The Apprentice

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William was a good lad who had had the most unfortunate childhood. He was the first child of an unmarried 18-year-old mother whose partner had deserted her soon after he was born and she found herself almost destitute. After struggling for a few years with the help of relatives she had eventually had to give up William and at the age of 12 he was put into a state run institution where he could get an education and be taken care of. Just a few days after the age of 18 he was allowed to leave the institution and passed into the care of an approved family to help him transition to normal life. The family were nominally Christian but never went to church. They had a daughter who had left home and a son Jeff who was the same age as William. The father had a senior position in a local factory where his son also worked in metal fabrication. He found a job for William working in the factory as an apprentice and the three of them set off early every morning to take the bus to work. The mother, Peggy, was in her early 40s and they lived in a modest two story house with a swimming pool.

Every morning after they went to work Peggy skinny dipped in the pool and swam 20 laps before breakfast. There was no sense that there was anything special about this – she just liked to feel the freedom of being alone and well, just freedom . Today was no different for Peggy. The only difference was that her husband had gone away for a two weeks course in preparation for a new promotion and her son had also gone away for some training. It meant that just she and William were in the house together and theoretically that should not have made any difference but it did. The night before William had got a message on his phone from the factory saying that there had been a chemical spill that was dangerous and that he should not come into work until further notice.

And so it was that Peggy was doing her laps – first crawl and then backstroke. It was only on the third lap of backstroke that she noticed in the corner of her eye that William’s face was at the window looking down on her. Her first inclination was to put one arm across her breasts to cover them and use her other hand to cover down below. In those first moments of confusion she wasn’t sure what to do and just kept swimming, keeping her eye open to see if William was still there. He was. It had been a week since her husband had gone away and even before she came down for a swim this morning, she had felt an itch down there and had thought of having a workout with her vibrator after the swim. The sight of William’s face in the window caused her to reconsider what she might do. She kept swimming and finally signalled with her hand for William to come down.

A few minutes later William arrived in his swimming costume and stood at the side of the pool waiting to jump in.

Peggy said, “You can take them off. I’ve got nothing on,”

“I’ll keep them on if it’s okay with you.” William was embarrassed that he already had an erection and he didn’t want to show it. Peggy’s experienced eyes had already seen it and could see that it was not a small one.

“Of course.”

William swam a few laps while Peggy swam beside him.

“I used to be a swim coach years ago. I can show you how to swim a lot faster if you like.”

“That would be great.”

Peggy spent a few minutes giving a few tips before saying, “That’s enough for one day.”

They got out of the pool and dried themselves and Peggy said, “Come in and I’ll make you breakfast.”

Peggy buzzed around the kitchen still naked while William still had his wet shorts on.

“You can take them off. It’s not good to walk around with wet shorts on. I’ve seen a naked man before. I won’t bite you. Are you waiting to play ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’?”

In that moment of hesitation which seemed to last for a long time Peggy correctly surmised that William wanted to take them off but just couldn’t do it. She gripped the sides of his shorts and tugged and revealed what she had suspected – William had a really large penis. Her mind recalled that at least 20 years ago, before she was married, she had been with Jerry who had one almost exactly the same size and she had been terrified of it. Knowing what she now knew and with much more experience and having heard many times that size matters, she was now determined to find out for herself.

“Wow. Am I right that you’ve never been with a woman before?”


“I think I could consider it as part of my job to show you the ropes. Would you like that?”

There was a long silence. A really long silence. Peggy realised that he was just hesitant to make a move. Maltepe Escort She stood up and took him by the hand and led him up to his bedroom. “I smell chlorine. We need to have a shower.”

She led him to the shower and soaped him all over and gave him the soap intimating that he should do the same for her. She especially enjoyed soaping his penis which responded just as she expected and became hard as steel. She then allowed him to soap all over her. She was careful to open her legs so that he could soap down there. She couldn’t wait and neither could he. They dried themselves and headed for the bed.

Peggy’s mind was racing. Many images and memories interposed on each other and she tried to focus on what to do. There was little time to think about the situation because a short time ago it was the farthest thing from her mind that she would be standing naked next to an 18-year-old boy with a really large penis. She knew what she wanted but that was tempered with the desire to show this young boy the ropes. How else could she justify what she was about to do. It was her responsibility as a woman to do her best. Memories came to her of what the young boys who had been with her before she was married and how they only wanted to do two things. The first was to put their finger in her crack and the second to look at her pussy.

“Have you ever seen a woman before?”

“No. There were a few women in the Institute but we never got a chance to socialise with them or anything like that.”

“Did they ever teach you anything about sex?”

“We had a few lectures with pictures but nothing else.”

He was lying. He wanted to extract the maximum out of the situation.

