped my face hard. “Shup up you worthless fuck…or it will be harder for you I promise!”

The two nurses worked my dripping prick and slid a hollow rubber tube up my pisshole. I pulled back in pain and grimaced as the tube bored it’s way up my penis. The tube ran to a small pump and the tubing leading out of the pump was inserted into my mouth and taped.

Apparently I was to eat my own cum at some point during the session. I stared at the group of nurses and they watched me intently in great anticipation.

Then they forced a plastic device in my mouth and spread it open, locking it in place.

“Ladies”, said the nurse, “We will induce a powerful ejaculation resulting from the pain, which will be consumed by the prisoner himself. We find that this greatly increases the intensity of degradation, which subsequently increases the intensity of pain. Pain with orgasm is a paradox that has to be seen to be assimilated.”

The nurse swabbed under my fingernails with alcohol, and picked up one of the needles from the beaker, it was long, with a thin rubber handle, and was about the thickness of a sewing needle. My fingers were completely immobile, and as she poked the very sensitive skin underneath…I tensed up involuntarily, looking fearfully at her.

She looked at me with an evil grin on her face…and stared at me closely as she slowly forced it in. It broke the skin sending an intensely sharp pain up my hand. I grimaced and squirmed and yelled through my mouth restraint as she pushed it all the way under my nail. I yelled from the unbearable pain, pushing violently against the straps and the other nurse expertly stroked my dick as I was being tortured.

The needle was all the way under my nail and the cruel nurse was sweating a bit and breathing heavily now as she stared at my eyes, watching me grunt, and yell in pain.

Then she took another needle and slowly pushed it into my mouth finding an open cavity in a tooth. I jerked violently again, the leather straps so tight against my skin that it was nearly cutting me. I was yelling out loud now and squirming as the nurse quickened her pace and jacked me off as I screamed in pain.

I suddenly felt my balls begin to tighten, and in the middle of the agony I shot my wad and pumped my hips several times, ejaculating a huge amount of cum into the tube.

The thick semen shot into my mouth and I swallowed it involuntarily because of my spasms, and the nurse continued beating my dick until I’d emptied out completely.

The nurse stopped her needle torment and removed the one buried under my fingernail. The pain was horrific and then they gave me an injection of painkiller…and treated my wounds. The pain went away, as the nurse removed the tube from my mouth, and the leads from my head, and everyone there seemed amused at the entertainment that they had witnessed.

The nurse who had tortured me was asking questions now…looking for a reaction from the audience. One of the nurses spoke to me…”What is it like to cum while you’re in pain”, she said earnestly, does it make you ejaculate more’?

I couldn’t believe my ears and was barely able to speak but I knew that I would be punished if I didn’t respond. “I…I don’t know, I said with watering eyes…I…I really got my nuts off!”

The nurses were amused at this and spoke among themselves, laughing briefly…they had all been aroused during my torture…I could tell…and had been breathing heavily with that wild look in their eyes. I felt minor pain now but nothing like before and the guards released me and stood me up hands secured behind, and the women began fondling my dick and balls. They made me jump, squeezing my nuts, and seemed to enjoy this greatly as they stretched and jacked my pecker off.
My dick was hard again and they each took turns beating my meat roughly…and soon made me shoot my wad again. They knew it hurt and they continued doing this until I was dancing around in pain ejaculating repeatedly to their minstrations.

Finally I was taken back to my cell again and allowed to rest. They gave me painkillers and allowed me to recover for a full day before doing their sadistic work again. I was hoping I could suck cock to avoid the tortures, and I hoped that I could maneuver into a position to do whatever they wanted…whenever they wanted it on a regular basis.

I daresay a substantial number of the other males were probably turning over the same thought in their minds.


The next day after breakfast the guards came for me again and I was so terrified to go with them they had to physically remove me from the room. A few shocks from the electric prod soon changed my mind, however, and I was pulled along stumbling awkwardly, unable make my limbs work.

I was then taken to another large room where there were about eight or ten other males standing there in shackles, and they were being watched closely by the guard staff. There was a wire cage against the wall and a computer beside it with a nurse operating it. I could also see electric cords coming from the back of the Erotik hikaye cage and I tensed in fear, not knowing what they had in mind.

The cage floor was a crisscross of thin metal slabs as were the walls, and there was some kind of high tech head dress hanging near the door of the cage, which was wide open.

The head nurse spoke loudly as we all cringed in morbid anticipation.

“This, gentlemen, is an electric pedomic floor especially designed to cause pain and embarrassment to whoever is unfortunate enough to be locked inside. You will each be placed in the cage afterwhich a strong and painful current will be opened to the metal slabs on the inside in a calculated and scientific way. I think I needn’t tell you that we have some interesting reactions from our torture subjects.”