Peggy wasn’t quite sure where to start. It was very different the first time she had sex. It was with her husband on her 19th birthday and they were about to get married. She remembered how they waited until her parents went out one night and he came over and they both knew they were going to do it. He took her clothes off and kissed her all over, on her breasts, on her ear, on the lips and on her tummy. She had pulled his pants down and revealed, not for the first time, his erect penis. Up until that point he had never seen her naked and she knew he had been dying to look between her legs. She lay on her back and separated her lips to let him look. She remembered how he stared and stared and how she finally had to take his finger to her clitoris and get him to rub and then she led his penis to her vagina. He slowly pushed in and it was all over. There had been no pain at all. It took quite a long time for her to get used to having a long hard thing sliding in and out of her but eventually it became second nature every couple of days to have a good screw .

Her memory of that moment was short. She remembered seeing his penis getting close to her vagina and then disappearing from view and the next thing she felt herself opening up and something forcing itself slowly into her body stretching her vagina. He moved in and out a few times and then she felt him going soft. It had gotten better over time and now she really enjoyed having sex even though it wasn’t as frequent as it had been.

She had never talked to her husband about what was in his mind but she was now wondering what was in William’s mind at this very moment. She suddenly remembered the conversations that she and some of the school mums used to have when they had a coffee every so often and one of the mums, Meagan, had been very vocal about the size of her husband’s penis and how large it was. It was so embarrassing. None of the other women ever talked about that but Meagan loved it. She knew it made the other mums jealous. Peggy wondered whether William’s was the same size. Peggy came to the conclusion that the best thing she could do was to teach William how to make love so that she would enjoy it too. It wouldn’t be pleasant if he tried to push that big thing into a dry pussy.

“William, I’m going to show you what to do. You’re not afraid are you?”


“It’s important that you understand what is happening. The most important thing is that a woman is wet so that your penis can slip in easily. It’s no use if the woman is dry.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well when you rub this little button here, it makes me get wet where you’re going to put your penis. Keep rubbing. You can put your finger down here and check whether I’m wet and then you’ll know I’m ready. If you like, you can lick my little button – that helps too.”

While William was doing this Peggy had her hand around his penis and was pulling the foreskin up and down. It felt so good Cevizli Escort and without him touching her she would have got wet anyway.

“Does that feel good?”

“Of course.”

“A woman’s fingers are so much softer than your own and that’s why it feels so good.”

“You’re right. It feels so good when you do it. Much better than when I do it.”

“You’re definitely hard enough. Change position and put it in. Take it nice and slowly because you’re very big.”

William knelt between her knees and looked down at Peggy’s pussy. The combination of sight and smell made his penis throb. He didn’t really know or understand what he was looking at but it didn’t matter. He could see that the triangular patch that he could see when she stood up now extended down between her legs on both sides of the dark line of her lips. William hesitated for a few moments and Peggy responded by opening her lips and revealing her moist slit. His instincts told him what to do and he put the tip of his dick into Peggy’s vagina and felt the moist heat for the first time.

Peggy could feel it too and the heightened anticipation as it forced its way further in. Peggy could feel herself stretching just that little bit more but it didn’t feel any better than any other time, just different. All too soon she felt the familiar twitches telling her that he had come and would get soft soon. That was too short a time. She relied on the fact that he was an 18-year-old and would be ready to go very soon and he was. Within a few minutes he was in again and this time lasted longer but it still was not long enough for Peggy. She wanted a really long, slow fuck so that she could feel the width and the length properly. She had no idea how long he lasted. After the third time, his phone rang with a message to say that the emergency was over and he should come to work as soon as possible.

Peggy was disappointed as she had anticipated spending the whole day with her seemingly inexhaustible stud. He was a sturdy lad and being with somebody so many years younger made her feel younger too. The events of the day ran through her mind again and again. She still wasn’t convinced that size mattered but she would find out even if she died in the attempt. What a way to die?

William came home after work to find Peggy at the bench preparing a dinner. Following a simple greeting, he walked behind her and kissed her on the neck and then his hands reached around and surrounded her breasts. Peggy stood stock still as the hands worked their way inside her blouse and under her bra and gently squeezed her breasts. She was so surprised that she couldn’t move to prevent one of his hands slipping under the hem of her dress and inserting a finger into her crack against her clitoris.

She sucked in a breath as William continued to arouse her until finally he lifted her dress, pulled her pants down and his own and probed with his penis between her cheeks until he found the entrance to her vagina and pushed straight in. Peggy was more than a willing accomplice on this assault and bent over to accommodate this large length of flesh which was filling her passage. Now she could feel that it was bigger and larger and longer and stretching her beyond anything she had ever experienced. This time the pounding was slow and William lasted for a lot longer.

Every so often her mind turned to the dinner she was cooking but the incessant movement in her vagina kept her concentration on the growing pleasure that was emanating from between her legs. She had never had an orgasm in this position and could feel herself getting closer and closer. She willed herself to achieve what she had never had before until finally she was forced to grab onto the bench and hold tight as the most delicious sensations racked her body. The contractions brought William to a climax too. It was with some relief that she felt him getting soft and finally withdrawing. She spun around and gave William the largest, mushiest kiss and simply said, “Thank you.”

She pulled her panties up and proceeded with as little fluster as possible to finish preparing the dinner and put it on the table. There were very few words. They just looked at each other. When they had finished eating Peggy looked at him and said,” Whatever made you do that?”

“One of the fellows at work was talking about how his wife liked it when he did that and I thought you might too.”

“I hope you didn’t say anything about us.”

“Of course not. I have to tell you it felt so much better from behind like that. I was able to see myself going in and out between your beautiful little bottom and it felt so good. It Atalar Escort was so tight. I kept wondering where it was all going – I almost couldn’t believe it.”

“What would you like for dessert?”

“How about some clam pie?”

“That sounds good. Have you got any cucumber relish? They taste very good together”

“I think I could manage some.”

Peggy led William to his bedroom, not hers. She somehow or another felt it was okay to be playing out the old saying,’ while the cat’s away, my pussy is in play’ but at the same time wanted to preserve the sanctity of the marriage bed. She and her husband had been very happy with a regular diet of sex twice a week for years but all of a sudden she seemed to have developed a permanent itch down below. She really would’ve liked to have found out how many times William could do it without running out of steam, but after six times she was beginning to feel sore and called halt. It was time to sleep.

The next morning was Saturday and when William woke up he was alone in bed. He lay there thinking about the events of the past day. The smell of sex hung over the bed, something he had never been aware of before. In the midst of his reverie Peggy appeared in the doorway, still naked. She stood there and he had time to appreciate what a really good-looking dish she was. She had combed her hair, and her breasts looked full and firm and down below, her hairy triangle was a magnet for his eyes. William’s penis sprang into action and it was immediately obvious because the covers tented. Peggy could not resist the temptation and lifted the covers back and lowered herself onto his pole. It felt so good and she drew his finger to her clitoris until she had an orgasm and he came.

“It’s time for a shower and breakfast. After lunch I’m going to pick up my husband from the airport. It’s probably a good idea if you go shopping at the mall.”

William reluctantly got up and went to the shower and turned on the hot water. He was not surprised that Peggy followed him in and proceeded to wash him all over. She turned around for him to do the same to her and he found himself in exactly the same position as when she was at the kitchen bench. His penis was already hard and he pressed into her cheeks and she bent over and allowed him entry. Peggy rubbed her clitoris while she was doing this and they both had an enormous simultaneous orgasm.

After the shower William said, “Well I guess that is the last time we have sex together. I have to tell you, you are beautiful and sexy but I just want to do one thing. I really want to have a good close look at your pussy. I’ve been in such a hurry to get my dick in that I haven’t had chance to have a really close look.”

Peggy had always been ambivalent about her pussy. The fact that men so often talk about someone being a cunt meant that it must be something ugly but she still remembered one of the girls at school who would let boys look at her pussy for a small coin. If it wasn’t beautiful it must be valuable. So it was with some sense of pride that she accepted William’s suggestion. If it wasn’t beautiful, he wouldn’t want to look at it. She went to the bed and lay down lengthwise. William towered above looking down with his eyes riveted on her bush.

“You look so beautiful looking there like that. You’re bush is like the centre of the dartboard.”

He knelt down between her legs and gently separated them. The short curly hairs spread right down between her legs on both sides of her lips defining a dark line. Peggy moved to separate her lips but William brushed her hand aside. He wanted to do it himself and reveal the pink colour and the little inner lips. Most of all he was fascinated with her clitoris and its shape and the little hood that covered it. He pulled it back and forth. It was just like his own foreskin.

“You are beautiful. Thank you.”

“I always wanted to know. What do you think of your cock? “

“I never think about my cock.’

“What do you think of the shape?”

“I never think of it at all. It is designed like a spear – to enter a woman. That’s all.”

“You have a beautiful cock.”

“After breakfast I want you to go the mall and stay there until late. When my husband comes home he will want to have a fuck – maybe two. He always does. I want to spray the house. He mustn’t smell that we have been having sex. Don’t ever say a word and don’t look at me funny. My friend up the road has an 18 year old daughter. I am going to introduce you to her. I think you will get on well.”

She hadn’t said that her mother had complained that she was always playing with herself. She thought that she and William would make a great match.

Her husband came home and from that moment on, sex with him was better because she imagined every time, that it was William inside her. It felt so much better.

Peggy was very happy. The apprentice was fully qualified.

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