“YOu will dance, I promise you, like you never danced before.

She paused for effect. The group of nurses smiled lightly…and it was obvious that this was one of their favorite pastimes.

“There is, however an alternative…one that I’m sure most of you will find quite repugnant…but which is available to you nonetheless.”

“If you suck every cock here…you will be excused from the torture and allowed to go back to your cell, until your next scheduled pain inducement session. The more cock you suck while at this hospital…the easier you time spent here will be.”

No one moved or spoke and every male was in shock from such a proposal. Finally the head nurse spoke again…”Very well, let us proceed.” The guards grabbed one of the hapless males and thrust him into the wire cage…his shackles still on his feet…and his arms bound behind. He fought bravely but to no avail and soon he was locked inside and the operator began to apply the cruel current.

The man jumped in the air at the first spark…and yelled loudly boucing up and down in pain. He screamed as the hot sparks bit his feet…and jumped up and down continuously screaming in pain.

The current was raised to a higher level and he screamed in agony…jumping violently in the air and falling against the metal wall where he received more vicious arcs of pain…and he jumped and bounced around the cage babbling and screaming. The nurses were quite turned on by this and stood close to the cage, their eyes glazed with lust.

Finally the current was cut, and the man fell to the cage floor quivering in pain. They dragged him out of the cage and sat him in a folding chair in line with other men.

“Now, gentlemen,” said the head nurse again…I think you get my point.” She walked up to the next prisoner in line to visit the cage, which happened to be me and smiled broadly.

“So…what is it…suck cock, or dance for us.” I was torn, obviously, and shook with fear, dreading my turn in the wicked device. I looked at her sheepishly…and dropped my eyes, not saying a word.

“Well ladies,” said the attractive head nurse, “I think we’ve found ourselves a cocksucker!”

The guards separated me from the line and brought me to the first of the males. The head nurse was enjoying this immensely, as were all the women there, and took me by hair…”You’re going to have to get on your knees, I’m afraid, if you intend to suck all these cocks…don’t you think?”

I trembled with shame but slowly dropped to my knees in front of the first male. I hesitated and was prompted quickly by an impatient tug to my hair.

The nurse was becoming angry now and spoke into my face…”I’ll give you five minutes to suck every cock here, and if you aren’t finished in that time we’ll put you in the cage and double your time there!”

I quickly took the hard penis and shoved my mouth over it and began to suck earnestly. The nurses stood near taunting me, and as I moved on to the next dick were commenting on my natural skill as a cocksucker.

They held my hair and forced my head in and out giving me cocksucking instructions as I shamelessly performed fellatio on the second cock. The head nurse called out the time and I was moving more quickly now, afraid that I wouldn’t make the time limit.

I ate dick voraciously now crawling to the last few men in line, my face dripping with precum that had coated my lips.

I knew that I really had no choice…it just wasn’t worth the additional agony that one could endure here…and after all…who would blame or remember later. Once my travel time limit was over and I was back home, what would it matter?

I sucked the last cock and stared with bleary eyes into the lens of the video camera that had been following me the whole time. I was assured that videos made here were sold worldwide to interested porn dealers.

I rose again and sure enough was excused from the cage and stood in line with the rest.

The head nurse spoke to the next male…and he refused with gritted teeth. They dragged him kicking and screaming into the cage where he was subjected to the cruel torment.


When it was over five of the ten males sucked cock, and the others held out despite their terrible punishment.

I had a feeling, that as time went on all of us would be sucking but then the question arose in my mind…who would they torture if we all pleased them and sucked. It was more than I could assimilate now and I found myself screwing up my face at the swampy taste of cum in my mouth.

I had to accept the additional degradation of receiving several mouthfuls of semen. I spit them out and no one protested…I guess, for now, sucking was enough. My mouth tasted real funky, and had a slight limburger cheese flavor. I wasn’t able to wipe my face after the fellatio session, and had to leave there with cum dripping from my lips.

I and the others were once again removed to our quarters and given painkillers and special food supplements to enhance the activity of our gonads. Each of us was wanted desperately to exclude ourselves from the wicked sessions with the sadistic nurses, and just how to do this occupied most every waking hour.

The situation was becoming critical and I was terrified as to the time I would have to spend here…I had no idea how long it would be…and vowed to make important changes in the future in my sex travels.


When I awoke the next morning I was absolutely delirious with joy since I was now sitting back in the ante room where I had started…and I knew it was over, it was actually over.

Soon I was sitting in my own bed. No words can describe the total exhuberance I felt, and I knew that it would be quite some time before I was over the ordeal…but I also knew that the stress would do no permanent harm, and I decided to take break from the sex trips, and get myself back together.

In the future I would design my sex voyages with far greater care…I wanted to experience so much more, and I had some terrific ideas on the back burner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32